Old Schubert Home - Wartburg

Another Old Landmark of Wartburg has given way to progress.  It is the old Schubert home that sat just across from the Court House on the south.  This was the home of the late Bruno and Louisa Schubert.  It was in this house that all of the Schubert family was born and raised, beginning with Carl, Otto, Wilma, Louis, Rema and Russell.  Bruno Schubert was brought from Germany to Wartburg in 1881 when he was 12 years old by his father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schubert.  Ray and Rou Schubert were not sure when their father acquired the property, but they think about 1890.  They believe that it was originally a frame house and later faced with brick.  Bruno Schubert was an early merchat of Wartburg and was perhaps one of the first automobile dealers in the county.  He was also one of the original stockholders of the Citizens Bank and Trust Company.  Boyd Rogers, a local realtor and builder, bought the property and says he plans to erect a two story office building on the  property.
[From the Morgan County News, 7-22-1982]

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