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Chapter XIV

From Lillye Younger, The History of Decatur County Past and Present (Southhaven, MS: Carter Printing Company, 1978).
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In Memory of Lillye Washburn Younger 1912-1998.

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J. R. (Kinky) Lancaster

Henry IV, (1367-1413) was the first King of House of Lancaster. Henry V, son of Henry IV, (1 387-1 422). Henry IV had religious differences with the Lollards. Henry V, continued this struggle and renewed the Hundred Years' War, which was started just before Henry IV's rule. Now, Henry VI, held the throne of both England and France when he was less than one year old. Henry VI, was pious and gentle, but he was a weak ruler.

The Nobles took advantage of Henry VI, weakness, to oppress the people. During his reign was the beginning of the rivalry between the House of York, and the House of Lancaster. This conflict was known as, "Wars of the Roses". The Lancasters chose the red rose as their emblem and the Yorks selected the white rose. This war lasted from 1455-1485.

Henry VII, was a decendent of two junior branches of Lancasters, and married into the House of York. This marriage actually ended this war. Maybe if some our leaders of the past could have promoted a wedding, who could dispute the fact that a war may have been avoided.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania; with a population of some 70,000 is in one of the richest farming areas of the United States. I had always thought that this city was named in honor of some Lancaster, however, it was named by John Wright, an early settler from England, named the city from a town in England.

Lancaster Pike; One of the first modern highways built in the United States was built in 1790.

The above has been taken from "The World Book Encyclopedia." I have failed to find the year or at least near the year of Lancaster's, in Decatur County, as to when they reached the United States. The above is written leading to the following.

Great, great grandfather of J. R. "Kinky" Lancaster, Benjamin M. Lancaster came from England (date unknown) with brothers and a son, Joseph Lancaster who was a scholar, highly educated and taught in North Carolina.

Benjamin M. Lancaster and wife, Sara, left North Carolina and came to Williamson County in Tennessee, which must have been in the 1760's. We think that Benjamin and wife were buried in Williamson County. His son, Colonel David L. Lancaster married Parmela Davidson of Williamson County. His second wife was Cynthia Duck of Decatur County. He and his second wife are buried at the old Wylie cemetery, now known as Gardner cemetery. He and his wives are responsible for the Lancasters of Decatur, Henderson and other counties over the United States.

[Note: The format and order of the following genealogy has been changed slightly to make it easier to follow.]

Following you will find families listed. Husbands, Wives, and Children:

First Generation

Colonel David L. Lancaster (my great grandfather), 1807-1891
Parmela Lancaster, 1805

Second Generation

Children by first wife, Parmela:

Harvey Lancaster, 1827
Jesse Lancaster, 1831
John G. Lancaster (Kansas no record)
David A. Lancaster (Calif. no record), 1841
William B. Lancaster, 1833-1899
Benjamin M. Lancaster, 1836-1901

Children by second wife, Cynthia:

Sarah Bathsheba Lancaster, 1854
Dr. Gabriel Scott Lancaster, 1856

Third Generation

Children of Harvey Lancaster:

William (Wild Bill) Lancaster

Children of Jesse Parish Lancaster Jones:

William Bill Lancaster
Achilles "Ack" Lancaster

Children of John G. Lancaster: (Kansas-no record)

Children by David A. Lancaster: (Calif .-no record)

Children by William B. Lancaster, 1833-1899:

L. L. Fate Lancaster, 1872-1929 (Wife, Mollie Houston Lancaster, 1880-1946)
Bertha Lancaster, 1903
Willie Lancaster, 1906-1968 (Willie had two sons, William Rogers and Billy Charles)
Lena Woods Lancaster, 1910
Opal Hays Lancaster, 1914
Wilma Graves Lancaster, 1920

Children of Benjamin M. Lancaster, 1836-1901 (my grandfather) and Martha Tenn Lancaster, 1847-1917:

Robert L. Lancaster, 1869-1963
William E. Lancaster, 1879-1962
Kitty Kent Lancaster, 1883
J. W. Lancaster, 1884-1964
Emily Cora Lancaster, 1871-1886

Children of Dr. Gabriel Scott Lancaster:

W. O. Lancaster
Eliza B. Lancaster
V.A. (Bess) Lancaster
Mamie C. Lancaster
Joe David Lancaster
Ozie E. Lancaster

Fourth Generation

Children of Robert L. Lancaster (1869-1963) & wife Addie (1868-1956):

Curry Lancaster, 1889-1971
Beulah Boggan Lancaster, 1891-1970
Euda Lancaster Montgomery, 1900-1931
Bennie D. Lancaster, 1894-1941
Thelma Tuten Lancaster, 1907-1946
Grady Lancaster, 1896
Julia Stephens Lancaster, 1911

Children of William "Wild Bill" Lancaster:

Jewel Lancaster
Royce Lancaster
Jimmie Lancaster

Children of William Edgar Lancaster (1879-1962) and wife Flora E. Lancaster (1881-1966):

Reba G. Lancaster, 1906
Jesse Robert Lancaster (Kinky), 1909
Martha Melba Lancaster, 1912

 Children of Vester Author "Bess" Lancaster (1890-1977) and Callie Montgomery Lancaster (1891):

Sarah Lima Houston Lancaster, 1914
Willie Zelma Wright Lancaster, 1913
Gabriel S. Lancaster, 1917
William Aclee Lancaster, 1918 (Aclee retired from Navy in 1958 with 20 years service)
Fate Montgomery Lancaster, 1920

Child of Kitty Lancaster Kent (1882) and Frank Kent (1878-1935):

Arbie Edna Kent, 1915-1977

Child of J. W. Lancaster (1884-1964) and first wife, Nell Holland Lancaster:

Virginia Lancaster

Child of J. W. Lancaster and 2nd, wife, Rebecca Lancaster:

Joan Lancaster

Fifth Generation

Children of Grady Lancaster (1896) and Mamie Scott Lancaster (1902):

Edith Hodges, 1920
Kathleen McBride, 1922
Kenneth Lancaster, 1926
Gordon Lancaster, 1930

Children of Oscar W. Montgomery (1896-1963) and Euda Lancaster (wife) (1900-1931):

Mary Lynn Butler, 1922
W. R. Montgomery, 1924
Neal Montgomery, 1926
Melba Montgomery Martin, 1928
Harold Montgomery, 1930

Children of Bennie D. Lancaster (1894-1941) and Jesse Eason Lancaster (wife) (1902-1976):

Irene Lancaster, 1920
Geneva Lancaster, 1922
J. L. Lancaster, 1924
Ruth Lancaster, 1927
Bennie D. Lancaster, Jr., 1930
Dorothy Jean Lancaster, 1932
Ralph Lancaster, 1935
Ted Wayne Lancaster, 1937
Patricia Ann Lancaster, 1941

Many people of our country know very little in regard to our heritage and I am among these. During this effort to write of my grand parents and relatives on each side, I have found it very interesting. The more effort the better the results. Maybe some of this will be of value in the future. I am positive that all of we true Americans trust that such as this may continue for years to come.

Compiled by J. R. Kinky Lancaster