Born: November 1869, Morgan Co., Tennessee    
          d/o John Scott and Perlesia (Holloway) Scott
Died: July 1937 Knoxville, Tennessee
Buried Lynhurst Cemetery
 Fountain City, Knoxville, Tennessee
Married: Robert Daniel (Bud) Delius
 August 1890 Roane Co., Tennessee

Lived in Wartburg and in later years lived in the Fountain City section of Knoxville.


Robert Daniel & Bettie Delius

 Autograph Album of Lydia Elizabeth (Betty/Bettie) Scott

Front Cover of Autograph Album

 Dear Bettie
Should sorrow ore the brow
It's darkened shadow fling
And hopes that cheer thee now
Die in this early spring
Should pleasure at it's birth
Fade like the hues of even
Turn those away from earth
There's rest for thee in heaven
To thee a toilsome way
And gladness cease to beam
Upon  ?? clouded day:-
If like the weary dove
O're shoreless Ocean driven
Raise thou thine eyes above
There's rest for you in Heaven
Your true friend
Mrs. J. H. Rogers
Jan 4th 189?  ( 3 or 8?)

(page 1 & 2 )

Dear Bettie
Prove all things,
Hold fast to that which is good.
Your sincere friemd
??? C. Saffell
Montgomery, Tenn
Oct. 2nd 1893
(page 3)

Wartburg, Tenn. Jan 7th 93
Friend Bettie
May Happiness ever be thy lot
Wherever thou shalt be.
And joy and Pleasant light the Spot
That may be home to thee.
Your friend
Will C. Steinburgh   (not sure of spelling)

(page 4)

With kindest regards and best wishes
Your friend
Aug 4th 1893
(page5 & 6)
page 5 was blank)

Kingston, Tenn.
Dear Bettie
(page 7)

Oct. the 27 1892
My Dear Cousin bettie
When you see a cat climbing a tree
Pull it's tail and think of me
Mary Scott
Montgomery, Tenn

Kingston, Tenn
Dear Mama
I love you
Your friend
(page 9 & 10)

Dear Mama
When you see a cat in a tree
Pull it's tail and think of me
Hazel Delius
Wartburg, Tenn.
(page 11)

Friend Bettie
When in my lonely grave I sleep
And the weeping willows around me weep
It is then dear friend and not before
When I shall think of you no more
Your friend
Mary Kreis
Wartburg, Tenn.
Nov 27th, 92
(page 12)

Virtue is the brightest jewel a woman can possess.
Annie L. Giles
Rugby, Tenn
June 14th, 1893

(page 13 & 14)

Thursday, Nov. 1, 1900
Dear Mama
When in my lonely grave I sleep and the weeping willows
around me sleep
It is then dear friend and not before
when I shall think of you no more
Your daughter
(page 15)
(16 is blank)

Montgomery, Tenn
May 1st, 1893
Dear Aunty
When I from this lonely "earth" depart and
your memory reaches back to "Ninety Three",
Will you "Remember Me?"
Your Nephew
L. O Scott -?? (not clear)
(Page 17}

Dear Mother
To ??? and God ????
May health and grace with you abide
That you may ????
The good and fair shall be my constant
& freverent prayers.
The heart that's merry
(last 2 or 3 lines are non-legible)
Your son
(page 18)

Lovingly your friend
Mary Roberts
July 2, 1894
(page 18)

Dear Mama
Old lady earth woke up from her sleep
and found she was cold and bare
The winter was gone and the spring was near
And she had no clothes to wear
(pg 19 -pg 20 was blank)

Wartburg, May 19, 1893
Dear Bettie
May kind friends around you cluster
And like the vines tendrils twine,
May your examples shine with luster
Throughout the vast expanse of time.
Is the wish of
Your True Friend
Sallie C.

April 28, 1901
Dear Mamma
These few lines to you are tendered
By a friend sincere and true
Hoping but to be remembered
When I'm faraway from you
Your Child
Grace D.

These few lines to you are tendered
By a friend sincere and true
Hoping but to be remembered
When I'm far away from you.
Always a friend
Dave Morris

Dear ????
With God to Friend and God to guide
May health and peace with you abide
That you may choose the good and fair
Shall be constant fervent Prayer
The heart that patient, firm and strong
The heart that's merry all day long
Years of bright joy to thee
Mrs. J. H. Rogers
Jan. 4th, 1898
(pages 25 & 26)

Dear Momma
When you are old and cannot see
put on you apecks and think of me
Your daughter Hazel Delius
April 18, 1900
Wartburg, Tenn.

Dear Bettie
May joy and pleasure be your lot
As throught this world you trot, trot, trot
Ever your friend
Josie Llewellyn
Feb.7 '97

Kingston, Tenn
June 7, 1903
My dear Mother
When you see a cat in a tree
Pull it's tail and think of me
Yours Truly  ??
Harold Delius

Aug 10 93
Be still sad heart! and cease repinning
Behind the clouds is the sun still shining
Thy fate is the common fate of all
Into each life some rain must fall
Some days must be dark and dreary
H. W. Longfellow
Mrs. Gertrude LeRoy D'Arcy

Oh! many a shaft at ??? down ???
???? ???? the archer little meant
And many a word at random spoken
May soothe or wound the heart that's broken
R. B. Honeycutt
(page  31)

Knoxville, Tenn
Aug. 22, 1893
Ever your friend
Bertha Brown
(page 32)

Dear Bettie
True friends are like diamonds
Precious and rare
False ones are like autumn leaves
Found Every Where
Manerva Justice
September 2 1894
(page 33)

In memory's wreath
may one bud be entwined for me
Mrs. J. C. Breaden
Knoxville, TN
Aug 30, 1894
(page 34)

Dear Bettie
When the golden sun is sinking
And many friends around you be.
While of others you are thinking
Just cast one thought on me
Your true friend
W. J. Bales
Cynthiana, Jeff Co., Tenn
Aug. 15, 1895
(page 36-page 35 was blank)

Dear Bettie
Though our lives are albums written with good or ill or false or true, of ??? ???
and as the blessed angels turn to pages, God grant that they may read the ???
with smiles and beat the ill with tears
Rebekah Fri???(last name hard to read)
(page 37)

Wartburg, Tenn Aug 19, 1894
Friend Bettie
In the golden chain of friendship
regard me as a link
Your friend
??? Freytag
(page 38)

Wartburg, Tenn   Aug the 28 1894
Friend bettie
Yours sincerely in the bonds of friendshop
Your Friend
Mary Gilpin
(page 40) (page 39 was blank)

Lovingly your friend
Mary Roberts
July 2. 1894
(page 42) (page 41 was blank)

Wartburg, Tenn, Aug 24, '93
Dear Sister
May the chain of friendship, formed by the links which are dropped here serve to
unite you more closely in spirit with the friends who have worked it. May each link
be brought to a white heat in the fires of love and forged on the anvil of Truth.
May there be the duties of life and where the chain of human bondage shall
be broken here on earth ??? they because flowers of eternal brightness in that
garden whence cometh exceeding peace.
Your brother
(page 43)

(page 44)

Courtesy of Pat Adams - Great Granddaughter of R.D. & Bettie Delius

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