Sunbright, TN

Some of the photos and information on his page was 'borrowed' from the
Morgan County News - "Sharing the Past" - by Jean Pollard
Others have been submitted
Other photos have the name of the person who submitted it, unless they asked not to be named.
Thanks to everyone for sharing their pieces of Sunbright Pottery.
 Sunbright Pottery apparently existed in the late 1940's, and was owned by a Pat Regan.
It was located on what is now Hugh Jones Loop Road in Sunbright.
Some images include a selling price as shown on Ebay-this is for reference only....

The piece was previously owned by Ledford Cochran. He worked at Sunbright Pottery and was allowed to paint, fire, and keep the pitcher due to a defect in the pottery-- which can be seen on the top rim.

Now owned by Emili


Note: bottom is not marked


This pitcher is owned by a lady in NC. 
According to the article, 
the pitcher has "Sunbright, Tenn., printed on it. The printing used to be gold. Both the printing and gold color are faded and about gone.

This pitcher is pink & white and made by the owner for his wife many years ago when he worked at the factory where these pieces were made.

According to this article, this vase is blue. The stamped label on the right identifies this piece as an original piece of pottery.



Submitted photos


This piece is owned by Millie 

This piece owned by Lois 


These pieces are owned by Mary

Markings on the bottom of a vase
Three views of the same vase.....

These pieces courtesy of Gary

This piece recently sold on Ebay for $ 381.78
Vase is about 9" tall and is a pretty blue color.  The bottom has the starburst and is marked Sunbright Potteries, Sunbright, Tenn and the number 104. 

This sold on Ebay for about $182 

Another Ebay goodie!  measures 8 x 7 1/2 

 [submitted photos]



If you have a piece of this pottery, please consider sending a photo,
 or any other information about Sunbright Pottery, to be posted on this page.   EMAIL

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