Lee Nell King

From The History of the Friendship Community of Chester County, Tennessee
by Lee Nell King
Copyright 1996, Lee Nell King


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History of Friendship Cemetery

The cemetery is located adjacent to the church on land owned by the church. Additional land was donated to the cemetery by the Ben Linton family and the Bob Holloway family.

Recently the cemetery committee has also purchased more land.

The first person buried there was Matthew Bray in 1848.

Mr. Homer Carroll was appointed sexton of the cemetery in 1915. A complete record has been kept since the beginning of the cemetery. Steve Priddy is now serving as sexton along with a committee of seven.

In 1930 a group from the church and other interested members of the community met to clean the cemetery. Several cedars had been placed as markers for graves. This was discussed with the church and permission given to remove the trees and replace them with concrete markers.

Hattie Lee Cone, a life long resident of the community, remembers when the church bell would ring to summon men to come and help dig a grave. If the deceased were a child, the bell would ring a short time, a much longer time for an elderly person. She says, "One year the locust were so bad, the bell could not be heard and someone would ride horseback over the community to announce the death. The men would stop their work in the field or whatever they were doing to come and help dig the grave."

The upkeep of the cemetery is by donations to which anyone may contribute at anytime, mainly at the annual homecoming the first Sunday in May.

A trust fund was established in 1975. Only the interest from the trust fund can be used toward the upkeep of the cemetery. Donations may be sent to:

Steve Priddy
1215 New Friendship Road
Beech Bluff, TN 38313

In charge of the lots are:

Maxine McCaskill
1610 New Friendship Road
Beech Bluff, TN


Nola Webb
State Route 200
Henderson, TN


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New Friendship Cemetery Census

Information in brackets [] is not on the stones.
The row number is given if there is no marker.

Alexander, Joe, 1935-1993
Arnold, Annie J., 1893-1978
Arnold, L. F., 1890-1930
Arnold, N. C., 1918-1919 (son of L. F., and A. J.)
Arnold, Allen A., 1887-1963
Arnold, Edna Bain, 1886-1980
Arnold, Wm. C., 1859-1929
Arnold, Mary Etta, 1862-1905
Arnold, M. J., 1842-1897
Arnold, R. M., Aug. 9, 1837-1909
Arnold, Millard C., 1893-1935
Arnold, Hattie Lee, 1910-
Arnold, Nunnery, 1915-1958
Arnold, Evelyn, 1920-1993
Arnold, Aug. 1939 (Inf son of Nunnery & Evelyn)
Arnold, Mary Myrtle, 1889-1959
Arnold, Ernest L., 1896-1927
Arnold, Samuel J., 1903-1943
Arnold, Florence, 1904- (Buried in Memphis)
Arnold, Nannie p., 1862-1931
Arnold, Marjoria, 1916-1991
Arnold, W. D., 1910-1991
Arnold, M. H., Row-16
Arnold, W.C.ís child, Row-16
Arnold, W.C.s child, Row-16
Arnold, Lula, Row-16
Arnold, Ernestís child, Row-30
Arnold, Ernestís child, Row-30
Arnold, Virginia, 1922-1995
Attaway, William H., 1859-1938
Attaway, Bettie, 1862-1936
Bailey, Josie Bray, 1888-
Bailey, Henry, Row-10
Bailey, child, Row-10
Bailey, child, Row-10
Bailey, S. J., Row-10
Bailey, Mart, Row-10
Bain, Carl, 1912-1989
Bain, William, 1879-1953
Bain, Lessie, 1881-1923
Bain, Gerald Hays, Oct. 15, 1949-Oct. 1949
Bain, Peggy Gene (Inf), Sep. 1935
Bain, R. P., 1848-1921
Bain, M. E., 1851-1919
Bain, Leonard O., 1903-1991
Bain, Lala Ruth, 1903-1971
Bain, Earl Bryant, Jul 1941-Oct 1941 (son of Mr. &, Mrs. L. O. Bain)
Bain, Larry, 1941-1986
Bain, Madge, 1945-1986
Bain, Dan, 1913-1993
Bain, Elizabeth, 1914-1989
Ball, George L. Sr., 1888-1947
Ball, Grace Ann, 1889-1964

Ballew, Martha F., 1838-1915
Beacham, Floyd, 1909-1994
Beacham, William R., 1937-
Beacham, Jerry R., 1941-1991
Bennett, Fetney Ann, 1879-1963
Bennett, J. R., 1874-1934
Bennett, ______, 1906-1934
Bennett, David R., 1908-1956
Bibbs, Henry, Row-18
Bowman, Ada Carroll, 1899-1990
Bradford, John, Row-15
Bradford, Robertís child, Row-15
Bradford, Jim C., Row-21
Bradford, Mrs. Jim C., Row-21
Branch, Andy Russell
Branch, Tauso Burress
Brasher, ______, Row-4
Bowles, child, Row-6
Bowles, child, Row-6
Brawley, child, Row-19
Brawley, child, Row-19
Brawley, child, Row-19
Bray, Willie, 1920-1989
Bray, Elizabeth, 1922-1967
Bray, J. R., Rock broken [John R. d. 1905]
Bray, Mary C., 1833-1888 [wife of John R. Bray]
[dau. of Samuel and Polly Bray]
Bray, Samuel, 1806-1870 [son of Eli and Mary Bray]
Bray, Polly, 1807-1858 [dau. of John and Polly Hutson]
Bray, John C. M., Rock broken (son of Samuel & Polly) [John C. Martin, 1841-1848]
Bray, Jeremiah R. [Randolph] 1835-1863 [son of Samuel and Polly]
Bray, F.M. 1843-1927
Bray, Jennie, 1849-1920
Bray, A. Homer, Died Oct. 1911 -26 Yr (Husband of Annie)
Bray, Thomas D., 1871-1888 (son of F. M. & B. J.)
Bray, Matthew, 1806-1848 (Husband of Nancy)
Bray, E. C., 1841-1906
Bray, Martha Caroline, 1844-1938
Bray, Ruby Lee, 1910-1931 (dau of Rev. A. L. & Algie)
Bray, Mary Algie, 1882-1954
Bray, Rev. Albert L., 1872-1940
Bray, George P., 1851-1929
Bray, Rosella A., 1852-1940
Bray, Elizabeth, 1811-1878 (Wife of Elijah)
Bray, Elijah, 1809-1881


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Bray, Alson S., 1834-1893
Bray, Edgar E., 1908-1989
Bray, Mildred, 1921-1979
Bray, Ruth Marie, (6, days) March 1940
Bray, Eli Coo's, child , Row-9
Bray, Eli Coo's, child , Row-9
Bray, Eli Coo's, child , Row-9
Bray, ______, Row-10 (child of Edgar & Mildred)
Bray, George's child, Row-4
Bray, George's child, Rov-4
Bray, George's child, Row-4
Bray, Claude's child, Row-5
Brewer, Danny, 1959-1995
Brewer, James E., 1848-1934
Brewer, Mary J., 1855-1939
Bridges, Beulah, 1904-1993
Bridges, Audrey Jean, 1928-1975
Bridges, William, 1894-1953
Brigance, Nell Sanson, 1913-1989
Browder, Nancy, Row-24
Bulger, Jennie, Row-12
Burress, Sallie F., 1878-1924
Burress, Charles, 1874-1949
Burress, Sallie, 1896-1917 (dau. of W. C. & S. F.)
Burress, Doris Ann (3, days), 1940-1940
Burress, Robert N., 1884-1940
Burress, Effie C., 1884-1931
Burress, Richard E., 1897-1965
Burress, Minnie D., 1893-1964
Burress, Solomon B., 1873-1953
Burress, J. F., 1864-1902
Burress, Nancy Ellen, 1883-1920
Burress, Alice Idell, 1920-1930
Burress, Vida Mae, 1900-1976
Burress, M. C., Row-6
Burress, J. H., Rov-6
Burress, S. C., Row-6
Burress, J. W., Row-6
Burress, Sarah, Row-7
Burress, Bertha, Row-25
Burress, Sol's child, Row-25
Burress, Sol's child, Row-25
Burress, Sol's child, Row-25
Burress, Sol's child, Row-25
Burress, Enloe, 1909-1992
Burress, Minnie Velma, 1911-1986
Busby, Paul, 1948-1994
Butler, Nancy Barrett, 1858-1926
Butler, Arthur E., 1912-1977
Butler, Carmon, 1913-
Butler, William A., 1940-1944
Butler, Lorena, 1904-1904 (dau of Mr. & Mrs. E. J.)
Butler. William Perry, 1927-1975
Butler, Dorothy Marie, 1931-
Butler, Marjorie Lynne, 1961-1967
Butler, Victor Craig, 1958-1959
Butler, Walter Lee, June 1953
Butler, Willard Perry, Jan 1955 (children of Perry & Marie)
Butler, Walter, 1889-1949
Butler. Edna, 1896-1991
Butler, Allen, 1900-1966

Butler, Lorena, 1903-1966
Butler, James Oscar, 1923-1991
Butler, Howard Anderson, 1926-1985
Butler, Mrs. R. J., Row-4
Butler, G. T., Row-16
Butler, Mike, Row 16
Butler, Perry child, Row 16
Butler, J. W. F., Row-16
Butler, Mary, Nancy J., Row-17
Butler, Peter, Row-17
Butler, Sallie, Row-17
Butler, Elmer, Row-17
Butler, Mike's child, Row-17
Butler, J. E. P., Row-17
Butler, Larking, Row-18
Butler, John E., Row-18
Butler, Harriet, Row-18
Butler, Jake's child, Row-18
Butler, Jake's child, Row-18
Butler, Allen's child, Row-18
Carroll, Ida Opal, 1903-1952
Carroll, Jesse R., 1879-1946
Carroll, Robert J., 1901-1970
Carroll, Vada B., 1901-1975
Carroll, James Neal, Aug 1958 (Son of Eugene and Mary)
Carroll, ______, July 3, 1954 (son of Eugene and Mary)
Carroll, Willie, 1903-1982
Carroll, Allean, 1906-1982
Carroll, Henry, 1905-1982
Carroll, Lonnie, 1910-1986
Carroll, Madgie, 1910-
Carroll, H. Frank, 1868-1955
Carroll, Lucy Ward, 1877-1918
Carroll. Thomas B., 1842-1879
Carroll. Jessie C., 1874-1935
Carroll, S. F., 1844-1921 (Wife J. S.)
Carroll, James S., 1835-1909
Carroll, Thomas Wayne (6 mos.) 1934-1934 (son of L. H. & Madgie)
Carroll, Hazel Jane, 1925-1934
Carroll, Joseph R., 1872-1939
Carroll. Nancy E., 1875-1951
Carroll. William L., 1866-1929
Carroll, Emma, 1861-1950
Carroll, Flora E., 1874-1941
Carroll, R. H., 1871-1938
Carroll, Ruth, 1904-1907
Carroll, Homer, 1897-1979
Carroll, Mae, 1899-1984
Carroll, Lucy Ada Bain, 1893-1928
Carroll. Bernard, 1927-1928
Carroll, Cleo, Sept, 1922-Oct 1922 (children of Homer & Lucy Ada)
Carroll, Gary L., 1930-1986
Carroll. J. H., 1940-1915
Carroll, Louise J., 1843-1918
Carroll, Gerald, 1929-1988
Carroll, J. W., Row-6
Carroll. Catherine, Row-6
Carroll, M. A., Row-7
Carroll, F., Row-11
Carroll, J. R., Row-11


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Carroll, J. S's child, Row-19
Carter, E. G., Row-l3
Clark, Jim, Row-5 (J. A. Coffee raised Him)
Chandler, Currie, 1885-1947
Clayton, William. E., (1 day) 1949-1949 (son of John and Louise)
Cobb, John's child, Row-16
Coffee, J. A., Row-S
Coffee, Mrs. J. A., Row-S
Cone, Oscar, 1910-1995
Cook. A., Row-16
Cook, Oliver', Row-16
Cooper, Will, 1883-1918
Cooper, Vernon Allen, 1911-1975
Cooper, Sarah Alice Roe, Oct. 23, 1913
Cooper, Walter, Row-5
Cooper, Thomas, Row-5
Cooper, Mrs. Thomas, Row-5
Cooper, Richie, Row-12 (son of Vernon &, Allie)
Collie, Abney Bernard, 1908-1909
Collie, Caleb F., 1884-1959
Collie, Ella H., 1886-1975
Collie, Beulah Belle, 1912-1967
Collie, D. Osro, 1889-1893
Collie, J. P., 1859-1920
Croom, Jessie Florence, 1864-1913 (dau. of J. C. & N. A.)
Crowe, Hanna, Row-16
Davis, Emily Hudson, 1859-1944
Davis, James W., 1924-1948
Davis, Mary Etta E., 1878-1897
Davis, Troy, 1911-1973
Davis, Virginia, 1911-
Davis, James E., 1916-1961
Davis, Alleen P. Midyett, 1921-1978
Davis, Charlie E, 1886-1978
Davis, Nancy E., 1891-1977
Davis, Elzie, Row-23
Davis, James Walter, Row-9
Dixon, Lucy, Row-15
Doyle, Earl, -1974
Doyle, Ozene, 1915-1992
Doyle, Oscar, -1973
Doyle, Annie (aged 88), -1974
Doyle, Ollie, Row-19 (dau. of Dave & Annie)
Doyle, Dave's child, Row-19
Clapp, Cassandra, Oct. 1988 (Inf of Kelly Willis Clapp)
Doyle, Dave, Row-19
Doyle, Mrs. Dave, Row-19
Doyle, Awel (son of Dave), Row-19
Doyle, Herman, 1920-1995
Doyle, Maxine
Drake, Teri, 1862-1925
Drake, J. W., 1864-1949
Duck, child, Row-10 (Annie Laura Price Duck's child)
Duck, child, Row-10
Earnest, Euvie J., 1895-1970.
Earnest, Ruby L., 1911-1987
Epperson, James H., 1895-1957
Epperson, Mr., Row-31

Farrow, Elizabeth Fisher, 1867-1940
Faucett, Marie Hansen, 1873-1915 (wife of W. A.)
Faucett, W., Row-5
Faucett, W. Albert, Row-5
Faucett, Ann, Rov-5
Faucett, N. J., Row-5
Faucett, W. R., Row-5
Fisher, John A. R., 1870-1937
Fisher, R. W. B., 1837-1870
Fisher, Elijah, 1869-1869
Fisher, Martha Bray Gattie, 1842-1913
Fletcher, Rebecca, Row-19
Fletcher, Jasper's child, Row-19
Fletcher, John's child, Row-19
Fletcher, Lula, Row-20
Flowers, Callie, Row-4
Flowers, Isaac, Row-4
Forrester, Victoria, Row-23
Forrester, John, Row-23
Foust, Charlie, Row-5
Fowler, Mrs. James R., Row-26
Freenan, Thomas Lyle, 1935-59
Freeman, Thomas Arville, 1931-32
Fullington, Emily, Row-4
Fullington, W. M., Row-4
Fullington, W. W's child, Row-5
Fullington, W. M's child, Row-5
Fullington, W. M's child, Row-5
Fullington, James, Row-5
Gantt, Georgia Lee, 1913-1943
Gantt, Estelle Latham, 1910-1932
Gattis, Cora C., 1862-1939
Gattis, C. C., 1835-1862
Gary, Barney, 1916-1993
Goff, Martha Jane, Row-5
Gosha, Wesley, D-1972
Gray, W. Hilton, 1904-1971
Gray, Zenith, 1918-1992
Green, Anthony, 1957-1992
Green, Joseph Anderson, 1924-1928
Green, Dora, Row-24
Green, Charlie, Row-24
Green, Mrs. Charlie, Row-24
Green, Cecil, Row-24
Gurimin, W. M., Row-13
Haggard, James W., 1906-1964
Haggard, Isie D., 1913-1995
Hainline, John F., 1859-1938
Hainline, Biuna Rose, 1856-1949
Hammer, Cassan, Row-12
Hammer, Fanny, Rov-12
Hampton, Clyde, 1923-1993
Hampton, Frank -, 1879-1951
Hampton, Dovie, 1879-1910
Hampton, G. W., 1863-1905
Hampton, Anettie, 1863-1950
Hampton, Alma, 1899-1979
Hampton, Tom, 1885-1966
Hampton, Mabel, 189S-19S6
Hampton, Frances A., 1879-1958
Hampton, child, Row-22
Harden, James, Row-7
Harrison, W. M. F., 1860-1925
Harrison, Mary A., 1830-broken


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Harrison, William Jackson, 1878-broken
Harrison, James H., 1854-1904
Hathcock, Lanie Preslar, 1887-1970
Haynes, Tate A., 1913-1978
Haynes, Annie C., 1917-
Haynes, Rachel
Haynes, A. J., Row-14
Hays. C., Row-5
Helms, W. M., Row-11
Henley, William Odell, 1907-1966
Henley, ______
Henley, Stephen, 1972-1994
Hess, Kenneth, 1947-1994
Hill, Virginia, 1944-1995
Holder, Earl, D-1979
holder, V. Paul, 1924-1969
Holder, Rev. Robert T., 1861-1917
Holder, Emmer, 1865-1946
Holder, Durward B., 1917-1949
Holder, Eddie P., 1904-1990
Holder, Mozelle G., 1899-1963
Holder, Cecil, 1902-1978
Holder, Odessa, 1909-
Holder, William J., 1879-1922
Holder, Mildred L., 1875-1963
Holder, Josh C., 1853-1932
Holder, Mary Ann, 1856-1943
Holder, Alonza, 1906-1968
Holder, Gladys R., 1913-
Holder, Curtis, 1923-1979
Holder, Audy, 1897-1956
Holder, William J., 1886-1949
Holder, L,ula A., 1892-1978
Holder, Terry Byri, 1910-1963
Holder, Terry Leo, 1919-1947
Holder, Oscar Joseph, 1896-1962
Holder, Lucy Elmer, 1904-1941
Holder, Tomcie C., 1891-1977
Holder, Sarah Ellen, 1905-1988
Holder, John H., D-1981
Holder, James, 1920-1994
Holder, Shirley
Holder, R. T's child, Row-4
Holder, R. T's child, Row-4
Holder, Maude, Row-4
Holder, Will's child, Row-26
Holder, Will's child, Row-26
Holder, Will's child
Holder, Thomsie's child, Rcw-26
Holder, Thornpse's child, Row-26
Holder, Oscar Harold, R-33, D-1981
Hodges, Lizzie, Row-14
Hodges, Lansy, Row-14
Hodges, R., Row-16
Hodges, E. M. R., Row-16
Holifield, Mrs. W. O., 1884-1934
Holifield, Oscar Turner, 1882-1935
Holifield, Louise Blondel, 1921-1937
Holland, Loyce, 1914-1989
Holland, ______
Holder, Christopher, 1975-1990
Holloway, William, 1875-1951
Holloway, Srilida, 1876-1946
Holloway, John Thomas, 1858-1920
Holloway, Sallie C., 1872-1954

Holloway, Robert L., 1871-1942
Hollrway, James F., 1834-broken
Holloway, Nancy T., 1830-unknown
Holder, Rev. R. T., 1922-1992
Holloway, Susan, Row-28
Holloway, Mary, Row-28
Hopkins, Elmer's child, Row-7
Hopkins, Gilbert's child, Row-7
Hopkins, Gilbert's child, Row-7
Hopkins, Gilbert's child, Row-7
Hopkins, W. R., Row-7
Homer, Dennis C., 1911-1986
Homer, Cordie Mae, 1916-1978
Howell, John Micheal, 1959-1979
Howell, Van David, 1962-1963
Howell, Patty Sue, 1950-1958
Howell, R. B., 1914-1990
Howell, Bertie B., 1914-1970
Hughes, L. B., 1877-1901
Hughes, Lillie, Row-23
Hughlon, Joe T., 1881-1968
Hughlon, Sam, 1909-1966
Hughlon, Lena, 1895-1987
Hunt, G. I., Row-7
Ivy, Eda Hampton, 1895-1949
Ivy, Wilma Ray, 1935-1990
Ivy, ______
Johnson, Drusilla, 1831-1905 (wife J. H.)
Johnson, Robert Lee, 1903-1976
Johnson, Adelle Arnold, 1914-
Johnson, Wylie R., 1888-1969
Johnson, Vestie, 1893-1971
Johnson, Carmon, D-1982
Johnson, Catherine, 1912-1990
Johnson, Alice, Row7
Johnson, J. M., Row-7
Johnson, I. T., Row-11
Johnson, J. H's child, Row-11
Jones, Dudley Harrison, D-1912
Jones, Elizabeth Louisa, D-1809
Jones, D. H., 1899-1900 (son C. A. & R. E.)
Jones, Janie Barbara, 1953-1954 (dau. M. C. & Estelle)
Jones, Major C. Sr., 1886-1933
Jones, Kete, 1889-1921
Jones, Lula A., 1863-1899
Jones. A. K., 1886-1889
Jones, C. H., 1880-1882
Jones, Ester, 1901-1990
Jones, D. F., 1888-1909
Jones, Mettie Z., 1907-1909
Jones, Henry Barry, 1901-1980
Jones, Henry B., 1867-1938
Jones, Annie E., 1871-1958
Jones, Z., Died May 29, 1912 (3 mo.) (dau. E. F. & C. W.)
Jones, E. F., D-1916 (41)
Jones, Clarence, 1905-1927
Jones (inf dau & son of C. E. & E. M)
Jones (Inf son of C. E. & E. M., no date)
Jones (inf son of C. E.) No Dates
Jones, Charles Morris, 1926-1928 (Son of C. E. & E. M.)


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Jones, Mollie E. Arnold, 1868-1910
Jones (Inf T. A. & M. E.), 1903
Jones, Charles A., 1873-1958
Jones, Rittie E., 1872-1943
Jones, ______, Oct. 1933 (Inf Sons Edward &, Gladys)
Jones, Benjamin, No Dates
Jones, Columbus H., 1857-1932
Jones, Clyde E., 1907-1995
Jones, Globie M., 1910-1978
Jones, Jesse H., 1891-1959
Jones, Mamie H., 1895-1960
Jones, Jacob E., 1682-1966
Jones. W. O., Row-6
Jones, Mrs. W. O., Row-13
Jones, Maud, Row-12
Jones. D's child, Row-15
Jones. D's child, Row-15
Jones. D's child, Row-15
Jones, J. D., Row-16
Jones, T. A., Row-17
Jones, T. A.'s child, Row-17
Jones, child, Row-19
Jordan, Robert R., 1895-1959
Jordan, Margie E., 1898-1964
Joyner, Joe, 1931-1986
Joyner, JoAnne
Kennedy, Allen, Row-17
King, David F. Johnny, 1925-1975
King, Lona Mae, 1921-
King, William Bee, 1859-1927
King, Eliza E., 1861-1920
King, Wofford F., 1899-1974
King, Myrtle, 1894-1984
King, W. F. A., 1921-1922 (son W. F. & Myrtle)
King, Wade, 1922-1944
King, Estelle, 1913-1914 (Dau. Isaac & Ella)
King, Walter, Row-4
King, Beulah, Row-4
King, C. I., Row-11
King, M. J., Row-11
King, John, Row-12
King, Lee, Row-13
King, Ed, Row-26
King, Jamie Fowler, Row-26
Kirkman, Nancy, 1856-1902
Kirkman, Susan, Row-8
Kirkinan, W. F., Row-17
Kirkman, A., Row-17
Kirkman, L. B., Row-17
Kirkman, W. B., Row-17
Kirknian, J. S., Row-17
Kirkman, S., Row-17
Kirkxnan, W. F., Row-17
Kirkman, Betty, Row-17
Knolton, J. T., 1910-1976
Knolton, Thomas, 1917-
Lamon, Alma Hampton, 1899-1979
Lamon, Ida, Row-4
Larson, John, 1904-1980'
Larson, Ann, 1907-
Latham, John M. W., 1872-1891 (son of Neal & F. A.)

Latham, Neal, 1835-1907
Latham, Fannie A., 1836-1895
Latham, Mary Hattie, 1870-1888 (Dau of Neal & Fannie)
Latham, Albert P., 1888-1951
Latham, Ollie Lou, 1892-1927
L,atham, Albert P. Jr., 1925-1991
Latham, M. A. (70-2-5), D-1912
Latham, S. E. (58-2-2), D-1910
Latham, M. Carroll, (30-l-5), D-1874
Latham, Frank, 1910-1985
Latham, Exie
Lathan, James W., 1869-1954
Latham, Neutonis, 1871-1911
Lathan, Asa T., 1897-1904
Latham, Lida T., 1882-1883 (Dau of John & Nancy)
Lathan, James T., 1861-1884
Latham, Asa, 1822-1888
Latham, Lillie A., 1823-1889
Latham. Mosie, 1879-1947
Latham, Flora, 1879-1974
Latham, Inf of Mosie & F., 1915
Latham, Carl M, 1901-1960
Latham. Elzie M, 1903-1960
Latham, O. D. F., Obe, 1893-1967
Lathan, Ada L., 1896-1980
Latham, ______, Aug. 24-Aug. 26, 1939 (baby of Mr. & Mrs. J. B.)
Latham, John T., 1870-1948
Latham, Maud Smith, 1880-1967
Latham, Willie Mae, 1907-1975
Latham, Harold Eugene, 1932-1947
Latham, Burl, D-1973
Latham, Virgie, 1904-1989
Latham, Cecil, D-1982
Latham, Lillian, 1908-1989
Latham, M. E., Row-11
Lawler, James H., 1915-
Lawler, Rachel Mae, 1917-1976
Layne, C. L., Row-15
Layne, W. W., Row-15
Layne, Mary, Row-15
Layne, Joe, Row-15
Layne, child, Row-15
Layne, Minnie, Row-14
Layne, Mary, Row-14
Layne, Tansey, Row-14
Layne, ______, Row-14
Layne, ______, Row-14
Layne, ______, Row-14
Layne, ______, Row-14
Layne, ______, Row-14
Layne, ______, Row-14
Lewelling, Christine, 1927-1994
Lewelling, Lightsey, George, 1943-1995
Linton, Ben C., 1854-1927
Linton, Louella, 1365-1949
Linton, James Robert, 1893-1967
Linton, Rhoda E., 1900-1991
Linton, Cecil A., 1907-1986
Linton, Minnie Elizabeth, 1915-1990
Linton, J. C., Row-31
Lindsey, R. B.'s child, Row-4


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Lott, B. L. (36-11-18), D-1919 (wife of J. B.)
Lott, Nancy Brasher, 1942-1990
Luck, Raymond, 1902-1979
Luck, Julia, 1924-1993
Lutrell, John's child, Row-14
Lutrell, Johns' child, Row-14 (twin sisters of Chaffie, Lutrell)
McAdams, Carl, 1911-1991
McAdams, Pearl
McCormick, Earl N., 1941-1989
McDaniel, Manley, Row-8
McGill. Delena Latham, 1914-1985
McGill, Carl T. "Buster," 1909-1992
McGill, Mary Christian Malindy, Feb. 2, 1859-July 1859
McGill, Thomas, 1816-1874
McGill, Laura Ann, 1827-1859 (wife of Thomas)
McGill, Annie Laura, 1882-1884 (dau J. M. & John Annie)
McGill, E. R., 1852-1899
McGill, J. A., 1846-1898
McGill, Inf dau. of J. A. & E. R.
McGill, ______, 1882-1884 (son of J. A. & E. R.)
McKinney, W. W., Row-20
McKinney, Mrs. W. W., Row-20
McKinney, W. R's child, Row-20
McMillan, Kate, Row-10
Mackey child, Row-16
Mackey child, Row-16
Mackey child, Row-16
Mainord, Ray, D-1981
Mainord, Martha
Maness, Tyson G., 1808-1868
Maness, Frank, 1871-1941
Maness, Dora, 1873-1958
Maness, Claude, Row-32
Marsh, Mary Ann, (78-3-23) D-1887
Marsh, Elijah Ellis, 1895-1978
Marsh. Elijah, 1799-1851
Marsh, Luther V., 1890-1891
Marsh, David M., 1842-1924
Marsh, Mary, 1854-1935
Marsh, Charles E., 1911 (Inf M. F. & M. J)
Marsh, W. F., Row-11
Marsh. Frank's child, Row-17
Matthews, AliceGoff, Row-5
Mayfield, Mrs., Row-19
Meadows, Bernice L., 1915-1967
Meek, Sgt. R. L., 1915-1944
Melton, S. H., 1875-1904
Messer, C. A., Row-15
Messer, Henry, Row-15
Milliner, Walter, Row-35
Milliner, Mrs. Walter, Row-35
Miliner, Sarah Jane (103), 1865-1968
Mills, Danny, 1958-1994
Meek, Bobby, Row-G (son of Zenith Gray, Meek) D-1982
Mitchell, Willie, 1895-1911
Mitchell, Emma J., 1856-1924
Montgomery, W. Carroll, D-1982

Montgomery, Elizabeth
Mooney, Loyd, 1904-1958
Mooney, Sallie Bell, 1908-1963
Mooney, William R., 1874-1950
Mooney, Allie T., 1886-1961
Mooney, Pamela Sue, 1962-1963 (dau Nelson & Barbara)
Moore, Mary Mackey, 1883-1920
Moore, John, Row-12
Moore, W. A., 1883-1920, Row-19
Morris, Woodard, Sr., 1920-1988
Morrows, child, Row-11
Morrows, child, Row-11
Moser, Nancy Jane, D-1862 (dau George &, Elizabeth)
Mount, J. Algie, 1882-1959
Mount, Earl, 1920-1934
Mount, Ruby L., 1926-1927
Mount, Elvie, 1905-1912
Mount, Clyde, 1910-1912
Mount, Martha, 1845-1909
Mount, Cleve Alvin, 1920-1981
Mount, Bertha Estilee, 1924-1978
Mount, John W., 1884-1972
Mount, Alice P., 1887-1970
Mount, Walter Thomas, (64-4-8) D-1977
Mount, Marion Edward, 1925-1925
Mount, Robert Lee Born, & died Apr 1918
Mount, Maggie, D-1983
Mount, John's child, Row-15
Mount, Molly, Row-21
Mount, Archie, Row-21
Nash, Dwight W., 1897-1974
Nash, Maggie T., 1892-1979
Nash, Naurice C., 1921-1980
Nash, Jamie L., 1926-
Nash, Eva Maye, (3 days) 1919
Nash, Alice Aneeta, 1917-1918
Nash, J. W., Born & Died-Apr. 15, 1916
Nash, David Leslie, 1957-1977
Nash, Tacker, 1924-1979
Nelson, N. T., Row-9
Nelson, Mrs. N. T., Row-9
Owens, ______, Row-16
Owens, ______, Row-16
Owens, ______, Row-16
Owens, ______, Row-16
Parchman, James T., 1879-1936
Parchman, Cornelia, 1874-1924
Parchman, Harold L., Apr. to Nov. 1903 (son of J. T. & Cornelia)
Parchman, Son, Born & died 1907
Parchman, Dau, Born & died 1900
Parchman, Dau, Born & died, 1901 (children of J. T. & Cornelia)
Parchrnan, ______, Feb. 4, 1925 (Inf Dau L. M. & Eglah
Parchman, L. Mitchell, 1904-1946
Parchman, James C., 1909-1956
Parchman, Bertha J., 1910-1948
Parchrnan, ______, Dec. 5, 1933 (Inf. Son Troy & Vera)
Parchman, Jerrell, 1933-1994
Parchman, Julia
Parchman, Neil, 1937-1990


(Page 50)

Parchman, Vera, 1916-1988
Parchznan. Troy, 1914-1987
Parchman, Lloyd A., Sep.-Oct. 1934 (Son of Troy & Vera)
Parchman, James P., 1944-1964
Parense, John, Row-15
Pearce. Mattie G., 1890-1900 (dau J. S. & M. A.)
Pearce, Samuel J., 1870-1897 (Son J. S. & M. A.)
Pearce, Guy P., 1877-1897 (son cf J. S. & M. A.)
Pearce, Vera T., Apr.-Dec. 1888
Pearce, Sarah, 1814-1884
Pearce, Samuel, 1812-1870
Pearce, Sarah E., 1868-1869 (dau J. S. & M. A.)
Pearce. Melissa, 1849-1933
Pearce, James S., 1842-1922
Pearce, Nancy H., 1880-1938
Pearce, William Frank, 1875-1957
Peddy, Eli Ernest, 1904-1960
Peddy, John Allen, 1872-1952
Peddy, Lieu E. Ward, 1869-1938
Peddy, Herschel H., 1911-1968
Peddy, Sara F., 1917-
Peddy, James, 1864-1872 (brother to A. J.)
Peddy, Andrew Ernest, 1886-1968
Peddy, Luke Lee, 1879-1955
Peddy, Callie W., 1879-1970
Peddy, W. F., Feb.-Nov. 1870 (Son A. J. & S. E.)
Peddy, Daughter A. J. & S. E.
Peddy, Son A. J. & S. E.
Peddy, Elma E., 1877-1893 (dau A. J. & S. E.)
Peddy, Ollie May, 1882-1905 (dau A. J. & S. E.)
Peddy, Sarah E., 1844-1921
Peddy, A. J., 1848-1923
Peddy, Mollie Lee, 1876-1935
Peddy, James E., 1874-1965
Peddy, Grace L. (1 Day), Dec. 1908
Perry, ____, Row-14
Perry, ____, Row-14
Perryman, ______, Row-5
Pennington, Allie, Row-6
Phillips, Hubert Roy, 1895-1977
Phillips, Esther, Elizabeth, 1894-35
Phillips, John W., 1868-1950
Phillips, Bnmer B., 1871-1943
Phillips, Johnny Richard, 1930-1982
Phillips, Bonnie Lee, 1930-
Pierce, Richard, 1970-1985
Pierce, James Guylie, 1926-
Pierce, Algie Leona, 1927-1979
Pierce, Janie & James
Pierce, James Jim, 1889-1969
Pierce, Mattie Elmer R., 1885-1969
Pierce, Luther Earl, 1912-1953
Pierce, ______, July 5-July 9, 1930 (Inf. son Earl)
Pierce, Carl, 1926-1989

Pierce, ______
Pierce, Robert, 1910-1987
Pierce, Louise, 1917-1991
Pirtle, Z. C., Jan :8-Feb 19, 1883 (Dau. J. H. & N. H.)
Preslar, Lillie Burress, 1907-1925
Preslar, Sarah Alice, 1894-1932
Preslar, Woodrow Hurshel, 1899-1990
Preslar, Vernie J. Vestal, 1888-1970
Price, Cecil W., 1908-1951
Price, Fred L., 1875-1962
Price, Mintie I., 1884-1953
Price, Nona, 1894-1922
Price, Elbert W., 1880-1961
Price, Hillard (87-0-1), D-1972
Price, J. W., 1849-1907
Price, Amanda, 1846-1919
Price, Elgie I., 1879-1881 (son J. W. & A. E.)
Price, L. J., Row-10
Priddy, Harve, Row-10
Priddy, Thomas Z., 1888-1978
Priddy, Allie E., 1887-1974
Priddy, James G., 1925-1944
Priddy, James Jim
Priddy, Leola, 1893-1973
Priddy, Wilma Jo, Sep. 1930-Feb. 1931 (Dau. Sam & Viola)
Priddy, Sam, 1893-1966
Priddy, Viola, 1904-1994
Rainey, Willie May, 1908-1938
Ramey, Dorlin, 1936-1977
Redden, Mrs, Row-14
Rice, Ernest Cleney, 1901-1989
Richardson, Joe, Row-32
Rodgers, Mattie, 1873-1912
Rodgers, William H., 1863-1934
Rodgers, Velma Faye, 1898-1991
Rogers, Bill's child, Row-8
Rogers, Bill's child, Row-8
Rogers, Cora, Row-8
Rogers, W. M., Row-8
Rogers, C. F., Row-8
Rogers, Mrs., Row-8
Rogers, D, Row-B
Rogers, ______, Row-8
Rogers, ______, Row-8
Rogers, S., Row-B
Rodgers, Malvina, 1860-1951
Rouse, John Edgar, 1910-1986
Rouse, Nancy Linton, 1899-1924
Rouse, Pvt. William C., May 8, 1933
Rouse, William, T., 1863-1936
Rouse, Louisa E., 1873-1959
Rouse, James S., 1922-1968
Rouse, Melvina, D-1983
Rouse, Edgar's child, Row-31
Rouse, Edgar's child, Row-31
Rouse, Edgar's child, Row-31
Rouse, Tom, Row-32
Rouse, Emiline Reddin, Row-32
Ryan, Athal W., Feb 23, 1934 (South Dakota Pvt. 147 F.A. 41 Div.)
Sauls, Harold, 1925-1986
Sauls, Imogene


(Page 51)

Schackford, child, Row-11
Schiele, Hugo, 1843-1909
Schiele, (Inf Dau Victor), Oct. 14-1911
Seaton, Frank. L., 1887-1978
Seaton, Cora E., 1890-1977
Seaton, Clara Mae, 1923-1958 (dau Frank & Cora)
Seaton, Whitfield, 1868-1945
Seaton, Nancy Bray, 1875-1966
Seaton, John Earl, 1900-1955
Seaton, Katie, 1866-1901
Seaton, ______, Dec 10-Dec 14, 1869 (Inf son J. W. & Franis A.)
Seaton, Mattie A., 1851-1898
Seaton, W. B., 1866-1939
Seaton, Cassenia, 1870-1934
Seaton, Homer, 1891-1892 (Son C. M. & A. M.)
Seaton, Oney E., 1890-1891 (Dau C. M. &, A. M.)
Seaton, Moses B., 1811-1892
Seaton, Mary Nix, 1809-1886
Seaton, Riley B., 1866-1889
Seaton, J. W., 1842-1919
Seaton, Francis A., 1839-1908
Seaton, Ruth, Row-19, 1907-1982
Seaton, Grover, Row-19
Seaton, W. M., 1838-1905
Seaton. Richard W., 1863-1866
Seaton, James Wesley, 1862-1935
Seaton, Sarah Elizabeth, 1859-1941
Seaton, Alvin L., 1892-1955
Seaton, Robert McKinney, 1894-1950
Seaton, Moses L., 1897-1980
Seaton, Eva Mae, 1906-1968
Seaton, Novella, 1892-1980
Seaton, Willard, 1910-1986
Seaton, Thelma, 1908-1988
Seaton, Vaneida, 1919-1994
Seaton, F. L. Jr.
Seaton, Era (Dau. Wilburn), Row-7
Seaton, Mrs. W. M., Row-22
Seaton, Thomas, Row-21
Seaton, Bumil, Row-21
Seaton, Rhemil, Row-21
Seaton, Hubert, Row-21
Seaton, W. B.'s child, Row-21
Seeley, John T., 1867-1937
Seeley, Tennessee N., 1864-1938
Seeley, John Hall, 1920-1983
Seeley, Ola Mae
Seeley. Joe, Row-34
Seeley, Tennessee, Row-35
Sells, Alice, 1859-1924
Sells, Annie Mae, 1890-1955
Sells, David S., 1853-1936
Sells. William Kent, 1891-1970
Sells, Lula Mae, 1896-1969
Sells, John Clint, 1896-1975
Sells, J. L., Sep. 1877
Sells, Martha L., 1884-1934
Sells, Paul Inf D. L. &, Vera, Apr. 1934
Sells, Dewey L., 1904-1964
Sells, Vera L., 1902-1989
Sells, James Clint, 1926-1966

Sells, Ernest C., 1902-1940
Sells, Kent & Lula's child, Row-30
Sells, Billy, Row-31
Sells, Sarah, 1926-1995
Shearer, Charles James, 1876-1941
Shearer, Delia Seaton, 1881-1964
Sheffield, Lloyd W., 1922-1978
Sheffield, Lura W., 1920-1995
Short, Robert M., 1887-1973
Short, Bettie O. (103), 1883-1987
Sims, William, Row-13
Smith, Oda Laverne, Mar. 1923 (Inf Dau R. W. & E. L.)
Smith, Roy Duward, Dec. 1918 (inf Son R. W. &, E. L.)
Smith, Son R. W. & E. L, B & D-Sep 1913
Smith, A. P. (54-7-28), D-1907
Smith, Nancy (49-6-8), D. 1909
Smith, Roy W., 1878-1951
Smith, Elma L., 1894-1970
Stamley, Emma Hampton, 1882-1966
Stamley, Dunbar, 1885-1957
Stanfill,Hallie T., 1909-
Stanfill, Myrtle P., 1907-1976
Stanfill, Ben F. 1897-Buried in Jackson
Stanfill, Ethel Brown, 1896-1913
Steward, Floyd, Row-34
Steward, Mrs. R. E., Row-9
Smith, Katye Diane, 1993-1993 (Inf Gary & Kim Smith)
Steadman, Bettie, 1870-1902
Stephenson, Bertha Arnold, 1881-1954
Stewart, James W., 1881-1960
Stewart, Callie, 1882-1972
Stewart, Emma B., 1845-1927
Stewart, Charley Lee, 1914-1919
Stewart, J. H., 1879-1900
Stewart, Hugh Thomas, 1886-1952
Stewart, Alice Idell, 1888-1930
Stewart, Inf son of Hugh & Alice Sep. 10-Sep. 11, 1922
Stewart. Chester A., 1914-1974
Stewart, Arlene Rice, 1917-1990
Stewart, Max Hopper, Aug 5. 1943
Stewart, Sallie Bell, 1883-1937
Stewart, Chester Rayburn, 1934-1990
Stong, Nancy Idell, Inf 1932
Strong, Robert R. W., 1893-1970
Strong, Irene Burress, 1904-1978
Strong, child, Row-25
Stout, Dora, Feb. 7-Sept. 6, 1883
Stout, Gene, Row-15
Stout. Manley's child, Row-15
Stuhiter, Alice Linton, 1937-1994
Tacker, R. W., 1859-1903
Tacker. J. T., 1857-1930
Tacker., Charlotte, 1864-1929
Talbott. Annie, M., 1888-1969
Talbott, S. P., 1866-1952
Talbott. L. E., (16, yrs 3 days), D-1907 (Lula Estelle, dau S. P.)
Talbott, Ada (36-9-5), D-1903
Talbott, N. A. (28 yrs 17 days), D-1908
Talbott, Zula Woodruff, 1898-1984


(Page 52)

Talbott, Perry, 1895-1985
Talbott, M. T. (36-9-15), D-1911
Talbott, Infant son S P. &, M. T.
Tyler, Etta Seaton, 1893-1970
Tacker, R. W., Row-4
Tacker, R. S., Row-13
Tacker, S., Row-13
Tull, John, Row-15
Tull, E. J., Row-6
Tyner, E. J., Row-6
Tyner, Barbara, Row-6
Tyner, S. J., Row-6
Tyner, Agleene, Row-6
Usery, Elisha, child, Row-5
Usery, Dora, Row-5
Usery, Unknown, Row-5
Venable, Seth, 1917-1981
Venable, Virginia, 1920-1980
Vestal, Homer L., 1876-1961
Vestal, Cora C., 1877-1965
Vestal, Marion Henry, 1903-1978
Vestal, Lu1a Irene, 1907-1991
Vestal, Gerald E, 1926-1951
Vestal, Jewel M., 1927-
Vestal, James Wesley, 1848-1943 (son Enos)
Vestal, Martha Susan, 1839-1923 (dau. Enos)
Vestal, Silas, 1776-1846 (buried 1 mile east this point)
Vestal, Rachel Culberson, Dates unknown (buried Chatman Co. N.C.)
Vestal, Enos (10 children), 1814-1885
Vestal, Milly Wamble, 1814-
Vestal, Daniel, 1845-1858 (son Enos-Poisoned)
Vestal. Jesse (poisoned), 1838-1857
Vestal, Catherine (poisoned), 1842-1857
Vestal, Solomon (poisoned), 1837-1857
Vestal, John (poisoned), 1841-1857
Vestal, Jennie T., 1872-1878
Vestal, Sarah M., 1846-1889
Vestal, A. J., 1834-1911
Vestal. Roy E., 1906-1975
Vestal, Stella L., 1907-1974
Vestal, Larry Neal, Born & died 1933 (son Roy and, Stella)
Wade, Ruby, 1904-1970
Wade, Carrie A., 1907-1946
Wade, Ruby M's child, Row-26
Wade, Ruby M's child, Row-26
Wadley, J. B's child, Row-14
Wadley, David, Row-15
Wadley, Millie, Row-16
Ward, John J., 1850-1935
Ward, Mary Jane, 1854-1940
Ward, Aaron E., 1889-1973
Ward, Ethel Short, 1899-1978
Ward, David E., 1920-1961

Ward, David Samuel, 1881-1959
Ward. Nancy E., 1890
Wardell, Zelma Wells, 1906-1990
Webb, Foster A., 1889-1946
Webb, Lucy G., 1894-1983
Webb, John Murray, 1912-1977
Webb, Nola Seaton, 1917-
Webb, J. M., 1854-1929
Webb, E. T., 1851-1924
Webb, Lala Inez, 1881-1904
Webb, S. R., 1834-1879
Webb, J. H., 1830-1892
Webb, Wister W., 1889-1977
Webb, Bessie L., 1895-1978
Webb, Colin A., Born and died Oct. 1926 (son of Mr. & Mrs. W. W.)
Webb, _____, Born & died Jul. 1923 (son of B. L. & W. W.)
Webb, Sallie J., 1882-1969
Webb, Robert C., 1884-1947
Webb, Buck's child, Row-14
Webb, Buck's child, Row-14
Warbritten, James, Row-5
Wallace, Elijah, Row-5
Weatherall, J. B., 1941-1988
Weatherall, Jewel, 1935
Welch, Matthew, Row-5
Wells, Bishop, 1912-1984
Wells, Ruth, 1909-1984
Wells, Johnnie, D-1982
Wells, Owen
Wells, Charlie W., 1875-1945
Wells, Minnie A., 1873-1952
Wells, Van Buren, 1898-1968
Wells, Todd Owen, June 11, 1975
Williams, Rebecca J., 1840-1891
Williams, D. B., 1831-1893
Willis, P. H., D-1983
Wilson, Ort, 1899-1974
Wilson, Alma, 1901-1968
Woodruff, C. S., 1871-1958
Woodruff, Emma, 1871-1944
Woodruff, Bertie C., 1879-1908
York, Cinda Rilla, 1819-1853
York, Patsy, Row-5
York, Semore, Row-S
York, W. S., Row-6
York, W. D., Row-6
York, W. A., Row-6
York, J. T., Row-6
Young, Jeff, D-1980
Young, Eva
Young, Ora Jones, 1922-1994
Young. Houston
Unknown (3 Graves), Row-10
Unknown, Row-13
Unknown, Row-14
Unknown, Row-23
Unknown, Row-23


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