Tombstone Inscriptions, Et Cetera from the Black Cemeteries of Chester County, Tennessee
By Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 2000


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            From Highway 45 drive east on Main Street (Highway 100) through Henderson, Tennessee, about 3.2 miles to Talley Store Road; turn onto this road, drive about 1.1 miles to Old Jacks Creek Road; turn east onto the latter road and drive about .6 mile to Enville Road, turn south onto this road and at a point about .5 mile turn west onto a gravel access lane and drive about .1 mile to the cemetery which is at the terminus of this lane. This is a very old burial ground. There are several hundred unmarked graves here. The old Trice Chapel Baptist Church, long inactive, stood on the north side of Jacks Creek Road almost directly across from where Enville Road enters the former Road.


East Side

ETHEL BALLARD, 1880-1972

VAN POE, July 19, 1911-October 20, 1971

BOOKER T. COLE, US Navy, June 29, 1936-May 27, 1991

BEATIE M. GREEN, Mother, January 13, 1914-Sept. 20, 1991, In Godís care

CLUSTER LONG, January 1, 1897-____\EVELYN LONG, September 22, 1897-Apr. 3, 1982

MONTY L. BROWN, October 27, 1971-Mar. 24, 1994, Loving memory

J. B. HODGES, Tennessee PVT US Army, W. War II, December 16, 1916-Sept. 13, 1958

PERCY ROSS, US Army, World War II, May 19, 1913-March 2, 1976

Mrs. JOHN ANNA McGEE, April 23, 19092-Jan. 13, 2000, Stephenson-Shaw Fun. Home Marker

WADE HOWARD, JR., November 2, 1970-July 28, 1996

Mr. TENNON G . MICKENS, 2-5-1918 - 4-19-1996, Stephenson-Shaw Fun. Home Marker

FLOYD GREEN, PVT US Army, World War II, July 5, 1916-December 30, 1979

JOSEPH HART, Father, June 8, 1903-February 21, 1992\ELLA INEZ HART, Mother, January 25, 1904-July 16, 1992, In Godís care; we love you

CLARENCE HUNTER, US Army, World War II, December 16, 1916-March 27, 1986

DONALD RAY GREEN, September 11, 1954-January 9, 1996

AMBLEE PACK, March 31, 1915-Sept. 17, 1983, In loving memory

AMBLEE PACK, JR., May 21, 1945-August 26, 1989, Precious memories

ALICE HAMILTON, Born 1890, Died May 1959, Gone but not forgotten

ROSA L. HODGES, April 26, 1888-November 9, 1957

HORACE A. CROOM, 4-14-1925 - 9-1-1993\JEWEL B. CROOM, 2-6-1927 - 3-blank-1957

ELSIE LUE JONES, October 1, 1904-July 29, 1990, In loving memory

Mrs. LIZZIE M. ROSS, 5-14-1918 - 7-19-1998, Stephenson-Shaw Fun. Home Marker

Ms MITZI ALEXANDER, 8-1-1947 - 8-12-1997, Stephenson-Shaw Fun. Home Marker


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West Side

            A gravel lane separates the two sections of this cemetery.

ANNIE B. JOHNSON, June 30, 1899-Oct. 14, 1988, In loving memory

SIGLE JOHNSON (to left of Annie Johnsonís grave; no dates)

LONNIE McHANEY, July 4, 1889-July 5, 1967

MINNIE /should be WINNIE/ McHaney, July 18, 1895-Oct. 12, 1959

Mrs. HANNA HUNTER, 3-17-1916 - 9-15-1896, age 70, M. I. Edwards & Son Fun. Home Marker

MALLIE PACK, 1883-June 21, 1973

Rev. FLOYD L. GREENE, 1891-19__, Funeral home marker has death date, Feb. 16, 1973

VIRGIE MURALLIA VINCENT, January 5, 1931-Jan. 23, 1991, Servant well done

HATTIE GREENE, 1900-1970

REBA SEVIER PIRTLE, Jan. l, 1909-Apr. 6, 1970, In loving memory

S. S. MICKENS, 1890 (?) -1958

EARLY MICKENS, 1884-1969, Erected by Mattie May & Evelyn

Mrs. DORA R. BASS MICKENS, 3-13-1902 - 5-12-1973, Stephenson-Shaw Fun. Home Marker

ROBERT EDD BASS, PFC US Army, June 12, 1929-June 16, 1984

WILLIAM PAUL BARNES, February 3, 1922-Nov. 3, 1991 (US Navy)


SIGLE JOHNSON, May 8, 1893-January 24, 1960, In loving memory

FRANKIE JOHNSON, 9-11-1949 - 11-26-1999, Stephenson-Shaw Fun. Home Marker

BEATRICE L. DAVIS, 1932-1964, In loving memory

EVA McHANEY, Beloved Mother, Jan. 22, 1921-May 14, 1989

Concrete bordered grave, with name inscribed: BOB McHANEY /He died about 1957. Age given as 47 years in the 1910 census./

SOL McNEELY, Husband, 1878-1966\LULA McNEELY, Wife, 1885-1971

CHARLES T STEWARTS, SR., April 1906-October 26, 1997

MAGGIE L. STEWARTS, October 1908-____, Inscribed on back of each panel: "My Children U. L., Carnell Sr., Charles T., Jr., Clara Sue, John, Joe, Mae Gladys"

EDDIE MICKENS, Father, 1870-1949

OSCAR HART, Tennessee Cpl US Army, World War II, Sept. 12, 1912-Sept. 30, 1954

MARGERET COLLIER, October 13, 1911-December 2, 1956


GRACIE MUSE, 1900-1974

FRANK HORTON, Father, 1867-1968

ELIGAH A. BARNES, 1881-1957\IDELLA BARNES, 1887-1966



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ROBERT C. HORTON, 1941-1966

ANITA L. TRICE, 1963-1966

VIOLA ROSS, mother of R. J. Bass, 1853-1884, Gone but not forgotten

EVA DICKEY, 1918-1943

FRANCES DICKEY, Dec. 25, 1911-April 25, 1979

TOM BURGES, March 7, 1869-Oct. 29, 1926

MADGIE BARNES, 1980-1930



JULIA DRAPER HORTON, Mother, 1867-1930

OBIE A. JOHNSON, 1887-1974\RUFUS W. JOHNSON, 1881-1947

FRANK B. THOMAS, 11-10-1921 - 3-26-1991

ANISE McHANEY JONES, Mar. 17, 1988-Apr. 24, 1988

LEE WARREN GARLAND, July 2, 1936-Feb. 2, 1942, At rest

21 concrete blocks marking graves; among them about eleven being children of Toliver and Dinah White

ANNIE LUCY COLE, 1870-1938

ALICE D. SHEPHEARD, 1894-1970, At rest


LEROY JOHNSON, PVT US Army, January 6, 1933-November 14, 1966

ROBERT J. BASS, 1869-1940\SARAH A. BASS, 1872-1941, May they find joy in everlasting life


EARNEST L. DICKEY, 1890-1942\FLORAE B. DICKEY, 1890-1975

OLDEN BURGES, March 9, 1900-December 17, 1921

LUKE GREEN, 1887-1958\HATTIE MAE GREEN, 1884-1921

NICIE M. JOHNSON, Mother 1877-1922 /second wife of Bob McHaney/

ULYSSES W. JOHNSON, PFC US Army, World War II, 1920-1986

JARMAN H. T. McHANEY, June 10, 1891-Oct. 30, 1968\ADA B. McHANEY, May 27, 1896-March 14, 1931, At rest

ADA MICKENS, Mother, 1887-1932

ELMA WALLS, June 8, 1899-Dec. 18, 1984

JOSH ROSS, Apr. 8, 1861-Feb. 22, 1941

MARY ROSS, Aug. 26, 1862-Mar. 22, 1936


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BASE /DuBose/ husband of P. A. /PARTHENIA/ CROOM, Born August 12, 1865, Died August 4, 1923, God gave, He took, He will restore, He doeth all things well [see notes below]

HENRY husband of L. V. GREENE, Born March 4, 1857, Died October 10, 1924, Aged 68 yrs.

VINNIE wife of H. GREENE, Born December 25, 1859, Died September 15, ___ /year not given/ /Vinnie was sister of DuBose Croom/


            Among those persons buried here, according to their death certificates:

1847-July 10, 1917

February 22, 1860-Aug. 24, 1924; dau of Tom and Ruth Smith

1852-October 26, 1917

1855-Oct. 26, 1925; son of Ned Dickey



            According to his death certificate, Boss Croom was son of Polly.

            According to his grandson, Carroll McHaney (born December 1915), BOB McHANEY was a native of Obion Co., Tennessee; came to Chester County, Tenn.; was enabled with the help of white friends to establish a thriving sawmill operation; he was a good manager and accumulated several hundred acres of land in the Trice Chapel vicinity. He married, first, Jennie Draper and had several children, including a son, Jarman McHaney, father of Carroll McHaney, who also explained to this writer that "Boss", i.e., DuBose, Croom was married to Parthenia White (daughter of Toliver and Dinah White), and among their children were Ada (wife of Jarman McHaney), Jim Lewis, Bertha, Maude, DuBose and Frank Croom. Bob McHaneyís first wife, Jennie Draper, is buried in an unmarked grave in the Smith Cemetery, Henderson.


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