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From Lillye Younger, People of Action (Decatur County Printers, 1983).

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(photo caption) MARK ANNIVERSARY - Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Smith of Parsons were honored on their 25th wedding anniversary with a surprise dinner. Hosts were their children, Susan Robin, and Willie and his wife Terry Smith. A buffet dinner was served from a T-shaped table bearing a three-tiered wedding cake decorated with pink rosebuds and silver bells.

Anniversary Is Observed

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Jordan were honored on their Golden Wedding Anniversary at the home of their daughter and family Dr. and Mrs. Charles Ingram in Nashville, Tenn., November 7th.

Mrs. Jordan was attired in a striking navy ensemble with a white orchid pinned at her shoulder.

When the clan arrived at the Ingram home they motored to Holiday Inn where a delectable meal was served.

Refreshments of Anniversary cake, nuts, mints and punch were served at the Ingram residence later in the afternoon.

Those present helping the couple celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary were Miss Phyllis and Robin Ingram, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Webb, Barry, Stan, Stevie and Mark of Searcy, Ark., Dr. and Mrs. James Jordan and David of Linden, Tenn., Miss Carol Jordan of University of Tenn., at Knoxville, and Gregg Webb of Arkansas Tech College in Russelville, Ark.

Golden Anniversary Marked

PARSONS, Tenn. - Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Wallace of Parsons observed their 50th wedding anniversary with an open house at their home on 316 Tennessee Ave., Sunday.

They are the parents of Mrs. George White of Decaturville, Mrs. Jack Cruthirds of Gulfport, Miss., Mrs. Everette Armstrong of Knoxville, and the late Stanley Wallace. They have 13 grandchildren. Artistic arrangements of yellow mums and carnations were used in the reception rooms. Julia and Janet Armstrong were in charge of the guest register and Jacqueline and Irene Cruthirds assisted at the serving table.

About 150 relatives a n d friends called between t h e hours of 2 p.m. and 5 p.m.

Graves Celebrate 50th Anniversary

PARSONS, Tenn. - Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Graves of Darden, Tenn., celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with open house at their home on Hwy. 20.

Gifts were on display for guests to view.

The refreshment table was overlaid with a white linen cloth and centered with a fresh arrangement of summer flowers. Highlighting the table was the decorative three-tiered wedding cake topped with the numeral "50" in gold. Refreshments of wedding cake, nuts and punch were served.

Their day was brightened with the appearance of their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren who were all present for the gala affair. They included Mr. and Mrs. Leon Graves, Kay, Danny, Rosa and Vickie of Darden; Mr. and Mrs. Paul Graves and Amy of Memphis; Mr. and Mrs. Hayes Graves, Sharon, Robert and Kim of Lexington; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Clenney and family, Howell and Vivian of Hohenwald; Mr. and Mrs. Larry Duke and Beverly of Darden.

Friends and other relatives attended in large number.

Readeys Celebrete 50th Anniversary

Mr. and Mrs. Jess F. Readey shared congratulations from over 200 well-wishers, Sunday, April 18, at open house marking their golden wedding anniversary. Hosting the celebration were the couple's two daughters, Mrs. Geraldine Lackey of Parsons and Mrs. Tommie Joan Alexander of Dayton, Ohio.

Party rooms were enhanced with gift floral arrangements in shades of yellow.

Those in the receiving line were the honorees, Mrs. Readey, clad in a becoming blue silk shantung featuring a V-neckline outlined with seed pearls. At her shoulder was pinned a frosted orchid, and Mr. Readey wore a yellow boutonniere, Mrs. Lackey wore a beige costume suite and Mrs. Alexander chose a blue knit creation.

Miss Sonie Alexander, granddaughter of the couple, kept the guest register.

Mrs. Charlotte Curtis of Camden and Mrs. Sandra Lackey of Parsons escorted guests to the bedrooms where gifts were on display. The couple received many beautiful gifts ranging from Gold Electroplate silverware to sheets, pillowcases and other household items.

The serving table was dressed in a floor-length satin cloth caught up at each corner with velvet bows and centered with a lovely arrangement of yellow iris intermingled with a baby's breath in a cutglass container.

The point of interest was the three tiered wedding cake topped with a miniature bride and groom over which the numeral "50" was encased in a decorative heart. The three tiers underscored swans and were centered with gold leaves on the outer rim.

Party fare consisted of wedding cake, nuts, mints and yellow punch. Assisting in serving were Mrs. Karen Hamm of Parsons and Miss Susan Alexander of Dayton, Ohio, granddaughters of the couple. Others assisting in the hospitalities were Mrs. Vernon Readey, Mrs. Burl Striegel and Mrs. Patsy Woodford.

Out-of-town guests who attended were Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Davis and Mr. and Mrs. John Moore of Jonesboro, Arkansas, Mr. and Mrs. S. S. McCullough of Memphis, Mr. and Mrs. Denny Helm of Lexington, Mrs. Clyde Tate and Miss Vernon Striegel of Florence, Alabama, Mrs. Lillian Akins of Jackson, Michigan, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Woodford of Lovelaceville, Ky., Mr. and Mrs. Paul Striegel of Alton, Ill., Mr. and Mrs. John L. Cathey of Paducah, Ky., Mr. Frank Armstrong of Jackson, Tenn., Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Sherbert, of Paducah, Ky., Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ivy of Bath Springs, Judge and Mrs. James L. England, Mayor and Mrs. Ralph L. Moore, Mr. and Mrs. George William White and Mrs. Billie Vise of Decaturville.

Austin 50th Anniversary

By Lillye Younger

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Austin of Scoffs Hill shared honors with 160 guests Sunday June 22nd, when they were the inspiration for a gift tea on their 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary at the Senior Citizen's Building in Scoffs Hill from 2 to 4 p.m., hosted by their daughters, Mrs. Brenda Austin Parker of Springfield, Virginia and Mrs. Linda Austin Becker of Hendersonville.

A yellow and white color motif was featured in the spacious reception room, enhancing the beauty of the setting.

In the receiving line were the honorees, Theodore and Nina Sue Patterson Austin and their twin daughters. Mrs. Austin was attractively attired in a stunning coral knit creation, featuring a crawl neckline, long sleeves, belt and slit straight floor length skirt. A white orchid was pinned at her shoulder. Linda chose an ivory floor length frock, featuring embroidered tucks, lace and short sleeves and Brenda was attired in a becoming floral creation, featuring a rounded neckline. Both pinned a corsage of yellow mums and daisies at their shoulder.

Keeping the guest register was Mrs. Jo Kelley, sister of the honoree. One single yellow rose in bud vase graced the guest registers table.

Gifts were shown by Mrs. Margaret Dyer, which had been placed on long tables in the reception room The couples received gifts in keeping with the occasion, featuring shades of gold and yellow. Their four grandsons gave their grandmother a beautiful gold necklace and their grandfather a gold pocket watch; both were engraved.

The refreshment table, overlaid with a beautiful gold satin cloth, held a central adornment of yellow daisies interspersed with white carnations and underscored by a gold container. It was flanked by gold candelabras, holding burning tapers which cast a romantic glow over the setting.

Party faire consisted of wedding cake, nuts, mints, underscored by gold compotes and yellow punch. The Golden Wedding Anniversary cake was in style of "Lady Windemere" and was mounted on a cake stand with four arm tiers, which was imprinted with 50th Wedding Anniversary in gold letters, featuring a bride and groom clad in gold, surrounded by gold roses and leaves.

Wedding music was furnished by Mrs. Val Morse of Saltillo at the organ which held a beautiful floral arrangement.

Assisting in the courtesies were Mrs. Marse McPeake who served cake and Miss Hettie McCollum who served punch. Mrs. Carolyn Snyder served coffee from a silver service. Others assisting in the courtesies were Mrs. R.P Kelley, Mrs. Reba Magers and Mrs. Exie Milam. Each pinned a yellow corsage at their shoulder.

Out-of-town guests who attended were Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Williams, Mr. and Mrs. David Sessions, Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Parker and Mrs. and Mrs. Robert Parker of Paris, Mrs. and Mrs. Val Morse, Mr. and Mrs. Garland Williams of Saltillo, Mr. Guy Scott, Mrs. Carl Blackwell, Dr. and Mrs. Paul Wylie, Mrs. Arbie Montgomery and Miss Agnes Taylor of Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. Enis Austin of Senatobia, Mississippi, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Martin, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Arbon Haney, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Maness and Mr. and Mrs. R.J. Maness of Memphis, Dr. and Mrs. Donald Austin of Tampa, Florida, Mr. and Mrs. R.B. Kelley of Ringold, N.J. Mrs. Olivia Youngerman, Mr. and Mrs. H.E. Baker of Lexington, Mr. Walter Whittle of Henderson, Mr. and Mrs. R.L. Haney of Decaturville, Mrs. Doris Miller of McKenzie, Mrs. Dennis O'Nam of Starksviile, Missi. and Mrs. Ward Johnson of Greenfield.

Mr. And Mrs. Graves Honored On Golden Anniversary

Around 175 friends and relatives shared hospitalities with Mr. and Mrs. Otis Graves when they were honored on their "Golden Wedding Anniversary" at their home in the Iron Hill Community near Parsons on Sunday afternoon, April 9th, from 2 til 5 p.m.

Hosting the affair were their children, Mrs. Frank Gurley, Mrs. Lee Coffman, Mrs. Thomas Young, Mr. Billy Graves, Mrs. John Baker, Mr. Bobby Graves and Mrs. Bobby Beecham of Morristown who was unable to attend. She called to wish her parents happiness on their anniversary.

The honoree, Mrs. Graves was attired in a lovely three piece beige double knit creation with matching accessories. A beautiful gold corsage of carnations adorned with wedding bells was pinned at her shoulder. Mr. Graves wore a gold carnation boutonniere.

Also in the receiving line were Mrs. Gunny who was attired in a two piece beige and gold dress, Mrs. Coffman, wearing a three piece navy and white creation, and Mrs. Baker who chose a becoming brown double knit. Matching corsages were pinned at their shoulder. Billy and Bobby wore gold boutonnieres.

A granddaughter, Miss Barbara Graves of Nashville kept the guest register, which was enhanced with a gold floral gift arrangement from Guy Johnson's Florist in Jackson.

Gifts were placed in the bedrooms which the granddaughters, Debbie Elder, Gwen Graves, Sharla Young, Darla Baker and Vane Graves clad in spring creations with matching consages pinned at the shoulder, escorted guests to view the large assortment of gifts.

The serving table covered with a gold cloth was overlaid with lace and centered with a lovely arrangement of yellow mums in a black and gold vase, centered with the gold mineral "50".

The main point of interest was the three tiered white wedding cake. The second tier was necklaced with the numeral "50" encircled in gold rings. It was topped with a heart also holding the numerals "50" with a miniature bride and groom and white angels flanked the tiers.

Assisting in the hospitalities were Mrs. Billy Graves, Mrs. Reta Graves, Mrs. Curtis Wilson, Mrs. J.T. Messer and Miss Debra Coffman, who wore becoming spring frocks and matching corsages.

Party fare consisted of wedding cake and gold punch.

Mr. and Mrs. Graves received telephone calls wishing them a happy anniversary from Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Crenshaw and Sandra of Arlington, Va., Mrs. Della Crenshaw of Arlington, Va., Rev. R.C. Maya of Clarksville, Tenn., Mr. Vernon Mays of Chicago, Ill., and Dewayne Shelby of Nashville, Tennessee.

Taylors Are Honored

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Taylor shared congratulations from about 200 well-wishers Sunday from 2 to 4 p.m. Entertaining for them were their son, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Taylor and grandchildren, Terry Taylor and Janet Boren.

A yellow satin cloth, overlaid with white lace, centered with colorful silk flowers, flanked by candelabras holding yellow tapers, decorated the serving table. A huge wedding cake flanked one end of the table and gold punch was served on the opposite end.

Miss Sheila Kelly of Lexington kept the guest register. Others assisting in the courtesies were Mrs. Brenda Kelley of Lexington, Mrs. Peggy Taylor, Miss Agnes Taylor, of Jackson and Mrs. Edith Taylor of Decaturville.

Gifts were on display on a table in the reception room.

Party fare consisted of wedding cake, nuts, mints and yellow punch. Favors on the guest register table were folders of a picture of the couple and "Fifth wedding anniversary of Ernest Haywood Taylor and Willie Faris Montgomery Taylor, married March 12, 1931 in Corinth, Miss., and a list of their family members. A scroll, kept in place by a wedding ring, flanked the picture which explained their appreciation read thus, "Thank you, friends and neighbors, and relatives so dear, for all the joys you've wished us, and for your presence here. Now when this day is over, and you are on your way, the memory of this joyous time will ever ______ [last two lines unreadable]

West Couple Have Enjoyed Marriage Sixty-Six Years

By Lillye Younger

Miss Rathie Creasy and Andy Mitchell West were united in holy wedlock March 22, 1911. Rathie was 151/2 and Andy was 191/2. They courted by walking places as well as going by wagon and team to big meetings, etc.

The couple have been married 66 years. Mrs. West smiled and explained that they were married by Squire John Murphy who lived near Scotts Hill.

They were childhood sweethearts and attended the same schools at Thurman and Corinth.

"The years have been wonderful," Mrs. West said. "We have had our 'Spats' but no fights." "I guess she is about right," her husband chimed in. "We have never been mad enough to separate," she added with a twinkle in her eyes."

They live in the Pleasant Hill Community just off the Brookie Thomas Road, however the couple have made many moves in their 66 years of married life.

Places they have lived include the Tarlton place near Scotts Hill, the John Eason place near the Oil Well, Red Pettigrew place and Ike White place in the Pleasant Hill community, Walt Lafferty place in Dunbar Community and the Bedford Keeton place at Keeton Springs. They have lived at their present home for 48 years and the house is over 100 years old.

Life hasn't always been easy for them. Mrs. West explained, "When Andy and I married he had $1 and a pig and I had three quilts to start out with."

Their first furniture was two wood bedsteads which they bought for $1.25 each, a home-made eating table and some straight chairs. They did their cooking in the fireplace but later were able to buy a little four eye cast iron cookstove for $2. Their first set of dishes were acquired by Mrs. West, who made up an order for a company. They had no dresser but hung a small mirror on the wall. "We had a big box for our clothes which we papered with newspapers," Mrs. West explained.

Farming has been their chief occupation however Mr. West has made cross ties, worked at the fire tower and worked on 69 highway. "I earned $1.25 a day for 10 hours work on the road," he explained.

They stay at home now much of their time. "I enjoy house work," she said and Mr. West enjoys television, especially the baseball games.

The West home is spotless and they are now experiencing modem conveniences however much of their furnishings are antique. There are four feather beds on the four iron bedsteads. The latest modern convenience is a new electric stove.

They are the parents of eight children however two are dead. They are Jessie Delore Lafferty who lives in the Dunbar community, Andy Mitchell West at Keeton Springs, Edna Sue Wyatt in the Liberty community, Maxine Hopper at Center community, Glen Paul West and Thomas Rogers West who lives in the Pleasant Hill community. They also have 10 grandchildren and eight great grandchildren.

Good health has been their constant companion. Mr. West is 86 and has been in the hospital only twice while Mrs. West is 82 and has been hospitalized only once. They are mostly vegetarians and always eat a very light supper. Mr. West has never indulged in alcoholic beverages.

Their advice to the newly weds is to go "50-50 and do what is right."

"If anyone ever came up the hard way, we did but we enjoyed it," Mrs. West said.

They are members of the Pleasant Hill United Methodist Church.

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