Roddy Rhea Co   April 14th 1890

Dear Brother & Sister & family 

I take the presant time to write you the sad news of the deth of  J. F. Stinecipher on March 27.  he was taken Thursday evening & lived Three weeks  he first complained of Something like collack & he lingered a long for a few days & I sent for the Doctor & he said it was he Liver & Kidneys that was the cause of his Sickness  I first sent for Dr. Wilson & he come & giv him a good _?__ of strong medison & he said he thought he was better & he left & I sent for Doctor Frasier & he come & done the best he could for him  But failed to cure him  Frank was 18 years & 24 days old when he died & that makes 6 children ded & 3 living & I wrote a letter to send you March 29th & Jackson was taken sick & has ben sick some 17 days & the Doctor sais he is Better & I think he a little better but is very low  he can set up long enough to hav his bed made up  the Doctor has ben to see him about 5 trips & is to come to morow & I have some hopes that he will git well  But the lord only knows and it seems lik I hav ben unfortunate & the trouble seems to be most more then I can bare but we should submit to the will of the lord who givs life & takes it away & if we are prepared to meete the lord in piece we will be done with trouble for it seems like ther is but little satisfaction in this life and I have hope that Frank has gon to Rest where he will sing & praise thie lord for ever more where ther is no more trouble & distress & I hope we will all meete in heaven where we will all be Done with Troubles &  Trials  Frank said one night that Jesus would go with him or that was what I understood  Frank talked a grea deele & he said when he got so he could travel he wanted to out to Morgan & see all his connections  he seemed to be the most anctionus to git well  But it seemed like his time had come & we don't know wen our time will come & we should try to be reddy to go of corse it wont be long til all the age of myself will hav to answer for the Deeds Done in the boddy whether good or bad  I David & Ollie are as well as common  Most wore out with forteag  we have done but little in the way of farming & of corse wont do much it is gitting late & but little done  Some are planting corn it has rained so much of the time the most of the people ar behing with ther work  I was aiming to go out to Morgan this Spring but I cannot tell when we are so much confused & in so much trouble it is unknown to me what I will do  I hav ben thinking that some of you would come but you don't come  Come when you can & write when you git this 
May the lord Bless & Save us all is My hope and cincer desir 

Yours Truly
Jesse Stinecipher

From a collection at the Wartburg Library

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