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Chapter XIV

From Lillye Younger, The History of Decatur County Past and Present (Southhaven, MS: Carter Printing Company, 1978).
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In Memory of Lillye Washburn Younger 1912-1998.

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Mr. and Mrs. John Tinker made in April 1960.

In the late 1800's John B. Tinker of Connecticut came to Benton County, Tennessee with his wite Martha who came from Missouri.

Children of this union were Nathan W. (died at an early age) and James Allen.

James Allen Tinker and wile Laura Baker were married about 1877 They had two children: John Allen born January 2, 1879 and James Stella born about 1882.

Alter the death of James Allen (1882) his widow Laura married Jim J. Bussell and moved to Decatur County near West Mousetail Landing now called Bussell Town.

April 22, 1900, John Allen Tinker married Mary Gertrude Arnold, born April 26, 1881 daughter at E. E. Arnold, one of the first settlers of Decatur County. Their children were:

  1. Ruth Aulda born March 16, 1901; died February 9. 1957 Married Albra A. Burton. Children: A. A. Burton, Jr. - died in infancy; Joe Tinker - married Betty Barnes; James Houston - married Mary Nell Luna; Betty Jean - married Jerry Laster; Nancy Jane - married Paul Ivy
  2. Arnold Ray born July 30, 1904 - married Jewell Reed Children: Mary Jewell - died in infancy; Warren Bay - married Jo Hargett; Allen Arnold - married Lucy Turner; Mary Carolyn - married Samuel Bryant
  3. Herman Lyndol born February 9, 1908 - married Florence Gordon. Children: Betty Joan - married Frank Neville; Carolyn Jean - married Al Matheny
  4. Allie Mae - born January 30, 1910 - married Billy J. Stevens
  5. James Logan born February 13, 1913- married Jewel Houston Children: Linda Lou - married Robert W. Watkins; Vicki Diane - married Carl O'Cain
  6. Mary Sue born January 20, 1915 - married Floyd Powell Carrington. Children: Gary Powell - married Joan Davenport
  7. Johnnye Marie born December 7,1919 - married Homer S. Smith. Children: Shery Lynne - married Tom E. Hendrix; Jon Etta - married James T. Vise
  8. Nellie Joe born July 23, 1923 - married James L. England. Children: James Allen - married Jennine Cooper; Kathy Jo - married Keith McCormic

Jemes Stella Tinker born about 1882 - married Noah Homer Children: Erie Eugene born 1904 - married Doris Campbell; James Hershell born 1907 - died May 4,1967 never married

John Allen Tinker died February 21, 1977 at the age of 98.

Mary Gertrude died October 9, 1968. Both are buried in Parsons Cemetery with their daughter, Ruth.

Stella Tinker Horner died and was buried with her son, Hershell, in the Perryville Cemetery.

Members of the Tinker family residing in Decatur County at this writing are:

  1. Nancy Jane (Burton) Ivey and daughters Elizabeth Jane and Emily Ruth;
  2. Allie Mae (Tinker) Stevens;
  3. James L. Tinker and daughters Linda Lou (Tinker) Watkins and her children: April Lynne, Robert Wayne, John Hunter, Gregory James. Vicki Diane (Tinker) OCain and her children: Sean Barry and Heather Lea;
  4. Mary Sue (Tinker) Carrington;
  5. Johnnie Marie (Tinker) Smith and daughter Jon Etta Vise;
  6. Nellie Joe (Tinker) England and son James Allen.

Other members of the Tinker family and their children at this writing are:

Joe Tinker Burton, Henderson, Tennessee; his children Brad Burton and his son, Robert Blake, Joe T. Burton, Jr. and Susan Elaine. James Houston Burton, Savannah, Tennessee; his children Mary Ruth and David. Betty Burton Laster, Jackson, Tennessee; her children Kimberly Jean and Lori Page. Allen A. Tinker in Summit, New Jersey; his children Scott Allen and Cory Ray. Mary Tinker Bryant, Jackson, Tennessee. Joan Tinker Neville in Decatur, Alabama; and her children Michael Tinker, Susan, and Hue. Carolyn Tinker Matheny in Dothan, Ala. and her children James Douglas and Martha Kay. Gary Powell Carrington in Nashville, Tennessee; and his daughter Jennifer Blake. Sherry Smith Hendrix, Selmer, Tennessee; and her children Susan Lynne and Leigh Anne. Kathy England McCormic and her daughter Kristy Carol.