‘You’ve Got Mail’ Connected a Family
By Jill Jones-Lazuka
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The first annual "Jones Family Gathering" was held on Saturday, October 12, 2002 at the Grey Gables Bed and Breakfast Inn, Rugby, TN.   The day was held in celebration of early Morgan County settlers, Jeremiah and Louisa Stonecipher-Jones.   It was a priceless time for all those who were able to gather together. Since this is a branch of our family tree that has been basically undiscovered, we all learned just how vast our family is and enjoyed sharing about where the last year of discovery has brought us and what potential the year to come holds.
Many hours of research time at the Wartburg Library and in Nashville went into connecting this family.  The Internet then allowed this fragmented and scattered family to reunite.  “You’ve Got Mail” became a very welcome ‘voice’ as relationships began and have grown even stronger through a family site provided through the services of

Rugby, TN

Our Hostess
Linda Brooks-Jones
Our hostess, Linda Brooks-Jones, closed our time together with a
reading of one of her works entitled, ‘Legacy’. 

Our Entertainment
As the family gathered together that day, local musician, Gerald Henwright, provided our music. He set up on the front porch of the inn and was a welcoming sound to those as they arrived.  The chair he sat in to play was made by Perry O. Jones, a grandson of Jeremiah and Louisa, about 1937 for John S. Jeffers.
For the next hour or so, folks enjoyed conversation, along with family displays that were provided by those who came. 

Families gathered together

Here is a representation of some of the folks that attended the Gathering.

There were descendants of Jeremiah and Louisa's children 
WT 'Tom', Ruth, John, James 'Jim', and Henry in attendance.
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A complete listing is as follows:

Great Grandchildren of Jeremiah and Louisa:
Margie Blair (wife of Irvin), Cindy Boyer, Kenneth Burchfield, Jean Burgess, Robert Byrge, Carlyn Cromwell, Chester Honeycutt (Esther), Golda Jeffers (Cecil), Velva Johns (Bill), Alonzo Jones, Phyllis Hoover, Jill Lazuka, Thelma Lewis, Lela Pierce, Ross Smith (Rose Marie), Lodena Strunk, Beverly Walker (Lawrence), Trudy Kautz, Elsie Smith, Dartha Carlton, Pam Doughty (Blackie), Judie Whitus, Betty Lou Shannon.

Great-Great Grandchildren:
Wendell Blair (Amy), Sharon Blair, Jacklyn Brown, Jerry Brown, Ryan Byrge, Pat Goss (Jack), Ileta Pierce, Jean Barnett, Debi Koch, Vivian Parker, Christina Foran, Joshua Foran, Marilyn Lewis, Janice Peavler, Dale Strunk, Sandy Warren (Rick), Lisa Whitus.

Great-Great-Great Grandchildren:
Amber Barnett, Josh Walker, John Walker, Ben Walker.

States represented include:
TN, MI, IN, IL, OH, AZ, NM, NC, FL, KY.   Others that came from our family, but 
attended the Guffey Gathering and Homecoming held the same day were Joe and Judi Guffey
from MD. Reba Bogan, Lois and Jack Williams, and Ralph and Nell Gregory, all from SC.

Representing the John Jones Family

Representing the Ruth Jones Family
Phyllis Land-Hoover on rt. and daughter on lt.
Carlyn Cromwell in center

Representing the W. T. 'Tom' Jones Family

Representing the Jim Jones Family

Ladies of the Family

Jill Lazuka, her son Josh and daughter Christina
Representing Henry Jones Family

Places Visted
A group traveled on to the "house that Ezra built" in 1814, located in Wartburg, near Coalfield.   Even though it didn't work out for us to view the interior, just being that close to the house and the grounds was enjoyable.
Stonecipher/Kelly house

The Old Smoke House

Inspecting the 'hand-dug" well
A huge Magnolia tree next to the house

The Ancestors

Old House place of W. T. Jones 

W. T. 'Tom' and wife, Kizzie Hutson Jones, along with their young children moved from Morgan County to the Round Mtn. in Scott County [1905] per the advice of Doc Jones. W.T. had severe asthma and Doc felt the higher ground would help with his breathing. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Born April 26, 1825
Died May 9, 1900

Carpenter Cemetery

Jeremiah was born April 26, 1825 in Tennessee.  His parents are thought to be Shadrich and Mary Ann Davis-Jones, both born in North Carolina and then migrated to Roane County following their marriage, and then on to Morgan County

Louisa Stonecipher Jones
Carpenter Cemetery
Louisa Stonecipher was born in April of 1835 to Thomas and Elender Goddard-Stonecipher.  Thomas was the son of Ezra and Susanna Curtis-Stonecipher.  Ezra built the house known as the ‘Kelly House’ in 1814.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Jeremiah and Louisa were married about 1855 in Morgan County and raised a family of 13 children:  Mary Jones, Minerva ‘Nervie’ Jones-Long-Toney , Martha Jones, William Thomas ‘Tom’ [Kizzie Hutson], Ruth Jones-Land, Sarah Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ Jones-Winningham, Lucretia ‘Creesie’ Jones-Black, John [Luvina E., Allice Smith, Martha Smith], Samuel [Mary Galloway], Theresa ‘Thursey’ Jones-Chase, James [Lourenia Galloway], Emma Jones and Henry [Josie Guffey-Stepp].  Most of their children married and raised families in the Morgan, Scott, and Fentress County areas.

born:   Dec. 21, 1783
died:   Dec. 21, 1851

Shadrich froze to death delivering the mail in 1851 and is buried in a lone grave off of Meister Hills Rd.
A group went out to see the lone grave of Shadrich Jones, the man who is thought to be the father of our Jeremiah.   Much work has been done by Alonzo Jones and Kenneth Burchfield [great grandchildren of Jeremiah] in cooperation with property owner, Joe Phillips, to prepare an entry to the grave site. 

Be sure to mark your calendar for October 2003.
For more details of the next gathering, contact
Jill Jones-Lazuka,  20944 Universal Ave., Eastpointe, MI
visit the family gathering website at:

Courtesy of Jill Jones-Lazuka

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