From Family Findings
Vol. XI, No. 3, July 1979, p. 109
Copyright, Mid-West Tennessee Genealogical Society, 1979
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Located in Carroll Co, Tn between Union Academy Church and Jerrell Switch on Loyd Parnell's farm, Copied by William B. Elam.


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Mary A. McCracken, d July 28, 1832, age 32 yrs

Martha A. Baxter, Jan 1, 1835-Apr. 25, 1849

Mary Baxter, d Apr. 15, 1845, age 79 yrs

David Baxter, d July 11, 1834, age 63 yrs

Mary I., wife of Jas. H. Mitchell, Mar 22, 1826-Sept 21, 1851, age 25 yrs.