Marriages 1946
From the Morgan County News


Billy Mehlhorn to Martha Kreis m 1/19/1946

Lawrence Russell Langley to Mary Bernice (Tiny) Langley m 1/5/1946

Marvin L. Burton to Anece Malina m 1/24/1946 in Miami, Fla.

W.B. Davis to Marguerite Reagan m 2/10/1946

Charles Delius to Beatrice Allen, m 3/2/1946, Rossville, Ga.

Raymond Gibson to Winnie Hurst married in Ga.( paper dated 3/7/1946)

Cecil Eugene Coffman to Julla Reilley m 3/6/1946

Walter H. Henley to Lena Hamby m 3/12/1946 in Knoxville

Maurice Grice to Doris Jane Reynolds m 3/30/1946 in Rossville, Ga.

H. Paul Strunk to Tillie Dautel, m 4/28/1946

Lester Adkisson to Virginia Tilson (paper dated 5/2/1946)

Clarence Heidel to Lois Davis, m 4/28/1946

Samuel E. Huskins to Geraldine West, m 4/14/1946 in Dalton, Ga.

Fred Wilson Salmon, Jr. to Ruth Esther Burris, m 5/4/1946

William Roy Hill to Pauline Ooten m 3/28/1946 in Newark, N.J.

Cornell Burnell to Eloise Huling m 4/28/1946 in Rossville, Ga.

Charles Grace to Elma Headrick (paper dated 5/30/1946)

Millard Stringfield to Maude Human, m 6/7/1946

Harold L. Oney to Wanda Sexton m 6/1/1946 in Rossville, Ga.

Samuel J. Galloway to Fern Jones, m 6/4/1946 in Rossville, Ga.

Gillum Freels to Helen  Sombeck, m 6/21/1946 in San Francisco, Ca.

Frank Smith to Novella Ward m in Rossville, Ga. (paper dated 6/27/1946)

Arthur Justice to Elwanna Ruffner (paper dated 6/27/1946)

Rev. Harry W. Snyder to Marjorie Ann Lockard, m 6/2/1946 in Utica, NY

Hall Byrd to Lillian Mayo m 6/2/1946 in Monroe, Va.

L.B. West Jr. to Mary Kesterson m 5/26/1946 in Rossville, Ga.

Charles Bradshaw to Bernice Scott m 6/29/1946

Archie B. Cooper to Nancy L. Cozart m 7/13/1946 in Rossville, Ga.

Charles W. Salmons to Laura Elizabeth Eastridge, m 7/6/1946 in Rossville, Ga.

Ernest Allen to Artis Jackson m, 7/24/1946, Rossville, Ga.

Robert Wilder to Mildred Jackson m 7/27/1948 in Harriman, Tn.

Charles (Chess) Harbin to Lillian (Shine) Johnson, m 7/28/1946 Franklin, Ky.

J.W. Goodson to Elnora Goldberg, m 7/20/1946 in Lakeview, Ga.

A DOUBLE WEDDING-two sisters - 7/14/1946

Steve Smarch to Helen Peltz

Marvin Hurst to Elizabeth Peltz

Randell Langley to Martha Sneed, m -8/17/1946, Rossville, Ga.

Clifford Huth to Evelyn Jacks, m 8/16/1946

Clarence E. Langley to Jacqueling Scarbrough, m 9/19/1946

Kenneth Franklin McCracken to Lillian Irene Franklin, m 8/31/1946 in Jonesboro, Tn.

Alfred Jeffers to Mona Engert m 8/24/1946 Kingston, Tn.

Robert Behrens to Evelyn Adams m in Muscatine, Iowa (paper dated 9/1946)

Bernard Lawson to Kathlyn Goldberg, m 8/17/1946 in Lakeview, Ga.

Harvey Maupin to Undean Potter, m 9/6/1946 in Rossville, Ga.

George A. Kirkland to Lucy Kring, m 9/16/1946 in Rossville, Ga.

Nathaniel Stringfield to Glen Alice Kreis m 9/21/1946

Billy Jo Sexton to Betty Ann Eastham, m 10/25/1946

Albert Jones to Eva Goodman m 10/23/1946

Robert H. Cotton to Wilma Mathews, m 10/27/1946

Archie Heidel to Anna Marie Dautel, m, 11/2/1946

Wesley Morgan to Maggie Spurling, m 11/4/1946 in Covington, Ky.

Pleas Hall to Maxine Gunter, m 9/13/1946 in Rossville, Ga.

Billy Watson to Lela Clark, m 11/9/1946

Gus Chilton to Elizabeth Zachary m 11/21/1946

Fassett Gatewood Strout to Annalyn Grace Ashley m 10/16/1946 in Harriman, Tn.

Ross H. Williams, Jr. to Mary Margaret Beatty m 11/26/1946 in Clinton, Tn.

Stanley Bernard Wright to Betty Jane Day m 11/30/1946 in Knoxville, Tn.

Jack Walter Perkins to Margaret Elizabeth Bardill m 10/25/1946 in Knoxville, Tn.

Louis Lee Landrum Jr. to June Garrett, m 1/12/1946 in Gobey, Tn.

Kermit Bowling to Peggy Lou Greer, m 11/30/1946, Rossville, Ga.

Van Cole Barnes to Wilma Waldron m 8/29/1946 in Rossville, Ga.

Howard Nelson to Ruth Beatty m 9/28/1946 in Rock Springs, Ga.

Robert Floyd Schubert to Dollie Honeycutt (9/1946)

Byrl Stringfield to Jacqulyn Hutchison, m 9/28/1946, Rossville, Ga.