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Chapter XIV

From Lillye Younger, The History of Decatur County Past and Present (Southhaven, MS: Carter Printing Company, 1978).
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In Memory of Lillye Washburn Younger 1912-1998.

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Blanche Strawn Tuten

A family group of Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Strawn. Bottom Row: Sarah Sloane
McCasland [mother of Mrs. M. J. Strawn], M.J. Strawn [Civil War Veteran],
Mary Strawn [daughter], Nancy Jan McCasland [wife of M.J.], Virginia
[Jennie] Strawn Tucker, daughter, Albert Strawn, son, Blanche Strawn
Tuten's father, Allen Strawn, son, John Strawn, Son, Tom Strawn, son. This
picture was made about 83 years ago and all are deceased.

Richard Straughn b. 1680 likely in Scotland married Catherine Murrel born 1681 of Middlesex Co. Va. in 1703. Their children: Thomas, Richard, Mary, Edward, Crisper & Margaret. Richard Strawn Jr. or II b. 1706 married Miss Leftwich b. 1710 of Caroline Co. Va. in 1728 Their children: Ruben, Richard, James, Crispin, William and Stephen.

The above taken from church records required by England Richard Straughn III born 1732 married Lucy Pae of Caroline Co. Va. in 1755. Their Children: Stephen, Milly, Richard, Betsy, Hosey Isaiah, Lucy Fielding was 2nd marriage to Agatha.

Richard (Straughan) Strawn IV b. 1761 in Orange Co., now Chatham Co. N. C. was my great, great, great grandfather. He signed his name both ways to his discharge papers from the Rev. War. He later moved to Hardin Co. Tenn. and is buried in Ledbetter Cemetery at Adamsville, Tenn. He is one of the first if not the first to be buried there. He has a Federal Gov. Marker at his grave. His Children: William, Stephen, James, Richard, Green, Isiah and Joel.

My great, great grandfather William H. Strawn born 1780 died 1861. He was born in N. C. and died at Adamsville, Tn. He married Elizabeth in 1801 in N.C. Their Children: Matilda, Nancy Sarah, Lloyd, Elizabeth, Rebecca, John Carroll and Calvin. William H. was married a 2nd time to Emaline Ledbetter Polk in 1846. Their children: Lewis Cass, Lucy Neal and James H. was adopted.

My great grandfather John Carroll Strawn born 1809 in Hardin Co. died 1862 in Missouri. He was married to Sophie Stockton in 1830 in Hardin Co., Tn. Their children: Thomas Stockton, John & twin brother, Margaret, Malinda, Celia Maness J., Mary A. and Allen. When my grandfather Maness Jordan Strawn born 1-28-1844 was 10 years of age the family moved to Stoddard Co., Missouri. He later enlisted in the Civil War was taken prisoner, and kept in prison at Camp Martou Indiana until the end of the war. He was paroled on 7th day of May 1865. He then returned to Stoddard Co. and found that both his parents had died. He then returned to Hardin Co. Tn. and lived with his uncle Lloyd Strawn until he married my grandmother Nancy Jane McCasland born 9-9-1854. They were married Aug. 29, 1873 in her mother's home. They moved to Decatur Co. at Bob's Landing around 1887. Two or three years later to the Nebo Community at Bath Springs, Tenn. Their children were Sophie, John, Tom, Allen, Isaac, Nancy V. Albert, Virginia (Jennie) and Mary. They also reared a grandson Melrose Stephens as his mother, Sophie had died when he was 7 years of age. My grandfather and grandmother were members of the Christian Church or Church of Christ and were staunch Democrats. Grandfather died in 1911 and my grandmother in 1946.

My father Albert Strawn born 4-16-1885 married my mother Hattie Alexander Britt born 1-1 8-1 894. She had a daughter by a former marriage Agnes Britt when my father raised & loved as his own. I (Blanche Strawn Tuten) was born in 1918. My brother Taylor born 1921. My brother Max in 1930. A little brother that lived 1 month Max died in 1967. Agnes died in 1971.

My father served as a member of the board of education and also several years as a magistrate. He was a member of the Church of Christ and was also a Democrat. He died in 1964. My mother is still living. Both she & Taylor's (Tucker) family live on acreage that my grandfather purchased in Nebo Community. Also living in Decatur Co., Max L. Strawn & Renee of M.J. Strawn.

Blanche Strawn married AC. (Bud) Tuten in 1938. He was in the U.S. Navy and served for 20 years. In 1955 we moved to Parsons and went in the welding business later in the lumber business. He built about 200 homes in and near Parsons. At present he works for T.V.A. We belong to Parsons Methodist Church.

We have 2 children Buddy Joe Tuten and Nancy Tuten. Buddy is married to Alma Gregory and Nancy is married to Jimmie Jones. We have five grandchildren: Beth, Cliff, Laura Leigh, Jody and Marcie.

Compiled by Blanche Strawn Tuten