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Chapter XIV

From Lillye Younger, The History of Decatur County Past and Present (Southhaven, MS: Carter Printing Company, 1978).
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In Memory of Lillye Washburn Younger 1912-1998.

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Zula Ready

Nathaniel Moore and Margureth Phillips Moore came by wagon train from Surrey County North Carolina to Decatur County in 1828 and settled near Perryville. Their children were Alfred Lynch Moore, born May 1, 1816, died August 17, 1905. Margaret Peggy Moore, Tennessee (Tennie) Moore and Mary Moore, all born in North Carolinia and Bedford William Moore, born in Bedford County Tennessee in 1828.

When their wagon train came through Bedford County they stopped for a while and here Bedford was born on September 5, 1828. He was named for the county. The family remained here until the Mother was able to travel.

When the family arrived in Decatur County they entered a tract of land about one and a half miles west of Perryville Landing, near the Sardis Ridge Church and built a log cabin by a large spring. The Land Grant #8623 shows this was in 1828. Moore also entered another tract of land of 100 acres joining the former tract on December 10,1850, Grant #11715. In 1832 he moved into a two story log building, which he built and here he raised his family. The Moore family had originally come from Glasgow, Scotland. Nathaniel was one of the early blacksmith settlers of Decatur County as recorded in the Census. His old Anvil, Bellows and other tools were handed down through the generation to the children of Thomas Johnston Moore.

His children were Alfred Lynch Moore who married Caroline C. Stabaugh, March 6,1836. After her death he married Charity Abigail Bussel on January 2, 1853. Margaret Peggy Moore married a Mr. Gunn. Their children were John and William. Tennie Moore married a Mr. Scott. Mary Moore married Samuel M.C. Glathlin and had two children, Belle and Bedford. Bedford William Moore married Troy Ann White, March 13, 1855 and after her death he married Ruth Ann Sylvitha Cole on May 8,1870 and they had one child, Nathaniel who was born July 1787 [sic.] and died September 1871.

Alfred Lynch Moore, eldest son of Nathaniel Moore, came to Tennessee at the age of 12 years. He was born May 1,1816 and died August 17, [1905]. He was married to Caroline C. Stobaugh on March 6,1836. She was born October 16, 1819 and died July 5,1852. Their two daughters were Martha J. Moore, born January 4,1837, died April 22, 1882. She married to Pleasant Carlisle. Mary B. Moore, born March 28, 1839 and died August 5,1859. She married a Mr. White.

Alfred L. Moore married the second time to Charity Abigail Bussell, born July 18, 1825, died April 11, 1904. They were married January 2, 1853.

She was the daughter of William and Judy Johnston Bussell early settlers of Decatur Co. Tenn. Mousetail Lndg. which is now known as Buselltown.

Their children were Julia A. Moore born Jan 7-1854 died Aug. 24, 1876. William B. Moore born July 16, 1856 died Feb. 13, 1857. Thomas Johnston Moore, born Dec. 2, 1857 died Sept 15, 1930. John R. Moore born Apr. 21, 1859 died Jan.31, 1882. Margaret Glendara Moore born Feb.20, 1862 died Jan 21, 1948. James Madison Moore born Apr. 12, 1864 died Nov. 27, 1894. Emma J. Moore born Dec. 13, 1867. Died Aug. 28, 1893.

Marriages -

Margaret Glendora Moore married John Swafford
James M. Moore married Elizabeth Huckaby
Emma J. Moore married John Kneaream - Nov. 11, 1888 By Rev. C. C. Bussell

After Alfred Lynch Moore was married he entered a tract of land east of his fathers place, the Land Grant was dated Mar. 10, 1847 and the Grant no. was 5123 and this Land Grant is still in possession of the Thomas Johnston Moore family. Alfred Lynch Moore was a carpenter by trade and was listed as such in the Old 1850 Census book.

He built his family a home on this tract of land where they were reared, and later came in possession of his oldest son Thomas J. Moore. Among other things Alfred built was the Old Colonial Howard Home just across the Alvin C. York bridge on the Tennessee River near Perryville on the left on the Linden Highway. The Howard family still keeps this house in good condition.

Oldest son of Alfred Lynch Moore, Thomas Johnston Moore family. Thomas J. Moore was married the first time to Mary Swafford on Nov. 23, 1879. She was born Dec. 16, 1855. Their children were: Lewis Alfred Moore, Feb. 12, 1883; William O. Moore July 12, 1880; Franklin L. Moore May 21, 1884; Charlie C. Moore, Mar. 15, 1886. The mother, William O. Moore, Franklin L. Moore and Charlie C. Moore all died at an early age and were buried at Perryville, Tenn. leaving the father and Lewis Alfred.

Thomas Johnston Moore was married the 2nd time to Minerva Elizabeth Gilbert on Dec. 25, 1887 by Rev. C. C. Bussell. She was born Nov. 1, 1869. Died Sept. 12, 1935. She was the daughter of Corporal John Jackson Gilbert and Nancy Jane Renfral Gilbert.

Their children were Robert Enloe Moore Feb. 9,1889. Oct. 24, 1955. James Madison Moore, Feb. 28, 1892-Nov. 9,1970. Thomas Jackson (Jack) Moore, March 23,1894. Mittie Elizabeth Moore, May 22, 1898. Apr. 1, 1932. Zella Abegail Moore, Sept. 13, 1901. Zula Carmen Moore, May 29, 1903. John William Moore Feb. 25, 1906. Clarence Lee Moore April, 12, 1908. Oct. 9,1972. Nina Belle Moore was born and died June 21,1910. Ellen Mae Moore was born and died Mar. 17,1912. Jesse Rogers Moore was born July 28, 1913 died May 26, 1926.

Son of Thomas J. & Mary Swafford Moore, the family of Lewis Alfred Moore

Lewis Alfred Moore was born Feb. 12, 1883. He was married to Lucy Ann Doughton. Their children were Frances P. Moore, William (Bill) Moore, James (Jim) Moore, Hettie Moore, Monnie Moore, Robert (Bob) Moore, Kate Moore, Logan (Doc) Moore, Bonnie Moore.

Frances Moore married Tom Young. Their children were William Lewis Young, married Erica Mae Luttrell; Vernon Grace Young married Howard (Pete) Readey. Their children were Jimmy Joe (Jim) Readey and Rebecca Jane (Janie) Readey Weldon.; Nellie Young married Claude Edwards Jr. Their daughter was Yolanda Edwards Hayes.; Nellie married the 2nd time Durwood Hunt. William (Bill) Moore married Myrtle West. Hettie Moore married Claude Butler. Monnie Moore married Curry Hendren, Kate Moore married Elmer Dixon; Robert (Bob) Moore, Logan (Doc) Moore, Bonnie Moore married Harold Cummings.

The children of Thomas Johnston Moore & Minerva Elizabeth Gilbert. Robert Enlow Moore B. Feb. 9 1889. D. Oct. 24, 1955 was married to Lurline Buckner whose Grandparents were one of the first families to settle in the town of Parsons. Their children were Joseph Lewis Moore B. Sept. 15,1922, Mike Rhonda, Robert Enlow Moore Jr, born Dec. 1930, married Mae Weaver. Robert (Rob) Moore served in World War I and spent one year over seas in Germany. He spent many years working for the St. Car Co. in Memphis and was working for the Army Depot in Memphis at time of death. His son Joseph Lewis Moore also served in the Army in World War II. Married Velma Ruth Piland. His children were Elizabeth and Nancy,James Madison Moore Born Feb. 13,1892. Died Nov. 9,1970. married Verna Bell Gilbert on June 9,1918. She was born Sept. 21,1900 - died Mar. 4,1963. He served in World War I and was a farmer grocery man and salesman.

Their children were Mildred Irene Moore born Feb. 21, 1920. James Mack Moore B. Aug. 12, 1921. Lola lnez Moore b. Sept. 18,1923. William Rex Moore B. Mar. 16, 1926. Walter Thomas Moore, Nov. 4, 1928. Jimmie Laverne Moore May 16, 1931, Justine Moore Sept. 10, 1934. Kenneth G. Moore B. Sept. 6, 1936 served in Korean War. Mildred married Frank Crasley. Their children, Gerald & Janelle Lola married Mark Wilkinson. James Mack married Lois Norris. He served in the Navy during World War II. Received B.S. Degree. Taught school then went to work for Gov. Had one son James who became an atty. at Law. William Rex Moore served in Korean War. Married Opal Cardle. He received his degree at U.T. at Knoxville and was County agent for 12 years at Spencer, Tenn. and is now working for Gov. Wyndal. His children, Joyce, Linda, Mary & Vickie.

Walter Thomas Moore married Laverna Smith. They had one daughter Karen. He also received a degree at UT and became a school teacher. He served in the Air Force in World War II. Jimmie Laverne Moore married Jimmy Farris she received her masters degree in education and became a teacher Justine Moore married Jerry Chauch. She received a degree in education and is now teaching in Florida. 2 children Peter & Diane. Kenneth G. Moore-served in World War II and spent several months over seas duty.

Thomas Jackson (Jack) Moore was married to Jessie Ledbetter on Oct. 30, 1927. Their children were Ralph Leon Moore born July 18, 1930. Ralph Leon was married to Patsy Perkins and had one son Donald - Ralph served in the Korean War and is First V. Pres. & Cashier of Decatur County Bank. Lyndall married Leroy Rushing and had 3 daughters Jacqueline, Barbara and Lila

Thomas Jackson (Jack) Moore was a Decatur Co. School Teacher for 24 years. Served as Trustee of Decatur Co. for 3 terms their served as book keeper for Readey Supermarket until retirement.

Mittie Elizabeth Moore was married to Claude F. Dillingner. A Black Smith and Carpenter in 1918 - he was born Apr. 5,1881-died Aug. 24,1973.

Their daughter was Estelle June Dellinger who was married to Samuel Scott McCullough. They had one son. Sam

June was born Sept. 7, 1920 and was a registered nurse. Zella Abegail Moore was married to William Maurice Davis on June 20. 1925 by Rev. Oakley. Memphis Tenn. She was a school teacher and secretary and he a salesman for Orgill Bros. Memphis. Their children were Maurine Elizibeth Davis born May 2, 1926, Marine degree in Ed. Marine was married to James (Jim) McDaniel and had one daughter Lynn. Gerald William Davis Born Nov. 24, 1929 Died Mar. 20, 1963. Gerald had received his Degree in Atlanta Ga. and as a textile engineer.

Zula Carmen Moore was married to Jess Franklin Readey. He was born Sept. 23, 1901 - and died Jan. 15, 1974. They were married Apr. 19, 1921. They operated a General Store including groceries, dry goods, hdw. feeds and seeds in Perryville Tenn. for many years before moving to Parsons in 1943 where they operated Readey's Supermarket until retirement. They also owned extensive lands and raised cattle, and "Mr. Jess" as he was commonly call was known as never turning one down for credit.

Their children were 1st Geraldine Celeste Readey born Jan. 27,1922. Tommie Joan Readey Born Dec. 8, 1930. Geraldine Celeste Readey married Herman F. Lackey Nov. 5, 1939. Their chldren are Charlotte Ann Lackey who married David Curtis they had 2 sons Anthony O'Neal and Christopher Lynn Jan 14 1977. Charlotte Ann was born May 7, 1941; Ronald Jerry Lackey born June 28, 1946, Married Sandra Brewer and has 2 children - Alan Wade Lackey Mar. 1966 and Tara Nicale Lackey Sept. 9,1972.

 Ronald and Sandra also received their degrees at U.T.M.B. and Ronald is teaching chemistry at River Side High School.

Karen Patricia Lackey was born Nov. 1, 1953. She was married to Larry Edward Hamm.

Their children were Stephanie Elaine Hamm. Born Mar. 6, 1971. Larry Daryl Hamm born Nov. 17, 1972. Amy Kay Hamm. born Mar. 18, 1974.

2nd daughter of Jess & Zula Readey

Tommie Joan Readey was born Dec. 8,1930, was married to Jack Ray Alexander on Nov. 23,1950. They both received degrees at U.T. at Knoxville. He Electrical Engineering and she in Education. Jack is Regional Representative for A.A.I. in Dayton Ohio. Their children are Susan Kay Alexander, born Mar. 18, 1955. Sonia Joan Alexander born Dec. 15, 1962. John William Moore born Feb. 25, 1906 was married to Helen Thompson on 27, 1929. He was a farmer Cattle raiser and salesman.

Their children were Doris Jean Moore born Dec. 19, 1930. Marion Joyce Moore born March 6, 1932. John Larry Moore born July 8,1934. Mary Frances Moore born July 2,1938. Their children, Alan, Patricia. Doris Jean married Tommy Barton, Marion Joyce, Karen Sandra, John David, married William Bibb. John Larry married Wanda Phifer Mary Frances maried Jimmy Linculm. Their children Melissa and Ashley, Clarence Lee Moore married Hope Harrell on Dec. 22, 1928. He married a 2nd time Myrtis Ereline Maxwell Mar. 25, 1944. He was born Apr. 12, 1908 died. OcI. 9,1972. Their children were Sheree Frances Moore born Jan. 19,1955. Thomas Lee Moore married Sandra Houston, born Oct. 25, 1956. Clarence Lee was a Mechanic and worked many years for McDonald Air Craft in St. Louis Mo.

Jesse Rogers Moore was born July 28, 1913. Died May 26. 1926.

Thomas Johnston Moore who was born Dec. 2,1857 died Sept. 15, 1930 reared these children of his on the Old farm Land Grant No. 5123 Dated March 10, 1847. That he received from his father - Alfred Lynch Moore. He gave the Rail Way Co. Right of Way to build the old railroad through his farm. He bought a large Beech river Bottom farm that joined. He was a school teacher, farmer, school board member, magistrate, Mason, Deacon in First B. Church Perryville and He was commonly called Esquire Moore.

2nd son of Alfred Moore

James Madison Moore was 2nd son of Alfred Lynch Moore. He was born April 12, 1864; died Nov. 27-1894. He was a Minister and Teacher. He was married to Elizabeth Huckaby and they had one son - James Madison Moore Jr.

Daughters of Alfred L. Moore

Margaret Glendura Moore born Feb. 20, 1862 died Jan. 21-1 948. was married to John H. Swafford on Sept 17-1 878. Their children were - Althea Swafford born April, 13 1880. She married John Coleman and their children were Grace Coleman Rhoades Elmer Coleman Ruth Coleman and Mary Coleman.

Johnny Swafford born Mar. 9,1883 married Allie Moore born Nov. 25, 1894. Their children James Pleasant Swafford born, Nov. 15, 1917. Dorothy Swafford B. Nov. 22,1920. Abbie Swafford born Oct. 24,1888 was married to Althea Hamm. Their children were Ruby Lois Swafford Glenn Swafford and Joe Swafford.

Mary Swafford born May 5, 1891 married Jesse S. Burton. Their daughter Velma Burton married Cecil DeLong.

Alice Swafford born July 5, 1903 married James Adolphus McMurry born Mar 25, 1897 and their children were James McMurry, Virginia McMurry, William McMurry.

2nd Daughter of Alfred Moore

Emma J. Moore born Dec. 13, 1867, died Aug 28 1893 She was married to John Kneareann. Nov. 11, 1888, By Rev C C Bussell. They had one daughter Julia who was married to Lucien Walker.

Bedford William Moore, 2nd son of Nathaniel Moore and Margareth Phillips Moore was born in Bedford Co. Tenn. Sept. 5,1828. He was married to Troy Ann White July 1, 1840. Their children were Lucy Margaret Moore Montgomery. Born April 14, 1858. Mary Lindura Moore Carlton Born May 31, 1860. Benjamin Lafayette Moore born Apr: 2,1862. Liberty Troy Moore born April 23, 1863. James Thomas Moore born Mar. 26, 1865. Ruben Bedford Moore born July 1-1867. Johnny H. Moore July 3,1869.


Lucy Margaret Moore married Joseph Montgomery Feb. 10, 1876. Children: Robert Montgomery, Jo Montgomery, Troy Ann Montgomery, Bedford Montgomery, Vesta Montgomery Ward & Ella Montgomery Patterson.

Mary Lendora Moore was married to Julius Bud Carlton - Children -Edgar Nelson Carlton, Helen Mae Carlton, Hill Ella Lee Carlton McAllister, Troy Ann Carlton, Gilbert.

Benjamin L. Moore born April 2,1862. Died Feb. 1890 married Luc Belle Jordan on Nov. 25, 1885 by Calvin Cale.

Children: Addie Lee Moore Bowman, Harbert William Moore, Ardie Belle Moore Bussell.

Liberty Troy Moore Born 1863 married Mary (Sis)Flowers. Children: Bertha Moore Flack, Liberty married 2nd time in Texas. Dorcus Adams and married 3rd time Maggie Rhodes.

James Thomas (Baldy) Moore born 1865, died 1958. Married Edna Dial Ledbetter on May 10,1919. Children, Roy Bedford Moore Born Feb. 3,1920. James Harry Moore born Mar. 15, 1925, Step daughter Hazel Ledbetter Cathey born Apr. 2,1916.

Bedford William Moore born 1828 died 1906 married the 2nd time Ruth Ann Sylvitha Cole on May 8,1870 by Rev. W. P. Bray.

Children were: Francner Jane Moore born Apr. 9,1871. Died Oct. 22, 1955. Pleasant Calvin Moore Born July 23, 1872. Died Apr. 15, 1955 Joseph Moore George Houston Moore.


Francner Jane Moore married Benjamin Franklin Streigel on Aug. 30, 1889 with Rev. C. F. Murphy officiate.

Children: Anna Clyde Streigel born July 9, 1890; Claudia Sylvitha Streigel; Andrew Lafayette Striegel born Aug 12, 1893 died may 30-1931; John Franklin Striegel; Roy Benjamin Striegel; Willie Vernon Striegel born Nov. 18,1900 died Feb 4,1976; Alma Eva Striegel born March 30,1904 married Robert Hicks; Mary Nina Ruth Striegel born April 4,1906 married William Coy Smith.

Anna Clyde Striegel married Elston Tate. Children Striegel Tate, Catherine Tate, Louie Ann Tate.

Andrew Lafayette Striegel married Addie Florence Readey Born Oct. 29, 1895. died Oct. 16,1961 on Jan. 17, 1915 by Rev. Hays.

Children: Lois Readey (Peggy) Striegel born Oct. 27 1916 - Married Cordie Sherbert on July 2,1941. Hubert Paul Striegel born Aug. 20, 1919. Andrew L. Striegel Jr. born Sept. 5, 1921. Patricia Leila Striegel born Mar. 31, 1924 married Roy (Jim) Woodford.

Children: James Andrew Woodford born Sept. 18, 1943; Andrea Patricia Woodford born Apr. 15, 1947 died April 21, 1956; Alma Eva Striegel born Mar. 30, 1904 married James Robert Hicks.

Children: Carole Loretta Hicks, Dec. 15,, 1935; Helen Gail Hicks, Feb. 1,1939

Mary Nina Ruth Striegel born April 4,1906 married William Coy Smith on Feb. 16, 1934, by William Conder Esq. Their daughter: Nina Sue Smith born on Oct. 23, 1937, married James Murray Watson on Dec. 24, 1957.

Pleasant Calvin Moore born 1872 Died 1955 married Vesta Breckenridge born Mar 24,1875, died Mar. 24,1913 on Jan. 21, 1894 by Rev. C. C. Bussell.

Children: Allie Jone Moore born Nov. 25, 1894; Joseph P. Moore born May 2, 1897; died Nov. 4,1916; Charlie Clarence Moore born July 4, 1900; Luther Bedford Moore born Feb. 7,1903 died May 18, 1960; Maggie Ruth Moore born Apr. 1, 1907; Alma Troy Moore born Oct. 24, 1909, Neva Dell Moore born & died April 9,1906; George Edmond Moore born & died Mar. 15, 1913.


Allie Ione Moore married Johnny Swafford, children J. P. Swafford; Dorothy Swafford.

Charlie C. Moore married Hazel Jordan, children - Virginia Moore Smith; Ralph (Big Boy) Moore; Charleen Moore Johnson; Jimmie Irene Moore Biven; Robert Ray Moore; Charles Jordan Moore.

Luther B. Moore born 1903 married Mary Meggs. Their daughter was Margaret Moore Vise; Ruth Moore, 1907 married Wyley Mack Hayes. Children: Doris Ellen Hayes married Perry Higdon; Maxine Hayes married Ceburn Riggs; Eloise Hayes married 0. Shelby; Vester Lowell Hayes; Elizabeth Hayes married Scott Callett; Max Earl Hayes.

Alma Moore born 1909 married Lewis Montgomery. Children: Valeria Montgomery Milane born June 23, 1929. Robert Calvin (R.C.) Montgomery born Sept. 8,1931. Joseph Lewis Montgomery born March 26,1934; Edwina Montgomery Butler born Nov. 2, 1936; Thomas Montgomery born Dec. 27, 1939.

Pleasant Calvin Moore born 1872 was married the 2nd time to Maggie Gabbard-Jan. 1916. Their children were C. Faye Moore born Nov. 8, 1916 married Irma Bawcum. Children: William Lewis Moore, Brenda Faye Moore

Lee Mancel Moore born Oct. 1, 1918 married Lucy Dower. Children: Robert Moore; Edward Moore; Nancy Moore; Linda Moore; John Moore.

Paul D. Moore born Feb. 17, 1921 married Lounelle Higdon. Their daughter Paula Denise Moore.

(Bobby) James Vaughn Moore born Aug. 24, 1928 married Lucille Riggs. Children were Licia Moore Carol Moore; Maurice Moore; George Houston Moore married Flora McClure. Children: Ruben Moore; Ruben married Ester Ledbetter, Children were: Charlie Bedford Moore; Margie Moore Carrington; William (Bill) Moore; Granville Buzz Moore; Ruben (Jr) Moore.

Compiled By Zula Ready.