ADKINS, CHARLES, age 55, died at Ludlow, Ky. Survivors, Blane and Harry Adkins; sisters, Mrs. Fred Young and Mrs. James Back. Burial in Summers Cemetery, Pine Orchard. [Morgan County News dated 12/26/1940]
ADKINS, ELLEN, of Oakdale, and Ludlow, Ky, died in Cincinnati, Ohio. Survivors, husband, Charles Adkins; daughter, Iva Mae Adkins; brothers, W.J. Summers, L.S., C.G., and Fred Summers; sisters, A.J. Thomas, Edith Smith, Mrs. H.F. Young, Mrs. G.W. Mehlhorn. Mrs. C.G. Shadden. Burial in Family Cemetery in Pine Orchard. [Morgan County News dated 5/23/1940]

BALDEW, MRS. DAVE, died 12/2/1940 at Camp Austin, White Oak. Leaves husband and two sons. [Morgan County News]
BAUGHMAN, PATRICIA MARIE, age 4 years was fatally burned when a can of kerosene exploded. [7/12/1940]  Survivors include four brothers and four sisters. Burial in Piney Cemetery., [Morgan County News]
BEATY, EVA JUNE, age three (3) months died 10/4/1940. Survivors: parents, Mr. & Mrs. Jess Beaty;
brothers, , Donald, Cecil, Von and Billy. grandfathers, Rev. Charley Galloway and J.M. Beaty; grandmother, Mrs. J.M. Beaty. [Morgan County News]
BRANSTETTER, RICHARD, age 78, of Deer Lodge. [Morgan County News dated 8/1/1940]
BREWER, MRS. W. M. age 65. Survivors, son, W.L. Brewer; daughters, Mrs. Harry Ashley, Mrs. Jennie Laymance, Mrs. Raymond Summer, Mrs. Frank Schubert, Mrs. Dewey Robinson, Mrs. Marie Kennedy.
Burial in Liberty Cemetery. [Morgan County News]
BURNS, MARY, Lancing. Morgan County News dated 3/21/1940]
BYRD, HAGGARD, age 29 died at Knoxville. Survivors, widow; mother, Mrs. Willie Byrd;
brothers, Billy Joe and Rexford Byrd; sisters, Mrs. John Rogers. [Morgan County News]

CATES, FRANK C., age 59, a veteran of the Spanish American War [5/10/1940]. Survivors, widow Annie Jacks Cates; sons, Ben, Robert, William, Richard, Everett, Lee and Grant; brothers, William and Andy; sister, Mrs. M.B. Phillips; daughter-in-law, Myrtle Strutton Cates and grandson, George Cates. He served for 38 years with eight honorable discharges. [Morgan County News dated 5/16/1940]
COOPER, JOSEPH HENRY, of Kentucky, brother of J.W.L. Cooper, died in Chattanooga where he had gone for treatment from his brother. Sons, Randall and William; daughter, Helen; brothers, J.O. and Dave; sister, Mrs. F. W. Hoover. Funeral was at Wartburg. [Morgan County News 8/1/1940]
CROSS, FLOYD, killed in auto accident in Somerset, Ky [10/12/1940]. Son of Mr. & Mrs Bill Cross. Burial in Piney Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 10/17/1940]

DAVIS, ALICE HURTT, age 31, Sunbright, died 3/13/1940. Survivors: husband, Irving Davis; five children; sisters, Mrs. Roy Brown, Mrs. Virgil Northrup, Mrs. Ben Hambright, Mrs. E.R. Bunch; brother, Albert J. Hurtt. [Morgan County News]
DAVIS, DORA TONY, age 59, wife of Charles H. Davis; son, Albert; daughters, Mrs. Lorraine Adkins, Mrs. George Bales and Mrs. Martin Hines. Burial in Wartburg Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 1/4/1940]
DAVIS, JOSEPHINE, died at Oliver Springs. She leaves her husband, Sam L. Davis; son, Ellis Davis; daughters, Mrs. Walter Jackson, Mrs. Sam Brown, Mrs. Alvin Heidel, Mrs. John Cox Mrs. A. R. Weber. [Morgan County News dated 10/17/1940]

DEBLIEUX, PAUL J., age 81 [12/01/1940]. Survivors: niece, Mrs. T.R. Carter and 4 other nieces and nephews. [Morgan County News]
DOUGHTY, JIM ISAAC, age 71, Oakdale; leaves widow, Julia Doughty; sons, D. Doughty and Fred; step-daughters, Laura Wilson and Marie Hide. [Morgan County News dated 8/8/1940]
EDWARDS, LUTHER, age 5. son of Mr. & Mrs. Pearlie Edwards. also leaves a brother and a sister. Burial Wartburg Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 2/15/1940]

FAIRCHILDS, HERBERT, died at Harriman. Survivors, wife; mother, Mrs. C.A. Fairchilds; brothers, Albert, Gilbert, Robert, Wesley and Theodore. sisters; Nedra and Mrs. F. Shannon. [Morgan County News dated 2/15/1940]
FAIRCHILDS, WALTER H. , died 2/10/1940. He was in the 105th Infantry overseas.
[Morgan County News]
FORRESTER, JOHN B., of Freeport, Ill, died 1/13/1940. Survivors; children, Billy and Virginia; , sister, Mrs. J.B. Johnson; brothers, Albert and Daily. Burial in Sunbright. [Morgan County News]
FRANCIS, MATILDA, age 84, died at Johnson City. Formerly of Oakdale. Survivors, daugher, Mrs. W.J. Johnson; sons, Fred, Harry and Walter; brother, Amos Taylor; sister, Sarah Ramsey. [Morgan County News dated 11/7/1940]
FREELS, daughter of Mrs. & Mrs. Benton Freels, Sunbright, was run over by a school bus. [Morgan County News dated 4/11/1940]

GALLOWAY, ANNIE LOU, age 16 months died 3/16/1940. She was the daugher of Mr. & Mrs. Heargin Galloway. Also surviving, grandparents, Mrs. Edie Galloway and Mr. & Mrs. Geo. M. York. [Morgan County News]
GALLOWAY, SAMUEL ADLEY, born 1/17/1864, died 1/16/1940. Married to Mary Elizabeth Peters, Oct. 7, 1886. Children: Mrs. Emma Garrett, Mrs. Charles Hughes, Mrs. T.L. Curry, Mrs. Grover Pemberton, Mrs. William Coen; sons, George, Evans and Samuel Chaffin Galloway and one child deceased; ten grandchildren; four great grandchildren; sisters, Mrs. Dan Young, Mrs. L.D. McCormick; brothers, L. P, Galloway, George C. Galloway, and T.C. Galloway. [Morgan County News]
GALLOWAY, TIMOTHY C., age 91, died 6/6/1940 at Burrville. Survivors: sons, N.C., Ed., W.J. and Ralph; daughters, Mrs. Phenie Jackson, Mrs. John Walt, Mrs. Wm. Schick, Mrs. Edward Schick; brothers, George Galloway, Levy Galloway; sister, Mrs. Hannah Young and Mrs. Orlena Galloway. [Morgan County News]
GARRETT, BEN, age 67, of Deer Lodge, died 2/7/1940. Survivors, wife Laura Garrett; sons, Everett, Gier and Ray; daughters, Mae Hedgcoth, Mollie Olmstead and Stella Ellis. Burial in Mt. Hope Cemetery. [Morgan County News]
GILLIS, ANDY, age 50, was killed in a car wreck on 1/29/1940. Survivors, wife and a brother, William. [Morgan County News]
GOANS, D. P., age 84, Oakdale. Survivors: wife, Martha Jane Betram Goans, formerly of Huntsville; daughters, Mrs. Chas W. Hill, Mrs. Eva Hamm, Mrs. Delcie Gallup, Mrs. Roy Grice, Mrs. Fred Ehme; eleven grandchildren and three great, great-grandchildren. A son, L.C. Goans died 18 years previous. [Morgan County News dated 10/17/1940]
GRIFFITH, ALEX S., age 82, died 10/17/1940. He was a pioneer settler of Morgan County. Leaves wife, Isobelle Griffith; daughters, Mrs. Sylvia Haun, Mrs. A. Litton, Mrs. Ruth Wilson, Mrs. E,H. McKeethan, Mrs. Clara Phelps; sons, Thomas and Sam. Burial in Pleasant Ridge Cemetery. [Morgan County News]

HALL, MANDY, Lancing. [Morgan County News dated 1/18/1940]
HAMBY, R. P., age 71. Survivors, wife, Etta Overton Hamby; sons, Guy, Ben, Sam, Ray and Rex; daughters; Ella, Cassie, Tempa Nada, Maud, Nometh and Loraine Hamby. [Morgan County News dated 4/18/1940]
HANNAHAN, LOU VERNIA, Flat Rock, died 11/5/1940, at age 67 years, 1 month and 1 day. She was born 10/4/1873 and married Monroe Hannahan 2/20/1897. Survivors, husband; sons, Olin, Clark Radge, Wilbur, Floyd and Stanley; daughters, Myrtle Atkinson; brothers, Allen Hall, Calvin, Burton Hall and Luke Hall; sister, Millie Jones. [Morgan County News dated 11/14/1940]
HARGROVE, J. F., died 4/17/1940. Survivors, widow, Bessie Hargrove; 4 brothers and one sister; Services at Barton's Chapel and Sweetwater. [Morgan County News]
HEIDEL, ARTHUR, age 17. Parents, Mr. & Mrs. Fred Heidel; sisters, Mrs. Albert Leopper, Emma, Mary and Madge Heidel; brothers, Archie, George and Ellis Heidel. Burial in Wartburg Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 11/14/1940]
HUMAN, NETTIE, age 56. Survivors, husband Tom Human; four sons and five daughters; father, J.D. Edwards; three sisters and two brothers. Burial at Grandview. [Morgan County News dated 10/3/1940]
HOWARD, ROY, Veteran of WWI, died 2/21/1940. He was in the 161st Infantry overseas. Surviors, widow: sons, Raymond, Gaylor and Ross Odell; daughters, Eula Hamilton, Christine, Wanda and Mary Ann Howard; parents, Mrs. & Mrs. G.U. Howard; brothers, Clayton and Ross Howard; sisters, Mrs. J.M. Galloway, Mrs. E.A. LeCoultre, Mrs. D.C. Bonifacius and Mrs. Ray W. Schubert and Mrs. J.H. Escue. Burial in Wartburg Cemetery. [Morgan County News]
HUTCHISON, MADGE, age 30, Sunbright. Wife of Homer Hutchison; daughter, Jacquelyn; mother, Mrs. John Pack; sister, Mrs. H.B. Judd. Burial in Sunbright Cemetery. [Morgan County News]

JONES, MARY VIOLA, age 19, Burrville, daughter of Vernon and Grace Jones and the wife of Stanley Jones. [Morgan County News dated 7/11/1940]

KEETON, MARY, age 74. Survivors: daughters, Mrs. H.D. Sitz and Miss Mary Keeton; sons, Scott and James; sisters, Laura, Hennie Carter and Nona Letory; brothers, T. R. Carter and George Carter. Burial in Wartburg Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 9/26/1940]
KEETON, SARAH, age 88, died at Oneida. Survivors; daugher, Mrs. L. Waldrupe; sons, Henry and Dock Keeton. [Morgan County News dated 11/14/1940]
KEETON, PATRICK, age 40, died 7/10/1940 at the Veteran's Hospital in North Little Rock, Arkansas. Survivors; father, W.S. Keeton, mother Mary Keeton; brothers, James and Scott; sisters, Mrs. H. D. Sitz and Mary Keeton. [Morgan County News]
KREIS, C. L. age 50, Wartburg, died in Knoxville. Survivors; widow, Mrs. Gertrude Kreis; son, Charle H. Kreis; daughter, Miss ??Alice and Mary Margaret Kreis; mother, Cynthia Henry; sisters, Mrs. M. C. Hacker and Mrs. Glenna Ott. Burial in Wartburg Cemetery. [Morgan County News]

JOHNSON, ELLEN ISHAM, age 51, Piney. Survivors, husband, Walter Johnson; daughters, Lola Honeycutt, Lucille Snyder, Lydia Johnson and Lillian Johnson; sons, Fred, Henry, Riley and Lonnie; brother, Dave Isham. Burial in Piney Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 6/27/1940]
JONES, JOHNNY, age 28, died in Akron, Ohio. The son of Mr. & Mrs. J.C. Jones. Leaves wife, Mary Blake Jones; son, Jimmy age 6, daughter, Betty Joyce age 3; brother, Leo, W.E. and Charlie; sister, Mrs. Sam Brawner, Mrs. Buford Roberts. [Morgan County News dated 1/11/1940]
JONES, HOUSTON, formerly of Flat Rock died in Knoxville. [Morgan County News dated 1/18/1940]
JONES, JOHN W., age 69, Deer Lodge [1870-1940]. Survivors, wife Eliza Jones; son, William; daughters, Mrs. Arvine Payne, Mrs. Ray Howard, Mrs. Alfred England, Mrs. Conway Johnson and Mrs Barton Woolum. Burial in Mt. Hope Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 7/4/1940]
JONES, WILLIAM H., age 69, Lancing [5/18/1940]. He was a postmaster for 15 years. Survivors, sons, Luther, Theodore, Amos, Kenneth, and William Jr.; sister, Mrs. Luther Clark. Burial in Wartburg Cemetery. [Morgan County News6/1940]
JUSTICE, NANNIE, age 69, died 3/12/1940. Survivors: sons, Riley, Walter, Lee, Harvey; daughters, Mrs. Joe Anderson, Mrs. Carton Kenton, Mrs. Les Snapp, Mrs. J. J. Roberts, Mrs. Maynard Bishop and Mrs. Willard Rich. Burial at Liberty Cemetery. [Morgan County News]

LEWIS, J. D., age 86, died in Somerset, KY. Leaves daughters, Mrs. J.A. Higgins and Mrs. Chas. Dunn. Burial in Alpine, Ky. [Morgan County News]
LIVELY, LOUIS A., age 43, died 7/30/1940 from injuries suffered in a mine accident. Leaves widow Anna Lively and eight children. Burial in Union Baptist Church Cemetery. [Morgan County News]

McCORMICK, MRS. THOMAS, died 8/15/1940 at the home of her nephew, Lee Galloway. Burial in Union Cemetery. [Morgan County News]
McCOY, JULIA ANN,  [1858-1940] leaves husband, A.J. McCoy; brother, Paul Daniel; daughter, Rose Hood and Mrs. Othena Webb; step-son, J.E. McCoy; grandchildren, Sibyl Hood, Earl and Rose Webb. Burial in Lane Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 1/18/1940]
MOORE, CAROLINE [AUGUSTA], Wartburg, died 7/23/1940. Survivors, husband, Javis E. Moore whom she married 5/14/1905. She was born in Morgan County 7/14/1885, the daughter of Fred and Margaret Mehlhorn. There were nine children; sons, John, Frederick, William Robert and Edward; daughters, Rubina, Thelma, Ida, Edith, Margaret and Mary Jane; brother, C.H. Mehlhorn. [Morgan County News]
 [ed note-cemetery books shows dated of death as 6/28/1940]

MOORE, MARY, age 88, died in Chattanooga. She was the daughter of Mrs. J.W.L. Cooper. Leaves daughters; Mrs. J. S. Goldston, Mrs. Lark Goldston, Mrs. Mollie Dietz, Mrs. Ella Aikers, Mrs. Bertha Cooper, Mrs. Sarah Queener, Mrs. Flora Creekmore and Mrs. H.D. Delius; sons, Andy and Robert Moore. [Morgan County News dated 9/19/1940]
MORGAN, ALEX LOUIS, six month old infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Otto Morgan. Survivors, parents; sisters, Lucy Mae and Pauline; grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. William Bingham. Burial in Montgomery Cemetery. [Morgan County News]
MORGAN, JULIA STRINGFIELD, age 59, leaves husband Sherman Morgan; sons, Jasper, Emmett and Lonnie; daugher, Mrs. Hatheran Howard. Burial in Elizabeth Cemetery. [Morgan County News]
MORGAN, NANCY JANE, age 88, mother of 15 children, 4 surviving: Lee, Ruben, Mrs. Mary Burritt and Mrs. Frank Hall. Burial in Liberty Cemetery. [Morgan County News]

NANCE, Six month old daughter of Mrs. & Mrs. Virgil Nance. Burned in a fire. Besides parents she leaves a brother, William, age 3. [Morgan County News dated 1/4/1940]
NANCE, BILL, Lancing. [Morgan County News dated 3/14/1940]

PHILLIPS, AMANDA, age 86, died 2/6/1940. Survivors, son, Louis and Sherman. Brothers, James S. Stephens and Jasper Stevens. Burial in Wartburg Cemetery. [Morgan County News]

RHODES, MRS. I. J., of Middlesboro, Ky died of burn injuries received at the home of her parents, Mrs. & Mrs. Sam L. Davis of Coalfield. Survivors, parents; sisters, Mrs. Albert Wilbur, Mrs. Alvin Heidel, Mrs. John Cox, Mrs. Sam Brown, Mrs. B.W. Jackson; brother, Ellis Davis. [Morgan County News dated 2/1/1940]
RICHARDSON, J. R. , Lancing. [Morgan County News dated 4/11/1940]
RUPPE, RUDOLPH, died at Royalton, Ky. Burial in Deermont. [Morgan County News dated 12/26/1940]
RUSSELL, WILLIAM H., age 47, a WW veteran, died in Sandusky, Ohio 6/27/1940. Leaves wife, Nelle Alley Russell; adopted son, Jack Russell and his mother and brother and sister. [Morgan County News]

SHANNON, W. M., age 45, formerly of Oakdale, died 4/12/1940. Survivors, wife, Irene Shannon; daughter, Geneva; sons, Betty, James, and Donald; parents, Mrs. & Mrs. H. C. Shannon; brothers, R.H., Clifford, Elmer and Glenn; sisters, Louise Heidel, Georgia DeBoard and Maggie Shannon. Burial in Liberty Cemetery. [Morgan County News]
SLOAN, HALL, age 48, died in Chattanooga. wife, Cleta Williams Sloan; sister, Flonnie Sloan; brother, Jim Sloan. Burial in Rockwood. [Morgan County News]
SLOAN, SHERMAN, formerly of Morgan County, died in Tateville, Ky. (He served as a postmaster at Rose. [Morgan County News dated 11/28/1940]
SMITH, MRS. JOHN, age 69, died 2/7/1940. Survivors, husband; daughters,Alice Randolph and Nellie Blair; sons, Clarence, Leonard and Raymond. Burial in Piney Cemetery. [Morgan County News]
SMITH, LOLA I., Rugby, died 3/29/1940
STAPLES, JAMES H., died 12/9/1940 in Harriman. He was born in Wartburg 12/5/1875, the son of Samuel and Eliza Childress Staples. sisters; Mrs. W.C. Thompson and Mrs. Gertrude Lenoir. [Morgan County News]
STEPHENS, JAMES S., age 82, Montgomery. Survivors. sons, Vard, Leomer, Maynard, Harrison, Oscar, Thurman; daughters, Mrs. Anna Fairchilds and Mrs. Theodore Cooper; brother, Jasper Stephens. Burial in Liberty Cemetery. [Morgan County News]
STONE, W. T., age 77, Pine Orchard. Survivors, widow, Margaret Powell Stone; sons, Ray, Roy, Harley and Walter Stone; daughters, Mrs. H.A. Sackrider and Miss Libbie Stone. [Morgan County News dated 6/29/1940]
SUMMERS, DAVID, SR., age 91, Sunbright,. Survivors, widow; sons, David Jr., J.C., Charles T. and H.W. Summer; daughters, Mrs. Gertrude Brown, Addie Muth, Effie Ring and Alice Greer; 29 grandchildren and 27 great grandchildren. Burial in Wartburg Cemetery. [Morgan County News]

TAYLOR, MRS. AMOS D. age 66 died 4/24/1940. Survivors, husband; children, Mrs. D.J. Rogers, Miss Goldie Taylor, Hebert R., Earl and Bobbie Taylor; brothers, John and Mart Bradshaw; sister, Mrs. Malovie Cofer. Burial in Piney Cemetery. [Morgan County News]
TAYLOR, GOLDIE MARY, age 34, Piney Community; [1904-1940]  daughter of A.D. Taylor and the late Mrs. Taylor. Survivors, father, brogher, Herbert, Earl and Robert; sister, Mrs. Dan Rogers. Burial in Piney Cemetery. [Morgan County News]

UNDERWOOD, JAMES, age 69. Burial in Lane Cemetery,. [Morgan County News 6/1940]
UNDERWOOD, JOHN F. (CHARLEY), died 3/8/1940, age 64 years, 11 months and 23 days. Survivors, borhter James; 3 half sisters, Carrie, Dell and Stella. Burial in Lane Cemetery. [Morgan County News]
WARD, MARCUM, Petros, killed in a mine accident. Survivors, wife, mother, two sisters and three brothers.
[12/1940]-[Morgan County News]
WATSON, JAMES, age 49, Oakdale. Widow, Cornelia McGill Watson; daughters Mrs. Ben Snow, Mrs. James Keylon, Joan and Josephine Watson; son, Orlando Watson. [Morgan County News]
WHITE, ELIZA, Oneida, died 1/6/1940. Sister of Mrs. Cal Headrick. [Morgan County News]
WILLIAMS, MRS. J. B., age 82, Wartburg, die in Rockwood. Survivors, daughters, Mrs. J.E. Tanner,
Misses Eliza and Amanda Williams; son, E.R. Williams; brothers, Col., J.M. Davis, William and
Charles H. Davis. Burial in Wartburg Cemetery. [Morgan County News 5/1940]
WILLIAMS, SEVITS E., Lancing, died 6/26/1940. He was born 3/16/1928, the son of Mrs. & Mrs. Alva S. Williams; sister, June Williams; grandmother, Mrs. Mary Morgan; 10 aunts and 9 uncles. [Morgan County News]
WISE, MABEL MINNIE FAIRCHILDS, 43 years, 3 months and 11 days died in Flint, Michigan. Born in Mill Creek 6/17/1897 the daughter of John and Savannah Fairchilds. She married Joseph F. Wise 10/21/1939 at Wartburg; sisters, Mrs. Ellen Brown, Mrs. Berth Wilhoit, Mrs. Artie Brown and Mrs. Esther Taubert; brother, John C. Fairchilds. [Morgan County News dated 10/17/1940]
WRIGHT, NANCY ELLEN, age 69 died at Glen Mary; sons, Clyol, Fred, William, Veo and Leo; daughters, Mrs. Millie Simpson and Mrs. W.M. Fairchilds. Burial in Glen Mary. [Morgan County News]

YOUNG, HILLARY S., age 62, Nydeck Community. Survivors: widow, Mrs. Ollie Pittman Young; sons, Truman, Arlin, Trilby and Delmar; daughters, Mrs. Larry Misch; mother, Mrs. D.C. Young; sisters, Mrs. W.H. Mathews, Mrs. J.H. Albertson and Mrs. Charles Todd; brothers, J.D. , T.B. and T.C. Burial in Albertson Cemetery, [Morgan County News dated 4/18/1940]

ZUMSTEIN, MARY HAEDRICK , (Mrs. C. A.) age 75, was born Dec. 23, 1864 in the Deermont Community. She married C.A. Zumstein at age 18. There were seven childen, six still living: Edward Zumstein, Mrs. M.L. Monroe, Mrs. J.C. McGuffey, Mrs. T.E. Byrum and Mrs. R.E. Malte; 14 grandchildren.
[Morgan County News dated 2/22/1940]