Morgan County Officials who held office before World War I.  The time was about 1914

Front Row:  (left to right) John Scott, Circuit Court Clerk:  Tiffin Ott, County Trustee:  Anderson Honeycutt, Register of Deeds;  Tom Morris, an Attorney at Law;  Henry Summers, County Court Clerk. 
Back Row:  (left to right)   Rufus Honeycutt, Superintendent of Schools;  Granville Davis, Deputy Sheriff; and Will Neil, Sheriff. 
The picture was made in front of the East Door of the Court House.  John Scott was the father of Sam Scott of Wartburg, a retired Circuit Court Clerk.  Tiffin Ott was the father of Mrs. Roy Schubert.  Will Neil was from Deer Lodge and was the Uncle of Mrs. Maude Freytag of Wartburg. Photo courtesy of John W. Peters. 

This photo is from an old newspaper clipping.
(Wording copied as printed in clipping)
 Newspaper, as well as date of publication are unknown

Photo submitted by Julie Cromwell

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