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          Beginning back before the Civil War, only a few families made up what is now known as Pine Orchard Community, located in the third district of Morgan County in Tennessee.
          At this time, there was one church and one school in the locality.  The school was known as the Blake School and was located on the North side of Crab Orchard Creek.  The first teachers of this one room log school were Tenna Blevins and Captain Agers.  This church and school were approximately four miles apart.  These two buildings served this section of the county until 1872.
          A one room log school was built on the South-East side of Crab Orchard Creek.  This building was built by the settlers.  The first teacher was Tenna Blevins who came from the original school.  Other early teachers of the school were Frank Lacy and Charlie Margraves.
          A description of classes in a log building as told by a former county resident:   “School was taught in a long school house with benches made of slabs of wood and the only thing that induced students to sit erect was the warp of a black gum switch, as the benches had no backs.”
          The community was named Pine Orchard because of a massive area of beautiful pine trees.
          The first settlers of this new Pine Orchard Community were the Snows, Powells, Whites, McGuffeys, Stouts, McGills, Hatfields, Gallahers, Alleys, Weatherfords, Livelys, Headricks, Kittrells, and Binghams.
          A Baptist Church was organized and church services were held in the school building once a month until 1890 when the first church building was built.
          A two room frame structure school house was built in 1892 with materials furnished by the community.  Among the first teachers in this school were Amanda Kimmer, Thomas Snodgrass, and Sampson Dekesseth.  This building had one teacher for the eight grades.
          Many children had to walk three or four miles to get to school.  Thus other one room schools were built in the more remote sections of the community.   These were Pleasant Dale in the South-West section and Hatley School (known as Seed Tick) in the North-West section.  All three schools --- Pleasant Dale, Seed Tick and Pine Orchard continued until after World War I.
          In 1927, the original Pine Orchard School was torn down and the county built a new one room school to serve grades 1-8.  Also a community building was started in 1930 to provide a place for hot lunches as well as provide a place for community fairs and gatherings such as music concerts and the county elections.
          Since there was no lunchroom until the early 1930’s, students took their lunch in the Fall and Spring, packed biscuits and baked sweet potatoes in a lard bucket, went outside and ate lunch under the pine trees.  During cold weather, soup was made on the top of a small oil stove in a “back room” and carried to the students’ desks.  Some still brought their lunch in the lard buckets in the Winter.
          When the school went to two teachers in 1946, this building was also used for classes for the lower grades and the other building for the upper grades.
          Construction began on a modern three room brick school in 1950 which opened for the 1951-1952 term.  The teachers for the first year in this building were Annis Blake and Hazel Zumstein.   At this time, the board of education purchased the community building for the lunchroom.  Also at this time, construction was started on a new community building a short distance from the church and school.  There were still only two teachers for the eight grades until 1954 when all three classrooms were used with three teachers.   A gymnasium and lunchroom were added some years later.  The school was consolidated with Oakdale at the end of the 1967-1968 term.  The teachers for the last year were Nellie Bingham and Karen Summers Kittrell.
          The high school at Pine Orchard was established by the unanimous vote of the High School Board in October, 1915.  “The school building was painted inside and out, had two good rooms well supplied with the necessary school furniture and other equipment including a library of something over 150 volumes, to be used for reference and general reading, a musical instrument and song books for use in devotional exercises and entertainment.”  The faculty consisted of Lee M. Cross, Principal and Glenna D. Kries, Assistant.  The high school lasted for only one year due to lack of pupils.


There will be a reunion of all former students and teachers of the Pine Orchard School which was located in the Pine Orchard Community, Oakdale, Morgan County, Tennessee.  The school closed at the end of the 1967-1968 term and the school was consolidated with Oakdale School.

 WHEN:  Saturday, June 12, 2004 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

WHERE:   Pine Orchard Community Center

EVERYONE BRING:   Food (covered dish) for the 1:00 PM meal, drinks and ice for the day.

PROVIDED:   Table service items (plates, cups, napkins, and cutlery) will be provided.

CONTRIBUTIONS:   There will be a money jar for contributions to cover the cost of the table service items and use of the building.

This is the second reunion of the school, the first one being in 1999.  This reunion will not have any scheduled program, it is just for everyone to visit and share memories.  Bring pictures and other mementos to share.

The Community Center is handicapped accessible and is now air-conditioned.  Get in touch with all of your former classmates and teachers and encourage them to attend.

For more information, please contact:

David Byrd – 865-882-9551 –
Diane Sutton – 865-354-0401 –
John Monroe – 423-369-4191 –
Sharon Smith – 423-369-5393 –
Virginia Brown – 865-688-2460 –

Pine Orchard School, Morgan County, TN,  December 1912
Front row: Lora Summers, Ruby Powell, Belle Miles, Shirley Snow, Pearl Powell, Mabel Johson, Walter Stone, Hazel Weatherford, Ethel Miracle, Chas. Vigle Johnson, Frank "Preacher" Miles, Frank Miles, Bill Miles, Ruth Weatherford, Kate White, Ahiga Snow (or Lonnie).
Second Row:  George Powell ?, Ruth Robbins, Blanch White, Ben Robbins, Harley Stone, Sherman Miracle, Pearl Miracle, Floyd Summers, Kate White.
Back Row:  Herman McGuffey, Joe Powell, (Elem Teacher), John Weatherford, Raphie Snow, Mr. Schick, (high school teacher) Florence Robbins, Gertrude Goldston, Libby Stone, Pearl Gillis
Upper Right: Oma McGuffey, Dave Blake, Ruth Blake

Pine Orchard School
(sometime between 1892 and 1927)
Virginia Brown has an old original photograph with no dates or names. If you can help date or identify anoyone in the photo, please contact her.

Pine Orchard School
1930's and 1927

                         Pine Orchard School -mid 1950's                                 

Gym and lunch room 1999-still maintained by Pine Orchard Church for church functions.   

Pine Orchard Church 1916
Photo taked from "The Pictorial History of Morgan County, Tennessee", page 56
(Would like to find original and obtain a copy-contact Virginia Brown)

Pine Orchard School -possibly taken in the 1940's

* * *

Front row: L - R:  Helen Hatfield Arnold (deceased), unknown, Cora Smith Ruppe, Nellie Powell Williams, Bart Woolum-former teacher now deceased, Iva Mae Adkins Elder, Virginia Stone, Betty Jackson, former teacher.
Back Row L-R: Ernest Byrd, Lewis Hatfield, W.K. Hatfield, Walter Stone, Bo Blake Miles, Glen Hatfield, Benton Smith. Sitting in right front: Ashlee Powell, g-granddaughter of George Powell.

L-R:  Viola Powell Cagle, now deceased, Nellie Bingham, former teacher, Ronald Bingham, June Watson Horton, Bart Woolum, former teacher-deceased, unknown, Bo Blake Miles, Rebecca Howard McCormick, former teacher, Lewis Hatfield.

L-R:  Viola Powell Cagle, now deceased, Everett Powell, Virginia Jo Stewart Gibson

seated L:-R: Fred Copeland, former bus driver, Jess Powell
Standing l-r: ??, ??, ??, Joan Nelson Neyman, Mary Stone Keeney, John Monroe

L-R One of Clay Smith's sons, Charles & Mary Elizabeth McGuffey Harrison.

Al Smith & Tommy Edington

L-R:  Barbara Clark Goodman, Glen Shannon, former teacher, Geraldine Helton Reyoods, Jimmy Stewart

Front: Nellie Bingham, former teacher
Back: Loouise Monroe, John Monroe, Granville Nelson, Margie Bingham Deal, David Morris

L-R:  Geraldine Helton Reynolds, Jimmy Stewart, Louse Monroe, Della Mae or Midge Dodd?, (daughter of Arthur and Marie Dodd), Granville Nelson, David Morris, Margie Bingham Deal.
in front with backs to camers, Fred Copeland and Sharon Smith.

Fred Copeland, Geraldine Helton Reynolds, Jimmy Stewart. Seated, Sharon Smith

Betty Jackson, former teacher, Geraldine Reynolds, Jimmy Stewart, Mary Stone Keeney, John Monroe

L-R: Geraldine Reynolds, Rebecca Howard McCormick, former teacher, Nellie Bingham, former teacher, Granville Nelson, David Morrid, ??, ??, Margie Bingham Deal

L-R: Iva Mae Adkins Elder, Bart Woolum, Edna Stone Bardill, Nellie Powell Williams, Virginia Stone

L-R:  ???, Eddie Ray Stewart, Mary Stone keeney, John Monroe, Joan Nelson Neyman, Granville Nelson, Robert Weatherford, child??

Annis Nelson Newcombe, Lois Nelson Justice, Virginia Jo Stewart Gibson,

Information courtesy of Virginia Brown

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