The first tobacco crop grown in Morgan County.
These pictures are of the first tobacco crop grown in Morgan County. 
This crop was grown on the R.O. Lavender farm near Twin Bridges just west of Deer Lodge.  The seed was brought to Deer Lodge by my grandfather M.C. (Cal) Adkins.  He had raised tobacco in Nichlosville, KY.  prior to moving back to Deer Lodge in the early 1920's. 
The people in the picture are Cal Adkins, Della Adkins, Ramey Lavender, A.C. Lavender, Mandy Lavender, and the children whose names I do not know were from the Hawn family. 
This appears to be a very good crop of tobacco even by today's standards.
Submitted by Frank Kirby
Formally of Deer Lodge now residing in Gracey, KY


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