Bath Springs Baptist Church established a cemetery in the mid 1990s. The cemetery is located not at the church but instead is about 2 miles west on the east side of Red House Cemetery. The first marked was placed in the cemetery about 1996. By the end of 2003 there had been only two burials and there was still only one marker. Note that unmarked burials from Red House Cemetery may extend under the fence and into the north west corner of Bath Springs Baptist Church Cemetery.

            David Donahue first recorded Bath Springs Baptist Church Cemetery in December 1996 (as part of an update of Red House Cemetery). He checked and updated the cemetery December 28, 2003. This first online page for the cemetery was made in January 2004.


Boroughs, Josephine, Dec. 11, 1923-Sept. 8, 2002
Boroughs, Charlie, Apr. 24, 1992-Nov. 25, 2000, military marker as footstone "Charles E. Boroughs" "US Navy World War II"


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