Buckley Cemetery is a well-maintained mixed-race cemetery in Henderson County (by a few hundred feet) but it is only accessible through Chester County. Drive north from Mifflin on Luray Road until you are about a half mile from Luray. Look for Harris Road and turn east/right. Drive about a mile to Buckley Cem. Lane. White burials are on the west side, black burials on the east. There are no obvious unmarked graves on the white side but there may be a several on the black side. David Donahue recorded this cemetery October 21, 2003.

            Jonathan K. T. Smith recorded the black section of this cemetery in 1995. It appears in his Tombstone Inscriptions from Black Cemeteries in Henderson County, Tennessee. This is referred to as Smith in the notes below.

            Alicia Adcox and Anita Webb recorded this cemetery circa 1976. Their record appears in Henderson County, Tennessee Cemetery Inscriptions (R. H. Harris, Memphis, 1976), Vol. I, pp. 121-122. This earlier work is referred to as "Adcox and Webb" in the notes below.

            Robert and Wilma Nolen recorded Buckley Cemetery on Feb. 15, 1975. Their record appeared in Family Findings, Vol. XVII, No. 1, January 1985, p. 8. This is referred to as "Nolens" in notes below.


Black Section

Barham, Emel, Mrs., d. May 21, 1968, Aged 33 Yrs. [not found in 2003; reported by Adcox and Webb who probably read a temporary marker

Buckley, Abe, July 5, 1878-Sept. 6, 1947, "Father" footstone

Buckley, Charles W., no dates

Buckley, Easter M., no dates

Buckley, Ethel [see Harmon, Ethel Buckley]

Buckley, Reeder, no dates; also temporary marker, Parham Mortuary, d. July 21, 1971, Aged 83 Years 5 Months 0 Days"

Carter, Lular A., no dates

Frye, Elsie Mae Harmon, June 30, 1913-____, "Wife of J. L. Frye"

Godwin, Bobbie A., no dates [as reported by Smith who read a temporary marker from Bledsoe Funeral Home:: Mrs. Barbara Ann Godwin, 11-3-1933-11-16-1989]

Harmon Ben, 1855-1946
Harmon, Ethel Buckley, 1885-1968

Holiday, Sandra J., Feb. 4, 1959-Oct. 10, 1971; also temporary marker, Parham Mortuary, Sandra Jean Holliday]
Holiday, Wayne, July 22, 1963-Oct. 10, 1971 [share triple marker with Francies Mitchell]

McCurry, Roger L., Jan. 12, 1949-May 12, 1973, military marker "Tennessee Cpl US Marine Corp Vietnam"

Mitchell, Francies, Apr. 19, 1966-Oct. 10, 1971 [shares triple marker with Sandra J. and Wayne Holiday]

Parker, Francies, d. Died Oct. 10, 1971, Aged 5 Yrs. 5 Mos. 21 Days, temporary marker, Parham Funeral Home [not found in 2003; reported by Smith

Woodson, David E., no dates [as reported by Adcox and Webb: Woodrow, David, Feb. 1963, Aged 8 Hrs.]


White Section

Bryant, Elwanda White, 1944-____
Bryant, Gene Thomas, 1930-2002

Buckley, ______, "Children of N. T. & M. L. Buckley"

Buckley, Benj. H., Sept. 6, 1803-Apr. 23, 1853, "Major"

Buckley, Elizabeth, Aug. 16, 1839-June 13, 1840, "Daughter of John H. & Mary C. Buckley"

Buckley, Ellen [see Harris, Ellen Buckley"

Buckley, Francis [see Russell, Francis Buckley]

Buckley, Jessie, Sept. 8, 1897-Sept. 21, 1900, "Son of S. J. & E. E. Buckley" (fallen)

Buckley, John H., Apr. 6, 1795-Jan. 25, 1857, "Born in the State of Virginia"

Buckley, Lois Dean, 1896-1974 [as reported by the Nolens: d. Oct 11, 1974, age 78y 1m 10d]
Buckley, John Roy, 1892-1987, military marker as footstone "Pvt US Army World War II"; dates

Buckley, Mary C., d. June 7, 1854 [not found in 2003; listed by Adcox and Webb]

Buckley, Mary Coleman Terry, May 6, 1811-Apr. 29, 1889, "Born in Va." "Wife of J. H. Buckley" (broken)

Buckley, Mary K., May 9, 1837-Nov 18, 1850, "Daughter of John H. & Mary C. Buckley" (broken) [dates unreadable in 2003; dates shown were reported by the Nolens, who also reported "born in Virginia"]

Buckley, Nathaniel Terry, June 25, 1834-July 17, 1892, "Born in Virginia"
Buckley, Mary Letitia Taylor, July 18, 1836-July 28, 1913, "His wife"

Buckley, Samuel J., Dec. 12, 1850-Apr. 15, 1906

Buckley, Sarah, Jan. 27, 1853-June 2, 1954, "Daughter for John H. & M. C. Buckley"

Buckley, Thomas Fielder, Aug. 12, 1900-Nov. 24, 1987
Buckley, Mary Blanche, Apr. 17, 1903-Nov. 13, 1987

Dodds, Ellen Elizabeth, Sept. 28, 1913-Apr. 2, 1916, "Dau. of R. B. & L. A. Dodds"

Dodds, Homer R., Apr. 7, 1916-Jan. 28, 1924

Dodds, Lizzie A., 1884-1958
Dodds, Richard B., 1872-1942

Edwards, C. A., d. June 28, 1907, Aged 63 Ys. 18 Ds., "Wife of Jno. R. Edwards"
Edwards, Jno. R., d. July 7, 1910, Aged 69 Ys. 10 Ms. 24 Ds., "Husband of C. A. Edwards"

Edwards, John Roy, May 14, 1873-Sept. 28, 1877, "Son of J. R. & C. A. Edwards"

Edwards, Lucy G., Apr. 2, 1867-Oct. 15, 1877, "Dau. of J. R. & C. A. Edwards" (broken)

Harris, Ellen Buckley, Aug 12, 1862-Feb. 6, 1943

Morton, Elmo, Apr. 11, 1949-July 18, 1949, "Inf. son of Code & Maudie"

Priddy, Annie Lucile, Aug. 13, 1887-Sept. 1, 1951, "Mother" footstone
Priddy, Clifford E., July 14, 1884-Jan. 10, 1972, "Father" footstone

Priddy, Clint, 1919-1931

Russell, Infant son and daughter, May 1948
Russell, Francis Buckley, Jan. 24, 1924-____

Taylor, Mary Letitia [see Buckley, Mary Letitia Taylor]

Tucker, Bessie Witherspoon, 1883-1954, "Mother" [as reported by Nolens: d. Sept 2, 1954, age 70y 6m 15d]
Tucker, William Fredrick, 1877-1948, "Father"

Tucker, Infant, no dates, "Infant son of W. F. & E. M. Tucker"

Tucker, L. D., Sept. 18, 1841-July 16, 1881, "Wife of Dr. W. C. Tucker"
Tucker, W. C., Jan. 19, 1827-Jan. 22, 1914, "Dr." "Husband of L. D. Tucker"

Tucker, Lucy Della, Oct. 31, 1880-Aug. 10, 1907, "Dau. of W. C. & L. D. Tucker"

Tucker, Mary Elizabeth "Dibeth," Mar. 22, 1915-Mar. 19, 1998

Tucker, Mary Irene, 1863-1956 [as reported by Nolens: d. June 29, 1956, Age 92y 7m 2d]
Tucker, Alice Rozelle, 1873-1964

Tucker, Virginia, Jan. 15, 1918-Feb. 10, 1920, "Dau. of W. F. & Mary E. Tucker"

Tucker, William Clark, Feb. 18, 1913-Feb. 28, 1942

White, Elwanda [see Bryant, Elwanda White]

White, Montray, Sept. 28, 1913-July 28, 1975

Witherspoon, Bessie [see Tucker, Bessie Witherspoon]


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