Many of the copies of the Morgan County News were missing for 1928.
Dates show are supposedly birth dates.
Dates in parentheses (-) are the actual date of the paper.
Mr. & Mrs. Lee Morgan, girl, Mona Lucille, 1/22/1928
Mr. & Mrs. Perry Redman, boy, (week of 2/1928)
Mr. & Mrs. James Hickman, daughter, 2/8/1928
Mr. & Mrs. Ethelbert Kennedy, girl, (week of 2/9/1928)
Mr. &Mrs. O.G. Welch, girl, Mildred, 2/8/1928
Mr. & Mrs. Ed Headrick, boy, (week of 2/16/1928)
Miss Martha Forbush, celebrated her 82nd birthday, (w/o 2/16/1928)
George Berry, celebrated his 90th birthday, 2/17/1928
Mr. & Mrs. Talt Hall, girl, 2/14/1928
Mr. & Mrs. L.S. Summers, girl, Alice Anita, 1/18/1928
Mr. & Mrs. Alex Smith, girl, Martha Floyd, 2/27/1928
Mr. & Mrs. William Shannon, son, 2/25/1928
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Engert, girl, Alice Mary, 3/3/1928
Mrs. & Mrs. Ernest Heidel, boy, 3/8/1928
Mr. & Mrs. J.H. Watson, girl, 3/18/1928
Mr. & Mrs. J.O. Hannahan, boy, 3/12/1928
Mrs. Elizabeth Walton celebrated her 77 birthday
Susan McGuffey celebrated her 87th birthday, (week of 9/20/1928)
Mr. & Mrs. W.R. Jones, girl, Mary Elizabeth, 11/7/1928
(Mrs. Jones is the former Leota Stone)
Mr. & Mrs. Lee Williams, boy 11/6/1928
Mr. & Mrs. Willie Ooten, girl, 11/10/1928
Mrs. & Mrs. Hobert Ooten, boy, 11/16/1928
Mrs. & Mrs. Hurshell Huskins, son, Samuel Lee, 11/17/1928
Mrs. C. Zumstein, celebrated her 64th birthday, 12/23/1928
her daughters, Ida and Thelma Zumstein
Tiffin Ott celebrated his 85th birthday, 12/26/1928


John Eugene Humble and Pearl Preston (week of 2/2/1928)
Quillan Jones and Hazel Johnson (week of 2/2/1928)
Frank James Thompson & Carmen Ercell Goldston
d/o Mr & Mrs. W.H. Goldston
s/o Mr. & Mrs. J. Thompson
Charley Arms to Laura Hester
Raymond Wright to Julia Langford
Luther Human and Juanita Stephens, (Week of 3/8/1928)
Anderson Smith and Nettie Miller
Onlie Hamby to Essie Sexton  (week of 3/15/1928)
Elmer Jennings to Hester Flowers (week of 3/15/1928)
John Rogers and Geneva Byrd
m: 3/10/1928 in Kingston
d/o Dr. A. Byrd
Ben Hambright and Julia Hurtt
m: 11/12/1928
Henry Hoffman and Mrs. ? Young


Charles Shannon, 27, died 1/3/1928
killed by train at Helenwood
Surv: wife, 2 children parents,
5 brothers and 3 sisters
Wartburg Cemetery
Clayton Harry Dunning, 1/19/1928
born: 12/23/1862, Jinkshills, N.Y.
married, Etta Giles of Rugby, 4/18/1890
s/o Peter S. Dunning
brother: Frank Dunning
Infant of Mr. & Mrs. Maglas, died Jan 1928
Rev.  Jason S. Clark
born in Vermont, 3/25/1841
died, 1/18/1928, age 86 years, 9 months and 24 days.
Leaves: wife, Jerusha Caroline Sanders
married, 2/22/1866, 13 children
brother, Samuel N. Clark
Civil War Veteran
Edward F. Human
born: 5/1/1876, died, 2/4/1928
married: Maude Brock
7 boys and 5 girls
buried in Family Cemetery
Laretta Calline Jackson
born, 2/3/1928, died 2/7/1928
d/o Mr. & Mrs. Hoyt Jackson
Mrs. Jno Blake
died at Lancing
Bernice Kennedy
(week of 2/23/1928)
Adams Cemetery
Gwen Dolyn Adkins, age 4 years,
died, 2/25/1928
d/o Mr. & Mrs. T.A. Adkins
Mary Stephens, (week of 2/25/1928)
age 66 years, 11 months, 22 days
Survivors: husband, James Stephens
sons: Vard, Maynard, Thurman, Leomer, Harrison and Oscar
daughters: Mrs. Anna Fairchilds and Dora Cooper
Mrs. Tom Adkins, (week of 3/1/1928)
Mary Hellen Alexander, 2/23/1928
d/o Mr. & Mrs. Ernest V. Alexander
Laurel Dale Cemetery
Mary Bernice Kennedy, 2/17/1928
w/o W.E. Kennedy, Jr.
parents: Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Adams
Children: Donald,James, Edward, and Pary Page
brothers, Miller and A. L.
Sisters: Rachael Smith, Jennie Autes,
Josie Branstetterr, Hattie Kennedy
James Harvey McGill, age 69, died, 3/4/1928
brother: Robert McGill
Sons: Charles & Robert
daughters: Mrs. J. H. Watson and Miss Ethel McGill
Crab Orchard Cemetery
John Gosnell, age 22, Oakdale
killed while laying on the tracks
near Glen Mary
Heiden Jacks, (w/o 3/8/1928)
Bill Gosnell, 3/1/1928
killed by train
Ben F. Webb, 23, 3/8/1928
hit by train
s/o Mrs. Grover Kittrell
Elizabeth Jackson Carson
w/o Edgar Carson
interment in Coalfield
Jimmie Francis Newell, age 8, 3/20/1928
died in Chattanooga, memingitis
Betty Hamby, 3/16/1928
son: Charley
Macedonia Cemetery
Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Betty Smith,
died at Rockwood, (w/o 9/20/1928)
Mrs. L. V. Risden
born: 3/31/1855, died, 9/4/1928
73 years, 5 months and 4 days
d/o William & Polly Pile
burial at Pall Mall, Fentress Co.
married: Laban Risden, 8/31/1874
Survivors: daughters, Mrs. J. L. Hughett, Wm. Risden,
Mrs. W.Z. Stricklin and J. W. Risden
bro & sis: Mrs. F.A. williams. Mrs. Laura Choate,
James and Branford Pile.
Eugene Fink, died, 11/1/1928
Rachael Matilda Langley, age 69 years, 11/18/1928
w/o Judge J. M. Langley
children: Mrs. C. C. Goldson, Mrs. A. A. Freytag,
Miss Lennie Langley, Walter and ARthur Langley
Wartburg Cemetery
Alice M. Adams, 11/13/1928
sister: Mrs, Jas. S. Thatcher
niece of Abner Ross
Burial: Chillicothe, Ohio
Henry A. Freytag, age 48
Veteran of the Spanish American War
Survivors: wife, daughter, Mrs. J. G. Russell
Son: Fred H. Freytag
brother: Gus, Rudolph and William
Interment: National Cemetery
Martin Gordon, 11/19/1928
in Cincinnati, Ohio
Teletha Caroline Brummitt,
born: 5/18/1846 in Anderson County
father: James Brummitt
Mother, Serelda Brown Brummitt
W. J. Davidson, died, Oct. 12, 1928
son: Fred J. Davidson,
died at home of Mrs. Morg. Davidson & son J.V. Davidson
sisters: Mrs. Mercy A. Summer, Mrs Parelda Bowmer
hald-brothers: Ernest and Cal Davidson
half-sisters: Mrs. Alice Whipple and Mrs. Addie Howe
decendent of General Wm. Davidson, soldier of
the American Revolution and Col., Wm. Lee
Davidson, Rev.  War Soldier and pioneer of Tenn.
Davidson Cemetery
Mrs. M. M. Justice
d: 12/3/1928 born: Telitha Caroline Brummitt, 5/18/1846, Anderson Co.
d/o James and Serelda Brown Brummitt
married: 11/26/1871 by Squire Thos. Davis
Leaves husband M.M. Justice age 79
Children: Mrs. Florence Cheek, Mrs. R.A. Sisson, Mrs. Arpie Jackson
Judge S.H. Justice and Horace Justice
also three infants who died in early life.
16 grandchildren, 20 great-grandchildren
brother, Rev. W.R. Brummitt, age 85, served in Union Army, 3 years, 7 months and 17 days
brothers, James & Rufus,Gilbert, Moses
sister: Mary A. Freybarger
sister, Martha Brummitt who married Daniel Jones
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Robert Stulce, age 27, (w/o 12/20/1928)
wife is daughter of J.B. Cook
sons: James Donald, age 4 and Bobbie Franks, age 2
Mary Kreis, died 12/22/1928 age 94 years, 10 months, 28 days
born in Canton, Switzerland married: J.L. Kaufman, 1867
#2 husband:  Deardrick Kreis children:  Mrs. Lizzie Uhliank, Mrs. Lena Gooch,
J. J. Kreis, J. L. Kaufman 9 grandchildren
Wartburg Cemetery
Lydia Human Fairchilds, 12/14/1928 born, Glen Mary, 11/25/1893
d/o Mrs. & Mrs. Chas W. Human married Albert Fairchilds at age 16
9 children, 2 preceded her Survivors: husband:
children: Allard, Olonzo, Tedd, Bee Pauline, Josephine and Maxine,
father and mother, 6 brothers and sisters
burial in Mill Creek area (see 1929, Josephine died 1/21/1929)
Johnas A. Hall, 81, 12/13/1928 at the home of Julia Ross
Survivors: son, Ephrian Hall daughter, Mrs. Mandy Turner
James B. Duncan, 64, (w/o 12/20/1928) died in Chattanooga.
Surviving: widow; 3 sons, Enoch, Arthur and Frank.
daughters, Mrs. C. D, Foster, Mrs. M.V. Scott
Mrs. J. E. Satterfield, Mrs. W. H. Brown,
Misses Aldine and Maxine Duncan sister, Mary Hambright
Iinterment in Greenwood Cemetery
Mary E. Phillips, Burrville, 12/29/1929,  wife of B.F. Phillips