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Chapter XIV

From Lillye Younger, The History of Decatur County Past and Present (Southhaven, MS: Carter Printing Company, 1978).
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In Memory of Lillye Washburn Younger 1912-1998.

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Marie Hays Gilbert

Asa N. Hays

Black Sam Hays, born 1828 died 1882. Son of James Hays and Diliah Ead? Married Melinda (Millie) P. Rancher, Born 1833 Died 1900.

Children: Jimmy (Humpy) Hays, married Beck.

The children of Jimmie and Beck Hays were: Mandy Hays: married Frank Maness; Nervie Hays, married Charlie Maness; Barbara Hays, married Sam Bledsoe.

Billy (W.H.H.) Hays married Jannie Wise.

The children of Billy and Jannie Hays were: Ellis Hays, married Nancy Gilbert; Carrie Hays, married Clem Moore.

Lee Grand Hays, married Sarah Wise.

The children of Lee and Sarah Hays were: Hulelis Hays, married Viola Freeman; Bertha Hays married Tom Garner: Auther Hays died about 20 years of age.

Dr. Henry Hays (Son of James [Jimmie] Hays) married Alsey Jane Hays (daughter of Captain Asa Hays). Their children:

Betty A. Hays, married ? Rush; Lilly Hays married Asa Sycamore Maness; Jullie Hays married Will Steeles; Ulysses Grant married Ruth Reeves; Isabelle Hays married George Ham; Ida Hays married Jim Gilbert:, Kate Hayes never married; died young.

Dr. Henry Hays had the following children by Harriet Bledsoe. Harriet Bledsoe already had Lee Bledsoe. Sam Bledsoe married Barbara Hays; Bant Bledsoe married?; Jack Hays married Rener Arnold; Feak Hays married?; Almer Hays married Fliex Hays

Martha Hays (daughter of James [Jimmie] Hays) married Ben Crews born 1830and died 1857. Their children: Jim Crews, born 1854, married Sarah Myrcle; Emiline Crews, born 1856, married Tom Renfroe.

Eliza Hays (daughter of James [Jimmie] Hays) married Mary Renf roe, died at Anderson Prison April 29, 1964. Their children: Martha (Matt) Hays, born 1859, married Ace Lee Maness; Elizabeth (Bett) Hays, born 1861, died young.; Delila H. (Liddie) Hays, born 1864, married John Carrington; John Hays, married in Oklahoma.

Sarah Hays born 1842 (Daughter of James [Jimmie] Hays) died young.

John C. Hays (Son of James [Jimmie] Hays) born 1839, married Mary?

Taylor Hays (Son of James Hays and Deliliah Eads) married Elizabeth Gilbert. Children: Dotson Hays married Almer Reeves; Doss Tom Hays married Rossie Belle Maness; Add Hays married Unknown Rushing; William died at 3 years of age; Mary Hays married William Maness; Dellia Hays married Taylor Hays' Children by Mary Belle Freeman; Buster Hays married; Lizzie Hays married Tom Bowman; Gene Hays married Bertha Hamilton.

Monroe Hays: (Son of James Hays and Delilah Eads) born 1837, married Zilphia? Born 1845, (Later married Simon P. Watson.) Children: Granville Hays, born 1857, died 1935, married. James (Jimmy) Hays, born 1859 died 1935, married. Arabella Hays born 1860 died 1935, married. Zilphia married Simon P. Watson and their children are as follows: Louisa Watson, married; Adline Watson, married; Johnny Watson, married.

 Lineage of Grandville Hays: married first wife's name unknown Children of first marriage: Florence Hays (Her mother left here with her possibly to Missouri.) Anna Hays married Less Maness, Jim Hays married Ada Hays.

The children of Second wife Dolly Derryberry: Ruby Hays married Lois Smith

James Monroe Hays (Son of Monroe Hays and Zilphia ?.) Born 1860, died 1944. Married Kattie Maness.

Children: Blane Hays married, unknown Alton; Andrew Hays married Beulah Roberts; Hollie Hays married Hester Woods; Ora Hays married?; Olliver married 1. Flora Blankinship (divorced) 2. Dosh Daily

Arabelle Hays, (daughter of Monroe Hays and Zilphia ?) married.

James (Jimmie) Hays married Cynthia ? who died. No children. Then he married Elizabeth (Bett) Presley. She had one child, Newton Presley. They had Bett, born 1839. Little Jimmie Hays born 1868, married Gillie Hays: Johnny Hays; Liddie (Hays) Eads; Lonnie Hays.

Isabell Hays born 1861. Not known.

Isac (Ike) Hays born 1871 died 1956. Married Leoria Rushing born 1870, died 1939. Glenner Hays not known. Rutherford Bee Hays, born 1877, died 1965. Married Virginia (Jennie) Rushing. Ernest Hays; Less Hays; Edd Hays; Ray Hays; Ollie Hays.

Henry W. Hays: born 1854, died 1924. Son of (Stob) Sam Hays and Melinda (Lindy) Davis. Married Centhia Eads, Born 1856 Died 1926. Children: John (Punt) Hays, married Mary Babe Lindsey; Polly Anna Hays, married Tommie Smalls; Martha (Marthey) Hays, married Ira (Irish) Smith; Isabelle Hays, married 1. Oscar Maness, 2. John Frizzell; Samuel (Sambo) Hays, married Jossie Carrington; Garfield Hays, Ada Gilliam.

Anna Hays: Daughter of (Stob) Sam Hays and Melinda (Lindy) Davis born 1855, married Charles Woods. Children: Lincoln Woods, married; Jack Woods, married; Jessie Woods, married; France Woods, married; Marlyn Woods, married; Lou Ellen, married.

Nancy Hays: Daughter of (Stob) Sam Hays and Melinda (Lindy) Davis. Married unknown Lewis. Children: Fate Lewis, married; Matt Lewis, married; Lige Lewis, married; Tom Lewis, married; Feak Lewis, married; Girl Lewis, married unknown Brewer.

Joseph (Joe) Hays, Son of (Stob) Sam Hays and Melinda (Lindy) Davis, born 1850, married Twiten Wooley. Children: Florence Hays, married Willis Neisler?; Morten Hays, married Ethel Arnold; Molly Hays, married Joe Thomas Jowers; Dothulah Hays, married Feak Fortner; Linda Jane Hays, married John Doyle.

Note: Two died as infants.

Children of Joseph (Joe) Hays' Liniage:

  1. Florence Hays and Willis Neisler No information found.
  2. Morten and Ethel Arnold Hays: Children: Alene Hays married Hermon Holmes; Exal Hays married Earnest Maness; Stella Hays married Willie Maness.
  3. Molly Hays Jowers and Joe Thomas Jowers: Oma Jowers married Oscar Jowers; Wilson Hays married Lessie Gilbert. J. T. Jowers married Opal Woods.
  4. Dothulah Hays Fortner and Feak Fortner: Dock Fortner married Emmaline Maness.
  5. Linda Jane Hays Doyle and John Doyle: No information found.

John Hays (Preacher), born 1843 married Nancy A. Wilkerson, Son of (Stob) Sam Hays and Melinda (Lindy) Davis.

Children: First Wife: Clayborn Hays, married Estee Alexander; Clayton Hays, married Roxie Ivey; Elizabeth Hays, married; Jossie Hays, married; Delia Hays, married.

Children Second Wife: Alice (Sack) Triplett sister of John Triplett. Naomi (Omar) Hays, married Elbert Mays; Ester Hays, married. Son died in infancy.

Note: A Civil War soldier in prison at Andersonville, probably converted in this prison. He, also, was a well-known "old timey' preacher in this area, who shouted and walked the benches in praise of the Lord.

Elizabeth (Beth) Hays: Born 1838, Daughter of (Stob) Sam Hays and Melinda (Lindy) Davis, married Huse Woods. Children: Bob Woods, married Mary Jane Hays; Bud Woods, married Sally Ann Maness, Nancy Jane Woods, married Johnny Woods; Belle Woods, married John Sanders; Joe Osben Woods, married 1. Carrie Carrington, 2. Donie Thomas.

Patsy Jane Hays, Daughter of Stob Sam Hays and Melinda Davis, born 1846 married Riley Woods. No children known to have been born by this union.

Letha Hays: Daughter of (Stob) Sam Hays and Melinda Davis, married Cabe Woods. Children: Joe Ausburn Woods, married.

Note: Not known if other children born to this union. May have had the following: Bele Sanders, Nancy Jane Woods.

Samuel (Sambo) Hays: Born 1880 Died 1964, son of Henry Hays and Centhia Eads, married Jossie Carrington, born 1884, died 1968. Children: Lee Hays, married 1. Lenie Woods, 2. Lora Duke; Bon Hays, married Bessie Nowell; Allie Hays, married Nolie Maness; Zilmer Hays, married Leaner Maness; Millie Hays, married Will Davis; Henry (Little) Hays, married Christine Maness; Sammie (Tobe) Hays, married Addle Arnold

John Purit Hays: Son of Henry Hays and Centhia Eads, married Mary Babe Lindsey. Children: John Henry Hays, married Sueley Manes; Frank Hays married Assaria Maness; Bessie Hays married Jim Henry Maness; Lizzie Hays married Harm Davis.

Polly Ann Hays: married Tommy Smalls. Children: Ollie Smalls, married; Lessie Smalls married Arron Houston; Bennie Smalls married Fred Davis.

Garfield Hays: married Ada Gilliam. Son of Henry Hays and Centhia Eads. Children: Son Hays married 1. Leonia Woods, 2. Elfie Maness.

This is all the records we have on these brothers, they are the only ones that we have records on. There may have been more. Oldest: James (Jimmy) Hays, born 1806, died 1879; Sam (Stob) Hays, born 1813; Asa Neilson Hays (Captain Black Hawk), born 1818, died March 13, 1887; Elisha Hays, born 1819.

  Their parents we know very little about. Their Mother was a Cherokee Indian. Her name was Charlotta. We are still tracing records on their parents, we do know that they came here from North Carolina.

James wife Delilah Eads? Children: (Black) Sam Hays, born 1828, died 1882, married Millie Rancher; Martha Hays, born 1830, married Ben Crews; Eliza Hays, born 1832, married Belle Anders; Jackson Hays, born 1835, married Mary Renfroe; Munroe Hays, born 1837, married Zilphia?; Sarah Hays, born 1842, died young; Dr: Henry Hays 1845, married Alsey Jane Hays; Zachary Taylor Hays born 1848, married (Bett) Gilbert & Mary Belle Freeman. Delilih died in 1862 and James remarried Cynthia ? They had no children. Then he married Elizabeth (Bett Presley) Their children: Hers Newton Presly Hays, 1863; James Hays.(Little Jimmy) 1868, married Gillie Hays; Isabell Hays, born 1861 married?; sac 1871 died 1956, married Leora Rushing; William (Bill) Hays born 1875, married Dode Taylor; Rutherford Bee Hays born 1877 died 1965, married Virginia (Jennie) Rushing.

Sam, wife, Lindy Davis. Children: Elizabeth (Bett) born 1838, married Huse Woods; Preacher John, born 1843, married 1st Nancy Wilkerson, 2nd Alice (Sack) Triplett; Patsy Jane, born 1846, married Riley Woods; Jasper, born in ?, married ?; Joseph (Joe), born in 1850, married Twieten Wooley; Henry, born 1854, married Cynthia Ann Eads; Ann, married Charles Woods; Lethia married Cabe Woods; Betty married ? Jowers; Nancy married ? Lewis.

(Stob) Sam Hays had these children by LaTisha (Tish) Maness but never married her. He recognized these children and raised them as his heirs. Jackson Maness, 1847, married Sissey Wooley; Jim Maness, 1849, married Parlee Davis (daughter of Big Six) Eligab (Lig) Manness, married 1st Frances Blankenship, 2nd Nan Blankenship; Rock Maness, born 1858, married Parlee Davis, daughter of Kit Davis; Asa Lee Maness 1855, married Matt Hays daughter of Jack Hays; Emmaline Maness, 1846, married Dock Folkner.

Asa Neilson Hays (Captain Black Hawk) born August 4, 1818 in Tennessee, Legend has it that Asa fought an Indian, whipped him and took his name, and since his mother was an Indian, he was dark complexioned and was called Black Hawk from that day on. During the Civil War, Perry, Henderson, and Decatur Counties were for the Union. He led the Volunteers 7th Calvary Company C. This man was such a devout republican that he ordered his children never to vote democrat and if they did they would be outcasts from their family forever. Legend also has it that the reason that Henderson and Decatur Counties vote Republican to this day is the influence of this man and because of his many relatives. Because of his influence, relatives and strong beliefs he did hold the counties for the Union. Most of his Company was made up of his relatives. We know that two of his sons fought under him Isaac and Samuel Leon, Samuel was killed at Union City when this company was captured by the Confederates. The Captain, and two of his nephews Jack and Preacher John. Jack died as a prisoner at Andersonville, Preacher John lived through this and came back to relate many things about the prison. One of them being that they ate the dog belonging to the Confederate Officers guarding them because they were so hungry. Preacher John was also at the Prison when the famous spring came up at Andersonville. He said this happened because the men prayed so hard for water to drink, because all the water the prisoners had to drink were from the Confederate latrines up on a hill. He also stated that a lot of the men died from drinking too much water the day this spring came out of the ground. So far as is known Captain Hays escaped before they got to Andersonville. After the war feelings were strong and Captain Hays was ambushed by Henry Elliot on the Rosson Town Road, near the old Parsons School. Captain Hays was shot and lived quite some time after this. It is said that Doctors pulled silk handkerchiefs through his wound to clean it. Captain Hays was a great land owner in Decatur County. Sections of this land still owned today by his descendants. His home place is now owned by Roudolf Hill. One of his sons, Isaac inherited a section of this land which was left to Tom Hays, and is now owned by Billie Jean Mays, Tom's granddaughter. The old Hays School House was located on a portion of the land that he left to his daughter Bett Gilbert located about two miles north west of Bear Creek Church. He gave his daughter Ann the section of land that is now owned by the Bob Hays heirs located approximately one and half miles from Bear Creek Church. Ann married Marion Hays and their home is still standing on this property as a log barn. This section is the only portion of his property that has remained in the Hays name since it was homesteaded.

Asa Hays first wife, Abigale Shipman born December 25, 1816 died November 17, 1876. Children: Charlotta, born 1836 (Lottie) married Hardy Davis; Isaac Martin Columbus, born 1838, married Mary E.Stephens (Pop) born 1839, sister of Sarah C. Stephens; Samuel Leon born 1842, married Sarah C. Stephens; Alsey Jane (Janie) born 1847, married Tom Ledford; Sarah Malinda Elizabeth (Bett) born 1850, married William (Bud) Gilbert; Eliza Ann, born 1860, married Marion Bradberry Hays.

The second wife, Martha Vernon Martin, born 1848, children: James PoTan, born 1879, died 1899 in Mo. Never married, buried in Mo.; Adda PoHaton (Pat) born 1880, married Eliza (Lizzie) Reeves; Bide V. born 1885, died 1887 buried at Bear Creek beside Captain Hays.

Captain Hays had these children by Rachel Davis but never married her. He recognized these children and raised them as his heirs. George Davis; Clint Davis; Jim Davis (Black Jim), married Matt Watson; Tom Davis. These children left here with their Mother and spent some time in Mo.

 Captain Hays had a child by a woman whose name was Shoemake. This was Mattie Hays. Captain brought her to his home when her mother died. Mattie married 1st Jes Rosson, then 2nd marriage to Harm Arnold.

Captain Hays is buried at Bear Creek Cemetery, and we are now in the process of trying to get a military marker for his grave.

Elisha Hays born 1820, wife Dolly Tubbs, born 1823; Children: Jerimiah (Perry) born 1845, married Delila ?; Sarah P. born 1848; married ?; Martha D. born 1849; Marion Bradbery, born 1853, maried Eliza Ann Hays; W. E. (Willy E.) B.; J. G. Grandville; M. F. Male.

Elisha died during the Civil War but we are still searching for his records, and do not know if he fought in this war or not. When Elisha died Captain Asa Hays took Marion B., Willy and Granville into his home sometime before 1870. December 23, 1872 in Decatur County Elisha's don Marion Bradberry Hays and Captain Asa N. Hays' daughter married and these are their children: Charlotta (Lottie) born 1875, died 1944, married Son Maness; Mary Jane, born Dec. 25, 1876, died 1955, married Bob Woods; Win. Granville July 23, 1874 died 1956, married 1st Cora Helms, married 2nd ? not known; married 3rd Elizabeth (Lizzie) ?; Dee M. born 1882, died 1947, married Margarette Ann (Meg) Odle; Lela born 1892 died 1944, married Jim Conley; Ada, married Andrew Taylo.

Mr. Carl Parton as a youngster remembers shooting Marion B. Hays with an air rifle, from the window of the old Colwick Hotel, and getting a spanking. Dee M. Hays carried the mail in Decatur County for 42 years. He started carrying the mail on horse back then to a horse and buggy, then to a automobile. Asa Gilbert his cousin, and his brother Granville took the test at the same time to become a mail carrier.

When Dee was carrying the mail in a buggy were people on the route that kept hot bricks for him to trade his cold one for to keep his feet warm. Sometimes he would find a scrap of dress material for him to match at Wes White's Store, or Colwicks and return to their mail box next trip. Also, he would find plow points to be taken to the black smith shop. And he said it wasn't uncommon for him to find a watermelon or something by the mail box for him to take home with him. He was also a farmer.

Dee M. and Meg's children: Naomi born, 1902 married Carl Dodd lives in Henry County; Bob born 1905 died 1975, married Belle Alexander; Marion B. (Boots) born 1906 D. 1950, married Lucille Morris; James Rufus b. 1907 died 1975, married 1st wife Opal Carrington; 2nd Wife Mildred McGraw (Mississippi) Bert Odle born 1908, married Maxine Mays; Irlby born 1908 died 1931; married Ules Young; Luther Ray (Shinny) born 1914 died 1962; married Bonnie Miller; Douglas b. 1916, married Mary Katherine Long; Maggie D. born, 1918, died 1919 never married.; Milford Leon b. 1920 d. 1948, married Mary Lee Gray; Mary b. 1922, married Fred Pearson 1st, 2nd Pete Stanfill; Dorothy b. 1924, married James Houston.

Naomi and Carl Dodd had four children one is buried in Mo. They have operated restaurants in Decatur and Henry County. Their children are Maggie, Katherine, and Charles.

Bob and Belle had eight children. Bob was a mechanic, farmer, sawmill owner, and construction worker. Children's names: Mildred Lee, Robert Jr., Ann Marie, Dennis (Dent), Betty Joe, Carolyn Jean, Larry Wayne (Bud), and Shirley Faye.

Marion (Boots) and Lucille had no children. Boots owned Sinclair Station in Parsons, drove a truck for Salant & Salant, and worked with his brother Rufe on construction. He was killed near Selmer while moving some construction equipment 1950. His widow is a retired Nurse and lives in Parsons.

James Rufus and his first wife Opal had one child Jack R. and he and his 2nd wife Mildred McGraw had four children, Jimmy R., David Lynn, Gerald (Jerry), and Lesia Ann.

Rufe started out pushing a wheel barrow during the building of the Tennessee River bridge at Perryville, Tennessee. He continued in the construction business the remainder of his life. He sat on the Governor's Staff of three states and was Chairman of the Democratic Patronage Committee for fifteen years. His business carried him over many states and centered in Henry County. Rufe died of a heart attack in September 1975. His widow Mildred resides in Henry County.

Bert Odle and his wife Maxine had two children Linda, and Susan. Bert operated the Pan Am Service Station in Parsons, worked on construction, operated grocery stores and farmed.

Iriby and her husband Eulis had no living children. Irlby died during childbirth in 1931, the baby is buried with her, at Bear Creek Cemetery.

Luther Ray (Skinny) and his wife Bonnie had one child Mark. Skinny started out driving a truck for his brother Bob. He served in the United States Army during World War II, owned and operated the Gulf Company, constructed the present Parsons Airport. At the time of his death his company was in the process of widening Highway 22 out of Lexington. He was killed in an automobile accident at Lexington in 1962.

Douglas and his wife Mary Katherine had four children, Sandra, Pattie Ann, Mary, Will, and John D. Doug is the head of Long Equipment Company, in President of Citizens State Bank, Chairman of the Board of Kol-Pak Corp. and President of H & S Trucking Company. Doug and Mary Katherine and all four of their children reside in Parsons.

Maggie Dee did not live but one year. She died of Scarlet Fever in 1919, and is buried by her Mother and Father in the Bear Creek Cemetery.

Leon and his first wife Mary Lee Gray had two children, Brenda, and Timothy Leon. He drove a truck for his brother Bob. Served in the United States Army during World War II. Then he worked for J.R. Hayes Construction Company. He was killed by a bull dozer accident near Whitlock, Tennessee. His widow Mary Lee resides in Adamsville, Tennessee.

Mary and her husband Fred Pearson, had three children Judy, Freddie, and Steve. Fred died, and Mary married Pete Stanfill from Manhattan, Illinois. Pete died in 1976, and Mary resides in Manhattan, Illinois.

Dorothy and her husband James Houston had two children, Mildred Ray (Pete) and Patsy Gail. Dorothy and James operated Houston Trucking Company. James died in January 1977 and Dorothy resides in Henry County.

Compiled by Marie Hays Gilbert