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Chapter XIV

From Lillye Younger, The History of Decatur County Past and Present (Southhaven, MS: Carter Printing Company, 1978).
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In Memory of Lillye Washburn Younger 1912-1998.

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Melba Scott Woody

Micajah "Cager" Scott was born in 1 787 and died in 1854. He and his family came to Decatur County from Anson County, North Carolina and settled at what is known as Scotts Hill.

He was the first merchant in the community and the town of Scotts Hill was named after him. The first postoffice was located in a part of his store and he served as the first postmaster.

It is interesting to note that throughout the past 127 years a number of his descendants have been connected with the Scotts Hill Post Office, as well as other business and farming operations. The present Postmaster is Marvin Gordon Scott, who is a great, great grandson of Micajah Scott.

Scotts Hill is the only Postoffice by that name in the U.S.A.

Micajah Scott's children were Sarah Ann, Wiley, John, Gabriel, Wright, and Winnie. There is no record of his wife's maiden name. He has many descendants in this area today.

The following is a record of his son Wiley Scott and Wiley's son, Jesse B. Scott descendants.

Wiley Scott was born in 1815 and died in 1896. His first wife was Millie Holmes who was born in 1820 and died in 1856, living only 36 years. Wiley later married Catherine Caudle who was born in 1839 and died in 1906. He and his two wives are buried in the Holmes cemetery.

Wiley was the father of 22 children. The 14th child was Jesse B. Scott who was born in 1865 and died in 1929.

Jesse Scott married Lucinda (Lucy) Eason born in 1867 and died in

Jesse Scott married Lucinda (Lucy) Eason born in 1867 and died in 1958. She was the daughter of Jonathon O. Eason, born in 1841 and died 1923 and Kissah (Kiza) Temple Eason, born 1849. They were the parents of seven children, four boys and three girls. They lived in the Liberty Community and farmed for a living. They are buried at Liberty Cemetery.

Their children are: Myrtle Elizabeth Scott born in 1891 who married John Howell Adams born 1891 and died in 1972. Their children are Neal Lilburn born in 1917 who married Bernice Holmes born in 1919. Dee Adams born in 1921 who is deceased. Edna Vernell Adams born in 1923 who married Henry Earl Buck, who was born in 1925. They have one child, Doris Annette Buck born in 1947. James Max Ray Adams born in 1925 married Christine Caffey who was born in 1927. Carter Absolom Scott, born 1893 and died 1975 married Loda Mae Presley who was born in 1899. They were the parents of two daughters, Alma Lee Scott born in 1921 who married Edward Shed and Martha Marjorie Scott born in 1925 who married Richard Reed in 1944 and her second husband was Ed Donnelly.

Richard (Rickey) Reed Jr. married Alma O'Neal. They had two children Thomas Lee Scott who married Helen Kemp and they had three children, Canton Scott, Amy Scott and Nina Scott:

Billy Joe Scott married Dorothy Hawkins and they had two children, Jerry Shelton Scott and Sherry Scott.

Carl Estes Scott married Nell Smith and they had no children.

Ray Gordon Scott born in 1900 died in 1975, married Jessie Maude Holland who was born in 1903. The couple had three children, Melba Faye Scott born in 1920, married Thomas Edison Morgan, who was born in 1917. He passed away in 1960 and she married Benjamin James Woody born in 1919. She and Edison had a daughter, Patricia Faye Morgan, born in 1943 who married Johnny O. Pratt.

Marleen Nelda Scott, born 1925 married James Ivey. They are the parents of two children, William Scott Ivey born and died in 1949 and Marilyn Ann Ivey born in 1954 who married Danny Wayne Kelley who was born in 1952. They have a son, Joey Scott Kelley who was born in 1972.

Marvin Gordon Scott born in 1934 married Elizabeth Ann Moore who was born in 1947. They have two children, Michael Todd Scott, born in 1968 and Rachele Denise Scott born in 1975.

Mamie Julia Scott born in 1902 married Grady Leonard Lancaster who was born in 1896. They had a daughter, Edith Marie Lancaster, born in 1920 who married Harry Chester the first time and Carl Hodge the second time. The had a daughter by her first husband named Becky Chester who married Roger Powell the first time and Ray Foster the second time. They had a child name Chris Powell.

Martha Kathleen Lancaster born in 1923 married Jim Frank McBride. They had a son, Jimmy Wayne McBride who married Datthia Rhinehart. They had two children, Keith and Brad McBride.

Linda Kay McBride married Anthony Richardson and they had a daughter Gena Renae Richardson.

James Kenneth Lancaster married Carrie Lee Etheridge; Billy Joe Lancaster married Belenda Hudson and they had two children, Sandy and Suzy Lancaster. Jackie Ray Lancaster married Ann Daniel and they had a son, Jim Lancaster. Gordon Lee Lancaster married Gladys Kirby and they had three children Steve, Allen and Angie Lancaster.

Lula Lilburn Scott born in 1905 married Ervin Deen Maness who was born in 1900. They had a daughter, Barbara Joyce Murphy who married Gilbert Jarvis born in 1954 they are the parents of Grant Patrick and Brent Dean Jarvis. Calvin T. Murphy Jr. born 1957; Terry Scott Murphy born in 1959, David Wayne Murphy born in 1961.

Billy Earl Maness born in 1932 married Martha Allece Hanks. They have three children, James Michael born in 1968, William Mark, born in 1971 and Roger Morris born in 1975.

Mary Joccil Maness born in 1936 married Kenneth Ross Pryot born in 1930. They have three children, Amela Lynn, born 1959, Renee Diane born 1962 and Keith Ross born 1969.

Ruby Helen Maness born 1939 married Claud Edison Barnes who was born in 1929. They have two children, Judy Carol and Ronald Maness. They were born 1959 and 1962.

Linda Jane Maness born 1941 married Junior Holyfield and they have two sons, Kyle Jason born in 1973 and Toby Derek born in 1976.

Jonathan (Ed) Edison Scott born in 1907 married Ola Robins, born in 1909.

Compiled by Melba Scott Woody