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Chapter XIV

From Lillye Younger, The History of Decatur County Past and Present (Southhaven, MS: Carter Printing Company, 1978).
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In Memory of Lillye Washburn Younger 1912-1998.

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Second son of Elon H. Tate. Born Grundy County, Tenn. Died Decatur County, Tenn.

George W. Tate, born (1860 Census shows 9 years) 1851 died (Goodspeeds History) 11-30-1877; married (Decatur Co. Records) 4-2-1874

Martha Stegald - (Dau. Abraham & Roda - 1870 Census) born (1870 census shows 18 yrs.) 1852.

from other research...

Robert Carl Coats married Mattie Tate and was the son of John Coats and Mary E. Jayne.  Robert C. and Mattie had 8 children, three of them died infant deaths. Their surviving children were Annie C., Marvin T., Addie E., Pauline, and Mary E. Coats.

Robert's brother was Willie Garvin Coats.  Birdie Alice Coats was born in Decatur county on Jun 27, 1888 to Willie Garvin and Maggie (Marion) Coats.

source:  Carol Braydic

Mattie Tate (Dau.) born (1880 census shows 5 yrs.) CA 1875 died (Texas Death Cert. 3004) 7 -5-1940. Married (Decatur Co. Records) 3-29-1899 Robert C. Coats.

The 1880 Census shows Mattie Tate (aged 5) and Lucinda Stegald (aged 38) living with Margaret McClanahan & husband in the 4th Civil District of Decatur County. Mattie is listed as "niece" and Lucinda as "wife's sister". Lucinda is listed as a daughter of Abraham & Roda in the 1870 Census but Margaret is not; apparently married before 1870.

My own conjecture: Martha died in childbirth when George was killed. Mattie became an orphan. Lucinda (a maid) undertook her upbringing and moved in with a younger sister who also had young children. J. H. Tate (my grandfather) was made guardian of Mattie (date unknown) and he made regular reports to the court from 7-19-1883 to 8-6-1890. (J. H. died in 1891 so the record stops.)

Mattie & Robert Coats migrated to Greenville, Texas and had issue. They were both living in 1930. Mattie died in 1940 but Hunt County Record are completely silent on Robert and offspring. No Coats now living in Greenville admit to relationship to Robert & Mattie. I don't know the names of any of their children. I am attempting to get a survivors list from Mattie's obituary (if any). I am also trying to determine the names of Mattie's physician & funeral home & if they are still available for records information.