The White Spot Inn - A Postcard
On the back it says " We Have A Beautiful Display of
Antique European And Early American China, Glassware, Art, And Furniture.
Also A Few Chinese Dishes. 
Mail Address- Frank Gubernat, R.F.D. No. 2, Lancing, Tennessee" 
The postage on it is 3 cent.  It doesn't have a date on it.
This photo courtesy of Katherine Webb

*White Spot Inn on U.S. 27, 1/2 mile North, Wartburg, Tennessee
We have a beautiful display of antique European and early American china, 
glassware, art and furniture, also a few Chinese dishes. 
Phone Wartburg 0504
Frank Gubertnat
R.F.D. No. 2, Lancing, Tennessee
Dear Mr. Maks, I have a buyer for your truck
bring the other wheel and see me as soon
as you can.
Postmark - Jan 13 (looks like 1942?)
Addressed to Mr. H. Maks (Mr. Harry Macks)
Lancing, Rt 1
This postcard was found in a home that formerly belonged to Mr. Mack.
It was bought by Charles and Nola Barnett Edwards. The Post Card was found
in the walls of the house when it was being remodeled by Clifford Barnett.
This postcard and information courtesy of Charles and Nola Barnett Edwards.
Note: New info:
I remember the WHITE SPOT INN and I am 99% sure that it is where Bart Sexton's Trading Post is today. Bart bought it and turned it into a Trading Post. It is at the Jct of Montgomery Road and Old Hwy 27 North-west of Wartburg.  [Additional info courtesy of Joyce Briggs Vespie]
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Note: This is where the Sexton Trading Post is now located

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