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Chapter XIV

From Lillye Younger, The History of Decatur County Past and Present (Southhaven, MS: Carter Printing Company, 1978).
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In Memory of Lillye Washburn Younger 1912-1998.

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Olan Houston

The Houston family of Decatur County is composed of nine branches-being the nine children of John Luck and Jane (Graham) Houston.

John Lucky was born in Kentucky the son of Peter and Sarah Jane (Lucky) Houston.

The Houston family came from Scotland to America and settled in Rockbridge County, Virginia.

From an old letter written by Peter Houston's grandson, James Newton Houston the following is found: "In regard to our relationship with General Sam Houston, they all came from the same place — all settled in the same county and all left Old Rockbridge County at the same time. My grandfather, Peter Houston settling in Kentucky and the Widow Houston, that is General Sam Houston's Mother, settled in East Tennessee. In looking over old papers, I find that we were all connected by blood kin. Peter Houston remained in Kentucky for several years, then moved to Bloomfield, Indiana in order to free his slaves. His son, John L. Houston and family left Kentucky about that time and moved to Tennessee."

Many families of Decatur County can trace their Image to the following nine children of John L. and Jane Graham Houston.

  1. Joannan Houston married Nathanial Barrett;
  2. John Gresham Houston married Martha Analize Arnold
  3. Jefferson Perry Houston married Jane Lofton
  4. Sara Jane Houston married 1st. Burrell Rushing, second, Renny Rains.
  5. Laverne Ann Houston married James E. Arnold.
  6. Eliza Houston died unmarried at 19 years of age.
  7. Martha Ann Lucky Houston
  8. James Newton Houston married Sarah E. Chaney
  9. Samuel Madison Houston married Mary H. Jennings.

John L. Houston, born in Fayette County, Kentucky migrated to Decatur County around 1818. He homesteaded about one fourth of a mile south of Bear Creek Church.

The names of John L. Houston and Jane Lucky Houstons children were Joanan Houston, born July 11, 1820, married Nathanal Barnett on October 30, 1838. They lived approximately one mile south of Bear Creek Church.

Jefferson Perry Houston, born February 11, 1822, married Jane Lofton and they lived on the Bear Creek Water front about three fourth miles west of Tomlin Chapel Church.

John Graham Houston, born March 11, 1824, married Martha Arnold. They lived around two miles east of Mt. Tabor Church.

Sarah Jane Houston, born December 16, 1826, married Burl Rushing. After his death she married Rennie Rains. Their home place was one mile east of Parsons on the old Parsons and Perryville road.

Leverny Ann Houston, born April 6,1828, married James Arnold. Home place two miles north of Bible Hill on Cub Creek.

Eliza Houston, born February 14, 1830, died September 19, 1849.

Martha Lucky Houston, born January 22, 1833, married Rennie Rains. She died July 17, 1863.

Dr. Thomas Newton Houston born January 22,1837, married Sarah E. Chaney. Home place on Cub Creek two miles east of Old Mt. Oak School on 69 Highway.

Samuel Madison Houston born February 8, 1839, married Mary E. Jennings. Home place about one half mile south of Bear Creek Church.

The Bear Creek church and cemetery was land originally owned by the Houstons.

Compiled by Clan Houston.