From the Morgan County News

ANDERSON SMITH, 71, Burrville, died 12/13/1942. Survivors, son, Oran Anderson; daughter Lillie Shadle; grandson, Barney Young, 3 brothers and one sister. [Morgan County News]
ARP, FRANK A., born 9/12/1888 in Rockwood, Tn., son of Asbury and Susie Montgomery Arp. Survivors, widow; son, Frank Arp Jr., daughters, Mrs. B. Hudson, Misses Margaret and Doris Ann Arp; sisters, Mrs Sherman Riddle, Mrs. A.C. Grant, Mrs. Clyde Gardner; brothers, Charles, George, and Alva Arp; Burial in Crab Orchard Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 2/26/1942]

 BARDILL, CHRIS, age 70. Leaves widow; son, John, daughters, Edith Stair and Mamie Cate; brothers, Deadrick and Ernest; sisters, Mrs. Otto Vespie, Mrs. Jake Vespie and Mrs. Anna Boniofacius. [Morgan County News] 1/1942??

BASLER, one day old infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Martin Basler. Funeral at New Petros Cemetery on 5/2/1942] [Morgan County News]
BENIEZER, HARRY, died in Chattanooga, the father of Mrs. Sam Helton. [Morgan County News dated 1/8/1942]
BINGHAM, PATSY, age 76, [d 7/3/1942]. Sons, Ellis and Henry and seven grandchildren. Burial in Crab Orchard Cemetery. [Morgan County News]
BLEDSOE, HERSHEL LEE,18 day old infant of Mr. & Mrs. Idus Bledsoe, died 12/25/1942
Grandson of Mr. & Mrs. Hershel Jones. Burial in Deer Lodge Cemetery. [Morgan County News]
BOARDMAN, REX GALE, age 22, son of Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Boardman. Reported to have been on the U.S.S. Langley and reported to have sunk at sea by the japs.
BOLDEN, WEBB, 56, died 1/16/1942 near Castoosa. Leaves a wife, eight children, three sisters and one brother. Burial in Deermont Cemetery. [Morgan County News]
BOSWELL, GEORGE S., City Judge of Oakdale; leaves wife; mother, Mrs. Dora Boswell; brother, Dr. Wade Boswell. Burial in Harriman Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 4/2/1942]
BRADSHAW, MRS. JOHN, Coal Creek. Sister-in-law of Hannah Bradshaw. [Morgan County News dated 5/14/1942]
BRIGGS, JAMES CARL, died 2/3/1942, age 23 years, 3 months and 3 days. He was the son of Mr. & Mrs. Fred Briggs. Also leaves five brothers and one sister. Burial in Kubley Cemetery. [Morgan County News]
BROWN, HATTIE HEIDEL, age 48, died at Centerville, Indiana. She was born in Wartburg, 2/17/1894. Survivors: husband, Julius Brown; adopted daughter, Mrs. Helen Brown; sister, Mrs. Gus Bardill. Burial in Williamsburg, Indiana. [Morgan County News dated 6/18/1942]
BURRITT, REUBEN, 27, struck and killed by transport truck, [d 7/12/1942]. Survivors; sister, Mrs. J.C. Lewis and 2 others and mother. [Morgan County News1942]

BYRD, MRS. A. V., 66, Lancing, died 12/21/1942. Survivors, husband; daughters, Mrs. Lloyd Eastham, Mrs. A.M. Hulien; son, O.A. Byrd; brothers, James McCartt and John McCartt; sister, Mrs. Will Gann. [Morgan County News]

CARPENTER, SARAH, age 82, died at Armathwaite,4/1942. [Morgan County News]
CARR, DR. SAM TILLMAN, Oakdale, died in Oneco, Florida. He was born 4/15/1887 at Rocky Face, Ga., the son of J.H. and Hester Miller Carr. Survivors: wife, Mrs. Retta Arnhart Carr; daughters, Mrs. Frank Martin and Miss Betty Jo Carr; brothers, Dr. Hy M. Carr, Dr. J.H. Carr, Joe Carr and Carl Carr; sister, Miss Lola Carr; grandaughter, Sandra Ann Martin. Burial in Walnut Hill Cemetery, Harriman. [Morgan County News dated 2/26/1942]
CARR, SANFORD, of Dalton, Georgia, drown about Thanksgiving, while duck hunting. Mr. Carr at one time operated a filling station at Harriman. Those attending the funeral; Mr. & Mrs. J.H. Carr, Mrs. S.T. Carr and Dr. H.M. Carr. [Morgan County News dated 12/17/1942]
CASE, HATTIE LOVE, died 5/10/1942. Click HERE for complete obit
CHRISTMAS, GEORGE, 68, died 7/27/1942. He was a Veteran of the Spanish American War. Survivors: Mrs. W.L. Jackson, Leo Goldburg; brothers, Arthur, Gentry, Henry and Lonnie; isters, Mrs. J.D. Young and Mrs. Luther Goldberg. Burial in Bullard Park Cemetery, Roane Co. [Morgan County News]
CORTELYOU, W. L., age 79, died 12/22/1942. Survivors: son, B.W. Cortelyou; brother, George Cortelyou; sister, Mahala M. Bartlett; Burial in Connersville, Indiana. [Morgan County News]

DANIELS, HUGH, of Rugby and Chattanooga was killed in action. Son of Mrs. Cecelia Daniels. [Morgan County News dated 11/26/1942]
DAY, FORD, died at Chattanooga, brother of S.A. Day and L.A. Day.
[Morgan County News dated 6/25/1942]
DOSSET, MOSSIE A., 49, Wartburg. Leaves husband George; daughter Ruby; sisters Rhoda Thompson and Mrs. W.D. Bowman. Burial in Liberty Cemetery. [Morgan County News 1/1/1942]
DUNCAN, GEORGE, husband for only a few months of Mrs. Annie Litton. [Morgan County News dated 4/9/1942]

DUNCAN, MARTHA, 65, died 1/13/1942, She was the wife of the late W.H. Duncan. Leaves daughters, Virgie Evelyn, Mrs. Avery Clark, Mrs. Fred Langley, Ros Atkins, Mrs. Jessie Robinson, Mrs. Della Duncan; sons, Griffus and Willard; brohters, Lee, Sam and Harry Jackson; sister Lena Peters, Burial in Union Cemetery. [Morgan County News]
DUPEE, LIZZIE,   [1876-1942] Survivors: sisters, Sallie Foster and Addie Alley. Burial in Crab Orchard Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 12/24/1942]

EDDS, THOMAS,  Leaves brother, Isom Edds; sister, Mrs. Lou Miracle. Burial in Pine Orchard Cemetery on April 6, 1942. [Morgan County News]
EDWARDS, PEARLIE, [PERLEY, CO B 3 TN INF SP AM WAR] Veteran of Spanish American War. Survivors, wife and two children. Burial Wartburg Cemetery. [Morgan County News]
ENGERT, LOUISE, half sister of Mrs. W.F. Engert, C.F. Engert and Mrs. T.D. Wallace.
(Morgan County News dated 1/29/1942)

 FARMER, MIKE, 10 month old son of Mr. & Mrs. Buster Farmer, [Morgan County News 11/1942]
FOUST, MRS. CLAUDE, Sunbright. {Morgan County News dated 9/10/1942]
FREELS, ROBERT FULTON, was crushed against a fence when he fell from the running board of an automobile. survived by widow; three small sons, Roy, Conley and Ofer; mother, Mrs. Dora Freels; brother, Benton and Ira and sisters, Edna and Lela. Burial in White Oak Church Cemetery.

 GOGARN, TONY, 70, Oakdale, and formerly of Michigan. Survivors, widow; son, Jack, 2 brothers and 2 sisters. Burial at New River. [Morgan County News dated 12/1942]
GOLDSTON, NORMAN, son of Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Goldston. Burial in Danville, Ky. [Morgan County News 1/1942]
GOODWIN, JESS, 28, [Jesse Vigal Goodwin d 2/15/1942]Oakdale, fell from a cliff at Eagle Point. Parents, Mrs. & Mrs. Tom Goodwin and a small son and daughter; nephews, Jess and Stogie Voiles; niece Mrs. I.K. Cash. [Morgan County News dated 2/19/1942]
GRACE, FLORENCE , age 65, of White Oak died 5/22/1942. [Morgan County News]
GUNTER, ELMER, of Lancing died in Louisana. [Morgan County News dated 2/5/1942]
GUNTER, RUTH 61, Burrville, wife of Dillard G. Gunter. Leaves sons, Jess, Lonnie, Edmund and William Gunter; sisters, Mrs. Chas. F. Eiker; brothers, Robert K., William A., Rev. T.V. and Dr. Edmund E. Peters. Burial in Mt. Vernon Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 1/19/1942]

HALL, MILLIE JEAN, age 81,. Leaves sons: Sam, Frank, Leonard, Phillip and Bernard; daughter, Rachael Schubert and Mrs. Arthur McPeters. Burial in Wartburg Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 4/16/1942]
HALL, RUBE, age 64, [Morgan County News dated 3/12/1942]
HEIDEL, HAZEL, age 21, died [2/7/1942] at Pleasant Hill. Parents, Mr. & Mrs. Paul Heidel; brothers, Reese
and Sam; sisters, Nola, Gladys and Maxine. Burial in Wartburg Cemetery. [Morgan County News
HENRY, CYNTHIA, 84, Lansing. Survivors, daughter, Mrs. M.C. Hacker and Mrs. Glenna Ott; step-sons, Ben J. Henry, Charles D. Henry; step-daughters, Mary Everhart and Anna Haag; sister, Mrs. A.J. Britt; brother, William Jones; 8 grandchildren and 2 great grand children. [Morgan County News dated 11/12/1942]
HICKMAN, MRS. GEORGE, of Clear Creek. [Morgan County News dated 9/24/1942]
HOLT, MRS. M. A., 92, died at Del Rio. Leaves a daughter, Mrs. G.W. Wilds and son, M.J. Holt. [Morgan County News 2/1942]

JACKSON, JOHN, age 44, a Verteran of WW I. Survivors: wife; son, Burb; daughter, Thelma; brothers, Sam M., Walter, Edward H. and George; sisters, Mrs. Richard Woods, Mrs. Arthur Christmas, Mrs Robert Kelly. Interment in Jackson Cemetery. [Morgan County News]
JONES, ALVA, of Deer Lodge [d 8/29/1942]. Burial in Mt. Hope Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 9/8/1942]
JONES, MARY REBECCA MALINDA, 77, Coalfield.[d 1/7/1942] Survivors: sons, Albert, Charlie, Arthur and Sam; daughters, Maggie Bradshaw, Mrs. Ben Mehlhorn, Mrs. Woods, Rachael Lamance and Annie Rhines; brother, James Lyles; sisters, Matha and Ollie Shipwash and Lottie Allen. Burial in Jackson Cemetery. [Morgan County News 2/1942]
 JOYNER, CHARLES W., age 71. Survivors, widow, Minnie Joyner; sons, Lawrence, John, Wallace, Russell and Ira Joyner; daughters, Mrs. S.M. Jackson, Mrs. F.R. Winton, Mrs. H.W. Fairchild, Miss Martha Joyner; sister Ellen Joyner. Burial in Liberty Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 7/16/1942]
JOYNER, MINNIE, age 61, died one week after her husband, Charles W. Joyner. sons; Lawrence, John, Wallace, Russell and Ira Joyner; daughters, Mrs. S.M. Jackson, Mrs. F.R. Winton, Mrs. H.W. Fairchild, Miss Martha Jouyner; sisters, Mrs. Mae Gibbs, Mrs. Laura Harris; brother, Dr. John F. Love. Burial in Liberty Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 7/16/1942.

KESTERSON, BILLY, age 15, died 7/24/1942, drown on fishing trip near Wheat. Survivors, father, mother; sisters, Mrs. O.C. Cole and Mrs. Ed. Murphy, Jr; grandparents, Mrs. & Mrs. Sam Kesterson and Mrs. Mary Jones. Burial in Pleasant Ridge Cemetery. [Morgan County News]
KITTRELL, AMANDA, age 74, died 5/24/1942. Burial Rankins Chapel. [Morgan County News]

MAYTON, HARVEY, age 51, Coalfield. Leaves wife; daughters, Imogene, Rosetta, Jackie Cordelia, and Louise; sons, George, H.T., Archie, Lewis and Harvey; brothers; Luther, M.J., Henry, Witt, Mack, Matt, Charles and Carl; sister, Ida McGoldrick. Burial in Jackson Cemetery. [Morgan County News 2/1942]
McDANIEL, W. R.,  age 49, WW I Veteran. Leaves sons; Robert, Charles, John and Raymond; daughters, Rith and Helen; father, W.A. McDaniel; four sisters and three brothers. Burial in Wartburg Cemetery. [3/1/1942--TN CORP 306 FLD SIG BN 81 DIV]  [Morgan County News 2/1942]
NEELEY, LOUVENA, 62, died at Rugby. Survivors; husband, Benjamin J. Neeley; daughters, Florence, Ollie, Frona, Edna and Zona; sons, Benjamin, Eugene, Von and Kenneth. Funeral at Glenmary. [Morgan County News dated 6/11/1942]
NEIL, ROBERT R., age 55, formerly of Morgan County, died 5/8/1942 in Florida. Survivors: wife, Doll, adopted daughter, Mrs. Van Dice; sister, Ethel Lindsey; brothers , Bruce, Leo and W.S., Jr.. He was the son of the late W.S. and Sally Neil. Burial was in Delray Beach, Florida. [Morgan County News]

OOTEN, MRS. LEO,  Survivors, husband and eight children. Burial Lavender Cemetery, Deer Lodge. [Morgan County News dated 6/4/1942]

POTTER, HARRISON, died 2/17/1942 at Johnson City, Tn. Burial in Potters Chapel Cemetery. County News 2/1942]
PRICE, HOBART, husband of Grace Stancell Price, died in the Solomon Islands; brother of Mrs. Freeman Jones. [Morgan County News]

QUALLS, RUBY WRIGHT, died 9/22/1942. Born 6/29/1901, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. W.H. Wright and wife of Lee A. Qualls. Survivors: son, Franklin Qualls; sisters: Ellen Webster, Mrs. R.L. Halburnt, Mrs. Vern Cluett, Mrs. Edgar Simms; brothers, Earl Wright, L.L. Wright. Burial in Dyllis Cemetery, Roane County. [Morgan County News]
QUISENBERRY, EMMA RUTH, died at Petros 5/24/1942. Survivors; husband, Mr. L.L. Quisenberry; sons, Grady and Pat Hudson; brothers Vernie Raney and Will Raney. Burial in Petros. [Morgan County News]

MASSENGALE, BILL, age 72 of Petros, died 8/14/1942. Survivors: wife, 7 sons and 2 daughters. [Morgan County News]
MILLER, ALEX, died 4/2/1942 on his 72nd birthday. Leaves wife, Vera Miller; sons, Johnny and Hugh; daughter Mrs. Opal Briggs; sister, Mrs. Margaret Riddle, [Morgan County News]

MILLER, HARRY, Richmond, son of Mrs. Minnie and the late Louis Miller. Survivors, wife, mother and two sisters. Burial in Oakdale [Morgan County News] [ d 4/10/1942, Crab Orchard Cemetery]
MORRIS, CORNELIA,  Survivors; daughters, Mrs. M.B. Hacker and Mrs. H. B. Mack. [Morgan County News dated 11/21/1942]

PIERCE, FLORA, 82, Sunbright. Survivors, daughter, Miss Mary Pierce; sister, Nettie Hughs. Burial in Sunbright Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 8/20/1942]  [d 8/14/1942]
POWELL, JOHN W., age 70, died 6/1/1942, Pine Orchard. Survivors: sons; Harry, Huston, Lester, Tiffon, Bill and Joe; daughters, Mrs. Ruah Kindrick, Mrs. Bonnie Neilon, Mrs. Mary Grant and Mrs. Linnie Powell; brothers, Charley, Levi and Ernest; sisters, Mrs. Frank Johnson and Miss Vesta Powell. [Morgan County News]

RUSSELL, RUBY, age 34, Petros. Wife of Herbert Russell, (warden at Brushy Mt. Prison)
son, Herbert Spaulding; daughters, Vivian & Peggy Lou; father, Charles O. Peterson; brother, Richard Peterson; sisters, Pearl Alred and Grace Turner. Burial in Nelson, Georgia. [Morgan County News 6/1942]

RUSSELL, WILLIAM MORGAN, 76, Wartburg, died 11/23/1942. Survivors: wife Cordelia Russell; daughters, Mrs. Bruno Schubert, Mrs. Leon Venturis, Mrs. Robert E. Bauer, Miss Buena Russell, Mrs. W. D. LaFerry; 12 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren. Burial in Wartburg. [Morgan County News]

SILVEY, MRS. VIRGIL, AGE 19, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. R. West of Crossville. Survivors; husband and 7 week old baby Barbara Jo. Burial in Crab Orchard Cemetery. [Morgan County News]  [Hazel West Silvey, d 10/24/1942]
STEVENS, FANNIE BUXTON, age 44, died 7/6/1942. Survivors: husband, Oscar Stephens; daughter, Mrs. Lester Franklin; sisters, Mrs Minnie Bales and Miss Dora Buxton; brothers, John, William, Charles and Luther Buxton. [Morgan County News]
STONE, ELIZABETH, Pine Orchard, [Morgan County News dated 2/25/1942]
STONECIPHER, ED, of New River. Burial in Burrville Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 4/16/1942]
STRINGFIELD, CHLOE, [Cloah?] of Elizabeth, [Morgan County News dated 7/23/1942]

THORNTON, MARTHA, age 54. Survivors: daughters, Mary Henry, Nell Hayworth, Kelsi Holbert, Lucy Butler, Barbara Jones, Gertrude Neeley and Madge Whaley; sons, Riley, Richard, Robert and Charles; step-sons, A.P. Thornton, W.C. Thornton; sister, Mrs. H.J. Catro. Burial in Liberty Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 11/12/1942]

REDMON, J. D., age 21, fatally crushed by a truck near Crab Orchard. Survivors, mother, Freida Redmon; brothers, Ellis, Marvin, John, Larry, Eugene and Roy; sisters, Mrs. Clarence Mehlhorn, Mrs. H.A. Shannon and Mrs. S.N. Wilson. Burial in Wartburg Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 2/26/1942]

ROGERS, NINA PORTWOOD, 26, died in Cleveland. Survivors: husband, Elbert; infant daughter, Irma Sue; parents, Mr.s & Mrs. M.L. Portwood; brothers, Owen and Arthur. [Morgan County News 1/1942]

SEXTON, JOHN P. 83, died 2/10/1942. Leaves widow; sons, Marshall, William, Bart and Leonard; daughters, Mrs. Albert Morgan, Mrs. Tom Hall and Mrs. Luther Garrett. Burial in Liberty Cemetery.
[Morgan County News]

STONE, ELIZABETH BENSON, 40, Pine Orchard. She was the wife of H.H. Stone and daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Ben Benson. Leaves, husband,; daughter, Edna, Virginia, Velma, Patsy Jena and a two day old daughter, Mary Elizabeth; sons, Harley, Jr., Billie, Herbert, and Robert. Burial in Odd Fellows Cemetery, Rockwood. [Morgan County New dated 2/19/1942]
STRINGFIELD, MRS. PRESTON, burial in Elverton (Roane County). [Morgan County News dated 2/5/1942]
STRUTTON, OLLIE R., age 36,(a barber). Leaves widow, parents, Mrs. & Mrs. W.R. Strutton; sisters, Myrtle Vespie and Mrs. O.M. Goddard; brothers, Harry, Clarnece, Luther, Orlando, John and Lonzo. Burial in Wartburg Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 5/14/1942]
SUMMER, MERCIE DAVIDSON, age 86, widow of Dave Summer. four sons; W.D., J.C., Charles T. and H.W. Summer; daughter, Mrs. Arthur Greer. Burial in Wartburg Cemetery. [Morgan County News]

TAYLOR, REV. D. H., age 72, Morgan County Tax Assessor. leaves daughter, Mrs. Lee Morgan, Mrs. Ellis Redmon and Mrs. Roy Webb; daughters, Mriss Bessie and Christine Taylor; son, Hijah; sister, Mrs. Chas W. Summer. Burial in Liberty Cemetery. [Morgan County News 4/2/1942]

WADDELL, D. H., 83, Lancing, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Walter Patching of Oakdale.
He was a retired school teacher. Other survivors, Miss Gladys Waddell and ane sister, Mrs. Hattie Hall of Florida. [Morgan County News dated 6/11/1942]
WEATHERFORD, ALF, of Montery, formerly of Pine Orchard. [Morgan County News dated 3/26/1942]
WHITE, CARDIE CRAIG WHITE, daughter of the late Mr. & Mrs. N.H. Craig, Sr. Survivors: husband, Claude White; brothers, Robert, N.H. Jr., Decator; sisters, Mrs. C.C. Robbins and Mrs. W.T. Kimbro. Burial in Chattanooga. [Morgan County News dated 10/22/1942]
WILDS, GEORGE W., 69, Oakdale. Leaves a widow; daughter, Mrs. Albertie Holmes; son, John Wilds; grand-daughter, Levoris Holmes. Burial in Crab Orchard Cemetery. [Morgan County News, 1/1942]
WILLIAMS, Mrs. I.N., age 79, died at Rockwood. Survivors; sons, Edward Williams and Roscoe Williams; daughter, Cleta Sloan; brother, Elmore Wright. [Morgan County News 6/11/1942]
WRIGHT, VEO, 32, died at Knoxville. Survivors, wife, Lucille Babcock Wright; four daughters and four brothers, Fred, Will, Leo and Clyo; sister, Mrs. William Fairchilds of Elgin. Burial in Coal Hill Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 6/11/1942]

YOUNG, HANNAH, 90, Sunbright. Leaves daughter, Mrs. W.H. Mathews, Mrs. C.S. Todd and Mrs. J.H. Albertson; sons, J.D., T.D. and T.C. Young. [Morgan County News dated 2/12/1942]

ZEIGLER, CHARLES, age 9 months. son of Mr. & Mrs. John Zeigler. [Morgan County News dated 4/30/1942]