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Located about 5.2 miles south of Wartburg, off Hwy 27. Turn left in Mossy Grove onto Westminister Dr. Travel app. .1 mile, turnm right & travel app. 1.1 mile to Mossy Grove Church & Cemetery on the left.
There are about 11 unmarked graves.

Lee M. Cross
9-12-1894, 1-27-1982
Photo of Lee Cross

Mary Maxene MATHIS 
dau of John L.&
Cora Belle VOWELL
wife of Leonard Ray Laymance and  James Watson.

John Leonard Mathis 
9-11-1900, 1-17-1970
son of Marshall Oscar Mathis &
Grandson of Peter L. & 
Louisa A. LAYMANCE Cross Mathis
also David R & Susan Rogers.

Dora E. Love
9-3-1971, 1-2-1947

 Dau of William B & Lydia TAYLOR Langley

William Wallace Love 
8-6-1854, 6-2-1939
husband of Mary E MATHIS & Dora E. LANGLEY
Obit for W.W. Love

Thomas L. Love
3-3-1856, 5-6-1929
husband of Avaline Cross. 
Avaline was the daughter
of Louisa LAYMANCE Cross Mathis.

Avaline CROSS Love
7-21-1854, 6-1-1914
Wife of Thomas L. 
Dau of Louisa A. LAYMANCE Cross Mathis
and Jacob Benton Cross.

Mary E Mathis 
dau of Peter L & Louisa A. LAYMANCE Cross Mathis

John Martin Mathis
husband of Vesta Alice GODDARD Mathis Rarden and son of
Peter L. & Louisa A LAYMANCE Cross Mathis.

Info on stone:
John M Mathis
born Feb 17 1878
died Sept 22, 1901

Peter L. Mathis
10-21-1838, 8-23-1902
Jake L. Mathis
10-21-1868, 5-13-1958

Florence Julia Langley
1-21-1879, 12-19-1963
d/o Wm. B. Langley

Marshall O. Mathis
12-4-1870, 1-31-1954
s/o Peter & Louise Cross Mathis
Lida Williams
4-5-1874, 2-17-1946
d/o David & Susan Rogers Williams

L. A. Mathis
1-27-1839, 4-1-1921
P. L. Mathis
10-21-1838, 8-24-1902

Donald Robert "Buzz" Mathis
s/o William Robert "Sonny" Mathis
& Lillian Mae OOTEN Mathis of Mossy Grove. 
Buzz died in Vietnam

Donald Robert "Buzz" Mathis

William Henry Langley
5-27-1882, 11-19-1976
s/o William B & Lydia Frances TAYLOR Langley
His wife, Katherine "Catie" M Montgomery
8-22-1889, 1-6-1992
d/oWesley and Matilda PATE Montgomery

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