From the Morgan County News
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ADAMS, MRS. J. T., age 75, Deer Lodge and Waukesha, Wis. died 10/2/1946. Survivors, daughters, Jennie Aytes, Mrs. Dave Smith, Mrs. A..P. Kennedy and Mrs. P.L. Branstetter; husband, Thomas Adams; son, Miller Adams; brothers, G.U. Howard, Blaine Howard and Roscoe Howard; sisters, Mrs. Martha Olsen, Mrs. Bertha Archambeau, Mrs. Mary Adkins and Mrs. Stella Ashburn. Burial in Adams Cemetery. [Morgan County News]
BARTON, MRS. O. L. 71, died 4/2/1946 at the home of her daughter Mrs. L.M. Smith, at Gobey. Survivors, daughter, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Maxine Chambers, Mrs. H.H. Pittman; son, Earl Barton; brothers, P.T. Ferguson, Craig Ferguson and Charles Ferguson; sisters, Mrs. J.A. McCabe, Mrs. Thomas Jackson, Mrs. Charles Huskins and Mrs. Joe Reynolds. Burial in Wartburg Cemetery. [Morgan County News]
BEENE, KITTY, 86, died 2/6/1946. Survivors; daughters, Mrs. Nancy Parker, Mrs. Fred Bocook and Mrs. John McCartt; sons, Prof. George T. Beene, J.N. and K.D. Beene. [Morgan County News]
BRANSTETTER, ELLIS of Deer Lodge.  [Morgan County News dated 8/8/1946]

BROWN, ELIZA, died 8/23/1946 in a car wreck. Survivors: son Milson Brown. Burial in Allardt Cemetery, Fentress County. [Morgan County News]
BUNCH, CARSON E., age 19 years, 7 months and 15 days, was killed instantly by a train in Sunbright. He was born 2/1/1922, the son of Bud Bunch who died 6/1/1932. Survivors: mother, Mrs. Ollie B. Morgan, step-father, Winford Morgan; sisters, Zona Wagner and Emilie Bunch; half-sisters, Reba and Maeagile Morgan; half-brothers, Vance Morgan.; step-brothers, Harl and Carl Morgan. {Two others killed at the same time, Thurman Douglas and Bernard Hatmaker}[Morgan County News]
CLARK, ROBERT, age 72, Oakdale, died 11/16/1946. Survivors, wife, Martha Hughes Clark; sons, Tremble and Willie; daughter, Mrs. Lola Norris; sisters, Mrs. Sarahy Spivey and Mrs. Emma Kerr Mrs. Rachael Lettner; brother, James. a son, Dewey Clark preceded him in death 14 years previous.
Burial in family cemetery near Catoosa. [Morgan County News]
CRABTREE, LUCINDA JANE, age 90, died 11/4/1946 at Jamestown, Tn. Survivors: sons, Jim, Bud, Ben and Cleve. daughters, Jane Upchurch and Isobel Lawhorn. Burial in Upchurch Cemetery.
[Morgan County News]
CRISP, VERNA, (Mrs. Arthur), formerly of Deer Lodge died in Richmond, Ind. on 9/19/1946. She was the daughter of the late Mr. & Mrs. Dave Adkins of Deer Lodge. Survivors: husband, Arthur Crisp, son, Sherman Crisp; daughters, Dorothy Crisp, Nola Haynes, Debbie Crisp and Bernice Crisp; 3 grandchildren; brothers; Berton Adkins, Lindsay Adkins and Calvin Adkins; sisters, Florence Akins and Mrs. Debbie Lavender. [Morgan County News - 10/1946]
CROSS, ALONZO, [Morgan County News dated 6/13/1946]

DANIEL, JAMES B., died 7/20/1946 in Atlanta, Ga. Survivors, wife, Mrs. Eva Goans Hamm of Oakdale and three sisters.  Burial in Greenwood Cemetery, Atlanta, Ga. [Morgan County News]
DAVIDSON, JAMES, age 79, died 3/12/1946 at Grimsley. Survivors, widow, Sarah Davidson; sons, Lawrence, Lloyd, Johnny and Boyd. Burial in Mt. Vernon Cemetery. [Morgan County News]
DAVIDSON, MARTHA, age 79, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. John Kirkland. Burial in Crab Orchard Cemetery [Morgan County News dated 1/10/1946]
DAVIS, BALAAM, burial in Union Grove Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 4/25/1946]

DAVIS, LARRY CARLYLE, age 13, formerly of Oakdale, died 8/13/1946 in Cleveland. He was the only son of Mr. & Mrs. Carols Davis. Survivors: parents, sisters, Joyce, June and Carol, grandfather, Albert Goldston.
Burial in Crab Orchard Cemetery. [Morgan County News]

DAY, MARGARET EVERHART, 86, died 8/2/1946 at home of her daughter-in-law, Mrs. Nina Day, of Oakdale.  Survivors; daughter, Mrs. J.W. McKenzie; son, Frank Day; 13 grandchildren, 16 great, great grandchildren and one great, great, grandchild. [Morgan County News]

DILLON, JOHN, age 82, Lancing, died in Chattanooga. Survivors, wife, children: Mrs. Ralph Trotter, Miss Edith Dillon, Mrs. Mary Delozier, Mrs. Ralph Pemberton, Mrs. Cas McNeil, Miss Elsie Dillon and Maurine Dillon; son, John R. Dillon; brother, Mart Dillon. [Morgan County News]

DOUGLAS, THURMAN, died 9/15/1946 from injuries suffered when a train hit the car he was in.
He was born 10/30/1025. Survivors, parents Mr. & Mrs. Frank Douglas; a sister, Mrs. Carl Sexton; brothers, Floyd and John E. Douglas. Burial in Elizabeth Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 10/3/1946]
DUNCAN, LOUISE BETH, age 2 1/2 months, died of pneumonia. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R.C. Duncan. Survivors: sister, Sharon; grandparents, Rev. & Mrs. David Burris and Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. Granville Duncan; great-great grandparent, Mrs. Jacob Duncan. [Morgan County News dated 10/24/1946]
DYER, W. M., [William]died 8/12/1946. He was a Spanish American War Veteran and was born 10/26/1861.  Survivors, widow [Arizona Robbins]; children;  Mrs. Tom Hambe, Mrs. Cal McCartt, Mrs. Elmer Carroll, Mrs. Wint Morgan, Mrs Harve Hamby, Mrs. Arnold Huckaby, Albert Dyer and Mitt Dyer.
[Burial in Macadonia Cemetery, Gobey.]  [Morgan County News]

ENGERT, GUSTAVE FREDERICK, died at Knoxville. He was a 1/2 brother of Charlie and William F. Engert. He died on his 82nd birthday. [Morgan County News dated 8/29/1946]
FARMER, JUDIA ANN, age 21 months died 3/12/1946. The daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Avery Farmer. Burial in Pine Orchard. [Morgan County News]
FREELS, JULIA ENGLAND, age 76;   [d 9/1/1946] Survivors; sons, Percy Hamby, Perry Goad, Theodore Freels and Kermit Freels; daughters, Mrs. C.W. Whaley and Mrs. B.J. Bertram. Burial in Sunbright Cemetery. [Morgan County News]
FROGGE, TIMOTHY A., 77, Elgin, died 2/12/1946. Survivors: wife, Nancy Ann Frogge; daughters, Mrs. Jennie Garrett, Mrs. Henry Risedan, Mrs. W.J. Reagan, Mrs. Walter Myers, Mrs. E. Berry, Mrs. James Hicks and Miss Nevada Frogge; sosn, Everett and Timothy, Jr. Burial in Rugby Cemetery. {Morgan County News]
GERALDI, JOHN SR., Lancing, died on his 80th Birthday. born in Lebanon, Ill, 10/13/1866. Married Mary Murphy on 1/31/1889 in Jerseyville, Ill. Daughter, Mrs. Theodore (Vera) Zatorski. Children, John Jr., Vera and Edith; grandchildren, Mary Francis Ferardi and Vera Marie Zatorski; brothers, George, Joseph and Frank. Sister, Mrs. Henrya Adelhart. [Morgan County News]
GOLDSTON, NANNIE, formerly of Oakdale, died 10/9/1946 in San Bernardino, Ca.
Survivors: daughters, Mrs. Ruth Everett, Miss Geneva Goldston, Mrs. Margaret Waldron, Mrs. Evelyn Jenkins, Mrs. Carolyn Creesman. Sons: Fred, J.B., J.H., Alred and Samuel Goldston. Sisters, Mrs. Florence Goldston, Mrs. Carolyn Whitley; brother, Walter Childress. Burial in a Chattanoogs Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 10/24/1946]
GOODMAN, JOHNNY L., age 35, died 9/20/1946 of injuries suffered in a fall on a construction job. Survivors, wife; son, Ralph; daughters, Caroline and Helen; 3 brothers and 5 sisters. Burial in Wartburg Cemetery. [Morgan County News]
GRIFFITH, DORA ISOBEL,[Dora Isabelle] age 79, Sunbright, [d 8/23/1946].  Survivors: daughters, Mrs. Syulvia Hawn, Mrs. Ruth Wilson, Mrs. A.M. Litton, Mrs. E.H. McKeethan, Mrs. Clasra Phillips; son, Sam Griffith; sister, Alice Long. Burial ion Pleasant Ridge Cemetery. [Morgan County News]

GREER, JAMES SHERMAN, age 78, died 10/25/1946. He was born in Fentress County on 1/22/1868, the son of Benjamin F. and Tabitha A. Greer. Survivors, wife, Mrs. Emma Greer; daughters, Mrs. Alta Crouch, Mrs. Edith Young and Mrs. C.A. Cooper; sons, Arthur (Pete), Wesley Greer, James S. Greer, David E. and John Dale Greer. Burial in Burrville Methodist Church Cemetery. [Morgan County News]
HART, THELMA CHAPMAN, age 35, died 11/16/1946. Survivors; husband, Tom M. Hart; parents, Mrs. & Mrs. John Chapman; sisters, Mrs. Lee Phillips, Mrs. Elmer Barger, Mrs. Emmett Sweat, Misses, Ida Lee and Martha Rose Chapman; brothers, J.D. and James Chapman.
Burial in Liberty Cemetery. [Morgan County News]
HATMAKER, MRS. J. F. , age 76 of Briceville. Survivors; daughter, Mrs. Fred Kreis; sons, Tom, Walter and Hobart; sisters, Mrs. Isaac Wilson and Mrs. Nannie Gross; brothers, Sherman Richardson; Burial in Circle Cemetery, Briceville. [Morgan County News dated 12/19/1946]
HAWN, MAGGIE, 67died 6/6/1946. Survivors, husband, Henry Hawn; daughters, Mrs. J.E. Massey, Miss Bessie Hawn, Mrs. Arthur Duncan; nine grandchildren. Burial in Family Cemetery. [Morgan County News]
HAWN, WILLIAM HENRY, age 73 of Elgin. Survivors, daughers, Mrs. Arthur Duncan, Mrs. J.E. Massey and Miss Bessie Hawn; brother, Timothy.  [Morgan County News dated 8/115/1946]

HOWARD, DANIEL RAYMOND, infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Huse Howard, died 6/6/1946. He was born 5/28/1946. Survivors; parents, five sisters and one brother. Burial in Summers Cemetery. [Morgan County News]
HUMAN, I. J., age 70, Oneida. Survivors: widow; sons, Ray, Lloyd, Lillard, Calvin, Paul and Ralph; daughters, Mrs. W.R. Hall, Aline H. McCloud; brothers, Charles W. Human and P.P. Human; sister, Mrs. H.N. True.Mr. Human served as Circuit Court Clerk and Justice of the Peace of Morgan County and also practiced law for 38 years. Interment was in Wartburg Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 1/10/1946
ISHAM, OLLIE, 56, Crab Orchard. Daughter of the late Mr. & Mrs. Jackie Barnes; children; Joe Vowels, Ruben Isham, Agnes Pyles, Fay Hargis and Imogene Isham; 5 grandchildren; brothers, Charlie, George, Floyd and Walter Barnes; sisters, Mary Giles and Effie Barnes. [Morgan County News dated 3/14/1946]
JOHNSON, Z. T., 78, Burrville, died 3/22/1946. Survivors, widow, Nannie Paul Johnson; son, Bennett; daughters, Mrs. Ben Storie, Mrs. Theo Dixon; three sisters, and brother, John Johnson. [Morgan County News]
JONES, CORDELIA GRANT, age 93, died 2/20/1946 at the home of her daughter Mrs. John Dillon. Survivors, daughter; brother, Ben Grant; sister, Manda Barnes; nine grandchildren and twelve great-grand children; her son was the late Judge John A. Jones. Burial in Wartburg Cemetery. [Morgan County News]
KAMER, ANNA; survivors: sisters, Minnie Headrick, John Headrick, Mrs. Edd Headrick, Mrs. Wiley Summers and Miss Erna Ruppe. [Morgan County News dated 11/14/1946]
LEOPPER, EDWARD OTTO, age 2, son of Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Leopper. Survivors: parents; brothers, Garry Lee and Ralph Lynn. Burial in Crab Orchard Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 1/3/1946]
LYONS, DORA BELLE, 65, Deer Lodge, died 2/13/1946. Survivors: husband, Edward K. Lyons; sons, Roy, Eugene and Clyde; daughters, Mrs. Mable Spurling and Mrs. Blanche Strand; mother, Mrs. Nettie VanNorstran; sister, Virginia Barnes; brothers, Fred and Clem VanNorstran. Burial in Mt. Hope Cemetery. [Morgan County News]
MATHIS, LYDIA, Mossy Grove. [Morgan County News dated 3/7/1946]
McCOY, ROBERT, of Annadel and Sunbright. [Morgan County News dated 8/15/1946]

McGRATH, MRS. G. H., SR., [Lula] age 65,[died 7/29/1946].  Survivors, husband; daughters, Mrs. Cal Miller, Mrs. Theodore LaRue, Mrs. Thomas Rainey, Mrs. Ralph Winger, Joyce McGrath and Mrs. Russell Reigel; sons, George H. Jr.,; sisters. Mrs. H.L. Ellis; brothers, B.W. Goff and C. N. Goff. Funeral was held 7/31/1946. Burial in Burrville, Cemetery. [Mt. Vernon]  [Morgan County News]

McGILL, ETHEL, 60, Oakdale, died 2/16/1946.Survivors: brothers, R.H. and Charles McGill; ;sister, Cornelia Watson. Burial in Crab Orchard Cemetery. [Morgan County News]
McGILL, R. H., [ Robert Harvey, d 6/30/1946]  Survivors, son Kenneth, wife and daughter. [Morgan County News dated 7/11/1946]

MEHLHORN, JOSIE, Oakdale, died 11/9/1946. Survivors: brother, Walter Mehlhorn; sister, Lena Morgan. [Morgan County News]
MILLER, NANCY ABIGAL, age 86, died at Knoxville on 10/25/1946. Survivors: daughters, Mrs. C.G. Unger, Mrs Mary Price, Mrs. Mattie Hooper, Mrs. Elizabeth Burnett, Mrs. Eddie Helton and Mrs. Margaret Smith; five sons, 42 grandchildren and 32 great-grandchildren. Burial in Mt. Olive Church Cemetery. [Morgan County News]
MOORE, GENEVA, age 14, Petros. Daughter of Mrs. & Mrs. Tom Moore. Burial in Petros Cemetery. [Morgan County News - 9/1946]
MOORE, J.E., 66, Wartburg died 2/8/1946. Survivors; sons, Fred, Robert and Edward; daughters, Rubenia, Ida Mae, Mary Jane, Mrs. Earl Heidel, Mrs. Cecil Kite, and Mrs. Henry Coffman; five grandchildren. [Morgan County News]
MORGAN, ALFRED, 70, Burrville, died, [7/13/14?/1946].  Survivors, wife, Delia Jones Morgan;
4 daughters, 3 sons, brother and a sister. Burial in Burrville Cemetery. [Mt. Vernon]

NEIL, ANDREW J., 85, died 6/16/1946.  Survivors; daughters,  Mrs. Albert Freytag, Mrs. Crit Gilmore, Mrs. Hayes Morgan and Mrs. Ernest Floyd; son, Fred Neil. Burial in Wartburg Cemetery. [Morgan County News]

OOTEN, LEONARD W., Sunbright, died 3/7/1946. He was born 9/6/1916. Survivors, wife, Lois Ooten and daughter, Betty Jean Ooten. [Morgan County News]
OWENS, FREEMAN, age 40, died 4/23/1946. Survivors: parents, Mr. & Mrs. Haden Ownes; brother, Roibert McCormick. Burial in Wartburg Cemetery. [Morgan County News]
PACK, ROBERTA GILLISPIE, age 69, died 7/31/1946. She was born in Tazewell Co., Va on 3/1/1877.  She married John Pack in 1900 and he died 8/22/1936.  There were four children.  Survivors: daughter, Mrs. Harold Judd; sisters, Mrs. Arch McNeil, Mrs. James Pack, Mrs. H.L. Thompson and Mrs. John Crockett; 5 grandchildren and one great grandchild.

PETERS, ESTELLA, died in Ft. Worth, Tx. Daughter of the late Clark and Nina Peters. [Morgan County News dated 4/25/1946]
POTTER, REV. JOHN L., age 73, [d 9/1/1946] died while conducting service at Frankfort on Sunday. Survivors: sons, Herbert, Virgil and Alva; daughters, Mrs. John McCormick, Mrs. Clara Hawn, Mrs. Edna Barnes and Mrs. Agnes Hamby. Burial in Potters Chapel Cemetery. [Morgan County News]
RICE, JOHN B., of Petros died in Johnson City, Tn. daughter Kate. [Morgan County News dated 10/3/1946]
ROBBINS, LYDIA ALLEY, 74, Crab Orchard Community, died 2/10/1946. Survivors; husband, John F. Robbins; daughters; Mrs. Opha Roe, Mrs. Della McCarty, Mrs. Mattie DePorter and Mrs. Dorothy Doyle; sons, Lee, Clarnece and Clyde Robbins; 12 grandchildren and firve great-grandchildren. She was the last member of the Louise Norman and W.C. Alley family. Burial in Crab Orchard Cemetery. [Morgan County News]
SAFFELL, FRED P., 76, Lancing, died at Knoxville 2/8/1946. Survivors, wife, Mary Scott Saffell; sons, Hale and Carl Saffell; daughters, Mrs. Thelma Pope and Mrs. Otto Basler. [Morgan County News]
SCHICK, CAROLINE, 84, wife of the late George Schick, died in Nashville. Survivors: duaghter, Elsa R. Schick; sons, Herman, Will and Edward and 5 grandsons. Burial in Burrville Cemetery on 4/5/1946. [Morgan County News]
SCHUBERT, BRUNO, 76, died [1946]. Vet of WWI.  Survivors: wife, Mattie Scott Schubert; daughters, Mrs. W. Keith Crawford and Mrs. M.L. Robbins; sons, Carl F., Otto P., Ray W., Roy E., Louis R. and Russell B. Sisters, Hulda Page and Mrs. Sam Tucker; brothers, Frank, Paul, H.B., and A.H. Burial in Wartburg Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 1/17/1946]
SEXTON, MOZELLE, age 25, died 9/4/1946 in Dayton, Ohio. Survivors; wife, Amy Ruth Sexton; sisters, Mrs. Ray Forrester; mother, Mrs. L.B. Sands; father, A.H. Sexton. Burial in Warrtburg Cemetery. [Morgan County News]
SHANNON, ELMER K., age 32, killed in auto accident. Survivors, wife Nell Curbow Shannon; son, Billie Joe, brother, Houk, Lige, Clifford and Glen. sisters, Mrs. A.K. DeBoard, Mrs. William Heidel, Miss Maggie Shannon; parents, Mr. & Mrs. H.C. Shannon. Burial in Wartburg Cemetery. [Morgan County News]
SHARP, RONALD, 9 months old, son of Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Sharp. Survivors, parents, brother, Donald, Jerry and Harold; sister, Francis. Burial in Crab Orchard Cemetery. [Morgan County News 4/1946]
SHORT, RICHARD S., 71, formerly of Oakdale, died in Winchester at the home of a step-daughter, Mrs. A.F. Snow. He was the son of the late Mr. & Mrs. Robert Short and was born in Tennessee. Survivors: wife, Mrs. Ethel Davis Short; children, Tom, Richard S. Jr., McDonald, Katheryn, Ruby and Lola Short and Mrs. Aline Bagwell; also six children by a previous marriage; H.B, William, Kenneth, Bonnie Sloan and Helen Hardy, Bertha Seiller and three step-children, Mrs. Acy Shadoan, Mrs. Snow and Mrs. Earl Davis. Interment in the City Cemetery. {Morgan County News (1946) ]
SILVEY, ANNA A., age 33, died 11/8/1946. Survivors; son, Ray Calvin; mother, Margaret Smith; sister, Mrs. George Holley; brother, Virgil Silvey; 1/2 sister, Alice Smith; 1/2 brother, G.B. (B.G?) Smith Burial in Crab Orchard Cemetery. [Morgan County News]
SMITH, WILLIAM, age 34, Pine Orchard. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Julius Smith. Survivors; 2 brothers one sister and grandparents. [Morgan County News dated 10/10/1946]
SNOW, GEORGE W., age 77, Oakdale, died 1/4/1946. Survivors, wife, Martha Williams Snow; daughters, Mrs. A.R. Turner; sons, Ben, Burrell, George M., and Blaine. Burial in Crab Orchard Cemetery. [Morgan County News]
STRINGFIELD, ALEX, 73, died 2/22/1946. Survivors: daughters, Mrs. V.L. Underwood and Rachael Stringfield; sons, Virgin and Estel; brother, James Stringfield; sister, Mrs. Mary Morgan. Burial in Elizabeth Cemetery. [Morgan County News]
STRUTTON, SARAH JANE, age 77 years, 9 months and 8 days, died 5/11/1946. She was born 8/2/1868. She was married to William R. Strutton, July 3, 1887. To this union were born ten children; seven sons and three daughters; John and Lonzo Strutton of Wartburg; Luther and Orlando Strutton of Dayton, Ohio; Mrs. Parlee Goddard of Dayton, Ohio; Mrs. Myrtle Vespie of Lancing; two sons and one daughter preceeded her in death; brother, William Roach of Oklahoma; sisters, Mrs. Myrdie Strutton of Oklahoma and Mrs. Susan Byrd of Akron Ohio; 34 grandchildren and 38 great grandchildren. Burial in Wartburg Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 5/23/1946]
SUMMERS, SALLY JOYCE, age 21 months and 13 days, died 5/4/1946 of hydrophobia. She was the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Lary Summers, Pine Orchard. Survivors; parents, brothers, Larry, James and Tommy; grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. Freed Reed and Mr. and Mrs. L.S. Summers. [Morgan County News]
SUTTON, HARRY, 55, died 1/3/1946 in Akron, Ohio. Survivors: Parents, Mr & Mrs. W.R. Sutton; daughter, Anna Lee Sutton; sister, Mrs. Myrtle Vespie; brothers, John, Lonzo, Clarence, Luther and Orlando. Burial in Wartburg Cemetery. [Morgan County News]
THORNTON, CHARLES LOUIS, (MICKEY), 25, a native of Wartburg, drown 5/24/1946 in Port
Arthur, Tx. Survivors, wife, Doris Thornton; son, Charles Patrick; brothers, Robert, Richard and Riley; sisters, Mrs. Luther Jones, Mrs. Frank Whaley,m Mrs. Sam Neely, Mrs. G.R. Henry and Mrs. Edward Holbert. Burial in Zwolle, LA. [Morgan County News]
VanNORSTRAN, RUTH JEANETTE PENNELS, age 84, died 2/27/1946 in Sunbright at the home of her daughter, Virginia Barnes. She was born in Kalkaska, Mich. 9/9/1861. In 1874 she married Herbert Eugene VanNorstran. There were nine children born, three survive; Mrs. Virginia Barnes, Fred and Clem; 30 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. She and her husband had lived in Deer Lodge and then Wartburg. Burial in Wartburg Cemetery. [Morgan County News]
WALKER, WILLIS W., age 72, Sunbright died 9/17/1946. Survivors; wife, Ocie Smith Walker; daughters, Mrs. Edith Daniels and Mrs. Ola Davis; sons, Harvey, Lee, Granville and Frank. Burial in Byrd Cemetery.
WALRAVEN, JENNIE, 81,Island Ford, a retired Morgan County School teacher died 2/22/1946.. Survivors: son, Otho Walraven. Burial in Clear Creek Church Cemetery. [Morgan County News dated 2/28/1946]
WATSON, JUDGE WILLIAM M., 81, died at Monterey 1/21/1946. He was the oldest member of the Putnam County Court and former City Judge of Montery. Survivors; daughters; Mrs. Dewey Goff, Mrs. Jess Ooten, Mrs. James Pugh; sons, H.T. Watson and Hershel Watson. [Morgan County News]
WHALEN, R. B., 70, Coalfield, died 3/15/1946. Survivors, Tinne Whalen; children, Roger, Thelma and Ruth. [Morgan County News]
WILLIAMS, SUSIE [Honeycutt], age 64, Lancing, died [10/20/1946] in Houston, Texas at the home of her daughter, Mrs. J.B. Owens. Survivors: sons, Forrest, Raymond and Jackie; brother, Leonard Honeycutt; sisters, Mrs. Charles Leopper and Mrs. Amos Case. Burial in Crab Orchard Cemetery. [Morgan County News]
WOOLUM, BEN F., age 71 [10/19/1946, b4/21/1875]. Survivors, wife, Betty [White, d 8/3/1958]; sons, Bart and Rueben; daughters, Mrs. E.S. Hughes, Miss Jo Wollum, Mrs. Edna Shannon, Mrs. Johnnie Wirt, Mrs. Charley Cosby. Burial in Liberty Cemetery
ZUMSTEIN, CHARLES A. [Albert], 89, (Uncle Charlie) died  [,9/21/1946] in Wartburg . He was born 5/12/1857, son of John and Frances Caroline Gerber Zumstein. His family was among the early settlers who pioneered in the vicinity or what is now known as the Catoosa Community. He married Mary Anna Headrick in 1883 and the following children survive: Mrs. Rose Monroe, Mrs. Amy McGuffee, Edward Zumstein, Mrs. Ida Byrum, Mrs Thelma Malte and Clarence; a daughter, Lena Marie and one son, Ernst Joseph preceded him in death. His wife died six years ago. Burial was in Wartburg Cemetery. [Morgan County News]