From the Morgan County News

Dates in parenthesis ARE NOT DATES OF MARRIAGE
but are dates of the newspaper this appeared in.

Francis Wheaton to Samantha Mayes

Albert Hammons to Maxine Virginia Hayes - m 12/27/1941

John Bill Norris to Audrey Christine Williams - m 12/25/1941

Jack Grant to Mary Powell - m 12/24/1941

Bryce Potter to Annelle Lehman - m 12/27/1941in Rossville, Ga.


Edward G. Brock to Lois Rolfing, 1/3/1942

Harlow Jackson to Ida Trebla Jones (1/1942)

Pvt. Marion H. Elder to Camely Willams - m 6/1942 in Rossville, Ga.

Ernest L. Gentry to Lucille Buxton - m 1/22/1942

R.J. 'Buster' Burgess to Lillie M. Jeffers - m 2/7/1942

R.C. Duncan to Jewell Burris - 2/5/1942 in Boston

Carl Whittaker to Jewell Taylor - (1/22/1942)


Garland Alley to Nelli Wiseman

Carl Gibson to Lolita Alley -m 1/10/1942, Rossville, Ga.

[Garland and Lolita Alley are brother and sister]


Rev. William Lee Delius to Louise Grange,  Rossville, Ga. (1/29/1942)

Norman Snyder to Georgia Schubert - m in Rossville, Ga (1/29/1942)

Vane G. Lyles to Ida Mae Rose - (2/5/1942)

Robert Cecil to Helen Simpson - m 2/8/1942

Eddy O'Neil to Helen Cromwell - m 2/28/1942

Ray G. Perkins to Ava Brock - m 2/14/1942

T.H. Brown to Opal Daniel - m 4/4/1942

Robert Gibson to Iris Northrup - m 4/4/1942

G.O. Sexton to Dora Maxine Wright - m 4/10/1942 at Dalton, Ga.

Eason Jones to Hazel Robinson (4/23/1942)

Thomas Wiggins to Evaleen Moore (4/23/1942)

Elsic Carroll to Ruby Carroll

Clarence Fawe to Ella Robinson (5/7/1942

Wilbur R. Welch to Pauline Arnett m 4/23/1942 in Atlanta?

Paul Burriss to Lucille Maupin - m 4/5/1942

Leonard Hammonds to Cora Lee Bray (6/1942)

Estel Clowers to Betty Jean McKee (6/1942)

Dana Fred Wolfe to Marie Louise Bourkard - m 6/1942

William Denny McCluen to Francis Luin Davis (w/o 6/9/1942)

Vola Vertrus Hinkle to Gladys Shadoan (6/11/1942)

Cecil R. Hall to Nellie Rebecca Walker

Hugh Rogers to Jannice Gibson -  m 5/28/1942

Ben F. Furman to Mrs. Jessie L. Kelly - m 6/8/1942

Henderson Howard to Helen Taylor (7/2/1942)

Jack Mills to Helen Frazier (7/2/1942)

Clint Lee to Clara Ooten, Ringgold, Ga. (7/2/1942)

Russell Bruno Schubert to Ruth Wyndolyn Barker - m 6/21/1942

Carl Robbins to Lorene Olmstead - m 6/29/1942

William Landford Dunnaway to Margaret Bernice Davis (7/9/1942)

Charles Reitz to Faye Northrup - m 5/7/1942

Bill Curtis to Clara Engert - m 7/12/1942

Edward Murphy, Jr. to Nelle Kesterson - m 7/8/1942 in Rossville, Ga.

Elmer Brock to Dixie Alley - m 7/11/1942 in Rossville, Ga.

Ralph Bush to Mary Martha Tanner (7/30/1942) (wed soldier in California by telephone)

Carl P. Miller to Billie Juanita Langley - m 4/13/1942

Maurice Fletcher to Evelyn Beard - m 8/3/1942 in Huntsville, Alabama

Charles Clark to Annie Olive Ooten (8/20/1942)

Vernon Keith McCain to Martha Eleanora James (8/20/1942)

Hugh C. Bowman to Thelma Lee (8/27/1942)

Ralph Redmon to Ruby Morgan (8/27/1942)

John B. Byrge to Ella Rebecca Warner (8/27/1942)

Charles Frederic Ward to Juanita Elizabeth Ruffner (8/27/1942)

Edward Pelfrey to Hazek Brock (9/17/1942)

Vance Coffey to Louise Pollard, 7/ 1942 in Rossville, Ga.

Robert F. Crawford to Edith Adkins, m 8/27/1942 in Las Vegas, Nevada

Charles Kennedy to Ruby Newport (9/24/1942)

Carl T. Brock to Eloise Huling - m 9/22/1942 in New York

Donald Frogge to Ruby York (10/1/1942)

Arnold Honeycutt to Thelma Aiken (10/15/1942)

Walter Shelly, Jr., to Eva June Young - m 9/11/1942, Rossville, Ga.

Gordon Langley to Rema Byrd (10/22/1942)

Jesse Gladys to Nina Jones - m 10/22/1942 in Ringgold, Ga.

Elbert Rogers to Mary Edna Clough - m 10/12/1942

Glenn Rogers to Aileen Willocks - m 11/8/1942

Fred McGuire to Margaret Queen (11/26/1942)

Dr. Sam H. Jones Jr., to Ellon Johnson - m 8/30/1942, Rossville, Ga.

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