From Family Findings
Vol. IV, No. 4, October 1972, pp. 90-91
Copyright, Mid-West Tennessee Genealogical Society, 1972
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Located on the farm of Ben Stewart, about two miles south of Lavinia, Tennessee, Carroll County, Tennessee, between the barn lot and the highway. Copied by Mr. William B. Elam.

Sacred to the Memory of The
A minister of the Gospel of
Jesus Christ, 18 years in the
Methodist Epescopalian Churches
He was born Jan. 4, 1781
Departed this life Apr. 6, 1851

Sacred to the Memory of
consort of Rev. B. M. BURROW
born Feb. 17, 1787
Departed this life
Sept. 10, 1856, age about 70 years
Erected by their children

(The above was on one rock)


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(Double Rock)
John J. BURROW, Nov. 22, 1806-Dec. 24, 1887, Aged 81y 1m 2d
Elisa, wife of John J. BURROW, Nov. 5, 1808-Mar. 25, 1891

John A. KIZER, son of J. B. & J. V. KIZER, Mar. 12, 1879-Mar. 25, 1879

Samuel B. BURROW, April 20, 1847-Dec. 6, 1870

George H. BURROW, July 17, 1846-Feb. 4, 1880

John B. KIZER, June 7, 1851-April 4, 1885

one foot stone "A.B.D."

In memory of Nancy S., Wife of John RADER, Oct. 12, 1804-Jan. 17, 1859

(Double Stone)
J. W. McKELVY, Oct. 23, 1828-____
H. E. McKELVY, Feb. 17, 1838-June 19, 1909


(Page 91)

The following names were on four sides of one rock:

(first side)
Sacred to the Memory of children of John Jefferson & Eliza BURROW
Parmento S., died Jan. 5, 1843, aged 10y 10 d
Bank M., died Sept. 8, 1835, aged 1y 6m
Eliza, died Dec. 28, 1840, aged 7m 25d

(second side)
John W., died Oct. 28, 1835, aged 2 m 8 d
Napoleon B., died Mar. 30, 1841, aged 7y 1m 23d
Mary H., died Aug. 27, 1839, aged 4y 7d

(third side)
Nancy S., died May 10, 1844
Philip, died May 19, 1845
Miranda, died July 8, 1848
James, died July 1, 1849
Abner S. died Jan. 25, 1843 aged 1m 1d

(fourth side)
Catherine, died Aug. 28, 1841, aged 1m 2d