Tennessee Records Repository

Decatur Co. TN

Autobiography and Reminiscenses

Wiley M. Crook


Wiley M. Crook and Hulda L. Crook

A little book containing a biography of the ancestry of Wiley M. Crook, telling about both his great grandfather's service in the Revolutionary War under General Washington, giving their names; also the names and residences of both of his grandfathers, together with their brothers, and his own father and mother and the names of their brothers and sisters, also the names of his brothers and sisters.

A reminiscence of his boy and young manhood days in Tennessee and of volunteering in the Confederate army at the age of 17 years and an account of his experience in the Civil War, recollections of the campaigns and battles engaged in by the Confederate armies under he command of Albert Sidney Johnston, G. T. Beauregard, Braxton Bragg, Joseph E. Johnston and J. B. Hood, from the Shiloh battle on April 6, 1862, to our surrender at Greensboro, North Carolina, April 26, 1865,and his return home in May, 1865.

Plain, unvarnished recital of his experience as a young man, his first marriage and migration to Texas, his life in that State for over thirty years, and of his second marriage and removal to Arkansas in January, 1907, and covering his life for over ten years in Arkansas, his present home, at Star City.


Note: This online version of Autobiography and Reminiscences was made from a xerox copy in the Everett Horn Library, Lexington, Tennessee. The library's copy is noted as made from an original owned by "W. C. Crook, Crookland Hall, Middlefork Village, Luray, Tenn. 38352." The xerox copy had a number of handwritten corrections and notes, especially on the early chapters. These corrections and notes were omitted from the main transcription above. Click here to see a version with the corrections and notes. Also available are a page of illustrations added with the notes (with an obituary for Wiley M. Crook) and portraits and photographs provided by W. Clay Crook.