George W. Underwood, a confederate soldier in the Civil War, was a member of Co. A-11 Tenn. Volunteers. He was born Feb.12, 1832 and died April 18, 1901. George was the son of William (b. Feb.18, 1790, d. March 13,1885) and Lucretia Underwood (b. 1792).

George W. Underwood

In addition to George, other members of William and Lucretia Underwood's family were Jeanette Underwood, mother of Tom Hooks and wife of George Hooks. Jeanette was born in 1824. Rufus Underwood was born in 1828. Another in this family was William Underwood, Jr. The first children were born in North Carolina and the last ones in Morgan County, Tennessee.
According to family tradition, George Underwood was a lively fellow when he was a young man. Our grandmother Minnie Brock Underwood remembered him well. She related many great stories.
George Underwood was a talented musician. He was an excellent violinist and traveled over Morgan, Fentress and Anderson counties, playing for square dances. In addition, he often played many favorite tunes as the family gathered around the fireplace at night. Some of their favorites were; Turkey in the Straw, Yankee Doodle, Sally Goodin, Old Dan Tucker, Sour-wood Mountain and Soldier's Joy
George was an extremely large and strong person at one time in his life. He was almost seven feet tall and close to three hundred pounds - according to the tales told! He had always been a hard worker and was quite strong. He was said to be the champion wrestler in Morgan and surrounding counties -according to the tales told!
George began to settle down when he and his first wife Polly Peters Underwood were married. She was born May 13,1832 and died May 27, 1867. Their children were Salty, Robert (1859), Katy, Thomas (1863), Sarah Elizabeth (1856), and Susan (1861).
By the time the last children were born, George had stopped some of his 'frisky" ways. He joined the church and laid down his fiddle and his bow when it came to playing for square dances. George attended church regularly and contributed well. In fact he bought the pastor, Hett Phillips, a new blue serge suit. That preacher surely did prance around as he delivered his next sermon - according to a family story.
After the death of Polly, George Underwood married her sister Elizabeth Peters Underwood.
According to records in the Wartburg, Tenn. Courthouse, they were married Nov.18, 1866. Elizabeth was born Feb. 13,1842 and died May 22, 1887. They continued to live, on Underwood Mountain in the Pilot Mountain, Tennessee area with the children of the first wife Polly. In the 1870 census of Morgan County, the following children were listed Elizabeth, age 13; Robert, age 11; Susan, age 9; Lucretia, age 8; Thomas, age 7; and Sarah, age 6.
One of the members of the family of George and Elizabeth Underwood became our grandfather. His name was William "Bill" Underwood. Bill married Minnie Brock Underwood.
During the time when Milton Brock went to Texas to live, George Underwood decided he would go there too. Bill Underwood, his son, wanted to go to marry Minnie Brock. The two boarded a train at Glenmary, Tenn., and went to Steigler, Texas. George soon returned to Tennessee and Underwood Mountain. Bill proceeded to Waco, Texas, after a short illness.
After Elizabeth Underwood died May 22, 1887, George Underwood married Jane Rich Hatfield (b. May 28,1858). This family consisted of Elizabeth, Delia, Carrie, Stella, John and Sue. Possibly some of these were from a previous marriage of Jane Rich Hatfield.
The Underwood's were residents of the Pilot Mountain area for many years. Several of the descendants live in Morgan County today.

Submitted by Wilma Hall, P.O. Box 36, Sunbright, TN and Researched by: Geneva Mullins, P.O. Box 414, Saint Paul, VA 242B3 Sources: Underwood, Brock family stories and history, Morgan County records

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