Tombstone Inscriptions, Et Cetera from the Black Cemeteries of Chester County, Tennessee
By Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 2000


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            About a mile west of the juncture of Highway 100 with Highway 45, turn south onto Old Montezuma Road and drive about 2.6 miles to Montezuma CME Church and cemetery located on the north side of the latter highway. The church, built in 1951, stands in front of the burial area.

East Side

EDWARD CROOM, 1922-____\INETHA A. CROOM, 1930-1988, Precious Lord take my hand

MARY ANN CROOM JORDAN, March 21, 1956-May 15, 1996



BABY BOY KELLUM, November 3, 1973

CEDRIC GEROME WILSON, 1966-1986, funeral home marker has death date, December 13, 1986

STINSON ROY LEE WILSON, US Navy, December 23, 1911-April 3, 1994

Mrs. WILLIE IRENE WILSON, 5-9-1917 - 1-24-1999, Stephenson-Shaw Fun. Home Marker

PATRICIA COLE, January 3, 1946-April 8, 1994

MARGARET PARKS, March 7, 1950-January 8, 1979


3 graves marked with funeral home markers, panels gone

DOLPHUS F. THOMAS, 1897-1969

RACHEL ALEXANDER 4-10-1920 - 2-1-1996, Stephenson-Shaw Fun. Home Marker

ELISHA H. HARBOUR, 1901-1972\VADIE S. HARBOUR, 1901-1981

MARSHALL QUINTON WILSON, 4-4-1957 - 5-13-1995, Stephenson-Shaw Funeral Home Marker

ALICE RUPPERT, Nov. 19, 1944-August 5, 1973

unmarked grave next to Alice Rupport

JAMES DOUGLAS BURTON, March 7, 1960-August 12, 1982

LEE ANDREW ALLEN, US Army, World War I, June 25, 1898-March 17, 1975

LAURA ECHOLS, our dear sister, 1900-1982


MEL SPEARS, May 6, 1906-October 3, 1967, Precious Memories

Mrs. VIRGINIA MONTGOMERY, 6-29-1957 - 1-18-1996, Stephenson-Shaw Fun. Home Marker


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a grave marked with a wooden cross beside grave of Mrs. Virginia Montgomery

VESTER LEE R0WSEY, 1909-1984, Precious memories

BERNARD D. DAVIS, 1958-1988

LUTHER ROWSEY, 1908 -1972\ALMA ROWSEY, 1910-____, In loving memory

EDDIE DAVIS, December 18, 1898-January 3, 1980\TENA DAVIS, June 26, 1901-July 18, 1977


West Side

Mrs. VERA E. JOHNSON, June 5, 1911-November 11, 1995, Stephenson-Shaw Fun. Home Marker

next to Mrs. Johnson a grave with funeral home marker, the panel missing

CLAUDE E. CROOM, 1899-1976\MAGGIE DAVIS CROOM, 1901-19980 [this is not a scanning error], Precious Lord take my hand

ROBERT LEE CROOM, 1920-1991 (US Army)\OLIVIA GROOM, 1931-____, Precious Lord take my hand

RUFUS L. TRICE, US Army, August 17, 1917-February 12, 1970

IMOGENE DAVIS, US Navy, June 12, 1925-February 5, 1993

next to I. Davis grave with funeral home marker panel missing

GEORGE DUNK DAVIS, 2-15-1958 - 1-16-1971, In memory of our father

CASSIE B. SNEED, Mother, January 8, 1900-December 26, 1970

JOE D. DAVIS, 1894-1976\ALBIRDER DAVIS, 1897-____, married August 27, 1912


ALLEN BURTON, 1968-1997

SHAYNA WHITNEY CROON, October 28, 1986

J. W. CROOM, September 20, 1937-Mar. 29, 1967 (photo of him on tombstone)

SALLIE O. BELL, 1879-1977, Rest in peace

grave next to S. O. Bell with funeral home marker panel missing

SADIE H. TRICE, beloved, Mother May 4, 1891-February 5, 1982

SAM DAVIS, PFC US Army, World War II, October 30, 1919-Sept. 12, 1967

SAMMIE SNEED STURDIVANT, 1916-1989, Gone but not forgotten

WALTER DAVIS, S Sgt US Army, World War II, April 6, 1920-July 28, 1987

LINCOLN DAVIS, TSGT, US Air Force, June 30, 1932-April 18, 1998


Mrs. INETHA ROWSEY, 6-1-1923 - 3-16-1996, Stephenson-Shaw Fun. Home Marker


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LEE RODGERS HOWELL, 1910-1981\ALMER B. HOWELL, 1912-1997, Inscribed on tombstone the surname WANTON, In my Fatherís house are many mans ions

ARVELL FRANKIE JOHNSON, Tennessee PVT US Army, May 19, 1946-November 17, 1967

Mrs. RUTH IVEY, 9-30-1911 - 3-4-1998, Stephenson-Shaw Fun. Home Marker

MARY JANE ROWSEY February 10, 1900-Apr. 20, 1970

AMANDA JOHNSON, 1907-1977\CLETTER JOHNSON, 1906-1977, In loving memory

JAMES CLAUD JOHNSON, Tennessee PVT US Army Korea, November 3, 1928-April 30, 1972


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