b March 11,1893, d  Feb 23, 1936
in Morgan Co. 

Burial in Kubly Cemetery, Lancing. 
He was the son of Chloe Hall.
He worked as the forman for the railroad in Morgan Co. until his death. He was shot and killed in front of his children. It was the night before my grandfather,
Samuel Houston Hall's  6th birthday. 
Harry was killed in the 'serenade killing' of Morgan County on Feb 23, 1936. 


 b June 12,1898  d August 16,1958
Burial in Rockwood, TN
daughter of Bill & Clara Thornton
~ ~ ~ ~ 
She was 8 months pregnant with their 9th child when Harry was killed. After Harry's death she raised the children by herself. Minnie was said to have been the postmaster at Annadel before Harry's death.

The following articles concerning the death of Harry Lee Hall, appeared in the Morgan County News and also appear in the book:   Morgan County Newspaper Obituaries, Vol. II, 1935-1940.

HALL, Harry --Serenade Kissing Leads to Slaying--CLARK and Friend in Jail, tell Sheriff HALL Threatened to Kill Them--Harry HALL, of Annadel station, near here, a railroad man, was shot and instantly killed at his home late Saturday night by Reed CLARK, 22, who accused HALL of kissing his wife at a serenade.  "A serenade is all right, but hugging and kissing my wife is not," CLARK told HALL immediately before firing a bullet into his head, Sheriff H. E. BYRGE said CLARK told him after his arrest.  According to the sheriff, HALL went along with a group to serenade CLARK Saturday night, but found the young bridegroom away from home and the wife alone.  When CLARK returned, Mrs. CLARK told him HALL forced his attentions upon her, the sheriff said he had learned.  CLARK, in company with Lloyd LONG, 21, a friend, then went to the HALL home and called him out to the front porch, the sheriff said.  The shooting, he said followed CLARK'S accusation that HALL had been kissing Mrs. CLARK.  The bullet, from a small caliber pistol, entered HALL'S mouth and emerged at the back of his head.  He died instantly.  Sheriff BYRGE said CLARK and LONG, both of whom are held in the Morgan County jail, stated HALL was threatening to kill them and had a pistol pointed at them when CLARK shot him.  HALL was married and the father of eight children.  [Morgan County News, 2-27-1936, Vol. 18, No. 42]
HALL, Harry--The many friends and relatives of Mr. Harry HALL were shocked to hear of his sudden death Sunday.  Several from here attended his funeral at Wartburg.  He was buried in the Lancing Cemetery.  [Morgan County News, 2-27-1936, Vol. 18, No. 42]
HALL, Harry --Mr. and Mrs. A. V. BYRD of Spring City were here Tuesday to attend the funeral of Mr. Harry HALL.  [Morgan County News, 2-2-1936, Vol. 18, No. 42]
HALL, HARRY --SLAYERS HELD WITHOUT BOND--Reed CLARK and Lloyd LONG, youthful slayers of Harry HALL last Sunday morning at Annadel after an argument in which CLARK alleged HALL had kissed his wife, a bride of only a few days, at a serenade.  One of the largest crowds ever to attend a preliminary hearing gathered in the Circuit Court room, Thursday afternoon to hear the testimony and get a glimpse of the slayer.  Esquires J. L. KAUFMAN and John R. DAVIS presided at the hearing.  [Morgan County News, 3-5-1936, Vol. 18, No. 43]
Card of Thanks--We wish to extend our thanks to our many friends for the kindness and sympathy shown us during the loss of our dear husband and father, and for the beautiful floral offerings.  We also wish to thank Rev. ROBB for his comforting words and for the Schuberts care.  [Signed]  Mrs. Minnie HALL and children.  [Morgan County News, 3-5-1936, Vol. 18, No. 43]
TWO GIVEN 10 YEARS FOR ‘KISS MURDER’—Reed CLARK, 23, and Lloyd LONG, 21, were found guilty of second degree murder in Criminal Court here Thursday for the murder of Harry HALL, prominent Morgan County railroad man.  HALL was shot and killed February 23 after a serenade at CLARK’S home at which it was alleged that HALL kissed CLARK’S wife, a bride of only two weeks.  Mrs. Harry HALL testified that her husband and several of the children came back from the serenade about 10 o’clock and that they retired shortly after 12 o’clock, that she was awakened by a voice calling her husband, begging him to come out.  The witness stated that some remark was made about a serenade and in two or three minutes she heard the gun fire.  Harry Lee HALL, Jr., crippled son of the victim, related how he slept near a window and was an eye witness to the murder of his father.  He stated that CLARK called his father out of the house saying “a serenade is alright but hugging and kissing my wife in not,” then said, “look here,” flashed a carbide light in his face and shot him.  Lindsay HOWARD, a neighbor of HALL, was at the serenade with his children and related that HALL was not drunk and that the serenade was not out of order.  The defense relied on the testimony of Reed CLARK, one of the defendants, and his companion, Lloyd LONG, who was held as an accessory to the murder.  CLARK stated that they had returned from a neighbor’s home where they had been listening to music until about 12 o’clock, that he had been informed, before he came home, about the serenade while he was away and that HALL had embraced his wife, Shirley CLARK, whispered to him after they had gone to bed, and told him that HALL had tried to become familiar with her and that he dressed, bade LONG, who was visiting with him at that time, to go to Annadel with him.  The defendant further stated that he called to HALL and was wanting to “reason the thing out with him.”  He stated that HALL came out with a pistol in his hand and after an exchange of words, leveled the pistol at him and that he shot HALL in self defense.  The other defendant corroborated the testimony of CLARK.  The Jury was out deliberating two hours and a half, after a charge from Judge Jesse L. ROGERS, who presided.  After the verdict was announced, council for the defense made a motion for a new trial, which was argued before Judge ROGERS, Tuesday morning and over ruled.  Representing the State were Attorney General Howard BAKER, Geo W. DAGLEY, J. M. DAVIS and R. A. DAVIS.  The defense attorneys were J. H. McCARTT and Charles DAVIS.  The trial consumed two days and attracted one of the largest crowds ever to attend court here.  [Morgan County News, 4-2-1936, Vol. 18, No. 52]

Courtesy of Melissa Chatman - Great-granddaughter of Harry Lee and Minnie Mae Thornton Hall

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