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ADAMS, PERRY, died 1/8/1936. Burial in Adams Cemetery. [Morgan County News]
ANDERSON, BESSIE, formerly of Sunbright died in Stearns, Ky. daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Henry Anderson. [Morgan County News dated 9/3/1936]

ARMES, BOB, age 59, veteran mine foreman of Brushy Mountain Mines died from complications resulting from a recent fall and a previous mine injury.  He was the last of the pioneer Armes family.  Leaves two neices, Mrs. Mary Rainey and Mrs. Victoria Bilbrey of Bonny Blue, Ky.  Interment in local cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 10/29/1936]

BARDILL, A. J., son of John and Ann Bardill, Oakdale. Operated the meat market in Oakdale. Survivors, widow; sons, Bill and Edward; daughter, Louise, 3 grandchildren; three sisters and four brothers.  Burial in Wartburg Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 11/12/1936]

BARGER, FRANCES, age 18 months, daughter of Mrs. & Mrs. Oliver Barger. [Morgan County News dated 1/6/1936?]

BARGER, SAM,  Petros, age 50, was killed when his head struck a low place in the mine as he was riding a mine motor car.  Survivors are wife and four daughters. [Morgan County News dated 10/29/1936]

BINGHAM, RICE R., age 75, Oakdale. Survivors, wife; sons, Grant, and Melvin; daughters, Mrs. W. A. Kreis, Mrs. Summers, Mrs. A. J. Adcock. [born, 3/18/1861, burial in Crab Orchard Cem] [Morgan County News]

BLAIR, FELIX RAY, age 6 was killed when he ran in front of an automobile.  Survivors:  parents Mr. & Mrs. N.R. Blair., brother Benton and sister, Thelma Blair.  [Morgan County News dated 8/27/1936]

BROOKS, H. M. age 66, died at Knoxville; survivors, wife; sons, Robert, Kelly, Gilbert; daughters, Bertha, Minnie, Flora, Anna and Ruth. [Morgan County News 6/1936]

BROOKS, WINTON,  Rugby, age 15, son of Robert and Nettie Brooks met his death by stepping in the path of a south bound automobile at Sunbright. He was in his first year of high school at Sunbright and his class mates acted as pall bearers at his funeral.  He was born Aug. 17, 1921. He was laid to rest in Armathwaite, Fentress County. Survivors; parents; brother, R.O. and sister Lois and grandfather. Wm Rosenbaum, grandmother, Mrs. Ella Brooks. [Morgan County News dated 12/31/1936]

BROWN, MARGARET C. died in Rockwood.  Survivors, husband, T.A. Brown; children, Grace Brown, M. C. Brown, Mrs. Alma Fay and Mrs. Delta Koehn; 9 grandchildren; brothers, Rev. G.W. Paul,  L.S. Paul, A.F. Paul, T.D. Paul  and Alvin Paul; sisters, Mrs. Eugene Brown, Mrs. A.T. Johnson and Mrs. Tom Jones.
Burial in Oak Grove Cemetery Rockwood. [Morgan County News[

BROWN, Mrs. W. R., died at Crossville, 3/16/1936. Leaves her daughter, Mrs. Cecil Fritz. [Morgan County News]
BULLARD, FAY ELIZABETH, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. W. H. Bullard, Oakdale, died Aug. 14, 1936 in the same room in which she was born 15 years ago.  Survivors, parents; aunts, Mrs. Chas. Blake, Mrs. J. A. Ferguson, Mrs. C.E. Babcock, Mrs. Richard Blanton, Mrs Dudley Holladay; uncles, F. H. Bullard and Foy Goldston. Burial in Crab Orchard Cemetery. [Morgan County News]

BURGESS, ESSIE, age 6 years, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Sam Burgess. [Morgan County News, dated 4/16/1936]

CAMPBELL, W. S. died 4/17/1936, formerly or Oakdale, and died in Danville, Ky.  Survivors: wife, Eva Creekmore; children, Thomas, Robert, Joseph, James and Mrs. Evelyn Entsminger; sister, Mrs. Chas. Whittenbarger. Burial in Roane County. [Morgan County News]

COCHRAN, EMANUEL, age 14, [died 4/6/1936]  son of Mr. & Mrs. Tom Cochran. Burail in Brewster Cemetery. [Morgan County News]

COLE, MARVIN, 23 of Armathwaite,  killed when hit by car at Rugby. Survivors, parents, Mr. & Mrs. B. C. Cole. Funeral at Armathwaite. [Morgan County News dated  10/22/1936]

DAVIDSON, GEORGE, age 70, Oakdale. He came to Oakdale 15 years earlier from Jackson county, and established a blacksmith shop.  Survived by widow, daughter, Mrs. John Kirkland, sons, Brad and Payton; step-sons, Mike and Charlie Johnson. [Morgan County News]

DAVIDSON, MARTHA, age 66,. Survivors, husband, Jim Davidson and 3 daughters and 2 sons. Burial in Crab Orchard Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 3/19/1936]

DAVIS, Infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Irvin Davis. Burial in Pleasant Ridge Cemetery.  [Morgan County News dated 3/12/1936]

DONALDSON, DR. SAM T. , 59, Petros. Survivors, wife; son, Scott Donaldson; daughters, Mrs. J. H. Griffith, Mrs. Virginia G. Chapman, Mrs. L. H. Holder and Miss Coralee Donaldson; six grandchildren. Burial at Buttram Cemetery, Dayton. [Morgan County News dated 3/5/1936]

DUNNING, MRS. AUGUSTA E.  Burial in Sunbright Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 10/1/1936]

DUNNING, ETTA GILES, died at Berkley, Calif.,  formerly of Morgan County. Daughter of Mrs. Ernet V. Alexander. She was born in NY and came to Rugby in the first days of it's settlement.  Her father was Solomon Giles.  Burial in Berkley, Calif.  [Morgan County News 6/1936]

DUNSMORE, M. B. 62, mine operator, was found dead at his home 2/26/1936. Death was a suicide. Survivors, wife; sons, Hubert and Charles; daughters, Mrs. Mack Ferguson, Myrtle Dunsmore and Thelma Dunsmore; sister, Mrs. Joseph Hall, brothers, William, J. A., and Nathaniel.  Funeral in Knoxville. [Morgan County News]

ENGLAND, J. R., 82. Survivors, widow; daughters, Mrs. P.L. Brasel., Mrs. H.D. Howard; sons, Kie, Frank, Lonnie, Preston, George and Robert.  Burial was Sept 2, 1936 in Mt. Hope Cemetery. [Morgan County Newsdated Sept 10, 1936]

ENGLAND, WILEY SR.,  died Aug. 7, 1936. He was born, Oct. 11, 1866 and married to Malinda Goad.  There were 11 children: Robert, Uless, Wiley Jr., Harry, Roy and Alfred England, Mrs. Julia Grass, Mrs Minnie Hurst, Mrs. Bessie Roberts, Mrs. Etta Lewis and Mrs. Tempy McCormick. [Morgan County News]

EVANS, THOMAS RENFRO, age 42, died 8/9/1936. Leaves wife; children, Thomas, Jean and Betty Joe; parents, Mrs. & Mrs. A. W. Evans; brother, R.D. and Wm. Evans; sisters, Dorothy Evans. Burial Harriman Cemetery beside grandfather, H.A. Renfro. [Morgan County News]

GARRETT, ELISHA, age 35 died 4/1936.  Survivors, wife and small son.  parents, Mr. & Mrs. James Garrett; brothers, Luther, Guy, Harry and Elijah; sister, Mrs. Roy Langley.  [Morgan County News]

GEIER, ANTON, born 2/16/1860 near Berlin, Germany, the son of John and Geneveive Geier, came to the United States at the age of 14 years.  He first settled in Wisconsin. He came to Tenn. in 1890, married Mineivia Williams, 10/23/1898. Three childred were born, one died in infancy.  Survived by wife, Minervia, daughter, Eliza and son John Geier. [Morgan County News dated 3/5/1936]

GOLDSTON, ALEX, 56, formerly of Morgan Co., died at Soldier's Home in Johnson City, 2/8/1936. He was a veteran of the Spanish-American War and a member of the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen.  Survivors, sons, Layton, Frank, Jack, Harley, Glenn, Louis, and Bill; daughters, Mrs. Edith Francis and Mrs. Elsie Webster; brother, Foy A. Goldston; sisters, Mrs. W. H. Bullard and Mrs. Chas. Blake.  [Morgan County News dated 2/13/1936]

GOLDSTON, JULIA, daughter of (Mary Kittrell Williams-see below-d 8/11/1936) and the late Paul Williams, born 9/1883, died 1/22/1936. She was married to Alex Goldston 32 years ago and there were 10 children. Preceded by one child. Survived by husband, daughters, Edith Francis, and Elsie Wester; sons; Layton, Frank, Jack, Harley, Glenn, Louis and Bill; mother Mary Kittrell; brothers, Joe and Wm. Williams; sister, Martha Snow and 3 grandchildren.  Interment in Crab Orchard Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 1/30/1936]

GOLDSTON, JAMES S., found dead at work.  Son of Wiley and Nancy Goldston, pioneer residents of Oakdale.  He was born April 20, 1868 and died May 1, 1936.  He married Maggie Moore, Dec. 22, 1892 and there were 12 children born. 10 survive.  Laris, Ruben, Ernest, Hooper, Robert and William. and Mrs. Wm Vaughn, Mrs. Clarence Bosler and Leslie and Helen of Oakdale. [Burial in Crab Orchard Cemetery]
[Morgan County News dated 5/7/1936]   [see Adeline Pearson below]

GRANT, SUSANA, 83, widow of Thomas V. Grant, pioneer resicent of Rockwood, died Dec. 10, 1935, age 83 years 7 days.  She was born 12/3/1852.  Survivors, children, Thomas and William Grant, Mrs. Polly Hale and Mrs Mattie McKeethan and adopted son, Clay Grant, 11 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren. [Morgan County News dated 1/30/1936]

GUNTER, KATHERINE, age 6 years, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Henry Gunter of Glen Mary.
Struck by a truck. [Morgan County News dated 6/25/1936]

HAAG, CHARLES, age 77.  Survivors wife, Ann [Henry] Haag; sons, Albert, Gus, Archie and Carl; daughter, Glenice Haag. Burial in Wartburg Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 9/24/1936]

HALL, HARRY --    Lancing, leaves wife and 8 children, [Morgan County News dated 2/27/1936]
[Reed Clark and Lloyd Long, slayers of Harry Hall, prominent Morgan County railroad man, were bound to Criminal Court without bail. Clark shot and killed Harry Hall last Sunday Morning at Annadel after an argument in which Clark alleged Hall had kissed his wife, a bride of only a few days at a serenade.] [Morgan County News dated 3/5/1936] [Two given 10 years for 'kiss murder'  April 2, 1936]

HATFIELD, LARKIN B., age 89 years and 8 months died at Cookeville, Tn. He was the last of the Alex Hatfield family. [Morgan County News dated 5/14/1936]

HICKMAN, MARIE REYNOLDS, leaves husband, J.M. Hickman; sons, Kenneth Dean and Kermith Jean; daughters, Ella Marie and Peggy Ann; brothers, Carl, Rollie, Leonard and Wilbur Reynolds.  Burial in Harriman. [Morgan County Newsl 5/1936?]

HOWARD, MESHACK, age 85,  Survivors, widow; daughters, Mrs. Emma McCormack, Mrs. Chimera McCoy, Mrs. Margaret McCoy, Mrs. Maude Johnson, Mrs. Jennie Royal; sons; Granville and John Howard; 45 grandchildren, 48 great-grandchildren and 1 great-great-grandchild.
 [Morgan County News, 1/18/1936]

HULL, Daily, age 58 of Shirley died 1/5/1936.  Burial in Armithwaite Church Cemetery.  Leaves wife, 6 sons, and 2 daughters. [Morgan County News]

JACKS, ROSA A., died 9/23/1936 in Meridian, Miss. She was the youngest and last of five children of Nicholas and Mary Lyons, pioneers.  She was the wife of Robt. G. Jacks, deceased; Surviving children: Mary, Nicholas, Lucy, Lee.

 JOHNSON, JOSEPH N., formerly of Pine Orchard died 6/30/1936, age 62 years, 10 months and 24 days.  Survivors, wife Frances Johnson; children. Mrs. Mabel DeLozier, Mrs. Edith Cope, Mrs. Nona Roberson Mrs. Edna Tapp; brothers, John, Wayne, Wheeler and Charley; sisters, Mrs. Flora Baty, and Mrs. Florence Reynolds.
[Morgan County News 6/1936]

JONES, Henry Perry, died 3/26/1936 age 63 years, 9 months and 20 days. He was born 5/6/1872.  Leaves sons, Will, John, Virgil; brother, Jim Jones; Sisters, Mrs. Ruth Land, Mrs. Thursey Chase, Mrs. Emma Jones, Mrs. Lizzie Winningham.  Burial in Pleasant Ridge Cemetery. [Morgan County News]

JONES, THURMAN, age 37 died as a result of a shooting at Petros. He was the son of Floyd Jones of Fork Mt., and nephew of Geo. W. Dagley. He was a guard at the prison.  [Morgan County News Oct. 22, 1936]

LANDRUM, ROSA ALTA, age 15 months, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Isaiah Landrum. Burial in Lancing Cemetery. [Morgan County News]

LARUE, GEORGE WILLIAM, age 11, died 9/20/1936. Son of Mrs. & Mrs. Theodore Larue. [Morgan County News]

LAYMANCE, Chester, age 22 years 5 months and 3 days died 3/30/1936.  Survivors, Parents, Mr. & Mrs. Will Laymance; wife, Beatrice and little son Jimmie.  Brothers, Glenn, Billie, Junior, Carl; Sisters, Mrs. Cam Pass, Hazel, Ruby, and Reba Faye. [Morgan County News]
LAYMANCE, 'AUNT' MARY POWELL, age 88 years, 10 months and 26 days, died 2/8/1936.  She was born, 3/13/1847.Survivors, Mrs. Annie Coffey and Stanton Laymance. Burial in home cemetery near Emory Bend.

LUMPKINS, LAURA, age 36, died 3/6/1936. Originally from Campbell County.  Survivors, 6 children. [Morgan County News]

McGUFFEY, GRACE, age 21 years and 5 months, formerly of Pine Orchard, died at Rockwood Oct 2, 1936 from injuries sustained in a car wreck.  Survivors, brother, Herman McGuffey; sisters, Mrs. Oma King, Mrs. Winnie Cassada, Mrs. Jessie Phillips, Mary and Marjorie McGuffey.  [Morgan County News dated 10/8/1936]

McGUFFEY, JESSE, formerly of Pine Orchard Community, died at Rockwood, 3/3/1936, age 70 years, 9 months and 16 days.  Survivors, Children, H. H., Mrs. Harley Cassada, Mrs, Jessie Phillips, Mrs. J. E. Blake, Mrs. Verge King, Mary Grace and Margaret McGuffey.  Brothers, A. J. and J. C..  Sisters, Mrs. Sam Blake, Mrs. W. A. Blake, Mrs, James Collett, Mrs.Fred Zumstein, Mrs. Levi Powell and 7 granc children.
[Morgan County News]

McNEEL, MRS. GEORGE, died 8/2/1936. [Morgan County News]

MEEKS, NANNIE EVANS, Died, 11/4/1936. Born in Schenute, Pickett County.on 11/13/1853.  Married to Pleas Meeks; daughters, Mrs. Jeff Buck, and Mrs. Granville Cooper. [Morgan County News dated 11/12/1936]

MELTON, Genevieve, age 16, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Melton. Burial in Wartburg Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 1/23/1936]

MULLINS, ETTA F., died 8/22/1936, age 55 years, and 15 days.. She was born 8/9/1881. Married to Roy Mullins, 12/8/1909. Survivors: daughters, Mrs. Maggie Wilcox, Mrs. Fannie O. Sullivan, Mrs. Mae Hash and Mrs. Maxie Creasy; sons, Clyde and Will. [Morgan County News]

NELSON, W. H.  (Capt. Jack), age 64 died in Chattanooga. Survivors, widow, the former Cora Kelley of Petros; brother and two sisters. He served as warden of Brushy Mountain Prison for 15 years. He was also on the Morgan County Court and Board of Education and secured a modern school building for Petros and made possible the erection of a new Methodist Episcopal Church South at Petros. Interment in Forest Hill Cemetery, Chattanooga.  [Morgan County News dated 8/24/1936]

NEWBERRY, Matilda. leaves daughter, Mrs. Edd McCann, husband, Sam Newberry; sons, Lawrence, Fred, and Harry.  daughters, Mrs. Edd McCann and Mrs. John Miller. [Morgan County News dated 4/9/1936]

NERENBURG, T., Burrville died at Jamestown. [Morgan County News dated 1/30/1936]

OOTEN, PEARL JANE, age 17, died 2/17/1939. Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. E. H. Ooten. [Morgan County News]

PACK, MRS. JACK. [Morgan County News dated 8/17/1936]

PAYNE, JAMES CYRUS age 54, died 2/27/1936 in Oakdale.  Born in Soddy, Tenn.  Married, Ola Zeigler; son, Ben, daughter, Mrs. R. C. Brown; sisters, Mrs. George Jones, Mrs. Tom Hall, Mrs. Charles Crawford; brother, Don Payne.  Burial in Memorial Park in Chattanooga. [ Morgan County News]

PEARSON, ADELINE, "GRANDMA", Oakdale [died 5/1/1036-born, 12/16/1859].  Survived by Ida, (Mrs. J. L. Bourne) who died 3/9/1936, Albert, (Pat) and Jack, Mrs. Elmer Coomer, W. L. Pearson and Sophronia, who died in infancy, 26 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren.  [Morgan County News dated, 5/7/1936]
DOUBLE FUNERAL for Adeline Pearson and J. S. Goldston, who were half brother and sister and died within two hours of each other.  [Morgan County News dated 5/7/1936]

PITMAN, Infant of Mr. & Mrs. Lesley Pitman. Burial in Laurel Dale Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 3/26/1936]

RUPPEE, FRED L.,age 74, Deermont, died 5/12/1936. He was born 1/21/1862.  Leaves wife, Pauline Heidel, married 10/27/1887.; daughters, Mrs. N.C. Hamby, Mrs. W.R. Hamby, Lena, Erna and Esther Ruppee.  Burial in Deermont Cemetery. [Morgan County News]

SEXTON, BESSIE WEBB, died 7/16/1936, age 29 years 6 months and 1 day. Born, 1/16/1907, married Luke Sexton on 1/18/1925.  Survivors, husband and 4 children and father.  Burial in Mt. Zion Cemetery. [Morgan County News]

SUMMERS, LOUSIA WATSON, age 54, Catoosa, died 5/4/1936. Leaves husband, William Summers; sons, James, Sidney, and Cecil; daughters, Mrs. Jake Kreis, Mrs. T.A. Adkins, Mrs. J. C. Vespie and Misses Myrtle and Elgiva Summers. Parents, Mr. & Mrs. J.C. Watson of Lansing.  [Morgan County News]

TANNER, J. E., died in Wartburg. Survivors, wife, Mrs. Maude Tanner; sons, John, Ernest, Billy, Holman and Nick; daughter Mary Martha.  Burial in local cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 10/8/1936]

TAYLOR, CLETUS, age 18. Burial in Frankfort.  [Morgan County News dated 1/23/1936]
TONEY, JULIAN FRAZER, Lancing, died Aug. 15, 1936. He was a veteran of the Spanish American War.  He married Miss Eliza Hall on Aug. 19, 1896.  Survivors: wife, Mrs. Eliza Toney; brothers, Ervin and Henderson Toney and sister, Mrs. Chas. H. Davis. [Morgan County News]

TONEY, WILBURN, age 61, leavs sons, Clarence and Lawrence; brothers, Julia, Henderson and Erwin; sister, Mrs Charles Davis.  [Morgan County News dated 3/19/1936]

TRIPPLETT, JESSE, age 78, died 2/11/1936. Leaves wife; sons, Sam, R. I., Wiley, Robert, Garth and Clarence. Daughters; Mrs. Catherine McHugh, Mrs. Sim Ruffner, Mrs. Dena Ingram, Mrs. Irene Mahon and 14 grandchildren.  [Morgan County News]

WAITES, JOSEPH, age 75, Lancing. Son, Thomas Waites.  Burial Cubley Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 3/19/1936]

WHITEHURST, E. H., Petros. Survivors:  wife; daughters, Emma Ruth, and Marie, Mrs. Earl Foster and Mrs. Wm. Evans, Mrs. Harvey Jackson; sons, Thomas, Guy and J. B.; 4 grandchildren; sisters, Betty Whitehurst, Mrs. Mary Day, Mrs. J. W. Roland and Mrs. Chas Edmond; brothers, W.G. Whitehurst, J.W. Whitehurst, and R.L. Whitehurst. Burial in a local cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 5/7/1936]

WILLIAMS, E. M.  age 73.  Survivors, daughter, Mrs. E. W. Zumstein, Miss Eloise Williams, Miss Edith Williams, Mrs. J.W. McMillan; brothers, Eugene, Parris, Sam, Joe, Dave and Judge Hugh L. Williams.
[Morgan County News dated 7/30/1936]

WILLIAMS, MARY FRANCES KITTRELL, died 8/11/1936, age 81 years, 9 months and 12 days.  Born 10/24/1854.  Married to Paul M. Williams, 9/18/ 1877. There were 5 children; Wm. M. Williams, Joe Williams, Martha Snow and Julia Goldston, deceased and a son who died in infancy.; brothers, Robert, General, J.W. , T.J. Kittrell and Mandy Kittrell and Rosa Brawner; 18 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren.
[Morgan County News dated 8/20/1936]

WILLIAMS, WILLIAM, Circuit Court Clerk of Morgan County died suddenly. [11/3/1936] Survived by widow [Susie Honeycutt]; daughter, Mrs. J. B. Owens; sons;  Forest, Raymond and Jackie. Burial in Crab Orchard Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 11/5/1936]

WILLIAMS, WILLIAM HARRISON., Born in Morgan County 9/24/1858, died 2/20/1936 at McGhee, Ark. He never married. Survivors, 7 brothers, Hugh, Paris, Sam, Joe, Dave, Eugene and E.M. Williams.  Youngest brother was Judge Hugh L. Williams.  Burial in Wartburg Cemetery. [Morgan County News]

WILSON, SAMUEL H., 76, died at Rugby Aug. 24, 1936.  He was born in England, March 29, 1860 and came to America to form a colony at Rugby.  He first settled at Armathwaite. Served as postmaster from 1919 until 1933.  Two other survivors of the original colony are Walter Fletcher and E.V. Alexander a nephew of Sir Leslie Probyn of England.  The colony was founded Oct 5, 1880- by Thomas Hughes.The deceased was the oldest in the service of the Tennessee Weather Bureau.  "Uncle Sam' as he was called was a bachelor and never shaved. He was buried in the Rugby Cemetery near the grave of Madame Margaret E. Hughes, mother of the founder of the colony.  All his goods were bequeathed to a neice in VanCouver, British Columbia.
[Morgan County News dated Sept 3, 1936]

YOUNG, S. G. formerly of Nydeck died in Los Angeles, California. Parents, Mr. & MRs. D.C. Young. [Morgan County News  dated 12/19/1936]