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Jones Family Gathering 2004
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Contributing Writer, Jill Jones-Lazuka


This year’s Jones Family Gathering was held on October 10, 2004, at the Sunbright Community Center.  Over 50 people were in attendance and there were 6 states represented.


We welcomed new family members from other branches of the Shadrack and Mary Ann Davis- Jones tree.  Descendants were not only from Jeremiah and Louisa Stonecipher-Jones, but also included those descended from Samuel and Mary “Polly” Guffey-Jones and John Jackson and Elizabeth Jones. 


During the time of gathering, a booklet of compiled newspaper clippings about various family members was enjoyed and used as a topic of discussion to become acquainted with and renew ties with each other.  The potluck meal was both delicious and plentiful, with desserts to satisfy any sweet tooth preference.


Following the meal, introductions were made in relationship to who they were descended from.  We also had the opportunity to learn more about our other related surnames of Scottish descent, complete with a demonstration of traditional attire given by A. Joseph Guffey.


Before everyone left, we were able to capture the memory in a traditional group photograph.  We look forward to next year’s gathering and would encourage other family members descended from this tree to join us:  Creesy Jones, b. 1821; Elizabeth Jones, b. 1823; Jeremiah and Louisa Stonecipher-Jones; Samuel and Mary “Polly” Guffey-Jones; Katherine Jones, b. 1832; John Jackson and Elizabeth Jones; Larkin Jones, b. 1835; Josiah and Catherine Jones; Ervin Stephen and Elizabeth Parthenia Duncan-Jones; Minerva Jones, b. 1843 and Margaret Jones, b. 1844.


**Mark your calendar for the second weekend of October 2005. 
Watch for details in both your local paper and on your county website. 
Additional information on this family can be obtained by contacting
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