67 photos
These photos were submitted by Judy Kesterson Solis.  The collection was passed on to her by her grandmother
and have been in storage for many years. Many of the photos are in bad shape, but still recognizable.
The little bit of information with each photo is what was written on  the back of the photo.

Thank you Judy for taking the time to scan these treasured photos and submit
them to the Morgan County Pages.

Any additional information is welcome.

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Amos Taylor & Mart Bradshaw
Bill Langley & wife
Linda Bradshaw Langley - 1898??
Bradshaw & Fairchilds

Charley Green &
Bula Fritts - 1912


Charley Rainey
On another photo there is a notation
that this was made at the Morgan
County Jail. He appears to be
wearing a badge.

Claude ??
Back of photo says:
"Taken Feb. 12, 1925-Guess
you know this is Claude"

Dan Pitman. 
Went to Army in 1st World War and 
died with fever they said.

Unknown - couple with baby
Girtie Taylor

Unknown girls - photographer-Dabbs
George Langley & wife

Ed Love or Lowe ? & girlfriend
Ed Love's dead baby

Bill Langley, Harriett Bradshaw & unknown Adams

Willie Langley & Joe Hall

Church group at cemetery/church - 1911
Could be Liberty Church

Children on horse - note folks in background

Coalfield 3rd Grade-1949

Cooper Lawn Party 
Group on lawn of J.W. Cooper Home.
 #1. Rose Lowe,  #2. Zella Cooper, #3. Sadie Cooper, 
#4. Ollie Crass, #5. Effie Cooper, #6. Louise Mathis,
#7. Mabel Goldberg, #8. Unknown, #9. Gladys Goldberg, 
#10.  Iris Goldberg, #11. Josie Cooper


The Cross Family - 1914
(Note: This same photo is show on the Cross Family Page
These folks are also named on this page-date is also different - 1909)

A group picture of the family of John Edmond made in 1912. - Notice
the setting is the same as in the photo of Charley Rainey - above. 
Another photo suggests this was at the Morgan County Jail.

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Names: Ollie C--C, V-. Elmer E. Cooper, Fred --, Rose Lowe???

[Note: This photo was in very bad shape.
Tried 'tweaking' it in Photo Shop and got it this far....]


*If you have additional information about any of these photos, names, dates, etc, please email  them to me
and I will add them to the photo.  The photos are numbered for easier reference.

These photo were contributed by Judy Kesterson Solis.

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