1941  -   From the MORGAN COUNTY NEWS

Most of these names were listed under Marriage Licenses.
A few marriage dates and places are show.

(week of 1/2/1941)

Dewey Daughtery to Pearl Stringfield Erickson

Charles F. Arp to Linda R. Kreis

S. Fletcher Sweet to Hazel Langley

J. Freeman Lewis to Thelma Edith Blair

Grover Kittrell to Julia Evelyn Hamby

John Henry Nelson to Carrie Louise Summers

Wilbur Eugene Stringfield to Ruby Coffey

Mike Miske to Tressie Gibson

Hugh L. West to Thelma Lowe

William M. Mong to Loraine Adkins m 1/5/1941 in Kingston, Tn.

(w/o 1/16/1941)

Ernest Crabtree to Euldean Robbins

Elmer Hugh Hatmaker to Frankie Rainey

Billy Lamance to Della York

Owen Hunter to Mamie Bunch
Otho Dillon to Katherine Byrd m 1/11/1941

(w/o 2/6/1941)

William D. Jones to Deamey Moore

Jim Martin to Annie Ashburn

Nelson Harness to Vercie Harness

Willie Burton to Thelma Marie Smith

Lester Quinton Nelson to Lucy Landrum

(w/o 2/13/1941)

Clyde Dagley to Rhoda Armes
Walter Beasley to Louise Harker, m 2/6/1941

Robert S. Blanton, Jr., to Marjorie Lee Maupin (w/o 12/1940)

Ernest Adkisson to Catherine Ferguson (w/o 1/31/1941)

Walter Smithers to Mary Jane Lowe

Walter J. Fairchilds to Mary Ruth Webb m 2/15/1941

Wilfred L. Bishop to Leta Beasley

Wesley Brown to Dorothy Settles

Walter H. Bates to Margie Lane

Sam Gosnell to Grace Jones (w/o 2/20/1941)

(w/o 2/27/1941)

Lewis Estil Stephens to Stella Cook Riva

James P. Robbins to Ethel Thorton Sharp

James Roy Lester Jr. to Zona Pearl Crisp

(w/o 3/6/1941)

Alvin Futrell to Bernice Barnes

William Wintfred West to Mary Louy Bray

Clyde Kreis to Sis Bowman
Earl Malone to Juanita Farmer - m 2/28/1941

(w/o 3/13/1941)
Lee Heidel to Ina Lee

James L.C. Maston to Helen Wormsley

J.F. Morton to Pearl Taylor

Luther Gosnell to Ruth Penberton - m- 3/16/1941


J.D. Laughter to Agnes Honeycutt

Den D. Lee to Mabel Cooper

Seven 'don't publish'


Paul E. Kelly to Ruby Cooper

Kenneth Roller to Nora Long - m 4/5/1941

Holmer Young to Beulah Summers

Ray Jacks to Betty Ellen Weippert, m 3/29/1941 in Orlo Vista, Fla.

Robert Peck to Josephine White

Gier Garrett to Eunice Bicknell

John Massengill to Bettie Harness

Charles Franklin Jones to Lillie Evelyn Aytes

Woodrow Smith to Jewell Mae Webb

John R. Davis, Jr. to Madaline Summer m 4/26/1941

Lewis Edward Dagley to Georgia Van Norstran

Dempsey Goodman to Geneva Miller

Sanford Cook to Edith Pritchard

Raymond Roe to Goldie Stanfill (w/o 5/8/1941)

Robert Keeney to Edna Barkla - m 5/1941

Elvin Winsett to Nelle Furman - m 4/26/1941, Rossville, Ga.
Dr. Ernest R. Bourkard to Margaretha Tjernstrom, m 5/17/1941 in Fla.


John Henry Armes to Zula Burgess

Cecil E. Singleton to Lucille Bullock

James Chasteen to Reba Goff - m 6/1/1941


John S. Phillips to Mary Kreis

James Russell Honeycutt to Margaret Lucille Kaufman m 5/20/1941

Harold Eugene Meece to Georgia Lois Sears

William Barcley to Lena Joan Cunningham
James Chasteen to Reba Goff, m 6/1/1941

Sam W. Jones to Ethel Morris, m 5/18/1941


Kenneth Gassett to Irene Cook

T.A. Mathis to Maxine Morgan

Lloyd Miles to Marie Cross

Arthur L. Sayles to Clara E. Petersen

Clyde T. Bruce to Ruth Ada Roe

Lem Honeycutt to Vena Pearl Harris

Marion K. King to Betty Ann Rowlands

Russell Laymance to Ruby Stewart

John Willie Moore to Alma Zeta Russell

Joseph Calvin Bingham to Lillie Gosnell
Carl Mitts to Bernice Furman, m 6/21/1941

(w/o 6/25/1941)

Frank Martin to Margaret John Carr

Claude E. Wood to Edna Meadows

Jessee Everett Brown to Willie Mae Armes

W. O. Jones to Ruby Hawn


Ray Kennedy to Margaret Majors

Houston Duncan to Callie Lovette

Willard Martin to Margaret Siler

Omar Kring to Lorene Huling

Clay Honeycutt to Effie Smith

Randall Duane Zipp to Virginia Keen, m 7/5/1941, Chattanooga

Wiley Boyd Redmon to Dioxie Carlene Kreis
Brice Steele, Jr. to Danna Jean Hadden m 7/2/1941

Herbert Monroe Jackson to Opal Marjorie Whaley

Stanley Jones to Allie Spurling


J.B. Adcock to Lela Wilson

Fred J. Neglia to Irene Brooks, m 7/2/1941


Charles Kenneth Eastridge to Mary Magalene Grabam ?? (could be Graham)

George W. Bunch to Martha Marlow

Earley Marlow to Rema Armes

George Harry Duncan to Anna Louise Litton

Kenneth Daughtery to Irene Wallace

Joe Vincent Jones to Evaughn Mollie Strand

Willie Dean Basler to Sallie Lou Armes


Willare Eugene Stringfield to Gladys Newport

Raymond Kenneth Nelson to Thelma Lively

Bernard Roland Hall to Nina Mae Edwards


Ralph Williams to Louise Hampton


Charles Potter to Cloie Hicks

Jones Foad to Doris Hurst

Earl Peters to Ruth Duncan

Cordell Armes to Ernie Keathley


Arthur Lawson to Dorothy Settles

O.L. Human to Josie Howard


Hubert Frost to Anna Lee Walker

J.E. Morgan to Nannie Holder

Roy Hall Jr. to Vioila Hamby
Laurence Russell Reigel to Jessie Alice McGrath, m 10/4/1941


Jess F. Lance to Lorranie Clowers

Lelia Mae Sharpto J.B. Whitus, 10/20/1941, Rossville, Ga.]

Robert Rice to Alberta Kelly, 10/11/1941, Lafayette, Ga.

Jack Langley to Bertha Pullen, (10-1941) Rossville, Ga.

George Stringfield to Cora Powers, (w/o 10/30/1941)


Willkiamn Ross Ollis to Rose Lee Lawson

Milton Harvey Goode to Ruth Watson

Jasper M. Crowmell to Nora Edna Jacks

William M. Tipps to Irene Mehlhorn, 11/1/1941, Rossville, Ga.


Richard Dyle to Adlean Davis

Leory McGhee to Sibba Pearson


Ray Jones to Auda Taylor, 11/16/1941


Raymond Frantsen to Audrey Jacks, 11/6/1941 at Conway, S.C.


William E. Koontz to Mary E. Crenshaw

Dean Stewart to Hazel Duncan

Lee Hughes to Irene Kreis


Ira Sexton to Betty Landrum

Billie M. Pierch to Norma M. Bowlin

Glen Hooks to Madge Eldredge Barnes


Charles Edward Rose to Reba Hawn

Haywood Bolin to Lillian Overton

Mr. Cook to Ethel Davis