ADAMS, WILLIAM, 11 month old son of Mr. & Mrs. Calvin Adams died 9/30/1939. He leaves six sisters and five brothers; grandmother, Mrs. M.C. Stowers and grandfather, Alex Adams. [Morgan County News]
ADCOX, ARCH, age 79, died 12/24/1939.  Survivors: sons, Heshel, Harold; daughters, Mrs. Delva Givens, Mrs. Zola Smith; 16 grandchildren and one great-grandchild; half brother, James Ferguson.  Burial Mt Pisgah Baptist Church Cemetery. [Morgan County News]

ADCOX, LLOYD A. age 39,. Coalfield. Survivors, wife and mother; sons, Dean, James, Herbert and Tommie; sister, Tilda; brothers, Walter, Fred and Odes. [Morgan County News 3/16/1938]
ADKINS, CARRIE, age 15 of Sunbright, died of blood poisoning [9/6/1939]. She was the daugher of Rev. and Mrs. L.L. Adkins. Sisters; Mrs. Pat Howard, Mrs. Byrl Gaskin, Mrs. Lawrence Sumner and Jessie; and Josephine Adkins; brothers, Charles and Billy. Grandparents Mr. & Mrs. Chas. Heckman of Indiana. Burial in Sunbright Cemetery. [Morgan County News]

BARGER, HENRY, Nydeck Community. [Morgan County News dated 1/19/1939]

BASLER, BONNIE, wife of W. H. Basler. Survivors, husband; daughter, Patricia; sisters; Mrs. Hubert Parrisa and Mrs. Frank Hensley; brothers, Bert and Claude Metcalf. Burial Petros Cemetery. [Morgan County News 2/1939]
BATE, HANNAH H., age 88, Lancing. Survivors: sons, R.O. Bate; daughters; N. Jacks, Edith and Jessie Bate, Mrs. L.D. Kurzenknabe and Mrs. Harold Ashton. Burial in Mt. Hope Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 8/10/1939]
BEANE, DORA JACKSON, age 49, formerly of Oakdale 3/1939 in Maryville, Tn.
Sister Mrs. Annie Francis; brothers Jake Jackson and Luther Jackson. [Morgan County News]
BEENE, WILLIAM JAKE, age 60, Petros; Survivors, wife and mother; son, Frank Beene; daughters, Mrs. Tom Watson, Mrs. Jim Randolph, Mrs. Fred Wright, Mrs. J.D. Bradley and Mrs. Ernest Rankin; brothers, G.T., Bleve and Kirk; sisters, Mrs. Lizzie Fritz, Mrs. John McCartt, Mrs Nancy Parker and Mrs. Joe Bocock.
[Morgan County News dated 2/2/1939]

BINGHAM, HERSHEL, age 17, Oakdale was killed by lightening. He was the son of Mr. & Mrs. Harry Bingham. Sisters; Mary Lou and Mrs. Mable Robinson; brothers, Ralph and Lloyd Bingham. Burial in Crab Orchard Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 8/10/1939]
BINGHAM, MRS. R. R., age 70. She was born in Roane Co. Tn., and married R.R. Bingham in 1889. Children: Mrs. J. A. Kreis, Mrs. H. A., Adcox, Mrs. Chas. Summer; sons, Grant and Melvin Summers; 14 grandchildren and one great grand-child. [Morgan County News dated 3/9/1938]
BLAKLEY, SARAH ELIZABETH, died 7/19/1939, age 64 years, 9 months and 25 days. She was born 9/24/1874 and married in 1893 to D.R. Blakely. Children; Enoch, Omar, John Ruble, Zelma, Mrs Etta Varner and Mrs. Boyd Davidson, Jesse and Iva Joe; 22 grandchildren and 4 sisters and 2 brothers. [Morgan County News]
BONIFACIUS, GORDON, age 79. Leaves a widow, Anna Bardill Bonifacius; daughter, Mrs. Clarence A. Henry; sister, Mrs. Barbara Whitely. Burial in Wartburg Cemeteruy. [Morgan County News]
BROCK, SARAH, age 49, Coalfield. [Morgan County News dated 1/12/1939]

BURRIS, MRS. HENRY, Coalfield. [Morgan County News dated 2/2/1939]
BURTON, J. D. age 60, Oakdale. Survivors, sons; Marvin and William; his wife; sisters, Mrs. L.M. Little, Mrs. Hetty Burton; brother, David Burton. [Morgan County News]

CAMPBELL, WILLIAM H., age 62, Burrville; wife Gertrude Patching Campbell. Burial in Burrville Methodist Church Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 2/23/1939]
CARTER, MARY JANE, age 79, died 1/14/1939. She was born in Morgan County 7/23/1860 and married James Alford Carter about 1879. Children, Calvin, Luther, Raura Bell and Fred Ernest; daughters, Laura Bell Bryant; 6 grandchildren. [Morgan County News]
 COOK, H. P., Sunbright, died 3/10/1939. He was born in Russell County, Virginia. Survivors; wife, Cassie Cook. Burial in Pleasant Ridge Cemetery. [Morgan County News]
CRENSHAW, CHARLES, age 75. Survivors, sons, John, Floyd; daughters, Mrs. John Dunaway, Mrs. Cecil Rhea and Mrs. Carl York. Burial Wartburg Cemetery. [Morgan County News 1/1939]
CROMWELL, CLARENCE, age 16 years and a seventh grade student of the Crab Orchard Community died with blood poisoning and pneumonia. Survived by father, Elmer Cromwell; step-mother; two sisters, Lavonia and Ruth Cromwell and a half-brother Lloyd Cromwell; grandmother, Alice Cromwell. [Morgan County News dated 9/7/1939]
 CUMMINGS, WILLIAM, age 70, Rugby, an original settler of Rugby. [Morgan County News]
 [abt 2/1939]

DAVIS, R. A., age 45, Wartburg, WW I Veteran. Survivors, wife, Katie Joyner Davis; father, Col. John M. Davis; sons, John M., Jr., and Sam; sisters, Mrs. J.B. Bowling. [Morgan County News]
 DELIUS,  MAY, New-born infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. C. A. Delius. Burial in Crab Orchard Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 1/19/1939]
DOUGLAS, DR. ELMER, died in Indiana. He was born in the Glades Community, the nephew of Mr. & Mrs. Enoch Guffey. [Morgan County News dated 9/28/1939]
DUGGER, MABEL CAIN, Oakdale died in Danville, KY. Survivors, brother, Henry Dugger; sister, Mrs. Edd Rosenbaum. [Morgan County News dated 3/9/1939]

 ELDER, ELISHA, age 37. Survivors, mother, Mrs. J. Elder, 3 sisters and 2 brothers.
[Morgan County News dated 3/9/1939]

FARRIS, LASKA, Burrville, died 10/5/1939. Burial at Lafollette, Tn. [Morgan County News]

FRENCH, JOHN, age 40, formerly of Wartburg died in Nashville, Tn. Survivors: sister, Mrs. Winston Caldwell; mother, Mrs. Dora Saffell French. [Morgan County News dated 7/27/1939]
FREYTAG, BURTON, age 32, died 3/16/1938. Survivors, brother, Floyd and Reuben Greytag.; sisters, Mrs. Marie Cook, Mrs. Glen Arnold, Miss Thelma Freytag. Burial Wartburg Cemetery. [Morgan County News]

GALLOWAY, OSA BROTHERTON, died 8/28/1939. She was born 2/22/1870 and was age 69 years 6 months and 4 days. She married Rev. Charlie Galloway on 7/22/1888. Survivors, son Lee; daughter , Mrs. Alma Beatty; sisters; Mrs. Ada Summers, Mrs. Ova Pittman; brother, John Brotherton; 12 grandchildren. Burial in Union Grove Cemetery. [Morgan County News]
GILREATH, MRS. NOBLE, age 32, Oakdale. Survivors, husband, parents, Mrs. & Mrs. Dow Stringfield. Sisters: Mrs. Susie Hampton, Mrs. Alice Slaven, Mrs. May Lawson; brothers, William, Leonard and Arthur Stringfield. Burial in Piney Cemetery. [Morgan County News 3/23/1939]

GOFF, CAROLINE, age 86. Survivors: daughters, Mrs. Horace Ellis and Mrs, George McGrath; sons: M.B. Young, Clifford Goff and Barton Goff; step-sons, Mr. Goff of St. Louis; brothers, William and Jes Ketchersid; her six grandsons were pall bearers and 5 grandaughters were flower-girls. Burial in Mt. Vernon Cemetery. [Morgan County News]

GOLDSTON, LOU KEETON, age 63. Wife of Albert Goldston. sons; Paul, Roger and Howard; daughter, Mrs. Carlos Davis; four grandchildren; sisters, Mrs. E. B. Litton, Mrs. Parson, Mrs. Mary Smith and Mrs. L. Waldroupe; brothers, Dock, George and Henry Keeton. [Morgan County News dated 5/11/1939]
GOLDSTON, MARTHA, died in Rockwood; sister of Amos Taylor, Sarah Ramey and Miss Jennis Taylor. [Morgan County News 3/16/1938]

HALL, JANE, Lancing, died 5/15/1939. [Morgan County News]

HAMMOND, NELIS, In Memory of - died 4/7/1933. father-H.L. Hammond. [Morgan County News]
HEIDEL, MINNIE MEHLHORN, Wartburg. She was born at Deermont in 1882 and married Alex F. Heidel in 1900. He died in 1920. There were 11 children and 8 survive. Sons, Alex, Henry, Clarence, Edwin, Martin and Alvin; daughters; Mrs. E. N. Brooks and Mrs. John W, Peters; brothers, Fred, Henry, Ed and George; sisters, Mrs. G.W. Goldrick, Mrs. Fred Lehman, Mrs. Katie Bicknell and Miss Emma Mehlhorn. Burial in Wartburg Cemetery. [Morgan County News]
HUMAN, PHEBE, age 68 Oakdale, wife of I.F. Human. Sister, Mrs. Martha Turner; step-chiuldren, Mrs. Wlater Jones, Mrs Nola Young, Mrs. Mary Johnson, Mrs. M. F. Shannon and W.J. Human. Burial in Mill Creek Cemetery. [Morgan County NEws]

JACKSON, MARK V., died 8/24/1939. Leaves his wife and a brother, John Jackson. [Morgan County News]

 KESTERSON, SAM, In Memory of, died 7/29/1938 [Morgan County News]
 KITTRELL, MARY, age 76, Actual, died 5 days after her husband, J.W. Kittrell. Survivors, sons, Fred and Charlie; daughter, Mrs. Tom Cagle; sister, Mrs. Sallie Ashley; brother, Reuben Goldston.
[Morgan County News dated 1/26/1939]
KITTRELL, J. W., age 80, Actual; Survivors: wife; sons, Fred and Charlie; daughter, Mrs. Tom Cagle [Morgan County News dated 1/19/1939]
KNOWLING, ROBERT, was killed in a Fork Mountain mine accident. Survivors, brother, James Knowling; sister, Mrs. Hugh Laymance. [Morgan County News dated 2/23/1939]
KREIS, J. D., formerly of Oakdale, died in LaCross, Wisconsin. Burial was in a Harriman, Tn Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 3/23/1939]

LILES, MRS. JOHN, age 77. Daughter, Mrs. Floyd Langley [Morgan County News]
LOVE, WILLIAM WALLACE, age 84, Mossy Grove. Survivors, wife; daughters, Mrs. C.W. Joyner, Mrs. Grover Harris, Mrs. Ollie Gibbs; sons, Dr. J.F. Love and William Wallace Love, Jr. Burial in Mossy Brove Cemetery. [Morgan County News]
LYNCH, MARTHA J. , Lancing, died 3/23/1939 at Nicholasville, KY. Survivors, son, John Lynch and Alonzo Lynch. [Morgan County News]

McCANN, HORACE, age 53, Gobey. Survivors: wife, Vernie Pittman McCann; sons, Ray Donald and Roy Charles; mother; three brothers and one sister. Burial in Wartburg Cemetery. [Morgan County News]
McCARTT, MRS. J. R., died 4/18/1939 in Seymour, Iowa. [Morgan County News]
 MELTON, ERMA DENE, age 5 months, died 2/11/1939. She was the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Dewey Melton; Survivors; parents and 2 sisters, Cathleen and Evon. [Morgan County News]
MELTON, HUGH, age 28, 6/1/1939, was hit and killed by a train. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Baslam Melton. Survivors, wife and 2 children. [Morgan County News]
MONTGOMERY, HARRY, age 28, Pine Orchard, died 1/3/1939. Survivors, wife, Alva Montgomery; children, Wanda and Donald; mother, Betty Montgomery; sisters, Terra Montgomery; half-sisters, Mrs. James Gray, Mrs. Tom Wilson; half-brother, Sidney and Allen Montgomery. Burial in Pine Orchard Cemetery. [Morgan County News]
MOSIER, SAM, age 29. [Morgan County News dated 7/20/1939]


NEIL, ISA J., age 83, Sunbright, age 83 years, 3 months and 23 days. Born at Old Montgomery on 6/8/1856. Daughter of John Harvey and Minerva Jane Brient. She married P.J. Niel 1/5/1871. Burial in Sunbright Cemetery [Morgan County News]

NITZSCHKE, HARRIET MOSIER, age 77, Burrville, died 2/8/1939. Preceded by husband, J.J. Nitzschke. Survivors; sons, Charles E. Orlow and John; daughters, Mrs. Emma Howard, Mrs. S.H. McCartt, Mrs. P. R., Broyles, Mrs. H.P. Henderson. Burial in Methodist Church Cemetery.

[Morgan County News]


PERKINS, Samuel Edward, formerly of West Virginia, died 6/16/1939 at Gobey. Survivors: widow; son, Rayomne; sisters, Mrs. Clem Smith and Mrs. Julia King, Miss Nancy E. Perkins; brother, Charles

PETERS, MRS. ANDREW, formerly of Burrville, died in Picayune, Mississippi 7/3/1939. [Morgan County News dated 6/22/1939]

PETERS, WORCESTER OWEN, age 69, Burrville, died in Battle Creek, Mich. Survivors; daughter, Mrs. Ernest Lowe; sons, Herbert, Robert and Omer; sisters, Mrs. D.G. Gunter and Mrs. Chas Erkel; brothers, R.K. Peters, Rev. T.V. Peters, W.A. Peters and Prof. Ed. C. Peters. Burial in Mt. Vernon Cemetery. [Morgan County News 3/1939]

POWELL, POLLIE, age 87, Pine Orchard, died 3/31/1939. Survivors, husband, Joseph Powell; sons, John, Charley, Levi and Ernest; daughters, Vesta Powell and Mrs. Francis Johnson. [Morgan County News]

PUCKETT, WALTER, age 58, of Brewstertown, died 9/16/1939. He was a native of Virginia. Leaves wife, Minnie Lovell Puckett, 3 sons and 2 daughters. Burial in Laurel Dale Cemetery. [Morgan County News]


REYNOLDS, E. B., age 60, Oakdale. Survivors, wife; sons, Charles, Clarence and James; daughters, Rosa Lee and Daisy; sisters, Mrs. Joe Easter, Miss Cynthia Reynolds and Mrs. W.W. Lawhorn; brothers, E.W. and A. J. Reynolds. Burial in family cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 5/18/1939]

RUSSELL, WILLIAM MADISON, age 79 years, 11 months and 15 days, died 3/15/1939. He was born 3/31/1859. Survivors: children: Mrs. Charles Justice, Mrs. Charles Edmonds, Mrs. Arthur Jones, Mrs. Vernon Adkisson, Mrs. Charles Eastridge, Mrs Elijah Woods, Mrs Condio Thornton,

and Sim, John and Clifford Russell. Sisters: Mrs. Rebecca Edwards, Mrs. Malinda Boshears, Mrs. Matilda Ladd; 46 grandchildren and 20 great grandchildren. [Morgan County News]

RYON, Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Luther Ryon. Burial in Mt. Hope Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 2/16/1939]


SCHUBERT, MRS FRANK, age 88, originally from Germany. Survivors, sons; Frank, William, Hugh, Bruno, Paul and Otto; daughters, Mrs. Hulda Page, and Mrs. Lillie Tucker; Burial in Lutheran Church Cemetery, Wartburg. [Morgan County News]

SHADDEN, ZELLA ELLEN, 17, died 2/24/1939. She was the daughter of Mr & Mrs. Wiley Shadden. Survivors, parents, three brothers and one sister. [Morgan County News]

SHIELDS, ELIZABETH BYRD, age 51. Survivors, husband; sons, Reid, Jessie, Ralph and Willard; daughters, Elizabeth Shields and Mrs. Walter Hamby. Burial in Wartburg Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 6/8/1939

SMITH, R. D. (Dick), formerly of Oakdale died in Danville, 9/1939. Survivors, wife, Pearl Smith; three daughters and two sons and several grandchildren; sister, Mrs. Annie Kealon and Mrs. Dove Barkla. [Morgan County News]

STEWART, BERNICE, M. age 15 months, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Luther Stewart died 1/15/1939. [Morgan County News]

STOFA, MIKE, Deer Lodge. Survivors, wife; sons, George, John and Andrew; daughter, Annie and Margaret. Burial Mt. Hope Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 2/16/1939]

STONECIPHER, JASPER, age 64, died 4/18/1939. Survivors, wife; foster son, Carl; sisters, Mrs. H.M. Jackson and Mrs. R.H. McGlothin. County News]

STRINGFIELD, JULIAN, died 4/5/1939. He was bor 7/9/1865. Leaves his wife, Cloah Garrett Stringfield and a sister, Ruby Landrum. Burial in Elizabeth Cemetery.

STRINGFIELD, PATRICIA ANN, 7 month old daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Roy Stringfield. Leaves 5 brothers and 5 sisters. Morgan County News 8/1939]


UNDERWOOD, LIZZIE, age 75; daughters, Mrs. Fred Stansberry, Mrs. Lillie Gill, Mrs. Frank Hughes, Mrs. Tiffie New; sons, Luther, William and Charles. [Morgan County News, 9/1939]


WATSON, RUBEN, age 45, of Crab Orchard. [Morgan County News dated 7/6/1939]

WILLIAMS, AUDREY LEE, age 5,. Survivors, parents, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Williams; brother, Donald Ray Williams; grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. August Freytag and Mrs. Susie Williams. [Morgan County News]

WILLIAMS, MARY, aage 90, of Deer Lodge. Survivors; sisters, Mrs. W. W. Wallace, Mrs. Arnold Wolford and Gena Ewell; brothers, A. L. Williams and Roe Williams. Burial in Mt. Hope Cemetery.

[Morgan County News]

YOUNG, JOHN, formerly of Rugby, died in Oklahoma. Uncle of Rev. J.B. Peters, Mrs. S.A. Galloway, Mrs. Will Mathews and Mr. Daily Young. [Morgan County News dated 2/23/1939.


ZUMSTEIN, RALPH, age 27, Catoosa, son of Mr. & Mrs. John Zumstein. Survivors, brother, Carl; sisters, Dorothy Zumstein, Mrs. Claude White, Mrs. Damon Crawley, Mrs. Nail and Mrs. Williams. [Morgan County News dated 4/20/1939]