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At one time the approach to this large cemetery was from Old Stage Road. The least complicated approach, now:turn at U.S. Highway 70 onto Ledsinger Road and drive about 2 miles to Old Stage Road, onto which one turns and drives about .2 mile to McLemoresville Road, onto which one turns and drives about .9 mile to the driveway of Mr. John Thomsen, on the west side of the road. From this point one walks due south, through a wide field, crosses a drain, ascends a wooded ridge about .5 mile to this cemetery.

EDNA PRICE Mt. Ollie Circle No. 1351;died October 15, 1925
/born September 1898;dau of Charles and Lizzie Price/

LIDDA, wife of Dan FOSTER
Born January 16, 1840
Died June 2, 1903
Though lost to sight to memory dear

_______ HORNS
Died June 16, 19_6 FH marker

Born August 5, 1881
Died February 4, 1896

wife of E. Coleman, no dates

DORA dau of I. S. & J. S. COLEMAN
Born May 4, 1876
Died August 24, 1896

ROBERT son of J. J. & M. E. COLEMAN
Born July 26, 1867
Died September 7, 1885

Born October 1891
Died March 26, 1937 FH marker
/son of Levi Price/

March 25, 1904-July 22, 1926

Died February 22, 1932
aged 17 years, 11 months
Dilday FH marker

Born October 19, 1878
Died February 5, 1896

Mt. Ollie Circle No. 1351
Died January 22, 1928

ISAAC, Husband of Jennie COLEMAN
Born January 1848
Died August 22, 1900

JENNIE wife of Isaac COLEMAN
Born June 26, 1843
Died July 5, 1895
Home sweet home

Mt. Ollie Circle No. 1351
Died September 8, 1926
/born 1871;dau of Levi Price/


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Mrs. LINNIE B. /Hilliard/ PRICE, died August 16, 1938 aged 42 years; FH marker


Buried here, according to Mrs. Vera Price Gilbert (born 1925), Huntingdon, Tennessee:
Rev. LEVI PRICE (December 1837-190?); his first wife, MARY; second wife, MANDY COLEMAN /married October 1880/; his third wife, LIZZIE SPRATT, widow Luter /married April 1884/ (August 1859-1951); son of Levi and Lizzie Price, GIDEON DUB PRICE (October 1886-October 30, 1941) and his wife, LINNIE (Hilliard) PRICE (died 1938); ETHLER ADAMS died April 17, 1936 aged 75 years; LEVI ROBERT PRICE, born May 1885; died November 9, 1944; JAMES EDWARD PRICE, infant son of Charles Price; IDA HILLIARD; GEORGE WILSON (died 1941) and his wife, IDELLA WILSON; CHARLES PRICE (1832-190?); ANGELINE WILSON, sister of George Wilson. PERHAPS buried here POKE COLEMAN and wife, EMILINE (Puss) COLEMAN (born October 1836), a sister of Rev. Levi Price, Charles Price and James Price.

According to Mrs. Gilbert, daughter of Gideon Dub Price and granddaughter of Reverend Levi Price, the latter established Mt. Zion Baptist Church at Mt. Olive; that his widow, Lizzie (who had first married a Luter) married /December 1918/ to Mart Adams; that the settlement at Mt. Olive disintegrated during the Second World War when families moved away to work in war industries.

Death certificates would indicate burials here:
FRANCIS ADAMS, female, August 16, 1866-March 2, 1917
VINNIE COLEMAN, February 1884-October 26, 1917;dau of Samuel and Adaline Wilson
CLEMMIE ADAMS died April 28, 1916 aged about 75 years

Cox Funeral Home indicates burials here:
CALVIN M. MERRIWEATHER died February 7, 1938 aged 99 years
DEALUS HILLSMAN died May 21, 1939 aged 23 years
ADELINE WILSON died August 20, 1933 aged 81 years
CALVIN ADAMS died October 21, 1941 aged 56 years


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