Dates are mostly dates of the newspaper, a few show actual marriage dates as stated in the paper.
If you know any of the marriage dates for these folks, EMAIL them to me and I will add them to the page.

Week of  1/4/1940

Henry Johnson to Imogene Eble

Tom Adkins to Dora Mike

Lloyd Miller to Ethel Lucille Justes

Ralph Weaver to Gertie Conaster

Week of 1/11/1940

Johnnie Williams to Maxine Stringfield

Johnnie Hamby to Edith McCann

Ted Fairchild to Lou Hamby, m in Kingston, 1/12/1940

Week of 1/25/1940

Dewey Lee Curtain to Muriel Catherine Moore

Frank Walker to Ann Blair

B.O. Shirks to Rosella Bunch

Lee Burgess, Jr to Vestie Armes

Clifford Phillips to Rachael Norris

Omer Williams to Lydia Stringfield

Layne McCoy to Ruby Taylor

Week of 2/22/1940

R.A. Nunley to Eva Trail

Tom Lyles to Jane Metcalf

Kenneth Basinger to Mary Froelich

Earl Cox to Enith Howard

William Kyer to Milldred Terry

Mike Solock Jr., to Madgalene West

Grover Portwood to Flora Bray

Dewey Lee Curtain to Murial Catherine Moore

Week of 3/7/1940

Edgar Parker to Robbie Asberry

Arnold Hall to Aliene Phipps

R.A. Nunley to Eva Trail

Walter Layne to Delia Smith

Tom Lyles to Jane Metcalf

Wilbur Leete Hooper to Iva Elizabeth Babcock - m-6/1/1940 ??


Jesse Willard Jones to Hazel Pearl Ray

Roy Webb to Lucille Taylor


Hovbert Peters to Madeline L. Kesterson

Frankie Watters to Pauline Sexton

Archie Tinch to Gladys Burchell

Leslie Laymance to Edith Bright

Millard Stooksbury to Jessie Adkins

Emmit Davis to Shirley Aytes


George Willett to Clara Shannon

B.G. Smith to Pauline Tilson, m - Easter Sunday, 1940

Averyt Farmer to Esteen Jennings

Alex Jeffers to Nina Stonecipher


Wilbur Brooks to Ruth Miller


Paul Arp to Noami Taylor - m 4/2/1940

W.E. Watson to Lena Chitwood

Rowe C. Parker to Flonnie Marie Crabtree

Charles Sampsel to Helen Wall - m - 4/6/1940

Glenn Powell to Janet Mee - m - 4/23/1940 in Cookeville, Tn.


Robert R. Spurling to Amy Irene Jones

Junior Armes to Gusta Armes

Clyde Hollingsworth to Leota Redmon

Theodore Bishop to Grace Lee

Gillum Garrett to Thelma Jacks

Irving Davis to Loma Brown


Edward Irish to Naomi True

Jimmie Burgess to Bessie Miller - m-4/1940

Luther Brown to Reba Joyce Bertram - m - 4/25/1940

A.J. Ewan to Annie Shannon - m- 5/4/1940

Rev. Fred Copeland to Myrtle Clark - m 4/27/1940 in Harriman


Freddie C. Seiber to Agnes Liles

Arthur C. Miller to Edna M. Hicks

James A. Davis to Nancy Jennings

A.J. Ewan to Winifred Brown

Arrthur McCormick to Emily Melton

Carlos W. Brown to Glendean Leach


William Hollars to Beatrice Durham

L.A. Newport to Ruth Williams

D.R. Blakely to Katherine Cable

Mouzon Peters to Mary Alice Webb - m - 6/4/1940 in Jackson, Miss.


Robert H. Stovall to Matilda Simpson

Melvin Patterson to Beulah Moore

Carl McLaughlin to Mary Miller


Kenneth William Hill to Kathleen Stonecipher - m - 6/1940

Edwin R. Heidle to Lorraine Huling - m - 6/14/1940

Martin Heidel to Florine Eastman - m - 6/14/1940 (double wedding, 2 brothers)

Herman Chaney to Macel Cromwell - m - 6/15/1940


Durward S. O'Dell to Mildred Streitenberger

William Marshall to Bessie Belle Beard


Bill Rice to Ruby McCoy

Arnold Clark to Aline Brooks - m - 5\6/23/1940, in Harriman. Tn.


Virgil Helton to Vadna Heidel

Lemuel Potter to Edna Bingham, m - 6/26/1940 in Rockwood, Tn.

J.L. Freels to Ruby Brown - - m 7/4/1940


Richard Bingham to Myrtle Norris

Samuel Dodd to Victoria White

Arthur Voyles to Pearl Covington

Claude Dean Langley to Odessa South

Alfred Anderson to Flonnie Beach - m - 8/1/1940

Frank Ploch to Albina Susack - m - 8/3/1940

Edmund C. Armstrong to Josie Mae Powell - m - 8/3/1940


L.H. Duncan to Mozell Ford

John H. Futrell to Mary Smith'Raymond Clark to Verlin Patterson

Harold Honeycutt to Betty Jane Mains - m - 7/1940

Clayton Wilson to Juanita Langley - m - 8/30/1940

John Ownbey to Nellie Broyles - m - 8/27/1940


Benjamin B. Smith to Julia A. Pelc

George Lyons to Dixie Black

William Ashley to Iva Joe Blakely - m - 8/1940 at Glades
(Note: correction courtesy of Roy Ashley - William Ashley to Iva Jae Blakley at Cox Farm, Burrville.)

Robert James England to Violet Stringfield


E.G. Hammick to Matilda Williams

Melvin H. Ooten to Willie Mae Norris


Steve Holod to Mae Morgan

Thurman Haskel to Maxine Zeigler - m - 8/18/1940 in Washington, D.C.


Willard M. Lowe to Ophie Barnett

Lloyd Boyd to Lula Dean Marlow

Oliver Cooper to Lillian James

Albert Armes to Ava Snoderly

Arthur J. Willia to Ruby Laymance

Stevon Crouch to Lois Henry

C.H. Saffell to Mary Ella Collins


Ross M. Weaver to Allie Edna Turner

William Stringfield to Clara Mae Ooten

Gordon S. Reynolds to Irene Francis Trout

Ocia Cole to Pauline Kesterson - m - 9/1940


H.B. McCullough to Selena Cash

Claude Bunch to Linnie Cox


Glenn H. Cooper to Esther Blair

William O. Lavender to Margie Melton

Pless Seiber to Sally Ann Hamby

Ollie James Reynolds to Mary Marie Langley - m - 9/1940


Van Thomas Letner to Jean Phillips

Dillard Berry to Dora Ella Barnett

Herman Liles to Thelma Josephine Turner

Charlie Russell to Rhoda Lee Turner

Ledford Cochran to Minnie Irene Olmstead - m - 10/1940


Billy F. Sanderson to Evelyn Long

Ralph Duncan to Delvenia Laymance

Edward W. Leach to Marion Brown

V.E. Davis to Loreene Flowers

Charles Langley to Virginia Vance - m - 10/26/1940 in Jamestown, Tn.


Four-Don't Publish


Leonard Henry to Mary Edna Goad

Red Nelson to Dorothy Walker

W.H. Steelman to Mary Phillips

Archie Hughett to Ruth Mae Grant

E.M. Shelley to Edda W. Stone - m - 10/26/1940 in Kingston, Tn.

Walter Matney to Evialee Griffith


Irville Mishe to Willmena Cockram

C.R. Reynolds to Golda Tackett

Herbert Norris to Lillie Pearson - m - 10/10/1940 in Spring City, Tn.


Delius Goad to Imogene Russell

Horace Crabtree to Elma Beatty

G.S. Allen to Mildred Morris

Ben Payne to Gladys A. Higgins - m - 12/1940

Milton R. Whaley to Laura Pauline Rogers - m - 11/28/1940


Lester Hill to Jewell Carter

James Carl Comer to Helen Scott


Samuel Pete Kesterson to Hazel Goad

Ralph T. Robbins to Phyllis Walker


Joe W. Plemons to Imogene Duncan

Carr Bingham to Helen K. Helton

Ben Payne to Gladys Higgins, m 12/24/1940

Fletcher Sweet to Hazel Langley, m 12/25/1940