OBITUARIES -  1935

These obituaries were gleaned from the 1935 Morgan County News.  Sometimes only a name  and  no other information was mentioned.  Some notations in brackets [x ] were added by editor.

ABELS, MRS. JAMES, formerly of Oakdale, died at Rockwood. [Morgan County News dated 10/24/1935]

ANDERSON, MRS. ALFRED, died 7/9/1935 in Michigan......She was born in Sunbright 3/29/1866. Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Spurling. [ Morgan County News]

BEATY, DELTA CRABTREE, of Pall Mall, Fentress Co. died 11/1935. Burial at Pall Mall.  [Morgan County News]

BERRY, JEREMAIH, {Uncle Jerry} died 9/16/1935.He was born at Pall Mall, Fentress County, Tn.on 6/10/1845 He fought in the Civil War on the northern side.  Daughter, Eva Berry. Grandchildren, Estil Berry and Mrs. Archie Brewster.  Burial at Laurel Dale Cemetery, Rugby. [ Morgan County News ]

BINGHAM, MRS. ROY, died at Crossville. Survivors, 2 children and husband.  Burial at Lancing.  [Morgan County News]

BLAKE, JOHN H. , of  Pine Orchard died 3/14/1935, age 88 years and 8 days.  He was born, 3/6/1847. He married Mary Staples on 10/21/1871.  Survivors:  William A. and Charles E. Blake.  Mrs. J.H. Bowman, Mrs. Allen Montgomery, Mrs. J. B. Powell, Mrs. Rue Haggard, Mrs. Edward F. Seiller.  Mr. Blake attended the Old Montgomery School and taught at the Blake School. [Morgan County News]

BLAKE, RACHAEL, age 79 Pine Orchard. [ d 9/23/1935]. husband, C.C. Blake. daughter, Mrs. C. P. Snyder;  sons, Walter, Ira, Gene, and Dave. sisters, Mrs. Geo. Blake and Mrs. J. Summers.  brothers, J. C. Snow, Larkin Snow, Smith Snow and 14 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.  Pine Orchard Cemetery. [Morgan County News]

BRADSHAW, JOHN C.,  age 79, Coal Creek, died 3/7/1935.  Son of Joseph and Saluda Bradshaw. Survivors:  wife;  sons, Rev. H. E., J. E., and C.A. Bradshaw.  Daughters:  Mrs. J. D. Ore, Mrs. G. W. Thomas, Miss Delia Bradshaw, Miss Glora Bradshaw and Miss Grace Bradshaw;  sister, Hannah Bradshaw; nine grandchildren and three  great-grandchildren.  Burial in Leach Cemetery.  [Morgan County News]

BRASEL, BENJAMIN , 80,  Spanish-American war veteran, died in  Veterans' Hospital in Johnson City Sunday morning. Mr. Brasel is survived by six children, Mrs. D.A. McPeters, Harriman; Mrs. Walter McPeters, Strawberry Plains; Mrs. Jack Wilson, Rockwood; Mrs. Harry Kreis, Wartburg; Blaine Brasel, Rockwood; Ray Brasel, Oakdale; 29 grandchildren and 17 great-grandchildren. Mr. Brasel was a member of the Baptist church. Funeral services were held at his home church, Liberty, Tuesday at 10 o'clock. Burial was in Union burying ground near Wartburg, where Mr. Brasel made his home. [Morgan County News 12/19/1935 ]  (Submitted by Melinda Freels)

BRASEL, LEVI, age 86, died 9/15/1935. He was in the Civil War, Union Army. Daughters, Mrs. Dora Winton and Mrs. D.L. Lindamood. Burial in Brasel Cemetery. [Morgan County News]

BROOKS, Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Brooks, [Morgan County News dated 6/13/1935]

BROWN, MRS. JAMES,  died near Swan Pond in Roane County.  Survivors, husband and daughter, Mrs. Andrew Akins.  Burial in Mossy Grove Cemetery. [Morgan County News]

CARTER, ARNOLD [Roe],  1 year, 22 days [4/29/35].  Son of Mr. & Mrs. Roe Carter.  Burial in Nelson Cemetery, Catoosa.  [Morgan County News]

CHEUVRONT, RUSSELL R., age 42, died 3/21/1935.  He was formerly from Cleveland, Tn.  survivors, wife,
3 sons, and 2 daughters.  Burial in Mossy Grove Cemetery.  [Morgan County News]

CHOATE, DELIA WINNINGHAM, age 84, widow of Ceborn Choate, died July 10, 1935.  Survivors: daughters, Mrs. I. B. Hargis, Misses Sarah and Maud Choate; sons, John and Jim. Burial in family cemetery at Boatland, Tn.
[Morgan County News dated 7/25/1935]

CLINTON, ELIZA,  age 56, died near her home in Piney after working all day sewing sheets for W.P.A.
[Morgan County News]  [12/12/1935, Eliza VICKERS CLINTON]

CROUCH, JOHN WESLEY, age 81, Burrville. born 12/14/1854 in Pickett County.  Married Malissa Gilreath, 1889 {she died in 1902} preceded by 3 daughters, Mrs. Matha Raines, Mrs. Frona Crouch and an infant..  Survivors, Mrs. Zona Davidson, Mrs. Fannie Lesh, Mrs. Nellie Craig, Mrs. Neicie Garrett and Mrs. Ruby Rushing, William, James, David and T.O. Crouch.  In 1907 he married Mrs. Sarah Choate. There were 4 children, Denton, George, Frank, and Mrs. Lucy Taylor.  Step-Children, Anna Bunn, Dock Choate, Mary Puckett, Esther Kneedhamer; 3 brothers, one sister, 83 grandchildren and several great-grandchildren.  Burial in Pickett County.  [Morgan County News  9-1935]

DAVIS, ARLIE, age 24, Robbins, died, 11/11/1935. Leaves wife, and son, Gordon; father, S.A. Davis, step-mother,  brother, Estell Davis; sisters, Jessie, Ollie and Arie.  Burial at Robbins. [Morgan County News]

DEBLIEUX, STELLA, age 88, died, 9/1935. Brother Paul Deblieux. Burial in Wartburg Cemetery. [Morgan County News]
[Stella Marie - 1847-1935]

DUNAWAY, WILLIAM,  Sunbright, 1/2/1935.  Survivors: wife, sons; Harrison, Joe, John and Lanford; daughters, Mrs. B. H. Chitwood, Mrs. E. C. Simpson, Evelyn Dunaway and Cathryn.  Burial in Sunbright Cemetery. [Morgan County News]

GARRETT, ALFRED, died 4/13/1935 at the home of his daughter, Mrs. W. R. Sexton.  He was born 10/14/1854 and was married to Dallas Hall in 1872. There were nine children, 2 sons and seven daughters. 2 daughters preceded him. leaves 7 children 56 grandchildren, 53 great-grandchildren, 1 great-great-grandchild, 2 brothers.  [Morgan County News]

 GODDARD, MARTIN H.,  age 63, Pine Orchard, died Feb. 20, 1935 at the home of his sister, Mrs. Liddie Robbertson of South Harriman.  Interment in Pine Orchard Cemetery. [Morgan County News]

GRICE, MRS. GEORGE H.,  age 37, died in Chattanooga.  Survivors, husband; son, George Jr.; daughter, Dorothy; father and step-mother,  Rev. & Mrs J. N. Bull. brothers, Charles, William and Roy M. [Morgan County News]

HATLEY, MARANDA, Pine Orchard, age 78 years and 11 months, died July 13, 1935. Survivors: son Jack Hatley, one brother and seven grandchildren.  [Morgan County News]

HAWN, MISS HIRIL, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. E. S. Hawn. Survivors, 4 sisters and 1 brother. [Morgan County News dated 3/21/1935]

HEADRICK, MINNIE, age 16 years, 11 months. daughter of Mr. & Mrs. W.C. Headrick.  Brothers, John, Jack, J.P., Houston, and Charles; sister, Mrs. Sterling McNeal; 1/2 sister Mrs. Greeman Riddle. [Morgan County News 1/1935]

HODGE, JUNIOR, age 12 years. son of Mrs. Grace Hodge. burial at Montgomery Cemetery. [Morgan County News]

HOLLOWAY, AGNES,  age 17, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Joe Holloway of Lancing was killed when a truck she was riding in ran up an embankment and turned over backward and pinning the occupants. Driver of the vehicle was Hayden Brumbalough. Other occupants were, Mrs. Marshall Sexton, Alice Holloway, Woodrow Sexton, Anna Mae Sexton, and Bill Brumbalough.
[Morgan County News, dated 2/28/1935]

HOLT, JOHN, [Morgan County News dated 2/2/1935] [no other info given]

KAUFMAN, ANNIE MAE, age 5 years, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J. L. Kaufman. [Morgan County News dated 6/27/1935]

KREIS, WILLARD, 20 years old, son of Mr. & Mrs. C. L. Kreis; brother, Charles Kreis and two sisters.  [Morgan County News}

LEONARD, LEROY JR., [Morgan County News dated 3/21/1935]   (no other info given}

MALONE, WALTER, age 33, died in Peru Indiana, 11/9/1935.  Survivors: mother, Mollie Malone, wife, Charlotte Bucklam Malone; sisters, Mrs. Melvin Unger, Mrs. Bessie Morgan; brother, Earl, Estes and Robert.  Burial in Onward Cemetery, Peru, Indian.  [Morgan County News]

MC CARTT, BARNEY, son of Mr. & Mrs. J. F. McCartt [ Morgan County News dated 2/21/1935]
[no other info given]

 McCARTY, D. M. (DOCK),  about 80 years of age died in Lima, Ohio on 1/4/1935. Formerly of Morgan County.
[Morgan County News]

MC CORMICKMRS. WALTER,  burial at Shady Grove Cemetery. [Morgan County News, dated, 1/17/1935]

McGLOTHIN, MARTHA JANE,  {grandma McGlothin} died July 21, 1935 in Coalfield, age 76 years, 4 months and 19 days.  Survivors: daughters, Mrs. W. H. Jackson, Mrs. Fannie Jackson, Mrs. J. L. Owens;  Sons,  S. J. McGlothin, Harvey McGlothin, Dennis McGlothin and Lee McGlothin, 31 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren, one brother, Andy Walls, and sister, Mrs. Mary Byrd. Preceded by 2 children, 3 grandchildren and one great-grandchild.  [Morgan County News dated 7/25/1935]

MEHLHORN, MARY ANNA,  [Anna Maria?] age 53, died 11/7/1935. Sisters, Mrs. J. E. Moore; brother, Mrs. Henry Mehlhorn

MEHLHORN, MRS. R.  Survivors: daughters, Mrs, George McGoldrick, Mrs. W. I Wood, Mrs. J. N. Bicknell, Mrs. Fred Lehman, Mrs. Minnie Heidel; sons, Edward, Henry, George, and Fred. Burial in Old German Cemetery, Deermont. [ Morgan County News dated 2/21/1935]

MELHORN, ANNA, age 73, wife of Herman Melhorn. Daughters, Mrs. Bardill, Dora, Josie, Mrs. A. A. Gentry, Mrs. G. E. Jones. Sons, John, Walter, Ben, Charles; sister, Ida Naff, Brother, Gus Heidel.  Burial, Lutheran Cemetery.
[Morgan County News]

MELTON, LUTHER, age 25, Clear Creek, Son of Mr. & Mrs. H. B. Melton. died of gun shot wounds. [Morgan County News dated 4/25/1935]

MORGAN, EVA JANE, age 15, died 5/17/1935 of meningitis.  Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Albert Morgan; brothers, Frank, Ray Osborne, and Roy Morgan. Sisters, Mrs. Jerry Collins, Cypha & Maxine Morgan.  Burial in Montgomery Cemetery.  [Morgan County Home Page]

NEIL, WILLIAM S.,  age 79, Deer Lodge, formerly of Knoxville, died, 3/20/1935.  He was a former Sheriff of Morgan County.  He leaves a widow, and sons, Robert, Leo, Bruce, W. S. Jr.; daughters, Mrs. Ethel Lindsay; sister, Mrs. Lillie Burkhart; brother, Andrew Neil. [Morgan County News]

NELSON, 2 week old infant of Mr. & Mrs. Otis Nelson, near Blizzard Mines, was found dead in it's bed.  Burial in Pleasant Hill Cemetery. [ Morgan County News ]

NITZSCHE, J. J. age 79, Burrville. {8?1935} Survivors: widow, sons, Orlow, Chalres, John;  daughters, Mrs. Horace Howard, S. H. McCarrtt, Mrs. P. R.  Broyles, and Mrs. H. P. Henderson.  Brothers, Joe and Frank; sister, Mrs. Augusta Jett.  Burial in Burrville Church Cemetery. [Morgan County News]

OLMSTEAD, MARY ALICE, born, 8/20/1870, died 3/21/1935  [Morgan County News]

PATTON, MRS. WILL, age 26, daughter of Mr & Mrs. Maynard Hawn. She left an infant child. [Morgan County News, dated   8/1/1935]

PETERS, INMAN J., age 69, died 6/8/1935. Sons, Riley and Adolphus Peters.  Burial in Liberty Cemetery.
[Morgan County News]

PHILLIPS, BEN, Deer Lodge, [Morgan County News dated 2/21/1935]

PITTMAN, H. H. 9/1935. Burial in Union Cemetery. [Morgan County News]

REEDER. VIAN CLARK, born 8/12/1868, died 3/17/1935 at age 66 years, 7 months and 5 days. Married to M. V. Reeder, 12/23/1887.  Sons, George, John, Bill, Virgil, and Oren; daughters, Minnie, who died 8/11/1913.  Burial in Nelson Cemetery. [Morgan County News]

RINK, OLLIE WHALEY, [Olive, wife of Bill] age 30, formerly of Oakdale, died in Chicago, 8/13?/1935. Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. D. C. Whaley. her arm was crushed in clothes wringer and she died of shock.  Burial in Binghams Chapel Oakdale [Morgan County News]

ROBERTS, CLINTON, age 73, died 4/21/35.  Wife, Harriett Roberts; daughters, Mrs. John Roberts and Mrs. Sarrah Newman.  Burial in Clark Cemetery.  [Morgan County Home Page]

ROBINSON, LAWRENCE,  age 19, son of Mrs. & Mrs. Joe Robinson. Burial at Crab Orchard Cemetery.
[Morgan County News, dated, 1/17/1935]

SCHUBERT, FRANK, SR., age 87, Petros, died 12/10/1935.  Survivors, Widow, daughters, Hulda Page and Mrs. Sam Tucker.  Sons, Bruno, Paul, A.H., Hugh, William and Frank.  [Morgan County News]

SCHUBERT, ROGER, 2 days old, son of Mr. & Mrs. Carl F. Schubert. [Morgan County News dated 6/20/1935]

SNOW, REITA PEARSON, age 20 died [5/1/35] at home of  Mr. & Mrs. Charles Wilson [Zenia Wilson Pearson, mother].  Father, Pat Pearson, husband, Atticus Snow, son Ferrill Snow.  Brothers, Jacke, Larcie, and Charles.  Burial in Union Cemetery [Morgan County News]

STERNBERG, WILLIAM C. age 75, died 12/24/1935. Leaves his widow, Mrs. Maggie Sternberg. [Morgan County News] {no other info given}

SNYDER, CHARLES, JR., Oakdale, died in Tacoma, Washington. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Charle P. Snyder. Brothers, Ray and Harry. Survivors, wife and one son.  [Morgan County News]

STRINGFIELD, OSCAR, died at Danville, Ky. Survivors: wife Mrs. Cecil Coffman Stringfield, three sons and two daughters and parents, Mrs. & Mrs. J. T. Stringfield of Oakdale.  Burial in Gobey Cemetery.  [Morgan County News dated 7/18/1935]

SUMMERS, MRS. J. C.,  of Soddy; Survivors;  husband; son, Ernest Summers; sisters, Mrs. H. W. Summers, Mrs. V. Hammond and Mrs. Eddie Galloway.  Brother, D.A. England.  Burial in Oak Grove Cemetery, Rockwood, Tn. [Morgan County News]

THOMPKINS, ELSWORTH, age 67 years, 4 months, died 1/14/1935. Born in Byrdstown, Picket Co, 9/14/1867. Married to Ina George on 1/5/1890. There were 13 children.  Survivors, wife & 8 children; Mrs. Freeman Welch, Mrs. A.Y. Stonecipher, Mrs. Leona Tompkins, Elmer, Cordell, George, Clarence and Raymond.  Brothers, Ridley and Roscoe.  Sisters, Lola Norman and Cinda Belle.  21 grandchildren..Burial, Methodist Episcopal Church Cemetery. [Morgan County News]

VESPIE, JOHN, age 51, Lancing, died [12/14/1935]. Survivors, widow, 4 sons, 3 daughters; brothers, Jake, Charles, Otto and Gus; sisters, Mrs. Annie Engert, Mrs. Carrie Haase and Miss Lizzie Vespie.  Burial in Wartburg Cemetery. [Morgan County News]

WILSON, MARTHA ANN , died in Oakdale at the home of her daughter, Mrs. H. L. Kreis.  Mrs. Wilson was born, Aug. 4, 1869 and was married to James A. Wilson.  Surviving children: Mrs. H. L. Kreis, Mrs. J. T. Newsom, Mrs. Kella Duff; sons, Dewey and Rhu; sisters, Mrs. Belle Seibers, Mrs. Fred Isham; brother, Walter Voiles; twenty grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren.  She was preceeded by a daughter, Mrs. Burnett Suddath.  [Morgan County News dated 2/28/1935]

ZATORSKI, MRS. ALEXANDER  formerly of Pennsylvania, died in Deer Lodge, 2/20/1935.  She was born in Poland, 5/8/1884, nee Stella Wanot.  She married on 7/12/1905.  She was preceded by one child. Survivors, daughters,:  Mrs. Mary Arnwine, Mrs. Sophia Herrick: sons, Anthony and Theodore; 4 grandchildren and a sister, Mrs. William Jakabowski.
[Morgan County News]