ADCOX, JAMES F., age 74, Coalfield, died 7/22/1941. Survivors: daughters, Mrs. Earl Butler, Mrs. G.S. Ollis, Mrs. Herbert Long; son, Clarence Adcox. Burial in Adcox Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 7/31/1941]
ALBRITTAN, MAGGIE, Mill Creek, died 2/13/1941 in Harriman. Survivors, mother, Mrs. Rebecca Chaney; husband Arthur Albrittan; sisters, Mrs. Clyde Scott and Miss Jennie Chaney; brother Charley and W.J. Chaney and a step-son. [Morgan County News dated 1/27/1941]
ASHE, DAVID BASCOM, son of Rev. William David Ashe, born in North Georgia, 2/18/1860, died at his home, the Forrester homestead on the Sunbright-Burrville pike, on January 21, 1941.  He was married to Jennie Forrester, daughter of Rev. John and Elizabeth Forrester in 1895. Survivors; children, Mrs. W.D. McBride and Floyd; step-son, J. Cloud Jacks. Burial in Forrester Family Cemetery on his farm near the grave of his son Fred who died six years ago. [Morgan County News dated 1/30/1941]

BABCOCK, GUY A., age 69, died near Glenmary. Survivors; widow, daughters, Mrs. Fred Wright and Mrs. Mrs. Veo Wright; sons, J.C., H.A., George P. and Morris T. Babcock; brothers, E.L., Ray W., George M. and C.E. Babcock; sister, Mrs. Lucian Mason. [Morgan County News dated 2/13/1941]
BARNES, RUSSELL FLOYD, JR., age 8 months of Oakdale died of whooping cough and pneumonia. Survivors, parents, a half sister, a half brother; grandfather, Milt Walker. Burial in Crab Orchard Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 1/30/1941]
BATE, WALTER N., who would have bee 89 years old in 6 days. Brother, the late J.C. Bate. Survivors, nephew and several nieces. Interment in Deer Lodge. [Morgan County News dated 11/19/1941]

BEACH, MRS. BEN, Sunbright. She was the daughter of the late John Barnes, a Civil War Veteran. Survivors: three children, mother and five brothers. [Morgan County News dated 1/30/1941]

BEECH, LEALA, age 22, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Foster Paul. Leaves her mother; brothers, Orlan and Dewey; sister, Mrs. Alf Anderson and Willie Beech. Burial in Pleasant Ridge Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 10/16/1941]
BERTRAM, JESSE, age 76, died at Allardt. Brothers, Spencer, Howard, Edward and William; daughters, Mrs. Edward Rosenbaum and Mrs. McKinley Criswell. Burial at Rugby. [Morgan County News dated 1/2/1941]
BINGHAM, BEN F., age 62, Piney. Survivors; wife, Louise B. Bingham; daughters, Mrs. Alex Heidel, Miss Bessie Bingham; sisters, Mrs. Will Redmon, Mrs. Cal Headrick, Mrs. Joe Headrick, Mrs. Charles Kittrell; brothers, John H. and Charlie Bingham. [Morgan County News dated 3/6/1941]
BLANKENSHIP, FLORENCE BURCHETT, died at Elgin, formerly of Sunbright. Sister, Mrs. Inman Terry. [Morgan County News dated 8/28/1941]
BOWMER, SQUIRE SOLOMON, age 88 died at Livingston 6/4/1941. He was the son of W.P. Bowmer and was born in Deer Lodge and had moved to Overton County 36 years previous. He was preceded by wife in 1918. Survivors: sons, W.P. and Roscoe; 10 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren. [Morgan County News]
BROCK, WILLIAM, age 62, formerly of Coalfield died at Harriman. Leaves his wife; brothers Richard and John; sisters, Mrs. James Kennedy and Mrs. Arnold Coker. Burial in Davis Cemetery.
[Morgan County News dated 7/3/1941]
BROOKS, MRS. AARON, (MARY), age 80, Sunbright. [Morgan County News dated 11/16/1941]
BROWN, BELL, age 58, Deer Lodge. Survivors: sons; Jesse and Sam; daughters, Mrs. Dorothy Cooper, Mrs. Evelyn Cooper and Mrs Zama Larve; sisters, Annie Shannon and Mrs. N.C. Galloway; brothers, M.F. Shannon, James Shannon and Oliver Shannon. [Morgan County News dated 5/15/1941]
BROWN, MAGGIE, age 52, died 11/20/1941. Leaves, husband. Ed L. Brown; mother, Mrs. T.C. Dillon; daughter, Mrs. Mary Stewart; son, Charles Thomas; sisters, Mrs. Irene Welch, Mrs. Fay Cooley, Mrs. T.L. Gamble; brothers, A.L. Dillon and Howard Dillon. Burial in Wartburg Cemetery. [Morgan County News]
BROWN, MARION F., [Francis Marion] age 71, Oakdale, died 12/13/1941.  Survivors: wife; sons, Jake and Leonard; daughters, Mrs. V. Honeycutt, Mrs. Sewell Howard, Mrs. E.B. Gilreath, Mrs. L.R. Mills; sisters, Mrs. Margaret Smith, Misses Bettie and Martha Brown. Burial in Crab Orchard Cemetery.  [Morgan County News dated 12/18/1941]

BREWSTER, THOMAS (UNCLE), over 80 years of age died nead Rugby. He operated the ferry at Brewster Ford on the Jamestown Road. Leaves eight children and a host of grandchildren. Burial at family burying ground. Funeral on 10/28/1941. [Morgan County News]
BRUMMITT, ARTIE MAE. Survivors, parents, Mr. & Mrs. John Brummitt and a five year old daughter; sister, Mrs. Marie Homoly; brothers, Leonard and Loyton. Burial in Crab Orchard Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 11/20/1941]

BRUMMITT, A. C., age 19, and...
BRUMMITT, CLYDE, age 18, both were killed in a car wreck on Rugby Road. Funerals at New River. [Morgan County News dated 10/16/1941]
BUNCH, MRS. CHARLES. Burial in Sunbright Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 8/28/1941]
BURKHART, JEROME age 65 and wife,
BURKHART, LILLIE, age 45, murder, suicide victims. Burial in Winchester, Ky.
[Morgan County News dated 3/13/1941]

BURRIS, FELIX LEROY, formerly of Coalfield died from injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident in Tampa, Florida. [Morgan County News dated 2/14/1941]

BUSTER, MRS. OLIVE, age 88, Oakdale. Leaves son, James; daughters, Mrs. Malone and Martha Beatty. Funeral at Monticello, Ky. [Morgan County News 3/6/1941]

CARTER, MRS. THOMAS, survived by husband; sister, Mrs. John Lanne. Burial in Wartburg
Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 7/3/1941]
CHAPMAN, ALBERT, age 77, Deermont, died 4/1/1941. Sons: Harry, John, A.B., L.E., Dalton and Russell; daughters, Mrs. Julia Cadle, Mrs. Mary Taylor, Betty Jone, Bobbie, Fay and Lucille; step-daughters, Ruby Ooten, Georgia Langley; brother, James Chapman. Burial in nearby cemetery. [Morgan County News]
COLLINS, CHESTER, age 19, Sunbright, was hit by a freight train at Lancing. brother of Mrs. Hale Saffell. Survivors: brother, sisters and mother. [Morgan County News dated 10/9/1941]
COOPER, WILLARD LEE, died at Stubenville, Ohio at a job that he had started only that morning. He was born 9/18/1919 and was married to Doris Floyd on 10/10/1940. Survivors, wife; parents, Mr. & Mrs. J.O. Cooper; brother, Elba Simmons, Lucian and Marley Cooper; sisters, Mrs. Haskel Caldwell and Margaret Love Cooper. Burial in Ft. Hill Cemetery, Lynchburg, Virginia. [Morgan County News dated 4/10/1941]
COX, WILLIAM J., age 66, died 3/19/1941 in Lansing, Michigan. He was the son of Mr. & Mrs. John Cox of the Glades Community. Preceded by father, mother and eleven brothers and sisters. Survivors, wife Minnie Whitney Cox; daughter, Mrs. Willard Smith; 4 grandchildren; brother, Noah Cox. Funeral was in Michigan. [Morgan County News]
CRABTREE, HIRAM, Rugby, born in Virginia 4/27/1855. Married Louisa Upchurch on 6/7/1874. She is now 85 yrs old and will now live with her daugher, Isabelle Lawson Loran and grandson at Rugby. He leaves seven children. Burial at Upchurch Cemetery near5 Pall Mall. [Morgan County News dated 9/4/1941]
CREEKMORE, HENRY ELLIS, age 55, Oakdale,. Survivors: widow, daughters, Mrs. Pauline Venable and Mrs. J.T. Moody; son, Bernard Creekmore; father, T.J. Creekmore; sisters, Mrs. Florence Huskins, Mrs. Eva Forrest, Mrs. Dillie Householder, Mrs. Gertrude Mitchell, Mrs. Virgil Ruppee, Mrs. Marie Jones and Mrs. Vannie Love. Burial in Willard Park Cemetery, Harriman. [Morgan County News dated 2/6/1941]

DANIEL, PAUL, age 78, Sunbright, died 1/2/1941. Survivors, wife; daughters, Mrs. I.J. Human and Mrs. J.P. Gibson; sons, W. C. Daniel, A.L. Daniel, Edward Daniel and Thomas Daniel and Charles Daniel. Funeral at Pilot Mountain. [Morgan County News]

DAVIS, EMILY, East Sunbright. Wife of the late Luke Davis. Survivors: four children. [Morgan County News dated 1/30/1941.
DUNCAN, JOHN K., age 80, Petros, died 9/3/1941. Survivors, widow; sons, Richard, Lawrence and Leonard; daughter, Lucy. [Morgan County News dated 9/11/1941]
DUNCAN, POLLY, age 84, Oakdale. leaves a brother, Bill Duncan. [Morgan County News dated 10/9/1941]

EBLE, WALTER, age 49, Piney. Survivors, wife; sons, Ira, Arlo and Jimmie; brother, Hanks and Mark; sisters, Dora Langley, Rosa Langley and Mrs. Lena Bucknell. Burial in Piney Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 7/3/1941]

FORD, FLOYD ROBERT, age 13. Leaves parents, Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Ford; sisters, Lois and Buna Ford. Burial in Liberty Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 12/4/1941]

FRANCIS, ANNA, age 60, Oakdale. Survivors: sons, Claude and Marley Francis; brothers, Luther and Jake and one granddaughter. Burial in Liberty Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 8/28/1941]

GALLOWAY, WALLIS, died at Spring City, 11/27/1941. [Morgan County News]

GARRETT, JOE,  of Elizabeth. Survivors, widow, six sons and two daughters. [Morgan County News dated 8/1941]
GARRETT, LAURA, age 71, Deer Lodge; sons, E.H., Ray and Gier Garrett; daughters, Mrs. Carl Olmstead, Mrs. Mae Hedgecoth and Mrs. Stella Ellis. Funeral at Deer Lodge. [Morgan County News dated 3/6/1941]
GILLIS, JESSE E., was born 7/1/1870, and died 7/21/1941 at ate 71 years 21 days. Survivors; wife, Ada Todd Gillis; children, Mrs. Earl Rogers, Mrs. Stella Adcox, Hobert and Joe Gillis; six grandchildren; eight sisters and three brothers; Mrs. Karl Kummer, Mrs. John Gutherie, Mrs. Jim Ryant, Mrs. Bill Root, Mrs. Frank Blamer, Mrs. Marion Runion, Mrs. Edd Edwards, and Mrs. Mattie Hunt; Bob Gillis, Jim Gillis and Bill Gillis. [Morgan County News dated 8/14/1941]
GOLDSTON, LARK, age 74, Oakdale. Survivors, wife, Kate Moore Goldston; sons, Clarnece, Conner, Clifford and Claude; daughters, Mrs. F.H. Bullard and Miss Stella Goldston; brother, Albert Goldston;
sister, Mrs Sally Ashley. Funeral at Crab Orchard Church. [Morgan County News dated 5/19/1941]
GRIFFITH, ARTHUR, age 15, Lancing was electrocuted when he tossed a ball attached to copper wire over a high-power line in front of his home. Survivors: parents, Mrs. & Mrs. Earl Griffith; brother, Kenneth Griffith; sisters, Pearl, Maggie and Glenna; grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. Bailey Griffith and Mrs. & Mrs. Bill Jacks. [Morgan County News dated 5/15/1941]

HALLCOX, SAM, age 71, died 5/18/1941. Survivors, wife; son, Raymond; daughters, Mrs. Arnold Jackson, Mrs. Lewis Thornton, Mrs. Sim Russell, Mrs. Mike Shipwash, Mrss Nacola Hallcox. Burial in Ritter Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 5/29/1941]
HAUN, CLYDE, died 7/20/1941 at Fountain City. He was the son of Andy Haun formerly of Oakdale. [Morgan County News dated 7/31/1941]
HEADRICK, JOHN L., age 20 of Cartersville, Ga., attemped to catch a freight train at Oakdale and was thrown beneath the train and instantly killed. [Morgan County News dated 7/31/1941]
HINES, GEORGE, age 35, died of injuries received when struck by an automobile. He leaves his mother; brother, Raymond, Charlie and Virgil Hines; sisters, Ina Hines, Mrs. Ben Jacks and Mrs. Virgil Jacks. [Morgan County News dated 1/2/1941] [death may have been in late 1940]
HOLDER, W. A., age 65. Survivors, wife Nannie Holder; brothers, Vick, William, John and Earl Holder; sisters, Mrs. Mary Edwards and Mrs. Laymon. Burial in Wartburg Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 3/27/1941]
HOWARD, WINFIELD, born 6/24/1861, died 8/5/1941 at age 80 years, 1 month and 12 days. Survivors, wife Rosa Howard; sons, Alva and Arba Howard sisters, Romea Nelson and Mary Hickman; brothers, Samuel, Dock and Abe Howard; daughters-in-law Elva and Beatrice Howard; six grandchildren; Othel, Odos and Roy Cox and Sidney, Wayne and Wanda Howard. [Morgan County News dated 8/14/1941]
HURST, LUCY SCOTT, of Deer Lodge. Survivors, husband, Dave Hurst; twelve children; mother and several brothers and sisters. [Morgan County News dated 9/11/1941]

JACKSON, BILLIE, Coalfield, died 11/20/1941. Burial in Jackson Cemetery. [Morgan County News]
JAMES, MRS. CHARLIE, Lancing. [Morgan County News dated 9/11/1941]

JARNIGAN, SPENCE,  Burial, Davis Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 7/31/1941]
JEFFERS, LEE M. Oakdale. Leaves his wife, Lillie Gibson Jeffers; daughter, Louise. He was a former postmaster, City Judge and bank cashier. Burial in Crab Orchard Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 10/2/1941]
JOHNSON, JOHN LESTER, age 15, died at Cincinnati from injuries received in a bicycle wreck.
He was brought to the home of his grandparents, Mrs. & Mrs. J.B. Johnson, Oakdale. Survivors, parents, Mr. & Mrs. Oral Johnson; brother, Donald; grandparent, Mrs. Goddard. Burial in Piney Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 7/24/1941]
JOHNSON, (JUDGE) MARION.. [Morgan County News dated 11/6/1941]
JONES, BENJAMIN G., age 98, died 4/12/1941. He was born 3/17/1843 and was the oldest living citizen of Morgan County. Survivors: daughters, Mrs. Louvernia Turner, Mrs. Liza Turner, Mrs. Maggie Smith, Mrs. Caryol Wyatt; sons, Ervin, Frazier, L.H., B.,E. and D.M. Jones. Burial in Jones Cemetery. [Morgan County News]
JORDAN, CARL O., age 42, Oakdale, formerly of Danville, Ky. Leaves his wife; daughters, Mrs. Geo. Boswell and Miss Genevieve Jordan; mother, Mrs. William Jordan; sisters, Mrs. O.H. Cherry, Mrs. Phillip Matlin, Mrs. Berley McKissick, Mrs. Beulah Smith. Burial in Greenwood Cemetery, Chattanooga. [Morgan County News dated 10/23/1941]

KEENEY, KITTY, age 81, Oakdale and Water Valley, Mississippi. Widow of William Kenney; sons,
John and Chalres; daughter, Mrs. W.P. Keeney. Burial in Somerset. [Morgan County News dated 11/20/1941]
KELLY, FAY, Oakdale. Survivors, wife; sons, Alfred and Ralph; daughters, Evelyn Kelly; granddaughter, Marilyn Sue Kelly. Burial in Wartburg Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 8/28/1941]
KOONTZ, LEONA ELIZABETH, Petros. [Morgan County News dated 9/4/1941]

LANGLEY, LILLIAN LUCILLE, age 6 years, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Langley. leaves two brothers and one sister. Burial in Clear Creek Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 11/20/1941]

LILES, MRS. NIM, Coalfield.  Burial in Jackson Cemetery. [Morgan County News 12/1941]

McCARTT, MARY ELIZABETH, age 79,. died 12/24/1941. Survivors, son, Judge J.H. McCartt; daughters, Mrs. S. E. Hutchison, Mrs. Lillie Kesterson, Mrs. Nell Goldston. Burial in Sunbright Cemetery. [Morgan County News]
McKEETHAN, ANN ELIZABETH STAPLES, age 91 years, 4 months and 23 days. She was born 8/13,1849. She was married to Elda H. McKeethan and there were twelve children born; Betsy, Charlie, Millie, Sam, Tom, Pat, George, Emmett, Willie, Bridget and Jim. Only survivors are George of Mayfield, Ky, Sam of Kings Mountain, Ky., Emmett and James of Sunbright and a sister in Texas; several grandchildren, great grandchildren and great-great grandchildren. Funeral services were at the Methodist Church in Sunbright
on Jan. 7. [Morgan County News]

McPETER, MARGARET, age 83. Survivors: sons, Arthur and W.H. McPeters; 35 grandchildren and 18 great grand-children; daughter, Mrs. Harry Basler. Pallbearers were her grandsons, Clifford, James, Everett, Vernon and Roland McPeters and Kenneth Basler. Burial in Liberty Cemetery. [Morgan County News 6/1941]
MOORE, EMMA, died 4/23/1941. Survivors: husband, Vester Moore; children; Mrs. W.J. Clark, Beulah, Lois and Claude Moore, Carl Moore and Louise Gunter; brothers and sisters: E.L. Freels, Earl, Reid, Roe and Jess Freels and Mrs. W.M. Jacks; 10 grandchildren. [Morgan County News dated 5/8/1941]

MOORE, JOE, age 88, Piney. Survivor: daughter, Mrs. Filmore Johnson. Burial in Piney Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 5/29/1941]
MORGAN, BESSIE MALONE, age 34 died at Eastern State Hospital. Survivors, mother, Mrs. Mollie Malone; brothers, Estes, Earl and Robert; sister, Mrs. Melvin Unger. Burial in Piney Cemetery. [Morgan County News-5/1941]
MORGAN, JUANITA LUCILLE, age 25 died 11/3/1941. Mother, Polly Ann Morgan; brothers, Johnnie, Wallace, Arthur and Charles Morgan. Burial in Piney Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 11/13/1941]
MORRIS, T. A., age 88 years and 1 month of Sunbright died 1/1/1941. He was born in 1852. His father, Willis Morris was a pioneer settler of Morgan County. Survivors; daughters, Mrs. W.H. Short, Mrs. James Petitt, Mrs. Frank Weatherly, Mrs. Roy Craven; sons, Vane and Olie Morris. Burial in Wartburg Cemetery. [Morgan County News]

NEWPORT, CARSON, Sunbright. Leaves wife and four children. [Morgan County News dated 11/20/1941]
NORTHRUP, RUBY IVA, age 15 years, and a freshman at Sunbright High School. Survivors, parents, four brothers and four sisters. Burial in Pleasant Ridge Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 2/13/1941]

PITTMAN, MRS. FRANK, age 52, Sunbright. Survivors, husband; daughter, Mrs. Clay Stewart; two brothers and a sister, Mrs. Major Stancil. [Morgan County News dated 10/16/1941]

POTTER, HOUSTON,  Potters Chapel, [Morgan County News dated 12/25/1941]

POTTER, INFANT, weighing 10 pounds was born dead to Mr. & Mrs. Reed Potter.
Burial in Mt. Hope Cemettery. [Morgan County News dated 4/24/1941]

PRIGMORE, ED, killed by slate falling on him at the Fork Mountain Coal Mines. [Morgan County News dated 12/25/1941]

QUALLS, JOE, age 69, Lancing. [Morgan County News dated 9/29/1941]
QUINN, MRS. C. A., age 66, Lancing, died at Knoxville. Survivors, D. L. Quinn, Ray B., J.C., Coile A. and Judge Pat Quinn; daughters, Mrs. F.A. Greene; brother, J.F. Walt. [Morgan County News dated 2./27/1941]

ROBINSON, TAYLOR, age 59, Oakdale. Survivors, wife, Mrs. Pearl Taylor, three sisters and four brothers. Burial in Piney Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 8/7/1941]

SCOTT, MARTHA ANNA, Lancing, age 63 years, 8 months and 21 days, died 1/4/1941. She was born at Montgomery 4/13/1877, the daughter of Samuel F. and Armitta Webb. She was the great-granddaughter of Samuel and Lyda Long Scott, who were pioneer settlers of Morgan County.
In June 1897, she was united in marriage with John Calvin Adams and to this union was born ten children, one preceding her in death when an infant and in 1920 her husband followed. In Oct. 1922 she was married to Jacob (Jake) Swint who survives her. She is survived by one sister, Mrs. Louisa Hall; sons, Harold Adams, Willard and Glenn of Lancing; daughters, Mrs. Herbert Garrett, Mrs. Charles Newberry, Mrs. Vester Young, Mrs. Virgil Stringfield, Mrs. Luther Newberry and Gladys Adams; 28 grandchildren. Burial in Elizabeth Cemetery.
[Morgan County News dated 2/6/1941]

SEXTON, FREEMAN, age 49, Petros. Survivors, wife; sons, J.C., Pat, Bernard, Charles Thomas and Vincent; daughter, June. Burial in Petros Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 5/22/1941]
SHANNON, S. R., age 76, Coalfield, survivors, son, Walter, and grandchildren, Mildred and Richard.. He was a former postmaster of Coalfield. [Morgan County News dated 2/13/1941]
SLOAN, BETTY, died in Dayton, Ohio. sons; J.H. Sloan, and preceded by son, Hall Sloan; sister, Flonnie Sloan. Burial near Somerset, Ky. [Morgan County News 3/1941]
SNOW, TEXAS, of Emory Bend, wife of Martin Snow. brothers, Jake and Ben Laymance; sister, Ellen Lancing. Burial in Snow Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 3/6/1941]
STEWART, DAVE, age 47, Brushy Mountain Penitentary, Petros, died at Knoxville from injuries suffered when a tree fell on him. Survivors, widow; daughters, Geneva, Lavena, Mary Nell and Shirley Ann; sons, Dean, Vernon and Herman; sister, Mrs. Elmer Duncan and morther Mrs. William Boone.  [Morgan County News dated 12/4/1941]

STONE, HENRY, an early settler, formerly of Oakdale, died at Somerset. Survivors, daughter, Mrs. W.R. Jones. [Morgan County News dated 6/19/1941]
STRINGER, MRS. E. G., Oakdale, formerly of Robbins. Survivors: sons. L.O. Heath and Harold Waddle; daughter, Mrs. Horace Hugett; two grandsons, L.O. Heath, Jr., and Bobby Heath and granddaughter, Lucy Louise Hughett. Burial in Willard Park Cemetery, Harriman. [Morgan County News dated 1/23/1941]
STRINGFIELD, MRS. GEORGE, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Walter Grayson. Survivors, husband and daughter; sisters, Mrs. Annie Robinson, Mrs. Georgia Fairchilds, Mrs. Ruby Presley and Mrs. Thelma Daniels; brothers, Frank, Will and John Solomon, parents, Mrs. & Mrs. James A. Solomon of Fork Mountain and one granddaughter, Karleen Grayson. [Morgan County News dated 7/17/1941]

THOMAS, CLYDE EUGENE, age 12, died near Catoosa of a bone infection. Survivors, mother, Helen Thomas; brothers, Bill and George; sisters, Geraldine and Shirley Mae. Burial in Nelson Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 7/17/1941]

UNSER, JOE, age 78, Piney. His step-daughter, Mrs. Sarah Honeycutt has made her home with him since the death of his wife. Mr. Unser was born in Germany. Survivors, two step-daughters, Mrs. Honeycutt and Mrs. Edd Gossett; seven grandsons; three granddaughters and twenty great grandchildren. Funeral was at Piney Church. [Morgan County News dated 8/7/1941]

VOILES, FRAND, Lancing, young son of Mrs. & Mrs. Reason Voiles. [Morgan County News dated 6/12/1941]

WATKINS, EDWARD, died 2/14/1941. Survivors, mother, Mrs. Hassie Watkins; brother Douglas Watkins. [Morgan County News]
WATSON, MARTIN E., age 69, died at Chattanooga, 3/22/1941. Survivors: son, Houston; daughters, Mrs. George Wyrick, Mrs. Wm. A. Coffman, Mrs. H.D. French, Mrs. Vaden Farmer, Mrs. Robert Williford, Mrs. Lee Robbins. Funeral at Pine Orchard. [Morgan County News]
WEBB, ANNA SUE, 10 month old daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Andy Webb [Nora Cromwell]; grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. Wm. E. Cromwell. Burial at Crab Orchard Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 2/27/1941]
WEBB, GEORGE, Glen Mary, was killed in an airplane accident. Survivors, niece, Miss Louise Jeffers. Burial was in Knoxville. [Morgan County News dated 5/8/1941]
WEBB, JOHN, of Glen Mary.  [Morgan County News dated 12/4/1941]

WEBSTER, MARY ANN, age 73, Coalfield. Survivors: sons, Elmer Webster; daughter, Mrs. Fred Wright; brother, Sam Hallcox; sister, Mrs. Fred Ruffner and four grandchildren. Burial in Ritter Cemetery [Morgan County News dated 2/20/1941]
WILSON, GRANVILLE E., of Coalfield died in Knoxville.. Survivors, wife; sons, Mickey and Jerry. He was a former postmaster of Coalfield and the son of Mr. & Mrs. J.R. Wilson. Burial in Coalfield Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 2/13/1941]
WOOD, W. I., formerly of Oakdale died at Harriman. [Morgan County News dated 6/19/1941]

WOOLSEY, ETTA, age 72, Oakdale, died 1/14/1941. Survivors: brothers, George Christmas, Arthur Christmas, Gentry Christmas, Henry Christmas, Lonnie Christmas; sisters, Mrs. J. D. Young, Mrs. Lulo Goldberg; sons, Porter McGoldrick; three grandchildren. She was the oldest child of nine. Her father, mother and one sister preceded her. Burial in Piney Cemetery. [Morgan County News]