1938  - EXCERPTS

Some of these death notices were only mentioned in a community news column and did not give complete information.

ADAMS, A. L., age 44, Deer Lodge.  Survivors, wife; sons, Ellis and Otis; daughter, Evelyn; parents; brother, Miller; sisters, Mrs. Rachael Smith, Mrs. Jennie Aytes, Mrs. Josie Branstetter, Mrs.  Hallie Kennedy.  Burial in Deer Lodge Cemetery. [Morgan  County News dated 2/17/1938]

ADCOCK, JOE RALPH, age 3 years, died 1/28/1938. The son of Mr. & Mrs. Fred Adcock; also surviving, four brothers and 4 sisters. [Morgan County News]

ALBERTSON, PROF. A. J. , age 75, formerly of Morgan County, died in Miami, Fla. on 1/3/1938.
Survivors: sons; C.E., Ernest and Andrew Albertson; daughters, Bernice, Maude and Ida. Burial in Morgan County. [Morgan County News]

ALLEY, GRACE, age 54 years, died 3/9/1938.  Survivors:  sisters, Mrs. John Lehman, Mrs. Ernest Powell, Mrs Roy Stone, Mrs. William H. Russell and Miss Dixie Alley. [Morgan County News]

ARMES, HIRAM, Petros, age 79, died Jan. 13, 1938.  He was the last member of the Armes Brothers who owned the site now occupied by Brushy Mountain Prison and was employed as a guard until four years ago.  Surviving are the widow and eight children.  Burial in the Armes Cemetery. [Morgan County News]

ARMES, VARD, youngest son of George Armes lost his life early Friday evening when he was shot down by Joe Willie McCoy in a cafe operated by Mose Arms.  Arms was shot four times and lived only a few minutes after the shooting. Survivors; father, three brothers and two sisters.  Burial at Union Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 8/11/1938]

BASLER, CAROLYN SUE, Infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Walter Basler. [Morgan County News dated 4/7/1938]

BASLER, JOHN, age 79. Survivors, sons, Charles, Harvey, Jake, Otto, Robert, Theodore, Fred, Martin, William and Walter; daughters, Mrs. C. Arnold, Mrs. Alfred Frankenberg. [Morgan County News, 2/1938]

BEDFORD, HANNAH TORBETT, age 64,  Petros, died 6/26/1938; Survivors, husband, W.R. Bedford; daughters, Mrs. S. B. Lockhart, Mrs. A.M. Halburnt; sons, Walter, Howard and Torbett; sister, Mrs. Alex Maxwell; brother, Tecil Torbett. Burial in Pleasant Grove Cemetery. [Morgan County News]

BERTRAM, VERA KATHRYN, age 19, Sunbright, died 8/10/1938. Survivors, Mrs. & Mrs. B.J. Bertram; brother, Sam A. Bertram; grandparents, Prof and Mrs. Sam Bertram and Mrs. W.E. Freels. Burial Sunbright Cemetery. [Morgan County News]

BINGHAM, AVERY, age 6 years, 11 months and 2 days died 1/25/1938. [Morgan County News]

BINGHAM, PERRY, age 14, Oakdale, died 3/5/1938. The son of Mr. & Mrs. John Bingham. Burial at Crab Orchard Cemetery. [Morgan County News]

BINGHAM, WANDA, age 10 years died 1/5/1983. She was the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. George Bingham. [Morgan County News]

BLAKE, WILLIAM, age 64, died 2/3/1938.  Survivors, daughter, Mrs. Willie Mae Welch; brother, Charley Blake; sisters, Mrs. J.H. Bowman, Mrs. Allen Montgomery, Mrs. J.B. Powell, Mrs. Rue Haggard and Mrs. Ed Seiller.  Burial at Rockwood. [Morgan County News]

BOURKARD, MRS. R. F.  age 55, Deer Lodge. Survivors, husband; daughter, Maxine Martineau; sons, Ed and Lincoln Bourkard. [Morgan County News]

BROTHERTON, REV. ALBERT, age 64, died 11/26/1938. Burial in Union Grove Cemetery. [Morgan County News]

BYRD, NOAH,  45, Pine Orchard, died Dec. 23, 1938.  Survivors: widow; sons, James, Ernest,Lawrence, David and Henry Paul; daughters, Reba, Dena Jane, Lois Ruth and Nora Lou and one grandchild.  Burial in Pine Orchard. [Morgan County News dated 12/22/1938] 

CLARK, JULIA, formerly of Oakdale and a native of Louisville, KY, died in Kentucky. [Morgan County News dated 11/17/1938]

DANIELS, CLARA JEAN, died 9/8/1938, age 3 months and 14 days.  Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Roy Daniels. Sisters, Velva, Iola and Bonnie; brother, Leroy; grandfathers, Willis Walker and Cooper Daniels; grandmother, Lizzie Davis. [Morgan County News]

DAVIS, E. E., 37, formerly of Morgan County, died in Murfreesboro, Tn. Survivors: wife and three children, father and mother; sister, Maude Bales, Georgia Hinds and Loraine Adkins; brother, Albert Davis.  [Morgan County News dated 12/1/1938]

DEFORD, CLIFFORD, Died 2/1/1938. [Morgan County News]

DELANEY, MARGARET PARALEE, 58, died at Petros. Survivors, son, Hurley Delaney and six grandchildren.  Burial at Armes Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 5/26/1938]

DELIUS, OSCAR PETER, died, 9/9/1848 in Brooklyn, NY,. [preceded by wife, Caroline J., 1/20/1934]
Sons; Albert and H.D. Delius; daughters, Mrs. J.S. Engert, Mrs. J.L. Smith and Mrs. Wilson Lane. Burial in Crab Orchard Cemetery. [Morgan County News]

DELIUS, ROBERT D., 44,  of Knoxville, formerly of Morgan County, was shot to death by W.H. Walker, a neighbor. The shooting was claimed to be the outgrowth of repeated arguments over the use of a party telephone line.  Three of Mr. Delius' children, Bobby 15, Dora 14, and Earl 10, witnessed the shooting.
[Morgan County News dated 1/27/1938]

DUGGAR, JOHN, 74, Oakdale; Survivors, daughter, Mrs. Belle Cain and Mrs. Clara Rosenbaum; sons, Charles and Henry Duggar.

FREDERICK, JOHN C.,  age 72, a native of Germany, died at Oakdale. [Morgan County News dated 10/13/1938]

FREELS, ZACK,     Lancing, died 10/4/1938. [Morgan County News]

FRITZSCHE, MAX, 64, Sunbright.  Survivors, widow; sons, Leland and Noma Fritzsche; daughters, Mrs. Wilhelmina Andrews and Maxine ; one granddaughter, Margaret Louise Andrews; brothers, Felix Fritzsche, Karl Ritter; sister, Mrs. Karl Bishoff.  Burial in Allardt Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 4/28/19389]

GOLDSTON, NELL FREELS, age 33, died Aug. 4, 1938 in Dauville, Ky.  Survivors, husband. C.A. Goldston; mother Mrs. R. Freels; brothers, Hubert, Ernest and Sam Freels; sisters, Mrs. W. H. Sumner and Mrs. H.A. Gamble.  Burial in Pleasant Ridge Cemetery.  [Morgan County News dated 8/11/1938]

GRIFFITH, ARDEN, 12 yrs old died at Knoxville. Burial in Mt. Vernon Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 12/23/1938]

GUNTER, RALPH, Lancing died 8/25/1938. [Morgan County News]

HALL, REV. G. M., age 46,died 11/15/1938.  Survivors, sisters:  Mrs. Lizzie Howard, Mrs. Etta Adkins, Mrs. Arona Garrett, Mrs. Sylvia Diden.  [Morgan County News]

HALL, JOHN W., age 75, formerly of Lancing,  died at Knoxville. He was a retired merchand, Circuit Court Clerk and Chancery Court Clerk and had been in the mercantile business at Lancing for 20 years.  Survivors, wife, Matilda Hall; son, Arthur; grandchildren, John, Eleanor and Willett Hall and half-brother, J.C. McCoy. Burial in Lynnhurst Cemetery, Knoxville. [Morgan County News dated 12/8/1938]

HALL, LOUVENIA, formerly of Pine Orchard, died in Harriman, April 18, 1938.  Survivors; husband, Ruben Hall; sons, Willard and Theodore Hall; daughter, Ruby Lou Hall; brothers, W.C. Powell and J.B. Powell; sisters, Mrs. Amanda Headrick, Mrs. Margaret Stone and Mrs. Ida Kindrick.[Morgan County News dated 4/28/1938]

HALL, TENNESSEE, 73, Deer Lodge.  Born near Rugby, the daughter of William and Sally Ann Goad, wife of Elbert Hall. Preceded by husband, Elbert.  Survivors, daughters, Mrs. E.H. Garrett, Mrs. Cullum Adkins: sons, Elmon and Milford: 1/2 sister, Leann Sewell; brother, Granville Goad; 1/2 brothers, Sylvester,  Easton, Lorester and Leanon Goad, and a large number of grandchildren.  Burial in Lavender Cemetery.
[Morgan County News dated 5/26/1938]

HAMBY, MRS. ANDERSON, died at Dry Hill. Survivors, husband and four children. Burial in Pine Orchard Cemetery.  [Morgan County News dated 12/29/1938]

HAMBY, ELIZA, died Dec. 24, 1938, Pine Orchard. Survivors; two sons and two daughters; parents, Mr. & Mrs. Joe Blake; four brothers and two sisters. [Morgan County News]

HEIDEL, LYDIA, AGE 69.  Survivors, son, Paul and Walter; sister, Pauline Ruppee. [Morgan County News dated 11/10/1938]

HOLLOWAY, MARTHA, 89, died two days before her 90th birthday.  Children:  Joe Holloway, Mrs. Orthena Clowers, Mrs. Bessie Sexton and Mrs. Charles Gunter. [Morgan County News]

HOWARD, GILBERT, died 9/8/1938 at age 51 years, 5 months and 8 days. He was born 5/9/1887. Married Lenora Branstetter on 9/22/1906. Children: Arlo, Ernest, Earl, Noah, Lora and Leslie.  Brothers and sisters; Winfield, Sammie, Dock, Abe, Roma Nelson and Mary Hickman.  [Morgan County News]

JACKS, NICHOLAS,  died 3/14/1938, Lancing. He was born 7/25/1877 in Morgan County.  Survivors, wife Rena Bate Jacks; sisters, Mrs. E. E. Robinson and Miss Mary E. Jacks; brother, Lee Jacks.  Burial in Deer Lodge Cemetery. [Morgan County News]

JACKSON, WILLIAM H., Coalfield.  Surviving: widow; sons, Harvey, Howard, and William; daughters, Mrs. Frank Newland, Mrs. Ernest Brown and Mrs. Hayes Duncan; three sisters and two brothers.
[Morgan County News dated 4/28/1938]

JOHNSON, JULIA, age 48, colored. died at the home of her nephew, Jim Cockrum. Survivors: a son. Burial in a Harriman Cemetery. [Morgan County News]

JONES, MRS. W. B. ., age 91, died at Union, Dec. 1, 1938. Survivors, son. H.M. Jones; daughters, Bertha and Columbia Jones, Mrs. E. S. Davis; grandchildren, Glen Davis, Mrs. Glen Brasel and Miss Madeline Wilson.
[Morgan County News dated 12/8/1938]

JONES, HALLIE, age 18 years, 9 months, died 1/5/1938. She was the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Jones. She died of meningitis.  Burial in Pine Orchard Cemetery. [Morgan County News]

JONES, FREDDY, age 2 years, son of Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Jones. Grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. F. Jones, Petros.  Burial in Petros Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 12/22/1938]

JONES, HUBERT, [Morgan County News dated 4/21/1938]

JONES, REBA, age 6 years, 2 months and 10 days died 11/15/1938.  Surviving are her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Alex Jones and one brother.  [Morgan County News]

KENNEDY, five month old, infant son of Hershel Kennedy. Burial in Adams Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 12/1/1938]

KESTERSON, JAMES SAMUEL, age 11 years, 5 months died 6/29/1938. Survivors: parents, Mrs. & Mrs. J.R. Kesterson, four sisters and 3 half sisters. Burial in Wartburg Cemetery. [Morgan County News]

KITTRELL, ELLIE, formerly of Oakdale, died in Harriman, Tn.  The funeral was at Crab Orchard on 12/4/1938.  [Morgan County News]

KITTRELL, LAWRENCE, [Morgan County News dated 1/13/1938]

MARGRAVE, HENRY B., 77, Sunbright, died 1/13/1938. He married Emma White July 28, 1895.  Survivors:  widow; children, Josie Isenberg,  John B. Margrave and Sallie Brown; grandchildren, A.C. Brown, Jr., and John Franklin Brown; brothers; Wm. F. Margrave and Stonewall J. Margrave; sister, Mrs. Sallie McCauley.  Burial in Harriman Cemetery.  [Morgan County News dated 1/30/1938]

METCALF, FRANK, age 75, died 1/6/1938.  Survivors, wife and small son; five children from former marriage; Mrs. Hubert Parrish, Bertram Metcalf, Mrs. Frank Hensley, Mrs. Wm. Basler and Claude Metcalf. [Morgan County News]

MELTON, WILLIAM HAROLD, age 10 months, and 16 days, died Dec. 3, 1938.  Survivors; parents, Elmer and Francis Melton; three brothers and one sister.  Burial in Clear Creek Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 12/8/1938]

MONDAY, AUDREY LOUISE, age 9 years, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Byrd Monday, died May 10, 1938.Burial in Brewstertown Cemetery.  [Morgan County News dated 5/19/1938]

MORRIS, WILL E., age 58, died 8/29/1938 in Sautelle, California. He was the so of T.A. Morris. Burial in Los Angeles, California.  {Morgan County News]

NEIL, SARAH A., of Deer Lodge and Knox County, age 72, died 6/11/1938.  Survivors: Sons, Robert, Bruce, Les and W.S. Niel, Jr; daughter, Mrs. Ethel Lindsay. Burial in Wartburg Cemetery. [Morgan County News]

NEWBERRY, SAM.  Survivors: sons, Lawrence, Harry and Fred; daughters, Mrs. Ed McCann and Mrs. John Mill;  brothers, I.B., John and Millard; sister, Mrs. Kate Bilbrey.  Burial in Wartburg Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 11/10/1938]

OSBORN, BETTY LEE, age 15 months, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. W.L. Osborne. Burial in Crab Orchard Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 10/6/1938]

PAYNE, Infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Arvine Payne, Gobey. [Morgan County News dated 1/27/1938]

POWELL, RUEBEN, age 60, Oakdale,  a pioneer mail carrier. Survivors, mother, Mrs. Pollie Powell; son, Glenn; daughter, Mrs. Charlotte Headrick; sisters, Mrs. Frankie Johnson and Miss Vesta Powell; brothers, Johm. Levi, Charles and Ernest Powell. Services were held at Pine Orchard Church. [Morgan County News, May, 1938]

ROBINSON, LUCILLE ADCOCK, age 17 and her new born baby died   9/1938. Burial in Liberty Cemetery. [Morgan County News]

RYON, WINSTON FRANCIS, age 2 months and 23 days, son of Herbert and Ethel Ryon, died at Deer Lodge, Nov. 25, 1938.  Burial in Mt. Hope Cemetery.[Morgan County News dated 12/1/1938]

SCARBROUGH, JAMES F., age 58,  Petros. Survivors, wife, sons; Clifford, Theodore, Dorsey and Alfred; daughters, Mrs. Mary McGee and Mrs. Mae Colston. Burial in Petros Cemetery. [Morgan County News]

SCOTT, JOE, 66, Lancing.  Survivors, widow; daughters, Mr. C.M. Thorn and Mrs. Fred Newberry; son, R.M. Scott.  Burial at Wartburg. [Morgan County News dated 11/3/1938]

SCOTT, KEATON, Annadel, died Jan. 14, 1938.  Funeral was held at Deer Lodge. [Morgan County Nes dated 1/27/1938]

SEXTON, REBECCA, 57, Pleasant Ridge.  Survivors, husband, W.E., Sexton; daughter, Nell; brothers, Ben and Charlie; sisters, Dora Hammonds, Irene Brooks and Mrs. Ellis Sumner. [Morgan County News dated 7/21/1938]

SIMS, MRS., of Rugby Road, [Morgan County News dated 9/22/1938]

SUDDATH, REV. FRANK, 80, Pine Orchard, died 6/3/1938.  Survivors: Wife, Linda Blake Suddath.
3 sons and one daughter.  Burial in South Harriman Cemetery. [Morgan County News]

SUMMERS, JAMES,  age 19, Pine Orchard Community, died, Jan. 13, 1928 after being stricken with meningitis.  He was the son of Charley Summers.  Survivors; father, step-mother and  two half sisters.
Burial in the home cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 1/27/1938]

TODD, C. C., age 92,  died, 9/5/1938.[ born, 6/6/1846] Burial in Crab Orchard Cemetery.

UNDERWOOD, INFANT DAUGHTER  of  Mr. & Mrs. Estel Underwood, Sunbright. [Morgan County News dated 3/17/1938]

WEAVER, FRANK, age 30, Petros died 8/31/1938 in Nice, France.  Burial in Oliver Springs, Tn. [Morgan County News]

WRIGHT, EMILY WHITE; wife of Boman Wright. Also surviving,  a small son; sister, Mrs. William Liles. [Morgan County News dated 10/6/1938]