Tombstone Inscriptions, Et Cetera from the Black Cemeteries of Chester County, Tennessee
By Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 2000 


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            From East Main Street (Highway 100) in Henderson, Tennessee, turn south onto Stewart Avenue and drive .3 mile to Old Jacks Creek Road, turn left to drive east one mile, cross the Forked Deer River and turn directly south onto Lipscomb Lane and drive .9 mile; directly east at this point, on the east side of this lane, walk about .1 mile to a copse of trees in a field in which this cemetery is located.

            This was the family burial ground of John Brummer and family, formerly of Chesterfield County, Virginia; some 6f his slaves were buried here as well as other persons years after the Civil War. No blacks have tombstones here but two known burials, from death certificates:

JOE JOHNSON, July 11, 1854-April 1, 1916; son of Sam Johnson

JERRY ROSS, Died November 28, 1920, aged about 70 years; son of Arch Ross and Katy Wheatley


            The tombstones of the whites, almost all of which had to be dug out of humus:

In one line, north to south:

SUSAN wife of John BRUMMER, Born ________, 1792 (this is a terribly fragmented tombstone, most of the pieces are missing) Susan Brummer died in 186?, footstone: S. B.

JOHN BRUMMER, Born Mar. 28, 1781, Died Sept. 21, 1856, footstone: J. B.

DORROTHY E., daughter of John and Susan BRUMMER, Born Oct. 23, 1818, Died July 5th 1851, footstone:D. E. B.

EMMA E., daughter of John and Susan BRUMMER, Born April 10, 1836, Died Oct. 4, 1852, footstone: E. E. B.

DINITIA B., daughter of John & Susan BRUMMER, Born Jan. 28, 1833, Died Sept. 1, 1854, footstone: D. B. B.


Buried elsewhere in this small graveyard:

TABITHA S., wife of Dr. D. H. SMITH, daughter of John & Susan BRUMMER, Born Nov. 15, 1828, Died May 1, 1857

JOHN A., son of A. P. McGEE, Born Nov. 30, 1856, Died Feb. 7, 1884

WILLIAM A., SON OF John & Susan BRUMMER, Born Mar. 2, 1821; died Mar. 23, 1881; aged 60 ys & 22 ds

In memory of MARY ELIZABETH consort of Wm. A. BRUMMER, Born Sept. 24, 1829; died Feb. 25, 1893; aged 63 ys, 4 ms & 21 ds, Gone but not forgotten


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