Compiled by Jonathan K. T. Smith
Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 2000

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This is an old community cemetery for Clarksburg, Tennessee located on the south side of Clarksburg Road about .7 mile east of its juncture with Highway 22 in this town. It has been many years since any black burials were made here and those formerly made were located on the west side, now grownup in trees and vegetation. There are no tombstones except for one at a sunken grave, inscribed simply, "M. B. W." The one funeral home marker still legible reads: ESKEW OWENS died July 31, 1965.

Death certificates indicate burials here:
OLLIE HUTSON, female, April 8, 1896-March 15, 1917
ELWOOD MILAM CRIDER, son of Josh and Carry Crider, Apr. 23, 1918-June 6, 1918
RANCE HAMPTON, male, died March 1920 aged about 80 years
WILLIAM MILTON PEARSON died January 24, 1921 aged about 47 years
LUTHER REID, January 20, 1893-January 16, 1919
RUTHIE LEE CRIDER, dau of Jack Crider, June 2, 1923-December 18, 1924
MINNIE LEE PARKER, February 3, 1876-November 1, 1923


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COX Funeral Home indicates burials here:
SHOWIE HARRIS, JR. died July 13, 1946 aged 25 years
TENNESSEE McHANEY died August 9, 1942 aged 73 years
JANE HERBERT McHANEY died June 22, 1955 aged 25 years
WILLIE T. TAYLOR (male) died December 19, 1938 aged 22 years
EVERLINE PEARSON died February 10, 1934 aged 99 years; born Henderson Co.


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