Fentress County Gazette
Mrs. Tina Young, wife of  Harrison Young, who resides two miles east of Mill  Creek, in Scott Co. dropped dead from heart failure last Monday.  She was apparently in good health and had just been to the barn to milk, she was
accompanied by her eight year old daughter.  She was about 40 years of age.
Buried at the Camp Ground Cemetery.
The Fentress County Gazett
Rugby News
The funeral for Mrs. Orlena Young, wife of Andrew Young, was held last Sat. at the M. E. Church in Burrville.  The funeral surmon was delivered by the Rev. Clark Peters, interment was in the Burrville Cemetery.
(I think she was a Tompkins from Fentress Co).

The above two items were contributed by Wilma Gibson.

Dated:  March 14, 1908     No. 48

Born to Mr. & Mrs. David Hurst, Wednesday night, a fine boy.
E.E. Miller, who a few years ago bought the McCart place near
Sunbright was found dead on his farm. He wa sengaged in burning
his pastures over and it is supposed he became over-exhausted.  He
had a stable-fork in his hands when found and had fell over a bluff
and run the fork through a portion of his neck. He was buried at Sunbright.
S.Y. Land is turning out some nice little kitchen safes.
Mrs. Jasper Adams  celebrated her birthday anniversary when about fifty
of her friends surprised her in honor of the occasion.
Mails for Deer Lodge are carried on trains No. 6 going North
9.23 a.m. and No. 1 going South 3.19 p.m.
Sheriff, J. M. Langley
Register, J. A. Honeycutt
Surveyor, N. A. Williams
Trustee, A. D. Williams
Administrator, S. Bradshaw
School Supt., J. E. Johnston
Clerk and Master, C. H. Davis
Circuit Court Clerk, I. J. Human
County Court Clerk, H. W. Summers
Chairman :"  "   , W. S. Neil
Coroner, Vane Morris

Vol X   Deer Lodge, Tn.    June 1, 1899    No. 2

C.M. Stearns has finished adother body to a drummer wagon for Asher Bales.
Prof Albertson writes us that the ann\ual commencement excersises
of the Mount Vernon Academy will be held at Burrville on
Friday May 26th, 1899.
Dr. Jones has the finest crop of clover that we have seen this season.
Robert E. Mason started for Virginia, on the afternoon train Saturday; with the
horses, mules, mill fixtures and the property belonging to the W. W., Rich & Co's
shingle and saw-mill plant.  --  "Bob" expects to be absent until Christmas.
  Deer Lodge Cornet Band Will play for picnics and opther gatherings.--
Prices moderate (They have over one hundred and sixty-five pieces to
select from)   CHAS L. MASON, BAND MASTER
Miss Bertha Kemper, Secretary.
Born on Tuesdauy the 16th to Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Scott, a daughter.
Born on Monday the 15th to Mr. and Mrs. L.J. Fairfield, a daughter.
The court house at Cookville with all of its records except two, were
destroyed by fire a few nights ago.
Mrs. Steffner of Chattanooga, is visiting her mother, Mrs. J. E. Struble
at the Mountain View.
THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER, 1, 1898  No. 22  Vol 9
Robert Armstrong got his new boggy Saturday.
Deer Lodge school will commence Monday, Sept 5th. --T.A. Reed Teacher.
A. L. Stearns uis moving into the Borden Cottage today.
Fresh Crackers, --  M. H. S. & Co.
Dynamite and fuse --  M.H.S. & Co.
Rev. Lusty administered the ordinance of baptism to Mrs. and Mrs. A. L. Stearns at the Twin Bridges last Sunday Afternoon.
Boss Breakfast Bacon
Handsome Hams
Splendid Side Meat
                M.H.S. & Co.
Rev. John Stowers has bought Banner Springs and has taken possession and will open a store there the goods are now at the depot.
Mrs. Jos. and Mrs. Fred Narrmere are entertaining at dinner today, Mrs. Chambers, Mrs. Kindead, and Mrs. Wallinger.
The frame work for the first story of the new school building is up.
  I have given to my Son, Bruce W. Stone, his time, and will not be responsible for any debts he may contract hereafter.   W.F. Stone,   dated this August 10th, 1898.

April 7, 1883
Hon. Judge D. K. Young, last Saturday, upon his journey to Jamestown from Huntsville, had a narrow escape from drowning.  Arrived at the White Oak stream, near Capt. Isaac Riseden's, he found the river unfordable, and turned his horse's head to go up the bank.  The weight of the horse shifted the soft soil, and with a spring the animal fell into the river, fortunately, however, throwing the judge and his saddle bags upon terra firma.  The river was fully fifteen feet deep and the animal was washed down the stream, twice entirely diappearing.  Eventually he got out.
Mr. James L. Chitwood died March 22nd, 1883 after a long and honorable career, age 81 years.
February, 1884
To-morrow, February 22nd is the 152 anniversay of the birth of George Washington.
June 2, 1883
At Helenwood, on Sunday evening, two brothers of the name of Smith in revenge killed two men, named John and Riley Cecill.  Four years ago the Cecills killed the father of the Smiths, and since then there has been a deadly feud between the two families.  Five men altogether have been killed in this quarrel.  A posse of men is out searching for the Smith brothers, and it is hoped they will soon be found.  We learn that there is a reward of $200 each for their capture.  It is rumored the three Smiths were overtaken near the Kentucky line on Wednesday night, and Robert Smith was fired at and killed by one of the pursurers, named Ellison, the other two effecting their escape.

October 21, 1904
Of the New Court House at Wartburg, on
Sunday, October 30th, 1904.

W. H. Shaver is setting up his saw mill on Emory River.
 The pupils of the Clear Creek school have been greatly annoyed by some misceant, who has take the liberty, while school was not in session, to enter the school house and write vile words on the black board and in the childrehn's books.
  A wedding which will be a surprise to many occured at the parsonage of the Lutheran Church last night, (Thursday) when Miss Dora Henry and Mr. Willis Newberry were united in marriage by Rev. Sauer, the Pastor.

December 15, 1904
Deputy Sheriff W.D. Jones made a business trip to Sunbright Monday.
Mrs. John P. Cooper has been seriously ill for several days the past week
Deputy Sheriff Jones and Sheriff Shaver arrested a young boy named Henry Hammock at Nemo Wednesday for carrying a pistol.  He gave bond.  J.H. Watts becoming his surety.
Edna, the three-year-old daughter of Circuit Court Clerk, I.J. Human, was seriously burned Sunday afternoon about 4 o'clock.  The child was standing near the grate when in some nmanner its clothing became ignited.  She was burned on the abdomen and face.
Marriage License- Thomas Hawkins and Loula Love


   Reuben Jones came into court and made application for leave to keep an ordinary house who entered into bond with Abner Staples his security and was qualified accordingly.
(Copied from an article by W.D. Human in the Morgan County News, 6/12/1947)

   The State vs Allen -- Petit larceny, rogue, stealing --*  Ordered by  the court that the defendant  is guilty in manner and form as charged, therefore, it is considered by the court that the defendant receive on his bare back, at the public whipping post in Montgomery on the 20th day of this instant, the number of five lashes, between the hour of 2 and 3 o'clock, and pay the costs of this prosecution and remain in the custody of the sheriff until paid for security is given.
(copied from an article by W.D. Human in the Morgan County News dated 6/12/1947)

    Robert Bush this day presented an insturment in the form of a petition in the words and figures following (to wit):  To the Worshipful County of Morgan, now sitting, your petitioner, a citizen of Morgan County humbly represents to your worshipful body, that he is the proper owner of Rebecca, a slave for life about the age of 32 years and that she is his wife and that ever since the time of their marriage she has demeanored herself chastely and prudently as a wife and a slave and that he knowing that life is short and death sure and your petitioner having passed the meridan of life is desirous that she shall not descent or become the property of any other person, he therefore petitions your  worshipful to examine the premises and take such action as will liberate and make her free as your petitioner in duty bound will ever pray.
Signed:  Robert Bush.
Upon the back of which the following indorsement is made.
Granted by the Court.  John Williams, Ch. (1850)

(copied from an article by W.D. Human, Morgan County News, 6/12/1947)