This is an old family cemetery in northeastern Decatur County at the end of Baker Cem. Lane. The cemetery fenced and maintained, though it is now full and rarely. There may be 50 or more graves unmarked, marked by fieldstones, or marked with concrete blocks.

            David Donahue recorded Baker Cemetery November 28, 1997, and checked and updated it December 25, 2003. Doris Scott in recorded Barker Cemetery in 1976. Her record appears in Decatur County, Tennessee Cemetery Records published by the Captain Nathaniel A. Wesson Chapter, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Parsons, Tennessee, 1984, pp. 28-29. Doris Scott noted "14 unmarked graves." This low number is closest to the number of fieldstones. There are many more graves marked with concrete blocks or visible as surface depressions.


Baker, B. G., Jan. 11, 1818-Apr. 9, 1902, "Husband of M. C. Baker"

Baker, E. P., June 15, 1820-Sept. 11, 1843, "Wife of B. G. Baker"

Baker, Fannie B., Mar. 22, 1889-Sept. 8, 1901, "Daughter of G. W. & G. D. Baker"

Baker, Frances E., Mar. 15, 1883-July 27, 1883, "Daughter of G. W. & G. D. Baker"

Baker, Georgia D., Aug. 1, 1858-Sept. 1930
Baker, George W., May 10, 1859-1940

Baker, Joyce [see Corzine, Joyce Baker]

Baker, Linnie Fay, Apr. 30, 1915-Jan. 21, 2001, "Sisters" [shares double marker with Joyce Baker Corzine]

Baker, Margaret C., d. July 20, 1903, Aged 80 Ys. 2 Ms. 7 Ds., "Wife of B. G. Baker"

Baker, Rachel, Sept. 1, 1782-Dec. 28, 1857, "Wife of B. G. Baker, Sr." (broken, fallen)

Bohanon, ______, d. Nov. 11, 1879, "Child of R. B. & R. L. Bohanon" (broken, fragments) [identifiable but too fragmentary to read in 1997; 3 yards north northeast of marker for E. P. Baker; information here was reported by Doris Scott]

Bowman, Ernest Lornzo, June 25, 18_9-Aug. 15, 1889
Bowman, Siddie Daisy, Jan. 25, 1889-Aug. 17, 1889, "Son & dau. of W. D. & S. Bowman" (broken, eroded) [dates unreadable in 1997 and are those reported by Doris Scott]

Bowman, M. F., Jan. 9, 1872-Sept. 20, 1872 [not found in 1997 or 2003; reported by Doris Scott]

Collett, Rhoda Ann, Aug. 14, 1840-May 28, 1876, "Wife of J. W. Collett" (broken)

Collett, Christopher C, May 11, 1871-Sept. 11, 1875, "Son of J. W. & R. A. Collett" (eroded)

Corzine, Joyce Baker, Jan. 26, 1929-____, "Sisters" [shared double marker with Linnie Fay Baker]

Harris, Wm., July 12, 1823-May 7, 1875 (broken, fallen)


Other People Known To Be Buried Here

Baker, Augusta Enloe 1890-1890. Possibly child of William E. Baker. Twin of Edison Carl Baker

Baker, Edison Carl 1890-1892. Possibly child of William E. Baker.

Baker, Herbert Carl, 1885-1885. Possibly child of William E. Baker.

Baker, William Elijah, Sept. 1, 1855-Apr. 28, 1923. Doris Scott noteds that he was born in Decatur County and died in Memphis. "He is buried next to his mother Margaret Caroline Beasley. On her rock is M.G. (possibly our error, you have her name -- wife of B. G. Baker.) B.G. stands for Benjamin Greenway according to [Mr. A. G. Hatch, Jr.]. Rachel, mother of B. G. Baker, Sr., at the time of her death, her name was Malugin. Her maiden name was Petty Born Sept. 1, 1782, Chetham [sic.] County, N.C. and died Dec. 28, 1857 in Decatur Co., TN."


Other People Possibly Buried Here

Baker, Felton, 1886-1901


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