The following is a transcript of a robbery diary of a resident of Morgan County, Tn.
The original, handwritten copy was given to the Wartburg Library
in Wartburg, Tennessee with a collection of old papers and is on file
at the library.  Care was taken to reflect the original work.
The author is unknown.
* * * * *
On the 12th day of December in the year 1863 at night, came  a band
of robbers 2 men one said his name was Cross and the other said
his name was Newport and said that they lived on Brimstone and said
that they was soldiers from Kingston and was going to Watsburg there
was one boy and five women with them and I knowed one of the men
well and his name was not Cross nor Newport his name was
William Mabery they pilched in my house and robbed divers
of sundri articles.

Bedquilts                             8 or 9 one pepper box
Sheets                                 2 
Coverlids                            1 
blankets                              2 
pillers                                  6 
bedticks                             3 
bed ruffles                          2 pare 
nearly all the old womans cloths 
took all the cover where she was 
laying on the bed. 
Yarn flax and to thread 
twenty or thirty hanks 
one buntch of Swingle..........? 
plates                                   4 
tin buckets                           2 
oven and lid                         1 
pothooks                             1 
Sheepshears                       2 pare 
Buttons and wod screws 
1 box and bucket 
one set of glass plates 
one pare of tooth pullers 
two pare of socks 
one pepper box 
one nutmeg gritter 
two pare Stockens 
one tin pan 
two bowls 
some spoons 
teacups and sassers 
two table cloths 
one shirt 
one pare of pintchers to 
draw nails 
one oare of mittens to 
wear on hands 
one Chaney pitcher 
one pare knitten needles 
one handsawfile 
black pepper and box 
sowen thread &/C 
Stilliards                    1 pare 
one Satchelful of plunder 
one big coarse comb 
three pounds of raw cotton 
three towels 

....................out of the kitchen.........................
one of the old black mans Shirts
one shirt that belonged to the blackman that is dead
one quilt and one Sheet
fore of the black girls dresses and her cumfert
fore of the black childs shirts
one pare of the black girls stockens
and divers of other things that is two tedics to mention
All of  her Shimeys  but that she had on
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Also on the 30th day at night came three men and robed me of my meat fore midlens
Seven hams and Six sholders and fore jaws  Some meal had the black girl bake them some
bread and drank up all the milk and took some corn and one Jar of cream.
                                         & nbsp;             unknown


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